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Stories by Dragor
Characters: Twilight Sparkle
1stS4TragedyCompleteEveryponyGeneral • 2403 words

On one of my mind trips, I create a pocket dimension that is Equestria. I proceed to conquer it, for it is my right as its creator.


*Yes; this is exactly what it sounds like. The prompt was: ‘your self-insert takes over Equestria’. What else was I supposed to do?

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Characters: Fluttershy
3rdS4ComedyCompleteMatureGeneral • 5595 words

Celestia desperately searches for an item of the right shape to scratch the itch in her ass. Alas, there is nothing in her room that would fit. It is then that Fluttershy, with her pretty snout, comes knocking on the door.

Rated 18+ for Celestia sitting on Fluttershy’s face, watersports and scat.

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Characters: Derpy Hooves
3rdS4F/MSuspenseCompleteMatureGeneral • 4947 words

Dreamscape is a place of opportunities, as a brony finds out when he opens a portal to Equestria.

In lucid dreams, the only boundaries are those that one self-imposes, but why should there be any limits at all? It’s not like anything bad can come out of a dream, right?

Rated 18+ for rape.

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Characters: Princess Luna
3rdS4F/FSuspenseCompleteTeenGeneral • 3153 words

It’s time for a routine check up on Nightmare Moon. Celestia removes all potential means of escape to make sure the captive stays put. Despite her busy schedule and the memory of her sister still fresh in her mind, the alicorn in mourning finds it in her heart to talk to the condemned pony on the moon.

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Characters: Mane 6
3rdS4TragedyIn ProgressAlmost EveryponyGeneral • 1451 words

Epic Twilight

The Mane Seven are on a mission to spread friendship across Equestria. It sounds easy enough, but should they really let their guard down?


Twilight is confident that she can cope with any situation. Maybe she’s right and there really is nothing to worry about… Maybe.

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Characters: Original Character(s)
1stS4AdventureIn ProgressEveryponyGeneral • 1777 words

Sweetie Belle's search for immortality


Sweetie Belle falls on some hard times. Trying desperately to gain control of her life, she pushes her friends to the breaking point, and with her inner strength, she finds a way to come out on top. However, there is a price to pay. If she fails to contain the primal force lurking within her, she might get consumed by it.

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