Loss and Gain by BitBassWivHisPwnystep
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Author's Chapter Notes:
I personally thought this chapter could have been a bit more...Pinkie Pielike. But i was tired. And listening to Drake with bass amps.
The party was as crazy as most of Pinkie's parties. Everything happening at once. The sheer incredibility, to us, would have our heads exploding in joy, but for the ponies, it was normal. Rainbow Dash never really was despondent until the memories resurfaced. She couldn't even open her wings the first time the memories showed up. "Hey Pinkie," Dash said, "How's the party? And what might the occasion be?"
Pinkie Pie bounced over to Rainbow Dash like she always did. "It's been great! But I think you need to feel happy for at least a little bit. Then you'd go back to being your normal self, Dashie!" And Rainbow had to smile. Not a forced smile either...but one she let come out. "Pinkie Pie..was all this for me?"
"Yep! We put it together for ya!"
"Well, thank you. Not sure if I could say that any better." As Dash scanned the room, she noticed that the speakers that DJ Scratch was using were shaped like her cutie mark...and the same with Vinyl's shades..everything matched her...yet Rainbow Dash remained with her fake smile..her eyes truly lit up though..this was new, and anypony recognised it when they saw her. A slower bass-filled song played, and Dash felt happy again. Her heart still beat slow, but everypony was happy. Therefore, she was happy. "Dashie? You okay? You seem off," Pinkie said.The music. The bass was getting to her head. "I just feel happy for once." Dash truly felt happy.
She woke up the next morning on one of the sofa's in Pinkie's room, and while Pinkie Pie was wide awake, Dash was in a bit of a hangover. "Oh, you're awake! Good!" Dash rubbed her eyes. 'Why am I in Pinkie's house?' "Ugh...why can't remember anything?"
"Oh, DJ Scratch's music made everypony dizzy like you were. Weird, huh?"
"Wait. Even you?"
"Even little old Pinkie Pie here!"
'Huh...how would that work?' Rainbow Dash thought to herself.
"Sooooooo...anyway, Dash, anything I can do to help you?"
"Water would be nice..." and as soon as Dash sat up, Pinkie Pie was back with a glass of water. Rainbow gratefully took a drink and rubbed her eyes with a forehoof. "Thank you, Pinkie. All that yesterday meant a lot."
"Aww..it was nothing."
"Pinkie...I never told you why i was depressed...did I?" And Pinkie looked like she was going to break down.
"Dashie..I know..Fluttershy helped us understand..and it is sad that your parents hated you for loving another filly, especially since you were younger..." Pinkie rushed up and squeezed Dash, and Rainbow Dash hugged her friend back, and the cotton-candy smell of Pinkie's mane helped her cheer up a bit more. "We'll never hate you. Love is love...no matter filly or colt.."
"Thank you, Pinkie..."
Chapter End Notes:
Hope you enjoy.

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