Spectrum by Timontim01
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Story Notes:

This is my first grimdark. It contains rape, torture, and depression. You have been warned.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Took me a while to think of my new character, Spectrum.
Appearance - Red Coat, and a solid mane that changes color, depending on his emotions.

"Goodbye, Spectrum and good luck!" Everyone yelled as I left the party. I was clearly drunk and with a smile I thanked them all and left. After I left my friends party, I began to trot home. The party was a going away party for me. I'm moving to Cloudsdale to work. Once I got home, I staggered clumsily through the door. 'That party was awesome. Probably shouldn't have drunk so much cider, though.' I thought with a hiccup. 'Damn, I'm drunk...' Once I got inside, I was met by a glare from a pony. "Where have you been?" The mare said, clearly angry of my absence. "I was at the party. You know... The... Uh..." I tried to say, but my mind went blank, due to the drinking. "Uh huh. What do you have to say for yourself!" She asked, now yelling. This snapped me back to reality. "Nothing... I just wanted to hang out with my friends, since I'm... Going away..." I said, getting frustrated at the mare. "No! You should've stay with me and Rainbow!" She yelled at me. I frowned. "I'm sorry." I said under my breath. "Come again?" The mare sain with a glare. "I said, I'm sorry, mom..." I said now getting angry. "That's what I thought. Now go upstairs and go to bed." She said, feeling successful at ruining my night.

I didn't object and I headed upstairs, but something told me to stop. I paused. 'Tell her... TELL HER!!!' A voice hissed in my head, sending a chill down my spine. I knew what it meant and turned to my mom with rage burning in my eyes. "I told you to go to bed!" my mom yelled at me, getting ready to slap me with all of her might. I refused and she hit me, but I didn't budge, or flinch at all. My mom instantly became scared, but stood her ground. "Son... Go upstairs..." She said in a shaky tone. "No! I'm done with you!" I yelled at her in seething rage, "All you have done for me and Dashie was torture us and neglect us, ever since! You have been a total bitch and we have done nothing to deserve it!" My mom hesitated and finally said, "I only wanted what's best for you two..." She said, with tears forming in her eyes. I scoffed, "What's best?!? I took care of Dashie while you were either 'working' or hanging with your friends!" I said, "I'm a better fucking parent than you and I'm only nineteen."

My mom bursted into tears when I said this. "I'm so sorry, son..." She said with tears forming in her eyes. She then tried to give me an apologetic hug, but failed. "Get the fuck off of me... I'm not you son..." I said now with tears of anger and sadness flowing out of my eyes. My mom backed away from me and whispered something I didn't hear. I sighed, relieved of getting this anger outta my system. I turned around to to go to my room and pack up, but Rainbow Dash stopped me. "I heard everything... Please don't go..." She said as tears formed out of her eyes. I sighed and was about to say no, but she gave me a long hug, as if it were her last. "Please don't go..." She whispered in my ears, as her tears fell on my back. I sighed, then made her get off of me, gently. "I have to, Dashie. I so sorry, but there's nothing for me here." Rainbow then gave me a look of pure sadness. "What about me?" She said, ready to cry again. I grinned. "On second thought, I don't have a lot here. I just have you. But really and truly, that's all I need to keep me going. But still..." I hesitated. I love Dashie, really I do. And I will never want to leave her by choice. That's why I stayed with Mom for so long. "But what?" Dashie said, snapping me back to Earth. "But, things changed. I can't stay here. No anymore..." I said. Dashie frowned. "Then take me with you! I'll be okay while you work! I'm only thirteen, but I can take care of myself." She said with a smile. I laughed but frowned again. "I'm sorry, Dashie. You can't go with me this time..." I said, picking the filly up and giving her one last hug. Dashie returned the hug and gave me a small smile. "Well come back. Please." I smiled. "Sure..."

The next day, I packed all up all of my stuff and headed out of the door. Before I left, I was met by my mom, who gave me a quick awkward hug. I returned the hug and smiled. "I'm..." I tried to apologize, but I hesitated. "It's okay, sweetie. And I'm sorry for not really being a good mother." She said, on the verge of tears. I smiled, then I went to Dashie. "Hey, Dashie. I guess this is goodbye, for now." Dashie nodded and smiled. "Don't forget about me okay?" She said with a sad smile. "I won't." I said as I headed out of the door. I turned around to look at my old house for the last time and left, ready to pursue my dreams...

My alarm clock went off next to my bed, scaring me out of my slumber. I remembered my dream, or memory, and frowned. 'I'm sorry, Dashie..." I thought to myself as I began to cry uncontrollably. It has been seven years since I last saw Rainbow Dash. Every night I dreamed about her. Sometimes, my dreams are good, and sometimes they can be tear jerkers. But they all keep me close to Rainbow Dash. After I calmed down, I went to the bathroom to clean up. After my shower, I went to brush my teeth. After I brushed my teeth, I observed them. 'Pearly whites... Like always...' I thought to myself. I smiled at this then notice something happening to my mirror. My image began to shift and change colors. After a minute of this, it formed an image of Rainbow Dash... The older one.

Shocked, I put my hoof up to her face, hopefully being able to feel her again, but instead, I just felt my mirror. I sighed and frowned. After I sighed, the image smiled, but then gave me an angry look. "Spectrum... You forget... You forgot... About me..." It said, sounding like the Rainbow. This stunned me, then I realized what it meant. I then frowned and began to cry again. "I'm so sorry, Dashie... I'm so sorry." I said in between sobs. The image of Rainbow put her hoof to the mirror, as if trying to reach me and finally said, "It's okay... But... Apologize to the REAL me next time." It said with a laugh. I chuckled then walked out of the bathroom. 'Yeah. I'm going to see her. Today! I will no longer be scared or shy!' I thought to myself, gaining confidence.

After I received all of my confidence, I flew out of my house in Cloudsdale and flew towards Ponyville.

Chapter End Notes:

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