Pop The Ollie by dash4life
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My name is John Rodney Mullen. My mom calls me John, but everyone else calls me Rodney. And if there's one thing my mom and dad hates about me, it's this. I love skateboarding. And not just riding around the block, I mean tricks and half-pipes and kickers. My friend, Chad Muska (he's gangster), and I didn't get discouraged just because we got in trouble with the 5-0 (aka the cops, you dum-dum).

       So anyway, I'm just a twelve-year-old guy with a best friend who's friggin' hated at school. Seriously, all my life, I've been called names. They always knew Rodney Mullen, the weird kid. I still skateboarded, a lot. I'm hoping one day I can get into a tour. But that's not happening.

       Chad, oh, well, Chad's a gangster. Like me, he's hated at school, and people were afraid of him, man. Mess with him, and he'll beat you down. He once beat up this guy called Mike Vallely (vah-lei-lee, get it right), which is the only guy in his league, and basically the school punk.  Some seventeen-year-old got beaten by my best friend.



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