Love Scratch by Flutterdash94
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Story Notes:

this is my first fic ever. so please let me know what you think.


                    Chapter One                          

I woke up at around two thirty in the afternoon. Actually I had been up since about one thirty but just laid in bed trying to find motive to get out of it. Once I looked over and noticed that it was already two I decided to get up. I sat on the edge of my bed looking out the window at the leaves as they fell off of the trees. “Must be the first day of autumn” I thought out loud.

After a few minutes of just admiring the beauty of the falling leaves I stood up and walked across my bed room to my bath room to start getting ready for school. As I walked in to my bathroom I turned on my radio and turned it up as loud as I could. As I did so the wall to my right opened up to show two double stacked sub woofers. The music started off nice and quiet as the tempo began to pick up and then the wubbs came, and the moment I was waiting for. Everything went silent for about five seconds then the subs started to hit softly slowly building and in one fell swoop they hit hard as the bass dropped in my favorite dubstep song. As I felt the bass hit strongly in my chest I couldn’t help but smile like a dork.

I reached over in to the oversized bathtub and turned on the hot water and then turned on the shower. After I let the water heat up to the max I stepped in but didn’t get wet. The thing I loved about my stereos was that I was a master of bass and had the top of the line subs, looking at the water I smiled yet again like a dork of the highest variety, because the bass was so strong that the flow of water was pushed up against the wall every time the bass hit. So I stepped to the side so I could get in to the waters line of fire.

 After I finished my shower I walked over to my full body mirror and wiped the steam off of it. I quickly brushed my mane and started to get dressed doing everything in my power to hide my grey scar riddled chest as well as hide my wings. And I put my pants on. As I stood there looking in the mirror at my swirling velvet and black eyes I shuttered and quickly dried off my horn. Reaching over I grabbed my keys and left the bathroom. Whilst walking through my living room I grabbed my back pack, apple pod, and my sunglasses then walked out of my house that was on the outskirts of manehaten. I got in my car, pushed in the clutch and put it in neutral, then started it. After the car started I turned on my radio and plugged up my apple pod. The bass started hitting right off the back thanks to the quad twelves I had in the trunk. I put it in first, popped the clutch, and took off towards the main part of the city where I went three nights a week for class.

After about fifteen minutes of driving I made it to the collage. When I pulled up I reached in to the glove box and pulled out my beast headphones plugged them in to my apple pod and grabbed the rest of my stuff and headed to class.

Once I got to class I went over to where I usually sat in the back corner of the class room so that no one would bother me. I reached in to my back pack and pulled out my laptop and my mini DJ mixer and started to get everything set up for the day.

I sat there casually waiting for class to start as I did every day, but when the teacher came in she had a new student with her.  She had on a pair of sun glasses just like mine and she was a unicorn. She had an electric blue and dark blue mane. She had a slender petite body that I couldn’t help but admire. I also couldn’t help but notice that she was listening to music through her headphones as I was. She asked the teacher something and she pointed up to me. The new student looked over to me, and I just sank down as far in my chair as I could. After a couple of minutes of trying to hide I sat back up in my chair to see if the new mare was talking to the teacher still. She was not there. So I sighed in relief and began to queue up the next songs so I could start mixing them.

As I was playing with different loops and effects I felt a tap on my shoulder. With a sigh of irritation I stopped what I was doing and turned in my chair to see who had interrupted my creative genius. As I did so I pulled my headphones off of my head and when I saw who it was I backed in to the corner as far as I could. Standing in front of me was the new mare that the teacher was talking to. When she saw my actions she chuckled at me. “I’m not going to bite you.” She said still smiling “My name is Vinyl Scratch. What’s yours?” she asked me holding out her hand.

I looked her up and down then cautiously took her hand in mine. It was the softest and warmest thing I had ever had the pleasure of touching it also felt familiar for some reason. I could feel the heat in my face and knew I was blushing and it was confirmed by her little fit of laughter. I let go of her hand and shuffled nervously in my chair. Looking at the ground I quietly mumbled “My n-n-name is Z-Z-Zarek. I-i-it’s nice to meet you.” When I looked up I was met with a warm smile. She raised her sunglass off her eyes and placed them to where they were resting on her horn. When she opened her eyes I felt my jaw hit the floor. She had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. They were a beautiful magenta color and I couldn’t help but admire them.

Once she noticed my face she blushed and looked away. After a minute or so I cleared my throat and used my magic to pull her up a chair. She smiled and nodded a thanks to me before sitting down and staring at me. I looked back at her and fully took in her beauty. Her electric blue and dark blue mane mixed with her perfect white coat and magenta eyes was a perfect mix. As I looked at her I noticed that she had three holes lining each ear where it looked like she would have piercings. My eyes traveled down her body noticing just how curvy she was. Her breasts were large and looked perky. Her waist was thin but not too thin. Her legs were long and looked well-muscled. She was wearing a black T-shirt with a bunch of buttons from a console I had and recognized the song that the buttons meant. Below the picture it said “Make it rain”. And for her bottoms she chose a nice pair of tight shorts that came to just above her knee. After a minute of silence and looking at her I looked to her face where she was wearing a warm smile on her muzzle.

“S-s-so what brought you over to my little corner of paradise?” I ask trying to be nice and start a conversation. “The teach said that you listened to my kind of music and that you could get me caught up on the assignments and so on.” She replied. It took me a minute to register her words after she said them. Her voice was mesmerizing. “Oh.” I replied.

The rest of my classes went normally throughout the day and before I knew it the day was over and it was one in the morning. I was walking back to my car. As I listened to my music and headed to my car dreading the fact that I still had work. I found solace in thinking of the new mare in first class. She was beautiful and knew her way around a mixing board. Throughout that class I fumbled with my words a lot ( I’m not good at talking to girls they usually just avoid me yet she did no such thing.) but found out that she lives close to me and that she had the same schedule as I did for classes. Pushing those thoughts out of my head I reached my car and headed to work. I worked at night club as a bartender and when we needed a DJ I fill in when they let me.

It took me about thirty minutes to make it to work. When I pulled up I could hear the music thumping all the way out in the parking lot. I quickly checked to make sure there was no pony around to see what I was about to do and when I saw no pony, I took off my shirt and put on the one for the night club that had in neon blue and green leters “Night Shade Club of the Night”. After I got my shirt on I got out of my car, I headed for the front door. Passing by the bouncer he stopped me. He was easily about six foot seven and looked like he lived at the gym and then went to work. “Hey what’s up Coal?” I asked the huge ash grey colt. “I think you might want to go in through the back tonight.” He said in warning. My curiosity peeked when he said that. “Why?” I asked simply. A Huge smile spread across his face.“Well all night all I’ve herd is people screaming out for a one DJ Bass Drop.”

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. The people of the club only called for the ponies that were actually DJ’s, not for me. “Your lying aren’t you?” I asked not believing him. He faked a look of hurt and covered his heart. “That hurts me little brother.” He said in a sad voice. I just looked at him accusingly. “For starters you are younger than I am and for second were not related. In fact you aren’t even from this dimension. No thanks to twilight sparkle losing control of her powers and bringing you here, I now have to deal with your big ass.” I retorted. He just laughed at that and gave me a big bear hug and set me back down. “If not for you I wouldn’t be alive either. Or did you forget that?” he asked but before I could respond he continued. “Sides you’re the only thing close to family I can say I have. But that’s neither here nor-“he stopped putting his finger to one ear. “Yea he just got here. Yea ok. Yea I’ll send him in through the back.” I looked at him quizzically.

“The boss man wants to talk to you. He will be waiting in the velvet room for you.” He said dryly. I swallowed hard and got a nervous feeling in my gut. I nodded and knuckle bumped Coal before I headed around to the back door. Once I got to the back door and went to open it the door swung open almost nocking me down. I stumbled back to see who would come out but only a head did. It was the boss’s daughter Spade. As soon as she saw me her eyes brightened and she smiled really big at me. “Zarek! You made it!” she squealed as she threw her arms around my neck and legs around my waist. It was no secret that she was hopelessly in love with me. But I just didn’t feel that way towards her. And with that thought then my mind went straight to Vinyl. I hugged her back quickly and pushed her off of me. With a shake of my head I pushed the thought of Vinyl out of my head.

Spade grabbed my hand and drug me through the back halls of the club. It felt like she was going to rip my arm off. We arrived in front of a ruby colored door that she opened and drug me through. As soon as we entered my nose was assaulted by the stench of cigars and whisky. Sitting on a couch with two mares that were only covered by stickers over their nipples and thin piece of fabric between their legs was the big boss man. I kept my eyes averted from the mares on the couch and focused intently on the boss. I could feel heat rising in my face as I sat there. The boss laughed and said “ Come on Zarek your twenty two you shouldn’t be acting like this in front of some really nice ass like them.” I just shuffled nervously in my chair. After a minute or so he sat back to his original position on the couch. “The reason I have you here is because you’ve been off work for the last couple of days due to a death in your family. Is that correct?” I had tried to forget that but the boss just re opened that wound. I could feel the scars on my chest start to burn with the mention of that. “Yes sir” I said quietly.

“Well I’m sorry for your loss Zarek, but I have really great news. Remember the other night when we were short a DJ and you filled in?” I just nodded. “Well the club loved you and for the last two nights the other DJs have been booed off stage or didn’t get a really good reaction out of the crowd. Another thing is that they kept calling for YOU.” He pointed at me. My eyes widened in disbelief.

I didn’t think that my music would be that popular and honestly I thought that all of the other DJs were way better than I was. But apparently I thought wrong. “Well here comes the good news.” He said smiling. ‘What the fact that the club was calling out for me wasn’t good enough?’ I thought to myself.” I’m going to make you a full time DJ starting tonight.” My heart stopped. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “R-r-really?” I asked not able to really talk straight. The boss laughed and took a swig of his whisky and a drag off of his cigar. “Damn straight! Now get your little popular ass out there have a few shots or beers or whatever you want and work your magic. I can hear them all calling for you right now.” I just sat there slack jawed, mind blown. Then I started to hear the chanting myself “BASS DROP! BASS DROP! BASS DROP!” I stood up slowly and reached out to shake to bosses hand. He tapped both of the mares sitting beside him and they stood up, walked around the table and planted a kiss on both of my cheeks. I knew the room was glowing from the heat in my face as the mares and the boss started laughing. I about faced and headed towards the door. “Hey Zarek!” I stopped and turned around at the boss’s voice. “You need to get laid and stop being so nervous around women. “ I just rolled my eyes. Not that he could tell thankful for my sunglasses that I still wore. “Yea…. Not going to happen any time soon.” I retorted back with a middle finger. The boss laughed and shooed me away.

I headed down the hall towards the bar and stepped out quickly to grab a beer then I headed back behind the bar towards the DJ stand. As I walked up the stairs I tried to formulate some music options since I didn’t have my equipment, but it failed. Once I got up to the where I could see the mixing tables I noticed that all my stuff was there already. “Coal” I thought out loud. As I finished climbing the stairs the other DJ noticed me and smiled. All the lights and music in the club shut off suddenly. Thankfully I could still see perfectly. The crowd went silent and looked around confused. Then over the speakers I heard my queue. “D-D-D-J B-B-Bass Drop!” The club went nuts as I put one of the head phones up to my ear and started to play my music. Queueing up song after song and loop after loop the music just kept playing.

After about two hours of staring at the switch board and turn tables I scanned the crowd and as I looked to the front I saw the one mare I wasn’t expecting, Vinyl. She stood there staring at me with her mouth slack. With a new rush of energy I turned my digital records and pushed my special button, while never losing eye contact with her. I smiled as I felt the stand I was in move up towards the ceiling about six more feet.

I saw Vinyl look straight in front of her and a huge smile broke out across her face. That’s when I knew that she saw my custom thirty two inch subs pop out of the wall. I stopped the music and everypnony looked up to me. I leaned in to the mic “Mares and gentle colts I give you super bass drop!” I shouted in to the mic. No sooner had I finished then I pushed a button and the subs came to life. I queued up my best bass song and as it started to play I could see the bar, steal beams, and ground shaking like an earth quake. After about fifteen minutes of watching Vinyl jump in the air and fist pump to the music I got the red light of doom. My amps were close to overheating and I also needed a break.

I gave the next DJ her intro and left the stand. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw Vinyl standing there. Her mane was slightly messy and had sweat all over her. I can’t explain why but she looked absolutely stunning. I walked towards her and she noticed me. A big smile broke across her face as she made it to me. I showed her my empty beer bottle and gestured towards the bar. She nodded and followed me.


 I grabbed me and her a beer and headed towards the back of the club. She stopped at the door not sure if she could follow or not. I smiled at her and motioned for her to follow and she did. I led her through the hall ways and out a door in to the cool night air. Once we stopped I handed her the beer and opened mine. I took a quick swig and grabbed my cigarettes out of my pocket and lit one. She did the same. After she lit hers she looked at me “You were fucking amazing in there!” she said excitedly. “Why didn’t you tell me you were a DJ?” she asked. “Well I was only a fill in till tonight.” I said rubbing the back of my neck.

“Well you should have been full time a long time ago!” She said punching me in the arm. And for some reason I can’t fathom it didn’t bother me. Where as usual contact that I didn’t want went over me like ice water. “So how did you find this place?” I asked. “I looked it up on the internet.” She said while giving me a droll stare. As I stood there talking to her I couldn’t help but notice that the white tank top she was wearing was kind of see through. And she wasn’t wearing a bra either. I could see her pink nipples hard and popping out. But I didn’t let her know that.

We finished our beers and our cigarettes and then I got a text telling me to go home and get some rest from the boss. “Well looks like I’m off work till tomorrow. Would you like to hang out or something?” I asked her with hope welling in my chest. She smiled warmly and nodded. “Could you give me a ride though? I don’t have a car. I actually had to walk here from my place. “She asked. I nodded and headed to my car. We got in and she looked at my gear shift. “What the hell is that thing?” she asked. I chuckled a little. “That’s my gear shift.” She shook her head. “I’ve never seen one like that before.” She said flatly. “That’s because I drive a manual and I have to shift in to each gear myself.” I told her. She looked a little confused so I didn’t press on.

After we made it to the road to our homes I noticed that she didn’t have any shoes on. I left it alone till we get back to my house. We made small talk till we pulled up to my front gate. I punched in the number making the gate open. Vinyl leaned forward her hands on the dash. “Holly fucking shit.” She whispered. “Is this your house?!” she practically yelled. I laughed at that. “Yea. My grandfather left it to me when he died.” I explained.

We pulled up and got out of my car and I escorted her to the front doors. When we walked in I took off my shoes. “Hey where are your shoes?” I asked looking down at her bare feet. She blushed and looked away before she replied. “Well I don’t have any.” She mumbled. I couldn’t believe it. “Why not?” I asked. I could see sadness in her eyes as tears began to form. I felt like total shit. “Vinyl I did-“She cut me off with a…a hug? I just wrapped my arms around her and held her for a minute. I could feel my shirt getting soaked as she cried uncontrollably in to my chest. She pulled back and looked up at me with those beautiful magenta eyes that had been tinged red from her crying.

“I-i-i-“she shuttered trying to catch her breath. “I used all my money for my tuition. I’m actually staying at the shelter down the road.” She said as a new wave of tears fell. I felt my heart getting tighter as I listened. “My mother died when giving birth to me, my father became an alcoholic and raped me when I was ten. And I ran away when I was sixteen. I had no money and no pony would hire me. So I did the only thing I could do.” She shuttered and sobbed really hard clamping her eyes shut as she fell to her knees. “Vinyl?! Are you ok?!” I asked worried for her. “I’m fine.” She said through tears. “I had sell myself before I found a job. And then I saved my money so I could come here and go to college.” She finished. I just kneeled beside her and wrapped her up in my arms. I held her close for a few minutes really feeling for the mare in my arms.

I picked her up and she yelped in surprise while wrapping her arms around my neck in a death grip. As I started to walk towards the stairs I looked down to find her staring up at me with a glint of gratitude in her eyes. I just smiled warmly at her. “I-i-i-im sorry Zarek. I don’t know what come over me.” She said blushing as I started up the stairs. “I don’t know what it was but something about you today and earlier at the club and hell even now. I feel like I’ve known you forever and I can tell you anything. I’m sorry.” She said. I just smiled. “Your fine.” I replied.

I took her to my room and sat her on the couch that was in there. She smiled at me thankfully. Could I get you anything to drink? “I asked. She nodded and said “Water please.” I nodded and headed out of my room and down towards the kitchen. I got her a glass of water and I got me some soda. As I came up to my bed room door I stopped. I had just realized that there was a mare in MY bedroom. I never imagined that this would happen. Besides she seems nice enough, and oddly familiar.  Because my hands were full I used my magic to open the door. It opened and I walked in, and the moment I saw her there she had taken her shirt off and had her back towards me. I couldn’t say anything. Not that I could even if I wanted to. I could feel heat rush in to my face. After a minute or so I turned around and cleared my throat. She squeaked adorably and I heard her shuffling around, I assumed she was putting her shirt back on.

“Y-y-you can turn around now.” She said sheepishly with her face full of blush. I turned around my face still burning. “Sorry for not making myself known.” I said as I handed her the glass of water. She downed all of it in one go. “Ptah! That hit the spot.” She said as she set the glass down on the coffee table. “So… where are you from?” she asked.

I felt my heart sink at the question, and I don’t know why but I felt compelled to tell her. No, I wanted to tell her and I couldn’t figure out why. “I’m from a small village in the south western part of Equestria.” I said. “My mother died during my birth as well.” I fought back tears. “My brother and my father hated me for it. They always said I was to blame for her death.” I said feeling the scars on my chest burn. “After I turned four my father and brother started to beat me regularly for reasons unknown to me.” I took a breath to steady myself. “The beatings just got worse as I got older. When I was fourteen my brother strapped me to my bed while I was asleep and him and my father…him and my father began to beat me worse than ever before.” I took a drink of my soda while staring at the floor.” I could smell the alcohol on them really bad. My father took out his knife and started to cut open my chest in furious slashes. My brother just sat there and laughed the whole time before my father handed it to him. My brother wasn’t as nice as my father. He stabbed me in the stomach and stabbed me where ever he could without killing me.” I took another drink of my soda.” Once they were done with their fun they drug me to the truck and threw me in the cold bed and took off. As they drove it began to rain and lightning would flash and thunder would clap. I could taste the blood in my mouth from the damage that they had done to me.” I stood up and began pacing back and forth, not looking at Vinyl. “When we finally stopped I was covered in my own blood and rain. They jumped out of the truck and pulled me out. My brother stuck a note to my chest and then they threw me on to the side walk in front of a hospital. After that I blacked out and woke up in the hospital bed six months later with my grandfather by my side. I hadn’t seen him since I was six or seven but knew who he was. After another two weeks they released me in to his custody and I lived here with him.” I downed the rest of my soda and I could feel my body shaking violently.



I finally looked over to Vinyl who had been quiet the whole time. She had tears streaming down her face and a look of sympathy mixed with anger. “Those bastards!” she shouted taking me by surprise. “Wait a second. Was the name of the hospital you were in saint maresies?” she asked. “Yea why?” I asked. Her eyes widened. And a smile broke across her face. “That was you?!?!?!?!” she stood up suddenly and ran over and hugged me tightly. Confused and very odd feeling I hugged her back. “That was me what? I’m confused.” I said. She stepped away from me still smiling. “I thought I knew you somehow! I was your nurse’s aide! Don’t you remember me?! We talked all day every day!” she said excitedly and then she got quiet and blushed. “And we…we..we.” Her blush deepened. “You kissed me one night and asked me to never leave your side and I agreed but the next day when I got there you were gone. Don’t you remember?” I shook my head finding it hard to believe. “Well I can prove it.” She said so full of herself. “Oh?” I asked.

She stepped closer to me and reached for my shirt. I stepped back and looked at her like she had just tried to kill me. She giggled. “I’m not going to hurt you.” She said reassuringly. “I just need to show you something.” She said as she stepped closer to me. For some reason I trusted her completely. Once she got in range she removed my shirt and then the bandages I used to hide my wings. As soon as she did they shot out and stretched and it felt amazing. She ran her soft warm hand over my chest and surprisingly it didn’t hurt. She ran her hand down my chest and to my stomach. “Ah ha! I found it!” she said excitedly. “Found what?” I asked.  Her horn began to glow a deep blue and I felt something warm on my stomach. When I looked down there was a music note that was the same color as the glow from her horn. I looked at her after it disappeared royally confused. “What the hell was that?” I asked. “That was my mark stating that you my good stallion are mine.” She said with a devilish grin that made my little stallion twitch with hunger. “You marked me to!” she said excitedly.

“I what?!” she lifted the front of her shirt enough to show her belly button. it was such a turn on and I don’t know why. Pushing that thought out of my head I just stared at her. “Now focus on the spot on my stomach that mirrors where your mark was.” She explained. “Ok.” I did. “Now think in your head what I’m about to say. One two three here with me sits the mare of my dreams.” She instructed. And as I did I felt my horn get warm and a deep purple music note that turned in to an infinity sign on a set of turn tables began to show. “What the?” I asked perplexed and intrigued by it. She dropped her shirt and grabbed my muzzle in her hand making me look at her. “You know I looked all over Equestria looking for you my colt.” She said with a look that I could have sworn was love in her eyes. “Now what I’m going to do may hurt a little but bear with it please.” She said. But before I could ask her what she was doing she step up on her tippy toes and kissed me.

Her tongue forced its way in to my mouth and explored it. It felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before. My arms moved on their own as the wrapped themselves around her tiny waist and pulled her closer to me. I could feel her body heat on my cold bare chest and it felt amazing. I felt her arms come up and wrap around my neck deepening the kiss. I felt my horn get warm and then I felt heat coming from her horn as well. She broke the kiss to take a breath and the resumed where she left off. I felt my stallion hood get hard as a rock and had to fight the urge to strip her bare and make her mine.

After that thought passed through my mind I felt her horn touch mine and an excruciating pain shot through my head. Images of me laying in a hospital bed flew through my mind but they weren’t from my memory. It was through the eyes of some pony else. And every time I looked at myself I felt something in my heart. It wasn’t hate nor was it pity. What was it? Was it love?

After a few more images it stopped on a sort of video. Who’s ever eyes I was looking through came in to see me. I smiled really big at the new comer. “Vinyl!” the me on the bed said with excitement. Vinyl sat down and I could feel her heart start to race in my chest. She took my hand and held it close to her heart electing a larger and very deep red from me. I looked at Vinyl and pulled her closer to me. Her heart skipped a beat for a second then started to race faster than a race horse at Equestrian games. “I love you Vinyl.” I said still blushing. “Please don’t leave my side.” I followed with.

I could feel Vinyl’s heart stop for about two seconds. I could feel the tears running down her face and then I felt love. True undying and never faltering love. “I love you to Zarek!” She said before I kissed her. It felt just as amazing as the one we were sharing now. She pulled back breaking the kiss. “I love you so much Zarek.” I smiled and then laid down and fell asleep. Vinyl kissed my fore head and then sat there until she was called away by a nurse. She checked in on me one more time before she left for the night. She was staying with the nurse that had gotten her the job in the first place. Or well hired her herself I should say. Vinyl went to her room and just laid there and couldn’t stop thinking about Zarek. She eventually fell asleep. When she woke up the next morning she went straight to the hospital and straight to Zareks room. She opened the door and was instantly cold. She didn’t see her love lying in bed. She checked the bathroom. Nothing.

She ran to the receptionist desk and asked what happened. And all she could get was that I had been checked out. I could feel her heart break in to a million pieces. The images began again flowing very fast. It was of her asking around for me. And town after town turning up nothing. Then there was her job that she didn’t want to discuss. She took it up to pay for college because she figured that if she could get a degree in music then she would be able to find him. Things happened and then she was there in the college talking to the teacher. She gazed around the room and found no pony there yet so she figured she would come back later. When she did the class was almost full. She got a weird feeling but ignored it. Then she was sent up to talk to a stallion that looked familiar but she doubted it. Then everything that led up to now.

The pain in my head stopped and I found myself kneeling on the floor as a surge of my own memories of the hospital came flooding back. As well as the feelings. I felt tears streaming down my face and felt a hand on my back. I looked up to see a worried Vinyl. “Are you ok?” she asked in a worried tone. “Im….im fine…I remember everything now.” Her eyes began to water. “I love you vinyl.” I said and to my surprise I meant it. “I love you!” she exclaimed tackling me the rest of the way to the floor. She looked at me with a huge smile on her face and took my glasses off. “You shouldn’t hide beautiful eyes like those behind glasses.” She said. “I love you Zarek. I love you ZAREk. I LOVE YOU ZAREK!” she repeated getting louder and louder. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to say those words again.” She said.

I just smiled and kissed her. She moaned when I did and this time I pushed my tongue in to her mouth and explored it. And she did the same. Our tongues danced with each other. She slid her knees up my side and began to run her hands over my chest. She broke the kiss and started to kiss down my neck giving little nibbles along the way. I moaned slightly as she did so. I felt her getting lower. She hovered over one of my nipples and let lose a hot breath over it that sent shocks up my spine and through my stallion hood. She then sat up and took of her shirt letting her beautiful breasts fall out and bounce in front of me.

I leaned up and took one of her nipples in to my mouth and swirled my tongue around the hard bud successfully getting a moan out of her. As I did I felt her tongue lick my horn from base to tip. It felt so amazing and I couldn’t help but moan as she did so. I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled on them. The next thing I know they are gone. I pulled back from her nipple “nice trick” I said breathlessly. She took my horn into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down. I almost blacked out from the pleasure. I finally looked back down to where her shorts used to be and found that she was going commando. My pants got very tight very quick as my cock got harder than ever before. I slid my hand in between her legs and began to rub her lips slowly. As I did so she stopped sucking my horn and moaned. I wasn’t complaining. I was just hoping that all the porn I watched would make my first time pleasing a mare at least well pleasing. I slid my fingers through her folds just getting a feel for it and looking for her special button. I was finding it hard to do much of anything in this position.

I stopped and slid out from under her and stood up while picking her up and carried her to my bedroom. I laid her on my bed and admired how sexy she looked. She laid there with her mane all messy and her legs slightly spread showing me her wet pussy. I growled a little in pain from my pants so I took them and my boxers off. Before she could look I took a knee between her legs and buried my face in her pussy and she tasted amazing, she tasted like hot chocolate on a cold day. As soon as I did I got a yelp followed by a moan. I used my tongue to explore her all over. Then I found her magic button. I licked her clit and she almost screamed in pleasure I licked it again and again. Each time getting louder and louder. I took it in to my mouth and sucked on it. As soon as I did she moaned and put her hand in my mane pulling me closer. I sucked a little more and gave it a few licks. As I did so she moaned really loud “Oh…mmmm…that’s….ahhhh….it.” I decided id nibble a little. Without warning her legs closed around my head holding it firmly in place. Then I heard plain as day “OH FUCK ZAREK IM CUMMING!!!!!!!!!” then my mouth was full of her love juice. It tasted amazing, just like hot chocolate. I swallowed it all happily.

After I felt the last few tremors fade away her legs fell off of my head. I looked up to see a sweaty Vinyl breathing heavily. “Oh holly fuck that was good.” She said between breaths. I climbed up next to her slowly stroking myself. “You taste amazing.” I stated. After a minute or two she looked at my cock and her jaw went slack. “W-w-w-what?” I asked. She smiled greedily “You’re huge! And it’s all mine.” She got up on her knees and strattled my hips. She reached between her legs and grabbed my cock. I almost came just from that. She guided my cock to her still dripping wet pussy and got it ready to go inside. Before she slid down though, her horn began to glow then I felt a pressure around my balls and then it was gone. “What did you do to me?” I asked. “I just cast a spell that will allow you to not get me pregnant for twenty four hours.” She replied right before she plunged herself down on my cock. We moaned loudly at the same time. She didn’t move after that. She just looked at me with love in her eyes. “I love you.” We said at the same time. She giggled at that and when she did I could feel her inner walls tighten and loosen. It was enough to make me moan.

She then began to slowly rock her hips and that got a moan out of the both of us. She began to pick up the pace moaning louder and louder. As she did so her breasts bounced up and down happily and my hands moved on their own as they reached up and grabbed them. Pinching and twisting lightly. Vinyl began to moan even louder. “OH FUCK ZAREK IM-IM- IM GOING TO CUM AGAIN!” she yelled coming to a stop and screaming up at the ceiling. I felt her love juices coat my legs and my balls. As she rode out her orgasm I reached up and pulled her down to me and hugged her closely giving her a hot kiss, still feeling her shudder from the orgasm I took the initiative. I spread my legs apart to where I was comfy and then I began to pound in and out of her as fast and hard as I could. She broke the kiss and I could feel her start to get tight again. “Fuck Zarek you’re going to make me cum again!” she half shouted. That’s all it took for me. I pushed myself harder and harder feeling her tighten and I was about to cum. “Vinyl I’m about to um!” I moan breathlessly. “Cum with me Zarek. Fill me to the Brim!” she moaned in my ear and that’s when I felt her tighten and squirt all over me again. I felt my orgasm come with her.

She collapsed on top of me and the smell of sweat and sex hit me full force. It was intoxicating. “That was amazing!” she said in my ear trying to catch her breath. “Yea tell me about it.” I retorted. “Not bad for my first time?” I asked. She sat up on me quickly. “Your first time? That was NOT your first time.” She said in disbelief. “ hahaha yes Vinyl that was my first time doing anything with a mare or otherwise. Accept when I kissed you but we wont count that.” I said. I saw tears well in her eyes. “Vinyl?! What’s wrong?!” I ask as she rolls off of me. “I just love you so much!” she said before she kissed me and held me tight. “I love you to Vinyl.” I said breaking the kiss.

Vinyl and I laid there for a few minutes just holding each other. I felt her breathing slow and regulate. I looked down at her and she was fast asleep. I chuckled a little to myself, kissed the top of her head and whispered “Good night Vinyl I love you more than anything in the universe.” She hugged me tighter as if she herd me. I felt sleep creeping up on me and fast. Before I knew it I was asleep.

The sun coming through the window woke me up at noon the next day. I laid there for a moment remembering last night. And then I looked down to kiss Vinyl but she wasn’t there. I heard her in the bath room so I walked over but before I opened the door I heard her talking. “Dear Celestia thank you for reuniting me with my love. I don’t know how much longer I could have lived without him.” I heard her say. Was she praying?

I knocked on the door and it opened to reveal a sexy Vinyl in one of my shirts. She blushed and then kissed me. “I love you” I told her. “I love you to Zarek.” She replied.



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