Laser Metronome Achieve New Record
by laserman123
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According to the German electron synchrotron National Laboratory (DESY) official website news reports, recently, scientists for a kilometer level network to establish the world's most accurate metronome.

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Published: 23 Jan 2017 Updated: 23 Jan 2017
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According to the German electron synchrotron National Laboratory (DESY) official website news reports, recently, scientists for a kilometer level network to establish the world's most accurate metronome. Timing system will be a total length of 4.7 kilometers of the cheap laser pointer microwave network for 18 hours of uninterrupted synchronization, the synchronization accuracy of up to 950 seconds (a second is 10-18 seconds). The synchronization system can be used in the most advanced X ray ultrafast imaging, and then explore the molecular, atomic physics of the unknown ultrafast physical changes.

"A lot of research areas require very high precision timing synchronization," said the paper's lead author, dr.. "Such as surface mapping system to nanosecond (10-9 seconds) to picosecond (10-12 seconds) the magnitude of the synchronization; if the optical telescope array in femtosecond 100 km range (10-15 seconds) the magnitude of synchronization, it may realize the spatial resolution of several tens of kilometers 1 light-years away, thus speeding up the exploration process of terrestrial planets".

European European XFEL, the United States and other world-renowned X SLAC free electron high power laser pointer research center is committed to shooting the ultra fast phenomena in the world, such as the dynamic evolution of biological molecules or chemical reactions. "Since many important physical processes of molecules and atoms occur in the attosecond time range," Xin Ming explained, "a key problem shooting" molecular movies to overcome "is how to get a second precision time resolution".

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At present, DESY's pioneer free electron laser FLASH has a very accurate timing synchronization of 30 fs in the range of 300 meters. This is very important for so-called pump probe experiments. In this experiment, is a dynamic process (such as chemical reaction process) is a laser pulse excitation, after a specified delay accuracy, and then by another laser pulse analysis to get a snapshot". If the slow increase in the delay between the two pulses, repeated the pump probe experiment, and then each detected by the "snapshot" together, you can get the evolution of super slow motion. If the timing of the green laser pointer pulse is not synchronized, the slow motion movie cannot reproduce the dynamic process.

"If we can achieve better synchronization precision, can reveal the molecular and atomic physics process in the attosecond time scale, opened a new field of scientific research, and structural biology, material science, quantum chemistry and basic physics have brought revolutionary breakthrough," said Professor rtner K?. Professor K rtner is currently working in DESY, University of Hamburg, and led several research projects in MIT. More than a decade ago, he launched a timing synchronization technology in MIT. "Like X X-ray free electron laser with the large attoscience device, accurate synchronization of system level attosecond on its internal dozens of burning laser pointer, microwave source, synchronization over a span of several kilometers," added rtner K?. To this end, scientists have developed a set of optical timing synchronization system, using a very low noise mode-locked laser pulse sequence as a timing signal. Through the stable optical fiber link, the timing signal is transmitted from the central base station to each terminal for a long time. "To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time in the world to achieve a long distance synchronization between 1 femtosecond laser and microwave oscillators," he said.

"The attosecond laser microwave network will enable the next generation of X - ray free electron red laser pointer and other devices to play their full potential," said Professor K rtner. In addition, other applications need high precision time resolution, such as ultra stable optical clock, gravitational wave detection, coherent optical antenna array can also benefit from this technology".

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