Dragon Knight by Hope Is Never Lost
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For more years than Onaga the self-proclaimed dragon king cared to count, he and his queen had lived in this mountain. Many times he and his queen were presented a sacrifice, in hopes that their fiery rampage would be contained. Of course, it wasn't necessary at all. Onaga had a calm temperament for a dragon though that would change quickly if his family was attacked. Yet no one cared to ask. Usually, those in his company only had the mind to cower and stutter profusely. Oh well. He and his queen would never turn down a free meal. It was also good to let the humans fear to fester inside them. As their fear grew, the number of gifts and sacrifices did too. The main thing was that it kept the humans from attacking them. Even if they did, their weak magic wouldn't do much.

'For how long I wonder?' Onaga thought as he stretched while the lava pools kept the entire cavern warm. He glanced at his reflection from a golden mirror that laid in a huge amount of gold he and his mate were presented from the humans lived down his mountain.

A maw filled with sharp teeth and long tusks on the sides of his mouth. He has six horns, three on each side of his head with a long neck. Large bat-like wings with spikes on the bones and from the base of his head to the tip of his tail were three rows of large black spikes. His tail was long. He had two four clawed hands with a thumb and two four clawed feet. His eyes were blazing red with a black slit in the middle. His scales were ruby with a black underbelly. He was somewhat muscular with spikes on his shoulder blades and his scales almost look like armor. The most noticeable thing about him was the large scar running diagonal from his right eye down to the left side of his mouth.

'Impressive indeed.'

He stopped his train of thought as he felt his chin being nuzzled but he let out a sigh of content as he returned the nuzzle.

"Being arrogant again my king?" A feminine voice asked.

Onaga chuckled as he backed away from the owner of the voice. "Like you don't love it."

Standing in front of him being slightly shorter than him was the dragon queen, Silvara. At least his queen and no one else!

She was completely covered in extremely small silver scales that gave a sheen finish to her skin. Her horns, claws, and eyes were all pale gold. The complete opposite look of Onaga.

It was quite funny how these two became mates. The first time they met was over the ownership of a cave which led to arguing which was soon followed by a big fight that completely destroyed the cave and most of the surrounding area. Onaga came out the victor though not without the scar he bore now. He could have killed the female dragon but he let her go. Yet despite this, the two became mates which turned into love.

"Perhaps. Though you ego might make your head grow bigger."

Onaga snorted in amusement before laying his head down letting the warm rocks relax. He soon felt Silvara pressed her body against his while laying her head down next to his while he threw one of his wings around her. Though both their eyes opened back up when they smelt it. The scent of blood.

"Seems the humans are giving us an early sacrifice."

Onaga snorted with flames coming out of his nostrils. Normally he wouldn't pass up such a treat but today he was feeling lazy.

"Let the other predators have it."

"Being generous today are we?" Silvara taunted with a smirk plastered across her face.

Onaga opened one eye giving her deadpan stare causing her to laugh even more. Though the smell of blood was driving them both crazy. Letting out a grunt, Onaga stood on all fours. "Let's go see what they brought us this time."

The two walked towards their cave entrance and opened their wings before flying off towards the smell. The smell grew stronger as they approached. This scent was different than other scents they have smelled. It wasn't the musky, earthy scent of an animal nor that of the humans. It did smell of human...but....was different.

"My mate..."


Dragons lived long lives. Onaga and Silvara were incredibly old. Both had seen many things to the point that almost nothing surprised them. So it was saying something when they saw a sight they had never seen before and that brought disgust to them.

"I knew humans could do evil.....but this is just....."

Onaga didn't say anything to his mate as they both landed by the carnage.

It was a young human child that appeared to be only seven years old with dark black hair lying in a crimson pool of his own blood. The boy was definitely from that human village that made their home at the bottom of their mountain. Though none of the humans had the mutations on this boy's body.

His right arm which should have ended in a simple human hand instead twisted into the claws of a dragon that scales were dark black. Two leathery wings sprouted from his back, tangled together and covered in the same scarlet blood that dripped down the boy's face.

The two dragons remained silent for a long time, just staring at the child shocked. Then the boy opened his eyes, peering at the two dragons through his mask of blood. His eyes were blazing orange and red with a black slit in the middle. In the eyes were no fear. Only quiet acceptance within.

It intrigued Onaga.

"Who did this to you, child?" Silvara asked as she drew closer and lay down on her stomach while bringing her head closer to the boy.

The boy's eyes widened slightly, as though he had not expected one of them to speak. He gazed at them in silent awe while the blood pool around him was expanding. He couldn't draw himself away from the female dragon eyes that showed concern and love of a mother.

Onaga shook off his surprise before walking over towards his mate and laid down beside her.

The boy took a rattling breath. When he spoke, his voice was laced with incredible amounts of pain. "My magic....too powerful..." He choked out. "Made....a....mistake...."

The two dragons realized the blood didn't come from a single wound caused by his wings. Someone had taken a knife to his back, multiple times. Many stabs wounds decorated the area around his wings as if the attackers had been trying to rip them right out of his skin. The same wounds were found on his arm, where skin ended and the scales began. Both dragons could see right down to the bone.

Hot rage filled the dragon's chest's while Onaga had flames licking at the corners of his mouth. "Why would they do this to you, boy?"

The boy's eyes closed though he tried to keep them open. He opened his mouth to speak but instead closed it as he passed out from the blood loss. Silvara picked the boy up gently in her claw before she and her mate flew back to their cave. There Silvara lay him gently on the ground before she began to lick his wounds trying to clean the wounds. After she was done, Onaga cauterized the boy's wounds. The two waited for him to awake.

"To think one could do that to such a young one." Silvara growled out while letting flames come out of her nostrils though she stopped as Onaga rubbed his head against her's.

"Humans say we are monsters. Yet they can easily do this to a hatchling."

Silvara felt Onaga head pulled away as the two stared at the young child.

"If the hatchling doesn't make it.....I'm destroying that village. I might do it even if the child lives through this." Onaga growled out.

For the whole remainder of the day they watched. Sleep called to the two but instead of sleeping they spent time pacing their cave only to be startled at the little sound of pain the boy uttered. Though it was mostly causing Silvara more trouble as she could feel her mother instincts kicking in. The two dragons became more worried when he completely still causing the two to think he passed. It was night time when the boy stirred and began to slowly open his eyes.

The boy eyes locked onto the dragons. The three stared for a long time. Again there was no fear in the boy's eyes. Not even wonder.

"How did you become like this anyway?" Onaga asked only to grunt as he felt his mate hit him upside the head with her wing.

There was complete silence before the boy opened his mouth to speak. "I only wanted to see how far my magic could go. The tribe encouraged us to become stronger. Especially me. They said I was special, that I had magic unlike any other....but I went too far. I stole a dragon's blood that they kept hidden and......drank it." He trailed off. After being silent for a few second and swallowing a few times he spoke. "They called me an unholy monster. A demon."

The two dragon only stared at the child with pity.

"What about your parents?"

The boy was silent. "Their the ones that did this to me."

The two dragons mouths were opened in shock. What parent wouldn't defend their child?! Even when a dragon offspring left their parent's, it wouldn't stop them from protecting their child. But to hear this. Both the dragons were shaking in rage as they tried to control their temper.

"My parents told everyone that I had to be eradicated to destroy the evil."

The boys eyes watered until the dam finally broke. Tears seeped forth, cleaning the boy's face of dried blood stuck there. "I never wanted this! I'm just a mistake!"

"ENOUGH!" Onaga voice echoed throughout the entire cave making it echo last longer. Glancing down at the boy his eyes softened. Onaga turned his head towards Silvara. The two stared at each other as if they were talking telepathically to each other.

Onaga turned his head back towards the boy while Silvara had walked over towards him and started to cradle his almost limp form in her claws. The boy's eyes were scrunched tightly closed in his refusal to look at the female dragon. The boy whimpered as the female dragon began to gently lick his face comfortingly, shushing him as a Mother would her child.

Onaga walked over and sat down causing the two dragons to be like a barrier that was shielding the child from harm or danger. "What's your name hatchling?"

He was silent for a few seconds before answering. "I....it's-"

"Burn it from your mind young one. From now on, your name shall be Garyx," Bending down he rubbed his head against him. "My son."

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