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I write what and how I feel like. Suggestions welcome, demands refused.

Let me talk a bit about myself. I joined the herd sometime late last year, October or November. Right after the season finale had aired, methinks. Consequently, after watching one episode, expecting to have a laugh because it'd be so terrible, I got hooked and, using the power of YouTube, watched ALL dem ponies. So I ran out. Some time later, I discovered fanfics. And I loved them.

I'm a pretty fast reader, so a fairly short time later, I was finished with the Archive (Excluding HiE because those ALL suck). That put me in the same position as before. I was just consuming content faster than anyone could supply.

I happened to get an interesting idea which I hadn't seen here on the Archive so, eventually, I just wrote it down, then, over time, made a story out of it. I don't advise you read An unknown sensation because it sucks.

So I was a writer and I loved that too. Over time, while I was still reading a lot of ponies, I found my own style and did some pretty neat stuff.


Excursion about OCs because I need that to wrap the story 'round!

Glimmer. When I designed Glimmer, right as I was at the first dream scene in Aus, I had the goal of creating the single most desirable pony. At first, I wanted her to actually be a prophecy to eventually become true and get into a relationship with Twilight after she and Midnight break up for whatever reason.

However, tacky romances and breakups, then getting another partner, just don't fit.


Midnight. Originally, I wanted to just copypasta her from Esperderek. Over time, though, I made some adjustments, until no more than her coat color and name are shared. I mean, she dyes her mane magically, she's incredibly cynical and also a bit insane...

Yeah. Not his anymore. Really, I could tape another name over every Midnight there is in any of my works and things would be just the same. (Except for maybe that Splitting aDawn the Light... wait, this actually kind of fits. New side project idea acquired!)

I know the irony of shipping Twilight with Midnight, but I don't care. The only thing is, I giggle or at least want to every time I remember how lil Midnight... um... was created. Look up ED's works to know what I mean.

Other than most characters of mine, which are literally living in a world filled with good-as-jesus ponies who eat clouds and fart rainbows out of their nonexistant holes (literally relating to the living, not the ponies.), Midnight's world actually is pretty much screwed up. Her mother's dead, she's losing her mind over that...

So what I'm trying to say here is that the ponies in Midnight's world actually can have bad sides or just be general meanies, even when there are other stories playing at the same time in the rainbow soft candy type of world. And no, I'm not talking about that Soft Candy with Rainbow.

I created both of my two little OCs to, obviously, be able to avoid having to use BG ponies where they just don't fit. I mean, like, srsly, TwilightxColgate? Look at what I did with Colgate in SatN, that's what I think of that. But enough angry ramblings. The point was that I could have two already cut out characters with somewhat fixed, but a bit flexible, personalities, names and settings. Like that Midnight is always a nurse. Coming to think of it, this really sounds like the old italian Commedia dell'arte. So that I could throw those characters in to fit almost any role whenever additional characters were needed, without having to characterise BG ponies or additional OCs each time.

While it's the series as a whole coming together, Splitting aMid the Night will be some kind of hub for every story of The Midnight Universe to come together and be referenced. When I'm done, there should be at least some kind of a live Equestria, where many ponies' perspectives string together to form one whole world.


Back to what I was saying. My style, next. I write in past tense, third person, locked onto ponies so I'm only showing what my current main character can see and think. I know I've broken that rule before, but those are exceptions.

What style I'm using right now feels like it's at least close to the most professional style. What are the odds of a Human in Equestria story in first person and present tense getting printed into a book?

Zero, like everything else on this Archive. Don't get me wrong, if well executed, both first person and present tense can be very satisfying. It's better than second person, at least. But it doesn't create the feel that I want.

Some people wonder why I write my ponies the way I do. Because that's the only way there's gonna be any difference! There are more tacky pony romances out there than the number of colors in Rainbow Dash's mane to its own power. So why should I also be producing them? If you're standing in a mass of thousands of people, all wearing silly hats, waiting to be recognised, you might as well wear a different silly hat. Or, to come back to the point, if you're at a pony convention where everyone's ponies are lesbian and making out with each other, your pony could just as well me mentally broken and trying to kill itself every five chapters.


I've mentioned this in Perception before already, but I'll just put it in here anyway. Because nothing is normal, I possess the gift to empathise with people extremely well. Not too long ago, I've perfected that into the Bleeding Effect. Kind of like Assassin's Creed, wherein I can actually, and I'm not exaggerating right now, take the mindset of somebody I know very well and who is similiar to me, allowing me to think and act like what I know of them would. As you can probably guess, this is very useful when you're an author.

Because I'm a scholar, teenage and cynical all together, whom I can bleed into most easily and reliably are Twilight Sparkle and Midnight. Oh, guess why most of my works include either of those. Actually, I counted, and I can't outright name any of my works that don't include Twilight.

Not that it'd be self-insertion of course. There are quite some major differences between both me and Midnight and me and Twilight.


Gender: male
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Characters: Mane 6, Nightmare Moon, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle
Canon: AU
Genre: Adventure, Romance, Suspense
Pairing: F/F
POV: 3rd
Status: In Progress
Warnings: Violence
• Teen • • 43920 words

Twilight finds herself enthralled by Princess Luna and everything she represents. As Celestia's pride and joy, Twilight struggles to repress these feelings. But an old and well-known evil surfaces again at the worst time. Can Twilight fight off the spectres of the past?

[Reviews - 8]
Reviewer: Toraka Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star
Date: 03 Mar 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Confusing Attractions

What this guy said.

I'll be honest, after the surprising twist at the picnic, the story was rather predictable, but I still read every chapter with joy as it was released.

Author's Response:

Well, that was my intention. This wasn't a twisty curvey story by any means. As long as you enjoyed it, everypony's happy, right? :D

Characters: Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle
Canon: S1, S2
Genre: None
Pairing: None
POV: 3rd
Status: Abandoned
Warnings: None
• Everypony • • 3787 words

Dear Princess Celestia:

Today I learned that friendship is just a stage.

Your former student,

Twilight Sparkle.

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Reviewer: Toraka Signed
Date: 26 Mar 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: A royal visit

The library is described fine imo.

Starflower could use some more characterization, definitely. From the context, I think I've figured out that she's supposed to be Celestia's current star pupil, with the previous ones being Bluebell and Twilight. It's easy to be confused, though. On my first read, I thought Bluebell would be the current one. That could be clarified. If she's not star pupil, then who is Starflower?

The stone card joke is ok, but you took it a little too far. What would you need a library card for before writing was invented? Even taking that aside, how would a blank "card" identify Celestia any better?

Unless you somehow switched names halfway through, I don't see how how Twilight is feeling about Bluebell is described at all.

It'd be somewhat unfair to Celestia, but while I'm at her, why is she so rude with Twilight? The entire time, it doesn't look like she wants to be there or cares about Twilight at all.

Author's Response:

Thanks.  Yes, the order is Twilight, Bluebell, then Starflower.  I added a couple of lines at the end to clarify that.

My thinking was that the stone card was purely a joke by Celestia.

I've gotten comments from 2 people, and you both said Celestia came off as too rude.  I'll see what I can do about that.  But she's got to come off as different.  The relationship between her and Twilight is no longer her closest one.

Characters: Twilight Sparkle
Canon: None
Genre: Slice-of-Life
Pairing: None
POV: 3rd
Status: Complete
Warnings: None
• Almost Everypony • • 4376 words

Twilight Sparkle has experienced many wonderful things in her life, and yet one experience in particular has eluded the studious young mare. Something that should be a regular occurrence in every normal adult pony's life. After a chat with Rarity, she is finally convinced to take the plunge, and put herself in the care of professionals.     

One shot.

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Reviewer: Toraka Signed starstarstarstar
Date: 18 May 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Twilight's First Time

This. Just this.

I knew maybe an eigth in that it was one of those "It sounds sexual, but it isn't in the end.", but your excellent writing constantly unbalanced me towards "Is this really not explicit?". You really balanced out the formulations going for and against very well. Oddly enough, the Pearly scene didn't really fool me, but meh.

Also, the hook Rainbow Dash pulls really caught me off guard. I lol'd.

Job well done!