Judgement Day by Cowboy Appledash
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Story Notes:

Inspired by music, nuff said.

Author's Chapter Notes:

So here it is, my NLR fic. Just wait till I get some more chapter's up.

    Equestria is now merely a shadow of it’s former glory, a once prosperous powerful nation, it is now on the verge of collapse. Their ruler Celestia had no foresight into her decisions which brought forth oppression and disharmony to all. Not even the elements of harmony were able to bring things back to what they once were. Luna has long since left her sister’s side in the attempt to make the nation whole under her name. Celestia has burrowed deep within’ the bowels of the palace for fear of an assassination attempt.

    Within the underground of Canterlot a group of ponies had formed a resistance and was now growing in numbers. “The reign of Celestia needs to end!” their ringleader Cosmo, a Navy blue pony with a charcoal grey mane, spoke to the small crowd that had gathered in the sub-basement. “Her oppression and corruption is all for not, for we shall rise and overthrow her unrightful throne!” The mob cheered in agreement. “Two weeks from now we will march to the palace and tear down any who stand between us and our destiny.”

    A fairly famous pony stood in the heart of the crowd, a hood shielded her face from all. “And what if we’re met with a larger and better armed force?” she looked up drawing the cloak back revealing a fiery mane and yellow coat, orange eyes burning in anger. Every pony in the room went silent at the sight of the infamous Wonderbolt.

    “Then we will cast every single one of them down until we can do so no more!” the response gathered a large whoop from the crowd yet again.

    “So our efforts will be all for not, shall we lose the battle.”

    Cosmo with a stern scowl glanced over the crowd and back to the fiery mare. “Then we shall be martyr’s, where one falls ten more will rise up and join the ranks of our crucial regime! The New Lunar Republic!”


    Ponyville received the same fate as Canterlot, being born into a famine and multiple failed apple harvests. The Elements of Harmony however did not part ways but rather stuck side by side, all had a sense of loyalty like that of their Rainbow maned accomplice, although not as strong they still had it. As was the same with each element. They had been approached many times by members of The New Lunar Republic to join their ranks, but the past they had with the once glorious Celestia harbored them unwary of decision, which in turn brought forth daily discussion and argument.

    “I say we join them. There’s no good reason NOT to. Equestria has gone to shit and we need a NEW leader.” Rainbow Dash was in favor of being part of the NLR along with Applejack and Rarity. Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie took up the opposing side.

    “Does Nightmare Moon ring any bells? Who knows she may still have residence within Luna’s soul, and I for one don’t want to be ruled by evil.” Twilight spoke, her loyalty to her former master still strong as ever.

    “Ya’ll know just as well as Ah do sugar cube that WE took care of that problem.” Applejack rebuked.

    “But what if Celestia finds out? We might be… banished!” Fluttershy as shy as ever, was far from a rebel.

    “Then so be it darling, if SHE is not able to recognize her faults and casts us off then THAT will show everypony just how wrong she is.” Rarity the uppity fashonista had long since abandoned her former trade and was now more of a political reverend.

    “Hello! This is the MOON we’re talking about, not very fun if you ask me. It’s just a bunch of rocks, I don’t like rocks I spent too much time as a filly around them.” Pinkie Pie’s response was valid yet odd, just as they always were. It had been a very long while since she had thrown a party and was itching for any reason to do so.

    “When we take over you can throw all the parties you want, and with Luna by our side there’s no way we could be banished.” Dash tossed in her two cents which had Pinkie partially convinced.

    “Celestia’s magic is the strongest in Equestria, do you really think Luna has any way of contending with her?” Twilight scoffed almost boastfully.

    “Well not ALONE of course, if every unicorn worked together with their magic we could easily overthrow her.” Rarity’s sense of pride had always gotten the better of her, but now it wasn’t pride in herself but rather the entire race of unicorns.

    “See Twilight, easy as pie.” Applejack smirked, they had her now.

    “You do have a valid point, but I can’t just up and disobey Celestia, I’m her apprentice!”

    “If you keep it up you’ll end up just like her” Dash threw the words carelessly at the purple unicorn not knowing how much of an effect they would have. Twilight’s mouth had become agape at what she heard. She had never once thought that being like Celestia could ever be a bad thing, but now with the situation they were in the fog in her mind was slowly parting.

    “I just can’t stand the thought of betraying Celestia.” The purple unicorn pony sighed “It just seems so wrong.”

    “Would you rather betray her or betray every pony in Equestria that deserves better?” Dash screwed her words in without thinking, sending Twilight into hysterics.

    “Now look what ya gone an done sugar cube, ya made her cry.” Applejack still kind as ever glared at the cyan Pegasus “Ya’ll should know how sensitive she is bout this sorta thing.”

    “You’d think she would be able to tough it out by now.” Dash retorted firmly.


Five Hours Later, above what would have been Cloudsdale but was now on the ground.

    Spitfire was one of the few Pegasus who still flew around despite the new law that forbid any flying and magic. She didn’t care if she was caught, flying was her life and to her no mare, stallion or law would ever stop her from doing what she loved. But when doing so she had to disguise herself as to avoid future confrontation by the authorities. Every so often she would see another Pegasus take flight, but the second they spotted her they would dive back down and hide for fear she was one of the Royal Guards.

    “This just isn’t right, Equestria isn’t free anymore. Pagasus can’t fly and Unicorns can’t use their magic. It’s horse shit.” The mare thought to herself “I swear if a single pony tries to stop me I’ll snap their neck.” The second she the thought crossed her mind a Royal guard was flying in her direction obviously ready to throw her into the palace dungeon. “Bad move buddy, you don’t fuck with Spitfire” She flew straight at the Guard throwing a quick hoof onto the side of his head dazing him. “The New Lunar Republic will rise!”

    The stallion rubbed his head and responded “Are you daft? You know damn well that flying is illegal, now land immediately or I will be forced to take you down.”

    “Good luck with that punk!” With that she dashed toward him again this time striking him under the chin. Flanking the gurd she hovered behind him lashing out with a right hoof at the base of his wings. “You fucked with the wrong Pegasus mister.” She reached out grabbing his left wing and wrenched it back snapping the appendage which sent to Guard spiraling to the ground below. Having died on impact Spitfire thought it best she make haste in leaving the scene, somepony was bound to discover him sooner or later and alert the rest of the guards.

    Ten minutes later back in her own home Spitfire removed the black mask and jumpsuit she had been wearing. “Soon enough I won’t have to worry about flying around hiding my identity…”

    “You and me both sister.” Rainbow Dash sat in the living room of her idols home.

    “How did you get in here?” Spitfire hadn’t expected Dash in the least.

    “Came by to talk to you and the door was unlocked, ‘nuff said. You remember how you asked me to join the Republic about a month ago?” Rainbow had now stood up and was walking over toward Spitfire. “I’ve been talking to my friends, although half of us are skeptical, me, Applejack and Rarity are in favor of joining.”

    “Well that’s good news, what of the others?”

    “Like I said they’re skeptical but we’ve almost got em’.” Dash smirked as she spoke. “So about my initiation…”

20 Minutes later, Cloudsdale cistern.

    “So this is the infamous Rainbow Dash, who just so happens to want to join our cause?” Cosmo looked over the blue mare as she stood at attention in front of him. “Pray tell, what could you possibly offer us?”

    “She’s just like me, only faster.” Spitfire took it upon herself to answer for Rainbow.

    “I was asking miss Dash here, now would you kindly shut your trap and let her speak?” Cosmo had an irritable tone to his voice and his eyes were fixated on Spitfire lest she make another remark.

    “Spitfire’s right, I’m just as good as she is only faster. If there is any field I’m ‘lacking’ in well, I could pick up the ropes in ten seconds flat.”

    Cosmo remained silent for a short while, then spoke. “I like you, you’ve got attitude and confidence. Very well, be back here tomorrow at noon, and make sure you’re in uniform.” With that he tossed a black leather bag to Rainbow Dash.

    “What’s in the bag?” Dash questioned.

    “Your uniform and some extra gear that you’re gonna need.” Spitfire interjected.

    “Cool! So when do we get to take out those Royal Guards and show Celestia who’s boss?”

    “In due time, now off with you I have work to do.” Cosmo shoved the two Pegasus ponies away toward the entrance of the cistern.

    “He’s a bit pushy don’t you think?” Dash asked as the two trotted toward the exit.

    “Yeah, but he has wisdom and insight and without his help we would be nothing.”

    “Works for me, say you wanna fly back to your place? Piss off some guards?”

    “As tempting as that sounds, I have to say no. Can’t risk it right now.” Spitfire recalled her encounter earlier with the Royal Guard. “Let’s play it safe until we can really put a hurt on them.”


    Rays of sunshine belted through the window of Spitfire’s home casting rectangular beams of light through the shutters and onto the covers of her bed. Everything seemed so peaceful, the world outside gave an unstirred disposition like in days long lost. Splayed across a formidably large bed was the mare known as Spitfire, even in sleep angelic grace was not to be expected. Half of her covers were piled at the foot of the bed, her legs splayed open and mouth agape letting a puddle of saliva form next to her head. She resembled a teenage boy in the way she was positioned.

    In the other room lay Rainbow Dash, unlike Spitfire however her covers lay still on the bed almost undisturbed. Her positioning was almost fetal in the way she rested with her hooves acting as a pillow.

     Spitfire had awoken due to the light, yet Rainbow lay unstirred. Trotting down the hallway and sliding the door open she noticed the mare still sound asleep. “Maybe the smell of food will wake her up.” Spitfire said quietly to herself.

    She decided a simple breakfast would suffice, walking over toward her refrigerater she produced a bag of various grasses and tossed them on the kitchen counter. Then a small portion of hay bacon wrapped in wax paper. The stove top burners had already been preheated leaving the task at hand to be fairly simple. Throwing in the bacon and some grasses she set about preparing the meal, soon enough a sleepy eyed Cyan Pegasus came through the entryway yawning.

    “Morning sunshine.” Spitfire giggled.

    “Sup?” Was the reply from Dash.

    “Breakfast. You hungry?”

    “I’m always hungry, you got anything to drink? My mouth is kinda dry.”

    “Sure do, help yourself.” Spitfire smirked motioning to the refrigerator.

    Walking over and opening the fridge Dash peered around a bit looking for something to quench her thirst. She found a carton of Apple juice with a label reading ‘Sweet Apple Acres’. Nostalgiac thoughts of her friend washed over her, she had missed the carefree days of play back in Ponyville and wished everything was like it used to be.

    “I know what you’re thinking” Spitfire spoke, grabbing the attention of Dash. “Those days are long lost, that’s why we have to fight, once we win the only thing reminding us of this terrible time will be the scars we earn. Believe me when I say that I miss it just as much as you do, my old friends, flying around so carelessly. All of it.”

    “Yeah… I don’t know how things ever got this way.” Rainbow said as she grabbed a glass from the kitchen sink and began pouring some juice into it.

    “The past is behind us, now we have to work toward the future.” Spitfire set a plate down in front of Dash and smiled. “Eat up, today is gonna be hectic.”

Chapter End Notes:

Hope you like it so far, I know it's a bit short to begin with, but I had to give you guys something.

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