Scars That Heal by Timontim01
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Story Notes:

This is an alternate ending for Cupcakes and this story is from Rainbow Dash's perspective...

Scars That Can Heal

"Huh? Where am I? Why am I tied up?" That was all I could think of until I saw a light come on suddenly, causing me to go blind momentarily. As I began to regain my vision, I heard Pinkie's voice tell me something. "Oh hi Dashie! Good to see you're awake! I'm so happy to see that you're awake! Just in time for me to do the harvest!!!" "Harvest? What harvest? Common, Pinkie, this is a funny joke, but common, please let me go." This Pinkie gave a chuckle that gave me chill down my spine. "I can't let you go. Because if I do, I'll break the chain. You already know too much..." When she said that, I became nervous and began to try to chuckle it all away. 'Giggle at the ghosty' I thought, but what I was laughing at wouldn't go away, like those trees did in the Everfree Forest... Realizing this, I became more and more said at the thought that I was going to die... I didn't want to die. I had so much to live for. "Okay, let's begin." Said Pinkie as she pulled out a scalpel from a tray. "Please, Pinkie, I'm your friend! Don't do this! Please!!!" Tears began to flow down my cheeks like a waterfall in Canterlot. "I'm sorry, silly filly, I can't let you go... I have to follow the rules." That was the last thing she said before the blade made it's way through my flank, cutting off my cutie mark.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" I yelled as I was jolted out of my nightmare. 'I had that dream again...' I thought as I began to calm down and my heart rate began to return to normal. When I finally calmed down, I looked around and found myself in my decent looking room in my house in Cloudsdale. I took in my room as if it were the last time I would see it and began to move, when I noticed a pair of hooves attached to my waist. I gave a small grin as I looked at the source of this embrace and saw Pinkie peacefully sleeping. I chuckled at how I can wake up in the middle of the night and she can sleep just fine.

As I began to try to pry myself from her embrace, I began to feel her tighten her grip on me as if I would die if I left. So I gave her a small kiss on the lips and began to try to slowly escape her grip, but she wouldn't let me go easily. When I tried to find a way to loosen her grip, she began to mumble something inaudibly and I began to notice tears falling from her cheeks. Then began to take a closer look and realized what she was saying. "I'm sorry... Dashie... I'm so sorry." I then realized that she was having a dream identical to mine and decided to try and help her. "Pinkie, it's okay. Don't worry, it's just a dream, okay?" Then I gave her the tightest hug I can give her and she released her loving, and protective hug.

I sighed as I got up and walked to the bathroom. 'I really wish that what happened didn't happen the way it did.' I thought as I turned on the light and look at the mirror to reveal me as a wingless pegasus. I sighed at this and began to break down into tears as realized that my dreams has taken a completely different turn and that I will never become a Wonderbolt. As I finished sobbing, Pinkie walked in to check on me.

"Da- Dashie? Are you okay? I heard you crying and just wanted to check up on you." I smiled at this and walked up to the less hyper but loving pony and gave her a hug and kiss on the lips. "Yeah, I'm okay, now that I'm talking to you." I said as I let go and with this, Pinkie kissed me back and said, "Okey dokey lokey." I then realized that our troubles will soon be over and that our lives will soon be at peace with the incident and with my sudden change.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope that you guys enjoyed this chapter! Chapter 2 will be up later this week! I plan on making Chapter 2 about what happened to poor, poor Rainbow. I'm not planning on making it a grimdark, but instead a comfort/hurtful thing. And I would like to give credit to mindlessgonzo for inspiring me and helping me make this fan-fiction.

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