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Although I graduated with a degree in English (and with a concentration in creative writing), I am relatively new to the fanfic scene. But that doesn't mean that I've been taking things easy; since I've started writing in January, I've completed 5 stories, and have 2 that are currently under production. I love writing funny slice-of-life fics, but I also like to do ship fics, and I've just recently tried writing a couple of clop fics. One thing I have to say is that, no matter what I'm writing, I always have a great time doing it and I'm so happy that I became part of this fandom so I can have a place to practice my writing and share it within a community of great people.

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Stories by lrft4_san
Characters: Cutie Mark Crusaders, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, Twilight Sparkle
In ProgressComedy, Slice-of-Life3rdEveryponyGeneral • 55685 words

While visiting his sister Twilight at her home in Ponyville, Shining Armor is accidentally transformed into a little, blank flanked filly. In order to hide her mistake while she tries to find a solution, Shining Armor must live as Twilight's little cousin Gleaming Shield. Things get worse when the Cutie Mark Crusaders meet the new filly and decide she needs to join their group in their adventures around town.

[Reviews - 7]
Characters: Original Character(s), Princess Luna
CompleteRomance, Slice-of-Life3rdF/MEveryponyGeneral • 11231 words

This is a sequel to my story Forever In My Heart. Five years after the events that took place between Princess Luna and her deceased special somepony Jetfire, Luna returns to visit him at his grave on Hearts and Hooves Day to summon him back from the dead. What starts out as an average Hearts and Hooves Day turns into a huge celebration when Jetfire asks Luna a simple question.

[Reviews - 0]
Characters: Original Character(s), Princess Celestia, Princess Luna
CompleteRomance, Slice-of-Life3rdEveryponyGeneral • 4145 words

It has been a few months since Princess Luna returned from exile and she is very excited to meet with her very special somepony again. She's kept him waiting for far too long so she wants everything to be perfect, and with a little help from her sister Celestia, this might just be Luna's best Hearts and Hooves Day ever.

This story is a sequel to my story, A Filly's Heart

[Reviews - 2]
Characters: Original Character(s), Princess Celestia, Princess Luna
CompleteComedy, Slice-of-Life3rdEveryponyGeneral • 2655 words

Luna is a little filly who has never received a gift on Hearts and Hooves Day, so when she receives a card from a colt at school, she has no idea what to do. With a little help from her big sister Celestia, Luna just might gain the confidence she needs to take her first step in love.

[Reviews - 1]
Characters: Princess Celestia, Princess Luna
CompleteComedy, Slice-of-Life3rdEveryponyGeneral • 4279 words

Tia agrees to make her little sister Luna a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but she makes Luna work for it. Does Luna have what it takes to get the sandwich she craves?

Then, 1000 years later, Celestia brings Luna another sandwich to help recreate the bond that was broken with Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon.

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