Love Tastes Like Candy by Timontim01
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Story Notes:

I do not own My Little Pony at all and this story has a couple of referances from other stories that people will make. If you spot any, let me know, so I can edit in the author's name in the notes.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the first chapter. Enjoy.

It was an average day on Earth. People going to work, kids playing at playgrounds, and teenagers studying for exams. Everything was going normally and everything was beautiful. At least until it happened.

I woke up with a jolt as I thrown from my dream back to the real world. I tried to recall what happened in my dream, but all I got was a knife entering my body. Killing me. Eventually, I gave up trying to remember the dream and started my day. I looked to my right to see my beautiful wife still sleeping. I didn't want to wake her, so I unwrapped myself from her embrace and went to the bathroom. As I cleaned myself, I began to think about my dream again. I had a feeling that it's important... but how? My thoughts were interrupted my hands covering my eyes.

"Guess who!" a familiar, playful voice said. "Uh. Jackie Chan?" I said chuckling. "Nope. It's me silly billy!" the girl said, uncovering my eyes. I gave a little chuckle, "Dang it. I was wrong again..." I said, turning around to face my slightly hyper-active wife. "Good morning, beautiful." I said kissing her. "Good morning, handsome." she said returning the kiss.

We have been married for around a year and our marriage is great! He never argue and we share so many common interests.

"So what do you want to do today?" I said. "Well it's Saturday and it's 9:55 and the T.V is on... What do you think." My wife said with a grin. "My Little Pony?" I said starting to get a little bit excited. "Eeeyup." Said my wife imitating Big Macintosh.

Yep. We both watch My Little Pony and that's what brought us together. We signed up for a fan-club for it and that's when we met. She didn't judge me for watching it and loved me for being myself. It's a small world after all.

As we walked to our room, after we cleaned up of course, I began to wonder what episode Hasbro has worked on to show us. I became excited and found myself smiling at the thought. When I got to the room, I found my wife bouncing on the bed waiting for me. "Hurry up slow poke!" She said in a hyper and playful voice.

"I'll be there in a seco-" I was interrupted by a loud noise. It sounded like a birrage of trumpets being blown by a bunch of people. A bunch of god-like people. "WHAT'S GOI-" My wife tried to yell at me but was interrupted by something else. She vanished. I began to panic. I knew exactly what was going on. The Rapture.

Time slowed down as I began to panic. I ran around in circles. 'No I can't get left behind. I can't...' I thought. "No. You didn't get left behind. You're standing right here in Heaven with me, my son." Said a voice in my head. It was like someone was talking to me, it was like I was thinking this.

When I calmed down, I began to notice that the room was tranforming. It was no longer the room that my wife and I shared. It transformed into a throne-like area. "Is this Heaven?" I said out loud this time. 'Yes. You and your wife are safe, now.'

Chapter End Notes:

I typed this through my phone at school. Sorry if it's sloppy or rushed.

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