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Hi! I'm a MLP FiM fanfic writer, who primarily writes gorey fanfictions. Why gore? I don't want to sound wierd but gore just interests me. I may also from time to time write tragedy or romance, sometimes combination stories! But never count on clopfics from me. Bleck, no. Also, I hardly ever will use my own characters, let alone others, in my fics. Mainly only characters in the show. Well, I love taking requests! So, send me one! Bye!

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Stories by MatrixKitteh
Characters: Applejack
Canon: AU
Genre: Dark
Pairing: None
POV: None
Status: None
Warnings: Death
• Teen • • 1479 words

It's mid-October, and Applejack pays Fluttershy a visit, and offers her an apple. But will this little friendly gift cause the unthinkable? 

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