Princess Amity by Mister Smiley
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The last class of the day exists the classroom leaving the teacher and princess alone. The unicorn uses her magic to wrap a purse around her neck preparing to the leave with the princess. "Thank you so much, Your Majesty," Mrs. Lily says.


"It was my pleasure," Princess Celestia replies. "But before we leave the school, may I see Amity's grades for these last nine weeks?"


"Sure but why?" the teacher asks curiously.


"Just to see how she did," Celestia answers.


Mrs. Lily walks to her desk, opens a drawer, and shows a file with "Amity" written on the tab. She places it on her desk and opens the file containing highly graded tests, quizzes, homework, and rubrics.


Celestia approaches, and as she observes each graded assignment, Lily proclaims, "She is- or was- a fantastic student and one of my smartest students without a doubt. She’s fast learning, responsive, respectful..."


"What is this?" Celestia asks in concerned tone with an eyebrow raised. She stares at a test with a red 80 at the top, and she then turns her head to her left to see Amity standing in the classroom doorway. The pink alicorn darts her eyes left to right then smiles at her mother.


"Your Majesty?" Mrs. Lily interjects. "That test was about a week ago, and it really didn't affect her average. Also, that was the highest grade. Please don't be mad at her. This test’s practically pointless."


“Thank you, Mrs. Lily,” Princess Celestia says as she places the test on the desk then walks towards her daughter. She says to her pink daughter and says, "From now on, you will tell me every grade you make."


Amity responds, "But today was my last day of school."


"Exactly," her mother replies. "I was referring if you go to college." The two alicons walk down the hallway towards double. While behind her mother, Amity rolls her eyes behind Celestia's back. "Don't roll those eyes behind my back.” Celestia unexpectedly states. “I'll roll that little head of yours. Oh, and when we get home, we’ll practice your magic skills and something new to teach you."


Amity dashes beside her mother, "But I wanted to help see the hoofball game tonight. It's the last one of the school year."


"You can go to the game later, but you need to practice your magic first."


"Yes ma’am. Well, at least you’re showing me something new. I do love new spells. What is it?"


The two step walk through the doors and step outside. Celestia extends her massive wings and answers, “Hm. I’ll tell you right now and not even practice...if you beat to the Ballroom first! Ready, set, go!” The white princess immediately flies into the air heading towards a beautiful gigantic castle on the side of a mountain near the city. Amity grins and swiftly follows her mother trying to fly faster.


The two fly over a garden maze and can see the Castle Ballroom through the windows. Celestia and Amity playfully bump each other as they fly to the doors of the ballroom. The two alicorns are neck and neck and are about to crash through the doors, but Celestia screams, “If you win, you’re grounded!”


Amity shockingly shouts, “What?!” She slows down allowing Celestia to enter the Castle Ballroom first. Amity snarls and rushes in behind her, “No fair, Mom! You cheated!”


"I never said I couldn’t say things like that. Can’t argue with that,” a cocky Celestia says to her daughter who perks her lips out. “Oh come on now.” Celestia uses her magic auora to control Amity and bring her right into her mothers arms, and the white alicorn hugs her daughter while rubbing her hoof on Amitys head.


Amity shrieks, “Ah! No Mom, you’ll ruin my mane!” Amitys horn then glows gold for a second, and she is engulfed by a white flash and vanishes. Suddenly, a second white flash appears behind her mother, and Amity appears.


"Are you going to show me the new spell?" Amity enthusiastically asks.


Celestia chuckles and calmly answers, "Not yet. First, keep practicing your teleportation spell."


Amity's enthusiasm quickly deteriorates, "Mom, really? That's like the most basic spell I know. Heck, I learned it when I was two. You saw how fast I did it just then."


Celestia raises her right eyebrow high showing annoyance. Amity makes a single chuckle and teleports herself again. She then appears at one of the corners of the room, and Celestia turns to look at her daughter. "Again," Celestia orders. Amity repeats her teleportation appearing in front of the main doors. "Again."


Amity in an slightly annoyed tone, "Okay." She continues teleporting multiple times just as her mother said, but after the seventh time, she stops and realizes Celestia is gone. Amity looks around and asks, "Mom? Where did you go?"


"Nowhere," Celestia whispers in Amitys ear scaring her.


Amity shrieks and jumps in the air and her wings start flapping keeping her in the air. The spooked alicorn shouts, “That's not funny, Mom!" Celestia giggles underneath her hears, then suddenly Amity feels a slap across her plot. "Ow!" She turns swiftly to see nothing. She is then tackled by her invisible mother and pinned to the floor.


"Gotcha," Celestia says to Amity. She feels Celestia letting her free allowing the pink alicorn to stand. "This is your new lesson,” Celestia says making an echo in the room. “but answer this question first. What are the five senses?"


Amity answers aloud, "Touch, hear, taste, smell, and see. Why?"


"Well," Celestia replies, "there is a sixth sense that only unicorns and alicorns have: the sense of magic. Basically, because alicorns and unicorns are active magic users, both species can use their own magic to sense the magic within others including the passive species, earth ponies and pegasi."


A confused Amity replies, "Well, that’s kinda neat, but how do I do it?"


"I was able to spank you just then right?" Celestia answers. "Listen carefully because it is confusing at first, concentrate your magic just like you did with teleportation but be at a peaceful state. Just let your other senses go and clear your mind."


Amity closes her eyes and concentrates as her mother instructed. Her horns gold auora surrounds it but nothing happens. She begins breathing harder trying to put herself in a peaceful state but is unsuccessful. Amity stops and breathes heavily and says, "Can't sense anything."


"You're trying too hard,” Celestia replies. “Just focus on your horn and calm yourself. Then, when you are truly calm, you will feel something."


"What is it that I will feel or supposed to be feeling?" Amity asks.


"You’ll know.”


Amity concentrates again but still with no success. She breathes in and out slowly again and again. She then starts to feel a small spark on the right side of her horn. It does not hurt her but can be felt by the alicorn. Then, the small spark grows in size. It consumes some portion of the horn then half then the whole right side of her horn. She is then tackled to the ground again.


"Gotcha again," Celestia says.


Amity playfully responds, "Not for long." Amity rolls over trying to get her mother off of her, but Celestia holds on and starts tickling her daughter with her wing feathers. Amity squeals and slides out of her mother's arms. Both princesses stand and stare each other down, and the pink princess leaps at Celestia who simply teleports herself right above Amity grabbing her again. Both drop to the ground laughing.


Celestia calmly says, "You've grown up so much, Amity. It was like yesterday you were going to Kindergarten and’re graduating. I love you."


"I love you too, Mom," Amity replies.


"After the graduation ceremony next month, what do you want to do to celebrate?" Celestia asks.


Amity merely shrugs and turns her head to look at her mother, “I do want to stay with you. I actually want to be a princess like you doing princess stuff.”


“No you don’t,” her mother responds. “It’s not easy doing this job, and I want you to have a legacy so ponies won’t think ‘just another princess’. You understand? Besides, technically you already are a princess.”


Amity lays her head down on the ground, “‘just another princess’?” She looks over her mothers head to see her blank flank.


Celestia then looks at her daughter's flank and says, "Oh, Amity. How many times have I said that..."


"’It will come in time’. Too many, but I can't...” Amity sighs. “Your and Aunt Luna's cutie marks represent more than just raising or lowering the sun and moon. They stand for the marvelous things you both had done in the past. I'm 18 and still don't have one? When I look at my blank flank, it just reminds me that I've done…nothing. What kind of princess am I?"


Celestia lays her head on her daughter's cheek and replies, "I understand how you feel, but you can't let it haunt you. If you work hard and stay true to yourself, destiny will reward you someday."


"I hope so," Amity says.


"I know so," Celestia responds kissing her daughter's cheek. Both princesses stand up. "Go ahead to the ball game. I have to lower the sun a bit for the afternoon," Celestia says. Amity hugs her, heads outside, and flies off.

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