Conrad the Bull by Scootalonely
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Conrad heaved himself at the cage once more, the wood creaking loudly under his heavy weight. He was tired and sore already and he was panting heavily in the dim lights of the rodeo cages. The air was dust-filled and the only light came from in-between the wooden planks of the structure, revealing strands of dust in the air. Conrad, the young bull, was in a wooden cage near the entrance to the rodeo. He was next up and he could hear the loud bustling of the audience above him. That sick, perverted audience that would occasionally fill the air with cheers loud enough to drown out his panting even to himself. He heaved himself at his prison once more, the wood bending ever so slightly under him, only to bend right back as soon as his weight was removed. Be snorted and rammed his head into it, his horns into the wood. Less creaking, but his horns penetrated the planks, giving him a token scar from his useless efforts. In frustration the bull slumped down into the dust. Sweat dripping from his nose, sobbing, sore and panting.

"Yer bull is right over her, ma'am.“ the voice clearly came from a pony and it had Conrad up on his legs in a heartbeat, beating his cloven hoof into the ground and he lowered his head at the two menacing figures. The first one, a blue pony female, led the other up to the cage. The second one was an orange female with a blonde mane. She smirked as she clearly looked him over with a piercing gaze. Conrad hesitated, his hoof just dangling in the air. The pony took a few steps around him and when she was behind him she bent forward, looking in under his belly. Before Conrad realised he scuttled away from her, into the corner of his cage. Conrad was used to being demeaned, but having his sex inspected like that was too embarrassing for him. Just as quickly he regretted his decision, showing weakness before his enemies. The pony just chuckled at him "A beauty, ‘at’s for sure, Cherry. Ah’ll be…” she licked her lips again and put on the same sly, expectant smirk as she locked eyes with Conrad “looking forward to seeing him in action.”

The two ponies left and some time later several other female ones showed up and with their gathered might and with ropes they forced him still. He was bound and could hardly move, several ponies holding him down with their damned ropes. One of them, panting and sweaty from the effort, approached him from behind… opening the cage. She had the exact same sly, smirk. A superior expression, knowing that they were in full power of him. An expression that knew that they would get what they wanted. A hand slid in between his hind legs, gently sliding along his sheathed shaft and up over his balls. Conrad forced his tears away and knew that there was nothing he could do. He closed his eyes tight and tried to concentrate on home. On Rosa, his mother, and all the others. Something was taped or clipped to him, right at the base of his tail over his anus, forcing his tail to rise up tall and supposedly proud, but they all knew it was to make sure that he couldn’t hide anything. “A real sexy fighter, huh girls?” the one at his back said and they all laughed in agreement as she felt his dick once more, slowly stroking it gently. Unwillingly, Conrad felt the arousal well up inside of him, that familiar feeling of his dick starting to move out of his sheath. No! He refused to be violated like that. With his entire might he pressed himself upwards, the unsuspecting ponies stumbling at the sudden pull of their ropes. He heard the door slam shut behind him, his violator already gone. Instead he was suddenly blinded completely as the gates in front of him and swung open. Right in front of him was fresh air, and as his eyes adjusted… a single orange pony in encircled by a large crowd behind fences and protection. The ponies behind and around him forced him out in the open, the ropes being used to push him out before closing the gates ones more. The orange pony stood there. Just a short sprint away from him… her back towards him. She didn’t know he had been released. Not wanting to waste the opportunity he charged at her, lowering his head and taking aim. The crowd went deadly silent as he closed in. Just another second. A few more steps… her head turned around, her gaze locking with his instantly… and that superior smirk.

Conrad wasn’t sure what had happened. Perhaps it was several minutes later, but he thought it was just one or two. He found himself laying on the ground. That orange pony standing beside him and rolled him over onto his back for all to see. Still dazed, Conrad watched as she turned to the crowd and gained their cheers. This is exactly what they wanted. Perverted slavery, exposing innocent people for the appease and tease the sexual obsessions of all these pony females. He couldn’t give up yet and he arose. He was stronger and heavier than her, and he had sharp horns that would tear her to shreds. Just one good ram and he’d win. All he had to do was take her by surprise somehow, or just get in real close. Surely he’d be able to just out power her if it just came to that. He started getting up and she looked to him, still her back to him. She smiled, softly this time, and winked at him before lifting her tail to the side… exposing herself to him. Yet again he felt that rising feeling and, refusing to believe it, he charge at her again. She just laughed and ran, keeping some steps in front of him. Still laughing she waved her golden yellow tail back and forth. She turned to the right with incredible agility, and Conrad tried to follow in his pursuit, but she was too light for him. His bulky weight carried to much momentum and instead he just stopped, and turned around.

She was right there in his face. Just inches away from him and she was smiling softly… Reassuringly. She pressed her lips onto his and they were so soft and gentle. In surprise he took a step back, but she followed suit and pressed harder. It sent a shiver through his tensed and beaten body. His muscles relaxing for the first time in days and he closed his eyes, just standing there in that long awaited moment of peace. She pressed on still, her lips nibbling on his lower one and her tongue met his for an instant. Her somewhat sweet moisture a welcome change to the dried dust and sweat that filled his own mouth. Her hoof gently landed at the back of his neck as she broke the kiss and smiled ever so gently as he opened his eyes. “Just relax, ok? Have a bit of fun, ok?” she urged, her hoof running along his neck and onto his chin. “Or am I not beautiful?” she pouted. “Graceful?” and took a playful hop away from him. She turned around and exposed herself to him again. This time she glistened slightly in the sunlight… and it was not until that moment that Conrad realised that he himself was fully erect.

Not knowing what to do Conrad looked around in his almost psychedelic confusion. The crowd was still there. It was still a rodeo. And there was an orange pony teasing him. He charged… half heartedly. Not really trying or caring. He watched as her sleek body easily maneuvered around him. Every now and then she’d give his hind quarters a playful smack right after dodging him. Every time he stopped after running past her he’d turn around only to see her bent forward, her chest on the ground, fully exposed and a forehoof moving in circles over her inviting marehood. He took another half hearted charge at her, still not sure what was going on. Without trouble her nimble and sleek figure danced around him with ease and grabbed a foreleg in her hooves. He tumbled over his side and rolled around, finally landing on his side. She was already there by him. His body was heaving and he was completely out of breath and mind. She leaned down and nuzzled his neck and licked his cheek. “You did great. It was almost perfect.” she reassured with another gentle smile. She straddled over him and rolled him over onto his back. “Just relax and try to enjoy this.” she told him “You’re safe now.” Thoughts flew through his mind. Reminding him of why he hated ponies, but… he looked up at her reassuring face… the firm grip around his forehooves… the untouchably graceful beauty on top of him… He nodded. He wasn’t sure why, but he did. And he relaxed, as she said. No more pain would happen after this. He didn’t care.

She blinked slowly as she looked at him, smiling ever so softly. “Good boy.” she said, sroking his cheek as she let go of his hooves. Her skin was moist and seemed cold in comparison to his searing body. A hoof pressed firmly into his shoulder and massaged it, sending wave of pleasured pain through his body. He could do nothing but moan loudly as his muscles reached a new level of relaxation. Something soft and wet started massaging the base of his shaft as the pony started grinding herself on him. She moaned as well and started rubbing the other shoulder as well, having his body melt under her hooves. She started licking up his neck and he threw his head back and let out another loud, grunting moan. She shuffled on top of him and he felt her soft, warm pussy tease the head of his dick for just a moment before it slowly started pushing down upon it. The feeling of her sex slowly engulfing him made reach up and grab her head, only to pull it down into a kiss. He moaned into her mouth as he hungrily pressed her lips apart with his tongue. She moaned into his mouth as well as she started moving her body up and down his dick. He was already nearing his limit and she broke the kiss, yet again licking up his neck, the sides of it and up towards his ears. Her hooves traced over his large chest as he and every time she thrust him into her she let out a pleasure whimper. He hugged her tightly, pressing her against himself and holding her still as he came loudly. The pony chuckled atop of him. She was panting and sweaty as she stroke his cheek and gave him a quick kiss, her tongue barely meeting his. “Good boy.” she whispered in his ear and slid off of him, sperm trailing out of both her and him onto his stomach and chest as his floppy dick was released from her. Cum still drooling from her marehood as she walked away Conrad took one last look at her before his head fell down onto the ground.

Conrad just lay there for, he didn’t know how long, but long enough for him to regain some his breath before he suddenly returned to reality. Suddenly he could hear the loud cheering of the crowd around him and he opened his eyes slowly, as if he hoped to find himself somewhere else… but there he was on his back, covered in his own sperm in front of hundreds of hungry, cheering, applauding and probably some masturbating pony females.

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