Tinker Tinker by Ryuku the Creative
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"A stitch here and an eyeball there, knit one pearl two and... oh oopsy looks like you're bleeding out. Here, let me help you with that." The female pony cheerfully said as she ran the needle along the open neck wound around her creation. Female moans and male groans from the thing's mouths as the needle slowly made its way through the skin, muscle, and tissue. Despite the unbearable pain it was in, the beast remained still and allowed its creator to finish her work.


Once the last needle went through the neck, the female pony tossed the needle across the room and smiled a big toothy smile at her latest work. "Success! I'm an Okie Doki Loki Super Okie Scientist!" She jumped around the beast on hands and feet. The beast watched her every move, turning its heads a full three-sixty to see every part of her move around. "I did it, I did it! Twilight would be so happy!" Pinkie made her way back around to the front before landing on her butt and crossing her legs.


The beast looked down at her with a blank expression and shaky body frame. It was almost as if the creature was frightened to see her so happy. It watched her as she watch it, noticing odd things about her that no normal being had. She was completely naked which allowed the beast to see some of her shapely form. Her breast were ample and pushed together between her arms. Moving down, it could see that her thighs were rather large for her thin waist but what stood out more to it was that her pink hair was dull in color and straight.


"Let's run through the list shall we? Wings? Check." The beast's wings were mangled and ruffled, unable to retract like a normal pegasus wings would.


"Hm. Hooves? Check." The beast's legs were a mix of white and pink stitched together with only the front left hoof and back right hoof belonging to a stallion.


"*Giggle* Butt? Check." The beast's flank was pink in color and small compared to it's larger frontal frame. "Looking good back there Amorance! *Whistle*


"Chest and neck? Double checkio!" The beast's chest was large like a stallion and white in color with a few ruffles and patches along the front half. "I knew I picked the best pieces for you but wow!" She lifted herself off the ground very easily with a light thump of her feet. She circled the newly named Amorance one more time to check for any tears in the creature. "You're even more perfect than me. I mean look at your enhancements and your two heads. It's beyond perfect and I'm so jealous right now!"


Amorance watched her start to bounce up and down like a schoolgirl, one head looking at her thoroughly while the other head looked at its partner.


"I did have to take a few things off due to personal reasons." She admitted playfully while still bouncing around. "For one thing, I took a small fragment of your brains so that you wouldn't overthink your actions once I ask you to do me favors and... I took away your stallionhood and marehood." Amorance quickly checked under its mismatched frame to see a smooth blank area where it's privates were. "I have reasons for those that you don't need to know and besides, think of it as a way of keeping you on task, Amorance."


Amorance didn't whimper or groan at the loss of its privates and instead looked back at it's master with a blank expression. The female pony stopped bouncing once more in front of Amorance, grasping the left head and placing it near her chest. " You two mean so much to me afterall you two are Twilight's brother and sister-in-law. *Giggle* Now you know why I named you Amorance. Amor is Shining Armor and ance is Cadance!" She merrily stated to the two while pushing Cadance's head further against her chest. "Such a shame I had to remove your emotions otherwise I think you might enjoy this."


Suddenly a knock could be heard from within the room which garnered the mare's attention. "Oh right, I forgot about your meal!" She released Cadance's head and bounced over towards a 24 x 24 metal box located on the far end of the room. "Since it's your first day alive I thought I make it special by letting you pig out on your new favorite meal -" She opened the door to reveal several mares toppled on top of each other and tied up by rope and cloths.


Noticeable mares included Nurse Redheart, Screw Loose,  Fluttershy, Rarity, Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, and a partially decapitated Twilight. "Seeing as your mostly stallion, eating out *giggle* oopsy I mean eating. Don't know how that word got in there; eating them should be tasty. Now -" She lead Amorance over to the cage "- I had to kill Twily because she was being a rude guest and tried to escape. I told her to stay for awhile but she wouldn't listen and she even got a few good punches in before I slit her throat."


Amorance's four eyes looked at the mare's pleading eyes and frightened faces however, the only thing that registered in the beast's mind was food. The female pony hopped over to the box with joyous glee at the impending feasting.


"Pinkie this is madness!" Nurse Redheart yelled out while struggling against her bonds. "First you change yourself and now this!" She continued yelling out while looking at Amorance.


"I love my new body, I got hands -" She grabs Redheart's head with her right hand and striked her face with her left hand "- See and I got a body that can do things way more better than what you have!" She steps away from the cage's opening and quickly bows like a gentleman. "Amorance Mi Ashining Cadenza, dinner is ready just how you like!"  Pinkie excitedly announced with a toothy grin.


Amorance started to move from it's spot, inching closer and closer to the scared mares. Both sets of eyes showing primal hunger, teeth bearing and saliva dripping from their mouths with each movement towards the cage. Pinkie suddenly grabs the screen and moves it away from view of the feasting. She giggles alittle before laughing hard as mares screamed in pain and agony; severed arms and eyeballs as well as teeth flung out of the cage. "Uh uh uh, no peeking this time, we wouldn't want you to spoil their fun together." Pinkie slightly giggled again as she turned to see a pool of blood forming on the floor as the mares screaming started to die down one by one. "We should wrap this up because after this, I'm going to sleep and I'm sure Amorance wouldn't want to play with you at the moment. *giggle*" With that she dilates her eyes and grins before turning the screen off and dropping it to the floor.

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