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I've been writing this so much lately that I am almost running out of steam with iterations about the story, Guardian of Equestria, but sufice it to say, I have removed it from the Archive to perform some long due remodeling.

This came about as a result of some highly positive feedback i recieved from everyone at both Fan-fiction.net and here on the Archive. Mostly though the reason I am revisiting the story and expanding it, is due to some challenges that I was given. So me being me, I accepted, and set about polishing the story into something that would be more novel like.

There are some minor to major changes in the story, most notably, the name of thes tory; which will now be named The Final Element: The Guardian of Equestria which God willing will now be the second novel in a planned trilogy of stories. The other two being, The Final Element: The Knights of Equestria which will chronicle T.H. Montgomery as the first Guardian of Equestria, and the finale, The Final Element: The Lords of Equestria which will conclude Eli's role in the saga.

It's a lengthy project, and one that I've given huge amounts of consideration to. So I am painstakingly revising each chapter of the story into a novel, with loads of added material to flesh-out many scenes, and expand upon this great story.

Much of the added and revised content, is purely expositional, and while none of the characters will be doing anything different, or changing the stroy in any way, there are some scenes that for the sake of elaboration, and contectual flow, have been completely re-written from scratch.

I think the changes are for the better, and serve to enrich the readers, otherwise I'd have simply abandoned the project long ago.

I hope you have the patience to wait for the revisions to be posted... but if you cannot, then I encourage you to follow along with me as I revise and expand this story weekly on the Story site, which you can find here: The Final Element Project


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