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Stories by ButterscotchSundae
Characters: Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash
CompleteRomance3rdF/FSexTeenGeneral • 4370 words
Alternate ending to the episode "Party of One". Dash arrives at Sugarcube Corner to find Pinkie Pie holding a crazy party for herself with make-believe guests, but when the Pegasus tries to get her to come to Sweet Apple Acres where her other friends are waiting to spring a surprise party of their own, she discovers she has her work more than cut out for her.
[Reviews - 3]
Characters: The Great and Powerful Trixie, Twilight Sparkle
In ProgressRomance3rdF/FSexMatureGeneral • 8521 words
Sequel to The Luxury Lotus Spa Follies. Kidnapped and taken to forbidding Midnight Castle, Twilight finds herself engaged in a battle of wits against an increasingly dangerous and dominating Trixie.
[Reviews - 1]
Characters: Original Character(s), Pinkie Pie
On HiatusHuman Crossover1stEveryponyGeneral • 266 words
A little taster for a potential human-in-Equestria story which may or may not ever be written.
[Reviews - 1]
Characters: Mane 6, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash
CompleteAdventure, Romance, Tragedy3rdF/FTeenGeneral • 54259 words
Pinkie Pie's unrequited love for Rainbow Dash reaches a crisis point as she fears the party in her heart has at long last come to an end.
[Reviews - 25]
Characters: Fluttershy, Princess Luna
CompleteRomance3rdF/FSexMatureGeneral • 3770 words
When Twilight tells Fluttershy about moonflowers, the rarest of all flowers in Equestria, the pegasus pony goes on a perilous journey to find them. But when she also encounters Luna, the mysterious Princess of the Moon, she discovers that some things are worth conquering your fears for.
[Reviews - 2]
Characters: Applejack, Rarity
CompleteRomance3rdF/FSexTeenGeneral • 8816 words
In the Swayback Mountains, a violent storm and its aftermath force Rarity and Applejack to reappraise their feelings for each other.
[Reviews - 1]
Characters: Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle
CompleteRomance3rdF/FSexMatureGeneral • 4693 words
When Pinkie Pie accidentally brings some fermented apple juice to Twilight Sparkle's latest sleepover, a game of spin-the-bottle ensues... with sexy results.
[Reviews - 1]
Characters: Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo
CompleteSlice-of-Life3rdEveryponyGeneral • 624 words
The true story behind Scootaloo and Dash's relationship.
[Reviews - 0]
Characters: Derpy Hooves, Mane 6, Spike
CompleteSlice-of-Life3rdEveryponyGeneral • 2723 words
Every year in Ponyville on the first day of the fourth month, a pony is randomly chosen to be the Mare of Misrule and is given the powers of a Princess for the day.
[Reviews - 5]
Characters: Mane 6
CompleteComedy, Tragedy3rdTeenGeneral • 2038 words
Twilight Sparkle's drinking problem leads her friends to organise an intervention at Sugar Cube Corner. But things get out of control when Twilight decides the time has come to tell them some home truths about themselves.
[Reviews - 3]