Applejack's "reformation" by RariJack_Unofficial
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  It was a warm day at Sweet Apple Achers where, unsuprisingly Applejack was working. She was about to buck a tree when Pinkie pie randomly stood before her. "Hey!" "Whoa!" Applejack shouted as she fell to the ground. "Uhhh Pinkie Pie, I'm tryin' to work here!" She said clearly upset. Pinkie Pie giggled as she, instead of helping Appleljack regain her balence, her eyes glew red as she hit Applejack over the head with a frying pan she pulled out of her mane. Pinkie gasped as she said" Ohhhhhh a concusion!". Applejack awoke to find herself in a dark room tied up  against a wall. "Uh, w-where am I?", Applejack said in a dreary manner. Rarity sudenly came out of the darkness, she had the three scars on her left eye, another three right above her nose and a heart carved in her chest uncovered, which is stange because she usually hides it under makeup. "Oh darling, were in Pinkie's basement obviously.", Rarity said in a mocking voice. She gave a slight chuckle as she walked closer to the tied up Applejack. "Rarity, what's goin' on here?", Applejack replied, slightly scared. Rarity gave a wicked grin as she called the rest of the mane 6 closer so they could become visible to Applejack. They were covered practlly from head to hoof in blood, with the same grin as Rarity. Applejack could just look in horrer at her friends. Apart from being covered in blood they also all had necklaces of unicorn horns, Pinkie Pie had a cutie mark dress, Rainbow dash had a Cloudsdale Weather Factory uniform, Twilight had a labcoat, and Fluttershy had nothing.        Applejack started to cry "W-what d-do want from me, why are you doing this to me!?", Applejack was yelling now, her eyes filled with tears. The rest of the mane six were just laughing maniacally, ignoring Applejack's hurt. Fluttershy walked next to Applejack, "Heh you think YOU have it hard you little shit? What about aaallllll the ponies we've killed, in the most gruesome, slow, and painfull way possible?", "Fluttershy?! W-what happened to you, what happened to all of you?", Applejack said as she tried to hold back the few tears she had left in her eyes. Pinkie giggled as she steped up," Oh come on AJ, we just want you to be like us so you can join in on the fun." Applejack turned her head to Pinkie,"WHAT, no, I won't be like you, I won't!" Applejack repeted those words over and over again as Rainbow Dash just rolled her eyes. "It's inevitable Applejack, it's just like when I started working in the Rainbow Factory. At first I was weak, I almost fainted at the sight of blood." Rainbow laughed quietly to herself" But then, that glorious day, that absolutely wonderful day when I snapped. Ever sence that day, I worked in the factory with no remorce, and then, a few years later I found my marefriend." Rainbow gave a slight smile to Twilight. Applejack was more than suprised at what Rainbow Dash had just told her. "Please just kill me already, I don't want to live knowing that my friends are all murderers!" Applejack said choking on her tears. Pinkie gasped,"Oooohhhhhhh I just remembered heh, ohhhh Applejack we have a present for yyooouuuu." Pinkie said with a mischievous grin. Applejack snapped her head up, scared of what was to come," What is it?" Applejack whisperd under her breath trying to remain calm. They said nothing as Rarity carried Applejack to another part of the basement. Twilight turned on the light to reveal a blindfolded passed out Berry Punch on an upright torture table. Fluttershy pulled out a scalpel and handed it to Applejack. "What is this for, and why is she-" The realization of what they were going to make her do hit her like a brick to the head, "No. No, I won't do it!" Applejack woke up Berry Punch with her yells. Before Berry Punch could even ask what's happening, Pinkie took the blindfold from her eyes and gaged her with it. Rarity walked in front of Applejack,"Applejack you WILL kill her, just start by removing her cutie mark, here I'll help you." Rarity covered Applejack's mouth, took her hoof and guided it threw her flank. Berry Punch screamed, and Applejack just cried as she was being forced to remove a pony's cutie mark."Rarity, I think AJ should do the next part by herself." Twilight said as Berry's second cutie mark was being torn off. Rarity turned towards Twilight,"I think thats a good idea." Rarity let go of Applejack, Pinkie injected Berry with something to numb her from the bottom of her neck down, and the rest blocked the exit. Pinkie gave Applejack a large knife and pushed her closer. "Now, cut along the middle, then open her up." Applejack obeyed in fear of being in Berry Punch's place. After she cut her open and opened the cavity more, she pulled out the organs she was instructed to take out, and lost more and more of her sanity every second and every scream. She was obviously a long way from being as heartless as the rest, but she was coming along. "Wow, you did it AJ!" Pinkie yelled,"Your first kill!" Applejack started to cry again,"Th-this isn't what I wanted. I diden't want to do this." Applejack choked on her oun tears."Come on, be glad about it!" Rainbow Dash practicly demanded. "She will come along eventualy Rainbow." Twilight said nuzzling her marefriend. Over the months Pinke and the others helped Applejack become like them. Evenualy, as Twilight said, Applejack slowly became one of them. On her first time out in the sun in months, her and her family met again, and although it was hard to come up with a lie about where she had been, but they managed. Applejack helped Pinke mostly and was able to maintain the mask she wore, and everyone lived with there insanaty.

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