A Rainbow in the Twilght by Rainbowdash007
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   It was a beautiful day in Equestria and almost everypony was outside… ALMOST everpony. As usual, Twilight Sparkle was inside reading books and looking after the library. Rainbow Dash was disappointed, she’s been waiting to see Twilight forever! Rainbow Dash has had a crush on Twilight since she came to Ponyville but Dash hasn’t gotten to see her recently because she’s always been reading except for the occasional adventure or whatever. Dash needed to do something about this but she couldn’t interfere with Twilight’s personal life. That just wouldn’t be right. After realising the sad truth Dash decided to go for a fly around Ponyville to clear her mind. She was flying along when she bumped into somebody, “Hey! Watch where you’re going you flying turd!” Rainbow Dash shouted but then she opened her eyes.

“Oh umm, Rarity ermm, I’m SO sorry,” Rainbow Dash quickly explained.

“As much as I’d like to lecture you on being lady like I have to go,” Rarity said.

“Wait! How’d you get those wings?”  Dash said realising that Rarity had those same wings that Twilight put on her for Dash’s Best Flier competition.

“Well if you paid more attention to where you were going,” Rarity emphasised those last words, “You may have seen that Twilight needs ponies to test some spells on. She’s been asking ponies all day!” and with that Rarity flew off. Dash remembered that Twilight did come up to her and ask her for a favor but she was too busy with moving clouds to help.

“Damn my luck,” Dash thought aloud not noticing that Twilight was right in front of her.

“What is it Dash?” Twilight said.

“Ah! Stay away! I swear I didn’t do it,” Rainbow then turned around to see Twilight. Dash’s heart raced and she couldn’t tell if it was from the sight of Twilight or the fact she was so embarrassed. Dash was blushing a crimson red.

“Ah, um, sorry Twilight I’m not paying much attention today,” Twilight laughed in response at her friend’s uncontrollable blushing and nervous response.

“That’s alright Rainbow, well, are you ready to help me now?” Twilight asked.

“Yeah, sure!” Rainbow Dash said in immediate response.

“Ok, well come with me then,” Dash did as told with no hesitation as she would be happy to help Twilight with anything. As they entered Twilight’s house Rainbow immediately asked, “So which spell am I testing?”

“Who said anything about a spell?’ Twilight said with a triumphant smile.

“Wha- what?” Dash said with a hint of fear in her voice.

“Well, I just needed something from my roof, my book fell on top, I gave Rarity wings to help me go get it but she flew off too soon,” Twilight said, “I also tried asking some other ponies but they were either busy or too absorbed in their new wings and left.”

“Oh thank Celestia,” Rainbow thought. She must’ve read Cupcakes too many times. Rainbow went up to the roof and got the book. She then noticed it wasn’t a book it was a magazine. “The Great & Powerful Trixie Weekly”

“What the hell,” Dash said raising her eyebrow at the cover.

“Is something wrong up there Dash?” Twilight asked. Dash then brought the magazine down and gave it to Twilight.

“OH MY GOD!” Twilight yelled, “That wasn’t it but thanks,” This time it was Twilght who was blushing with a nervous expression on her face and looking at the ground nervously to the left of Rainbow Dash.

“Oh, sorry I’ll just go get the other one then,” Rainbow said.

“Wait!” Twilight said, “Do you think it’s wrong for a filly to… be with another filly?”

“Hell no!” Dash said immediately, “It’s not wrong at all!” but then it sunk it.

“Wait… do you…? Are you…? In love with Trixie?!” Dash said trying to sound the least hurt as possible. Twilight was blushing even more now and tried to avoid answering but eventually did except with another question.

“Don’t tell ANYpony th-!”

“Don’t worry Twi,” Rainbow said holding all of her sadness in from this discovery and with that Rainbow flew off leaving her friend.

“Now I just want that book back,” Twilight whispered to herself.

   While Rainbow Dash was flying she was too absorbed in her thoughts to watch where she but she knew the way to her flying home too well to crash in to something. A few minutes after she got home a knock on the door broke her sadness and it was Fluttershy at the door.

“What’s wrong Rainbow?” Fluttershy said in her soft and caring voice.

“Nothing! Go AWAY!” Dash managed to say between her sobs.

“Oh I’m sorry, did I do something wrong? Sorry,” she said trying to shrink herself as small as possible and then started to fly off.

“Wait, no! Don’t leave!” Rainbow said stopping Fluttershy in her tracks. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that,”

“Oh, that’s ok, well, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s wrong? If you don’t want to answer that’s fine though,” Fluttershy said in her naturally caring voice.

“Oh it’s nothing really, it’s stupid that I was even crying over it,” Dash lied.

“Oh, ok, bye,” Fluttershy said before flying off. Dash just went into a corner of her house for the next 20 minutes sobbing and trying to pull herself together. “Damn you Trixie,” she sometimes said between sobs. Her crying was interrupted by another knock on the door.

“Who is it?” She said out of habit.

“It’s Twilight,” The voice from the door said. Dash’s thought quickly turned in to hopeful ones.

“Fluttershy told me something was wrong and I wanted to find out what,” Twilight said. Dash’s thoughts turned back to sad ones. “She’s just being friendly” she thought to herself.

“Come in, it’s unlocked,” Dash yelled. There was no reason at all to lock your doors in Ponyville. Dash was surprised Twilight even knocked.

“Wow!” Rainbow Dash heard Twilight say. Twilight was talking about Rainbow Dash’s house, its high ceiling to its wonderful décor. It looked amazing, or at least Twilight thought so. As Twilight walked through the house until she found a locked room which Rainbow Dash must’ve been hiding in. Twilight’s cloud walking spell would wear off soon and she was very tired from casting it so she didn’t have long but she was really worried about Rainbow Dash she had to see her right away. Rainbow Dash came out of the room after she’d gotten rid of all evidence of the tears and came out of the room with a “Hello!” so cheery it would’ve shocked Pinkie Pie.

“Are you OK? Fluttershy told me something was bothering you,” Twilight said. Rainbow Dash was going to respond with a lie but then she found an easier way out.

“You look really tired! Please, lie down,” she said. Twilight did as she said on a couch that was as soft as a cloud; at least until she figured out it was a cloud. She sighed of content as she tried to make herself as comfortable as possible on the cloud couch.

“So, what brings you here again Twi?” Rainbow Dash asked, once again, almost too cheerfully.

“Well Fluttershy told me you were upset by something and I wanted to find out what,” Twilight responded.

“Oh it’s nothing Twi, really!” she lied, “Now would you like something to eat? Something to drink?”

“Yes actually, could I get some water? This spell really took a lot out of me,” Twilight said almost panting. Rainbow Dash got her friend some water and they chatted a bit about random topics but then another knock on the door came.

“Hello? Anypony home?” Rainbow Dash and Twilight both knew immediately who it was just by the voice.

“It’s open Rarity,” Rainbow Dah said. Rarity too was in awe of the wonderful décor.

“Oh, hello Twilight!” Rarity said. Twilight silently waved a hoof. Being the kind of pony she is Rarity looked around at the décor some more. It was all very fitting to Rainbow Dash’s personality. A framed photo of the Wonderbolts with Rainbow Dash after the Best Young Fliers competition was hung right in the middle of a two way staircase.

“Well anyways Rainbow,” Twilight said, “I want to talk to you about before,”

“Oh, Ok,” Rainbow said in an awkward voice.

“When you asked me if I had a crush on Trixie,” Twilight started, “I was going to say to not tell anyone because it’s not true you silly filly but you flew off too soon for me to explain it.” Rainbow Dash’s eyes immediately lit up in joy.

“Oh OK! Sorry!” Rainbow Dash said like an excited little filly. They then remembered about Rarity.

“Oh yeah, sorry Rarity, do you need anything?” Rainbow Dash asked with an uncharacteristic smile.

“Oh no dear, it’s fine. I just came over because I’ve never seen your house before because I’ve never been able to fly except for that one time when I was at the competition, I’m still sorry for that dear,” Rarity said.

“Ok, just tell me if you need anything,” Rainbow Dash said still overjoy. The next few minutes just went over with chatter until another knock at the door broke the conversation.

“Who is it?” Rainbow Dash yelled.

“Eep, did I come at a bad time?” The voice at the door said.

“Fluttershy you can come in, it’s fine,” everypony said in unison. Fluttershy looked in awe at the house.

“This house is really nice!” Fluttershy said. Rainbow Dash flashed her a “thanks” look as she looked around at the house in wonder.

“So what brings YOU here Fluttershy?” Rainbow Dash asked. Fluttershy immediately looked down like she was afraid that she was mad at her or something.

“Pinkie Pie said she’d planned a party here,” Fluttershy said. Rainbow Dash’s face immediately turned surprised.

“Party? What part-“

“SURPRISE!” Pinkie Pie jumped out right on cue. Rainbow Dash thought what in Equestria could the party be for and how is Pinkie on the cloud. Wait, she’s not. Rainbow Dash looked down at the hole that Pinkie Pie had made in her floor of cloud. There was a black trampoline below which Pinkie kept jumping on to somehow manage to fly 500 feet in the air with.

“What. Is. The. Party. For. Pinkie?”  Rainbow Dash said to her between her jumps.

“Your. Birthday. Silly!” Pinkie Pie said between each jump. After multiple more jumps Pinkie had managed to go high enough to jump on the only solid part of Rainbow Dash’s house, the kitchen floor.

“I have an idea!” Pinkie Pie said. “We should have the party in the kitchen! Or else I may go,” Pinkie Pie made a motion with her hands which imitated her falling and smash into the ground with an exploding noise at the end.

“Sure…” Rainbow Dash started, “Wait, it’s my birthday?”

“Eeeyup,” Pinkie said while laughing at her own imitation of Big Mac. Pinkie Pie had somehow gotten food up in Rainbow Dash’s house and drinks.

“What drinks are these Pinkie?”  Fluttershy asked. Pinkie Pie nodded her head over to a bottle of “Apple Beer, made from REAL apples! (Product of the Apple Family)”

“I had Applejack make it for us! Too bad she couldn’t come. Applebucking an all dat,” Pinkie Pie began to slur her words as the effects of the alchohol came in to effect. Fluttershy walked away, she’s not much of a drinker. By 20 minutes in Pinkie was completely smashed and barely understandable. When she reached for another drink Rainbow Dash took it away.

“No more for you Pinkie!” Rainbow Dash laughed.

“Buh Ish not doin anythng ttoooo meh! Yuh teh ohns talking wried,” She said. Everypony laughed at her attempt to talk.

“I hash an ideuh! We shuld play shpin the bottels!” Pinkie Pie said. Everypony said no except for Dash. Just the thought of having the chance to kiss Twilight drove her wild.

“Come on! It’s just between friends!” Dash said.

“I guess I could try it. I mean thanks to Pinkie we do have a lot of bottles!” Everypony laughed except for Pinkie. Her head started spinning around.

“I dun shee any bottles!” She said almost falling. Everypony no longer laughed at her speech it just became something in the background. They got one of the many bottles of Apple Beer wasted away by Pinkie and started playing. Twilight got chosen first.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Rainbow Dash thought. This was her chance! If only she had some way of making the bottle land on her. While she was thinking it was too late, the bottle was stopping.

“MEHH!” Pinkie Pie said. Twilight and Pinkie Pie’s lips slowly closed together. Rainbow Dash couldn’t stand it, she closed her eyes only to open them 2 seconds later to see them still kissing.

“Come on Dash… It’s just between friends isn’t it? Come on… it can’t be real or anything… besides, Pinkie is drunk!” Dash kept telling herself. Except she knew it wasn’t true. After the kiss we continued playing and then Twilight got chosen again. Rainbow Dash’s mind was only still focused on what just happened that she didn’t notice that she got chosen. When she realized it her eyes opened so wide that her whole face was almost all eye. But as they were about to kiss Twilight’s cloud walking spell wore off.

“Damnit Twilight!” Rainbow Dash said before chasing after her. Her house being so far from the ground Dash had a little more time to build up speed. Twilight was falling too fast for Dash to catch up but she was too determined to save Twilight she didn’t realize it until it was almost too late. She pushed herself as hard as she could to save Twilight. Twilight was 200 feet from the ground, 100, 50 and then it happened. A Sonic Rainboom! Rainbow Dash just managed to save Twilight from only 20 feet from the ground.

“Omigosh Omigosh Omigosh Omigosh Omigosh,” Twilight managed to say between her pants of fear. Twilight explains that she must’ve been on part of the cloud when her spell wore off.

“That’s O.K Twilight; anything that makes me do a Sonic Rainboom is alright by me!” Rainbow Dash said with an un-characteristic grin. She flew back up to her house now with two holes in her floor with a trail of a rainbow following her.

“Holy hell I thought you died!” Flutter shy said much too loud for regular personality causing everypony to stare at her for a good 3 seconds before Pinkie hiccupped and broke the silence.

“I think it’s time for everypony to go home,” Rainbow Dash chuckled. Without another word everypony left except for Twilight.

“Why you sticking around Twilight?” Rainbow asked with hidden grin.

“Well I have no way of getting down and I was wondering if I could stay here for the night,” Twilight said.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to take you home? I could fly you down,” Dash said politely but then started doubting her decision. She could’ve said yes and then Rainbow Dash would’ve lost her chance with her but then Twilight responded.

“No, please don’t go through the trouble, unless me staying is more trouble than you helping me down,”  Rainbow Dash assured her that it was fine for her to stay and that she would get the visitors bed ready for her but then Twilight said  it was fine, she could sleep in Rainbow’s bed. Rainbow Dash at the moment got really excited.

“Are you sure Twi?” Rainbow Dash asked but she knew that Twilight would be just fine with it. Rainbow Dash thought to herself as she was preparing the bed, “Wait? How is Twilight going to manage to get out of the kitchen?” and then she heard an odd sound from the kitchen. Sort of like bells tinkling  except lower pitched.

“Twilight what was that? Is something wrong?” Rainbow Dash quickly asked and then at that moment she walked into Rainbow Dash’s room that had almost all evidence of her crying in it cleaned up.

“Oh Twilight! You recast the spell!” Rainbow Dash said.

“Yes but this time it will hopefully last the night. I don’t exactly want to fall to my death while I’m gone like I read once in a book about an earth pony who tried to jump on a cloud without a spell… Speaking of that book…” Twilight trailed on for a bit until she realised Rainbow Dash wasn’t listening.

“Well we better get some sleep. It’s getting really late and I have to make a rainstorm at 8 tomorrow morning,” Rainbow Dash said while getting in to bed. Twilight got in after her and snuggled up to her. Rainbow Dash definitely wasn’t expecting this but liked it all the same. They both said good night and Rainbow Dash then turned off the lights. Twilight then began to nuzzle Rainbow Dash’s neck. She had to admit, she liked it, but it was kind of awkward. Rainbow Dash just contently sighed and wrapped her fore hooves around Twilight’s neck and pulled her closer. Twilight began to kiss Rainbow Dash’s neck all the way up until she got up to her muzzle and started to kiss her full force. When they finally broke the kiss Twilight spoke.

“There’s your unclaimed kiss,” Rainbow Dash chuckled nervously. Even though she wanted this it was really sudden and honestly a bit scary. She kissed Rainbow Dash again and when the kiss broke Twilight looked seductively into Rainbow Dash’s eyes. She didn’t know what was coming up tonight and she wasn’t sure if she wanted it or not.




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