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Writing's always been a passion of mine, I specialize in human based fics and welcome all critiques and comments. Like my stories, visit my Fimfic page.

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Stories by jackanarchy99
Characters: None
Canon: AU
Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Dark, Human Crossover
Pairing: None
POV: 3rd
Status: In Progress
Warnings: Death, Profanity, Violence
• Teen • • 19569 words

"In a time where freedom is outlawed, outlaws will become heroes."

Eight years had passed since the end World War II and the rebirth of the United States of America. Though, even in the midst of a soaring economical boom, societal rifts between the humans and the ponies have progressively worsened after decades of combating racism and social inequality. 'Till one fateful day, it all came to a boil. Following a harrowing tragedy, and the immanent threat of an all–out war with Equestria, the U.S. Government passes the controversial Pony Registration Act, compelling every pony on American soil to be registered and interned. Faced with the injustice of now fascist America, ten unlikely heroes will rise overthrow the system.

A Marvel x DC x MLP crossover.

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