Welcome to London by jd896
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It was a quiet evening in Britian. The wind was minimal and the temperature was perfect. Low humidity, not a cloud in the sky? How could a day like this possibly be ruined? The grass on the hills blew in waves as the slow wind hit it. The moon reflected light throughout the hills. One wouldn't need a light to see where they were going. The crickets chirped their quiet tunes and the lightning bugs blinked their lights, almost in harmony.

Through these hills, a narrow road was made. On this road tonight, a military transport vehicle, probably similar to one you'd see in a Call of Duty video game, was lazily making its way down the road. The engine rumbled quietly under the hood and the lights on the truck were dim. Inside the rear, members of a squad could be seen chatting amongst themselves about various topics. Who shot better today, who will shoot better tomorrow, who got laid first, the list goes on. Behind that truck was a small, white pickup truck. Only two occupied the truck, the passenger talking to the quiet driver.

"I still don't understand why they make us drive so bloody far from London. I think the training facility in our headquarters is just fine for training the new recruits, don't ya think Burns?" the passenger asked the driver, who grunted like he's been asked that question a hundred times already.

"Wallcroft, I'm trying to focus on driving…" the driver said quietly, but "Wallcroft" acts like he didn't hear anything.

"Still can't believe we lost all of our squad…"

Wallcroft shakes his head. The driver nods his head, but notices something in his side view mirror. He checks the mirror and sees something bright falling from the sky. Wallcroft has also noticed this.

"The bloody hell is that thing?"

The driver slams the brakes, causing the pickup to jerk to a halt. The object flies over the two trucks and crashes into the hills a few hundred feet away. The other truck in front of the pickup also stops as the object passes over. The object hits the ground without a large explosion, but a large amount of dirt and grass can be seen kicked up over the hills.

"Burns, get over there. Let's check it out."

The driver, Burns, sighs, but obliges and accelerates, passing the other truck. He carefully maneuvers the truck off the road, right through the wooden fence, and across the grass. He gets the truck on the top of a large hill and stops the vehicle. Down below, it can be seen that a large amount of dirt and grass was kicked up, indicating where the object crashed. Wallcroft and Burns get out of the truck, each wielding a pistol.

"C'mon…" Wallcroft tells Burns.

Both men begin descending down the hill, towards the impact crater. As they approach, something darts from the crater, flying right over their heads. They immediately bring up their weapons in alert, watching the new object fly away, leaving a rainbow-like pattern in its wake. Something else can be seen leaving as well, flying over the two more slowly. They both watch the two objects fly out of visible sight, confused. Something suddenly bolts at Wallcroft. An orange object smashes into Wallcroft's stomach. Wallcroft falls onto the truck, obviously hurt and dazed from the ambush.

Burns can see what smashed into him. An orange horse? With a cowboy hat? He tries to aim his pistol, but the 'horse', using the momentum from the run, spins around on its front leg and kicks Burns off his feet, causing him to fall over onto his front . The orange 'horse' takes off, away from the two and back towards the road, following where the two flying objects were head. Burns gets to his feet, now very confused, but recovers and raises his weapon again. By now the 'horse' is a good distance away, but Burns fires a few shots towards it anyways. One hits it in the leg, but it keeps running, the shot seeming to have not done anything. Wallcroft slowly gets to his feet, holding his head in pain.

"Burns... What the hell was that thing?"

The two can only watch as the orange dot gets farther and farther until it disappears.

"We're gonna need to tell HQ about this."

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