Scootaloo Bangs a Potato by Scootalonely
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Scootalonely tensed up, her body on full alert. She leaned forward onto her forehooves and wiggled her butt and tail slowly, like a cat about to attack it's prey. Her wings gave a couple of silent, impatient flaps as she licked her lips. And then, she pounced, her wings flapping furiously to give her leap a bit of extra length and she landed with her forehooves around the potato. The two tumbled and the little orange pegasus rolled over onto her back, the predatory pony having caught its prey and held it up before her face for inspection. She smiled to herself and started stroking the root fruit with a little chuckle.

The yam would have none of that though, and slipped out of her hoof and rolled through the grass. Giggling, the pony chased it some ways down the hill before she jumped. Her fluttering wings and the downwards slope gave her plenty of air and she landed in front of the potato. The yam showed its smug looking little lumps and bounced on a bump in the ground and shot towards the filly’s face.

Shocked, she barely had time to react before the hard root fruit hit her between her eyes. She fell backwards, clutching the potato to her chest. Her face ached, but she laughed uncontrollably as the pair rolled down the hill. The world spinning, the soft grass brushing against their bodies as they picked up speed and the fits of laughter and giggles echoing throughout the hills.

Soon the filly found herself panting in the grass, next to the potato. They had stopped rolling, and while she had just barely managed to stop giggling, she still couldn’t stop grinning as they looked up at the twinkling stars that were sprinkled across the dark blue sky. It was a beautiful night and the potato seemed to shine as it bathed in the strong moonlight.

The night went on and Scoots told the tater some stories about her adventures with her friends and she told it what had happened to her parents. The yam, in turn, opened up and told her its troubles… somehow. She never really figured out how exactly she could understand it, but it was something about the lumps. How they… were positioned, despite it not being able to move on its own. It told her of its past, of its broken love life and of betrayal.

Scoots sat silent, sombre in the moonlight, and quite possibly there was a tear glittering in her eye. The potato was glittering as well, but the orange filly couldn’t tell if it the emotional turmoil caused by the memories had made it shed tears or if it was simply dew. It didn’t matter, she realised as she stared at it. Its luscious lumps, its shapely shape and the soft shades of the night and after such a long and intimate evening, to her, it looked like a real spud as it lay there; beautiful and gracious and… she gulped… sexy.

She smiled as softly as the moonlight, concealing how nervous she was, as she reached forth a shivering hoof and let it trail along its side. Slowly, she scooted closer and leaned over, pressing her lips against its lumps. It seemed to shiver with her and its contact sent a tremble through her body, its cold surface against her warm lips making shudder for a moment and it made the heat in her body obvious.

She let out a hot breath over the spud as she released the kiss and she felt her lower body grow warmer. She rolled over fully, straddling over the potato and she stroked it again before kissing it. Deeper this time, her tongue rolling over its shapes and she could taste its rich, minerally flavour. Ever delicious to her watering mouth and she felt her loins growing hot, knowing that her mouth wasn’t the only thing watering now. She let out a whimpering little pant in expectation and she ran a hoof over her chest, her body sensitive to the touch, as she kissed the potato.

The spud took initiative, and forcelessly it rolled Scoots over onto her back, revealing her slit to the moonlight, making it glisten, and it provoked a short giggle from the filly. She pressed the potato against her chest and it sent a jolt through her body. It ran through her spine and out her limbs and her hooves tingled and she let out a short, high-pitched yelp. The eager spud slid down her body and she moaned as it slowly passed over her belly and she drew a short, strained breath as she felt it get closer to her burning nethers. She held her breath as she slowly moved it in between her thighs. It pressed against the edge of her mound and she whimpered slightly, another jolt shooting through her body and made her body tingle. She still held her breath as she moved the hard spud ever closer and she pressed it down against her clitoris and its hood.

The wave of tension that flooded through her body was overwhelming. She thrust her hips up towards the potato and let out a loud, shocked gasp with an audible moan. Its touch was coarse and she didn’t move it around yet, she merely pressed it against her sensitive nub and she felt how she trickled fluid down her thighs. She took a few quick, strained breaths before she lifted it from her clit, relieving the pressure from her clitoral legs.

She pressed the firm potato against her soaking lips, its rough surface soon covered in her sweet lubrication. She slid it without much friction up and down, putting her other hoof in her mouth she bit down on it as she let out a moan. She pressed it harder against her lips, slowly spreading them for the yam and she let out a whimpering moan onto her other hoof. She stopped and she panted heavily, feeling herself stretch around the potato. Keeping one hoof on the spud she pressed the other down over her clit and pressed the potato further into herself.

She let out another moan and slowly started to circle her hoof around her clit, generously lubricated with saliva and she slowly twisted the potato in her Scooter-cooter. She was getting closer and her hoof started moving faster around her clit and it felt like it was pulsating. Gently, she placed her hoof on top of her nub and let out a gasp at how sensitive it was. She couldn’t rub it, but she gently pressed down on it and she closed her eyes hard and whimpered at the pleasure and she pressed the potato into herself.

She spread her legs wide and arched her back as she thrust her hips up towards her hooves and the potato. Colours exploded before her eyes as she came, her hoof rubbing her overly sensitive clit and, as if in the distance, she could her herself scream.

Her body was trembling and sweating and she felt cold air wash over her slightly damp body as she returned to reality. Her body was still tense and arched up and the cold grass made her shiver as she laid back down and she cringed in sensitive pleasure as she pulled the potato out. She let out a chuckle between her panting as she looked at the spud showing off it’s proud lumps. She could do nothing but smile as she gave it a long kiss, tasting her own juices off of the potato and she hugged it tightly in the moonlight. “I love you.” she whispered, but the potato didn’t respond.

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