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YO. The name's Lulu Ali.

I am making this account for the sake of my five friend (Naushin, Eyn, Thoola, Aanyia, Nafha).

We call ourselves the Mane 6, since we can relate to the ponies in some ways!:

Eyn- Rainbow Dash

Me- Twilight Sparkle

Nafha- Rarity

Aaniya- Apple Jack

Naushin- Fluttershy

Thoola- Pinkie Pie

Anyways, hope you like my stories! ^^


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Canon: AU
Genre: Comedy, Crossover, Human Crossover, Romance
Pairing: F/M
POV: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Status: In Progress
Warnings: Profanity
• Everypony • • 170 words

On her first day, Starfire makes some friends with the Mane 6, as they call themselves. She meets a real cute guy. After a while, they get to know each other, and he's in all of her classes. She has a crush on him, sure, but there's his girlfriend... who, I guess, is now is ex. But she keeps on seperating them, whenever he tries to even to even talk to her. He still loves her, but will Starfire be able to win him over? And help her friend, Twilight Sparkle, with her guy?

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