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Characters: Mane 6
Canon: S3
Genre: Human Crossover
Pairing: None
POV: None
Status: In Progress
Warnings: Violence
• Almost Everypony • • 59476 words
After a month and a half of being in the Fillyppines the two human visitors return to Ponyville and reunite with their friends but a reunion is just a small piece of a larger puzzle. Twilight now has the responsibilities of a princess and must make a tough decision between the life of a ruler or the life with her friends. The arrival of a mysterious villainous group only makes things tougher as most of the pieces are connected in the first act of the final chapter of the Uncommon Connection series.
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Reviewer: Gloria S Jackson Signed
Date: 10 Aug 2018 Title: Chapter 1: The return of Friendship

Author you have done a great job and your work is excellent to me. I would love to have some conversation with you on some topics. If you have some spare time so do let me know.