Moonlight by TheOmegaBrony
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Twilight Gets a visit from Trixie who has hit rock bottom and is in dire need of freindship  

As celestia’s sun was settling low on the western horizon causing the sky to streak in vibrant hues of orange and yellow fading to a lavender further along the horizon.

There came a gentle rap at the door to Twilight’s new castle it was too faint to echo through the cavernous halls.  But it clearly reached Twilight Sparkle’s  ears as she rested in her library reading for she had enchanted the doors to alert her whenever somepony knocked  as the first few times her Timid Friend Fluttershy came calling she waited for hours for somepony to open the door by chance. Twilight set her book down on the table stood from her pillow on the floor stretched her back and wings out and let forth a  yawn in the process.

“Thaught fluttershy and Rainbow  were doing the bunny census today.” she mused to herself shaking her head those two would make a cute couple if they would just see it. It’s obvious to everyone else just watching them

“Oh well they’ll sort it out.” she said aloud  while trotting to the door. as twilight approached the door the handle glowed in her magic’s lavender aura  as she swung the heavy door open effortlessly with her magic. Twilight  stepped to the threshold

“Hi Fluttershy i thought you were doing the…” her words failed her as it was not her dear timid pegasus friend but rather the boastful over the top mare that had terrorized Ponyville on her last two visits. “T..Trixie ?” Twilight stammered  

The normally boastful mare had  changed her demeanor entirely and stood before her a defeated pony. Her eyes were tired her cape was dirty and her mouth was drawn tightly in an attempt of a smile that did not reach her eyes. The Blue Mare bowed

“Princess Twilight “

Twilight Blushed a touch at her title

“Trixie it’s just Twilight, and  what can i do for you?” Unlike other “Nobles” like Prince Blueblood Celestia’s nephew since gaining her title Twilight had viewed her position as a means to serve the ponies of Equestria. Trixie looked up to twilight with tears starting to well up in her eyes

“I came back to Ponyville to try and make amends for the horrible things I did while i was here last time. B..But they ran me out of town they threw rocks at me and  and I’m Sorry i just wanted to apologize i’m sorry for being horrible” The mare yelled through her tears and turned to run away

“Trixie wait” twilight Called after her Trixie Stopped and turned to face Twilight tears were flowing freely from her eyes

“I’ve seen how wrong i was Twilight i just wanted to do better, I’ve been trying to do better but everyone hates me they run me out of every place I go  because I attacked the princess of friendship so I move on and on, so I came to apologize and ask your forgiveness.”

“Oh Trixie i'm so sorry. If you really are trying to do better I know you will do better and a better pony” twilight said gently

“Thank you and I’m sorry to have bothered you twilight  i’ll be going now” and with a small smile the blue  mare started to walk away again. Casting her head about twilight didn’t see Trixie’s  beloved wagon.

“Hey Trixie where’s your wagon” twilight asked casually

“Oh A mob in Baltimare burned it down” she said slumping her head down

“Oh My Celestia I’m sorry trixie” Twilight said agast

“It’s alright it made them very happy they had a big  marshmallow roast in the street. and it’s fair i guess i was terrible to them and they were terrible to me  eye for an eye i guess. but I’ve been homeless since then.”

“No it’s not alright” Twilight said with conviction “Eye for an Eye and the whole world goes blind Trixie. I’ll see what i can do about getting you  a new wagon trixie i’m sorry”  

“Thank you twilight  that makes me feel better that you forgive me. do you think celestia forgives Trixie?” The oddness of the question and trixie’s slip back into third person tripped twilight up a bit but she continued on

“I’m sure that if your trying the Princess will forgive you.” Twilight said smiling at Trixie

“Thank you Twilight” trixie smiled at twilight and turned and began to walk off again crying softly.  Twilight unsure of what to do turned and walked back into her castle. As she trotted toward  the halls on the way to her library she couldn't help thinking about trixie’s predicament. She sighed contently as she reached her library, her sanctuary  as big as her castle was this was the room she felt most comfortable in it reminded her of her beloved golden oaks. She tried to return to her book but she kept coming back to trixie

“Uhh how can i help trixie?” twilight was talking to herself as she paced her library. “ I could issue an edict or rule or something but that might make it worse as ponies might resent being told to leave her be.. she can’t make reparations because she has nothing ui mean she’s homless. I could let her stay here in the castle with me but then what about when she leaves here ponies will still be angry with her.” twilight started banging her head with a hoof “think think think”

“Punish her” came a small draconic voice from behind a stack of books being carried toward a bookshelf.  Spike set the books on the floor revealing his face.

“Oh yeah spike that’s an excellent idea. Sorry your home got burned down  and you lost everything you owned here’s 30 lashes”

The small purple and green dragon glared heavily at Twilight

“If you punish her you can keep  her here under “arrest” and others will be more receptive to her help if is a “Punishment” from the princess. Also when the punishment is over ponies will be more likely to accept that she paid her debts having seen her working them off.”

Twilight just stared mouth agape at the tiny dragon

“That’s genius spike” she finally managed

“Yeah I know number one assistant remember.” Twilight hugged the little purple dragon who squirmed in her grasp. she let go of him

“Oh i gotta go find  her she wondered off which way did she go?”  

“What about that summoning spell that celestia gave you for discord just look for trixie’s magic you've dealt with it before.”  spike quipped

“That’s it Spike your ….”

“A genius i know” he laughed “Now if you don’t mind this genius needs some rubies” and he wandered off toward the kitchen.

Twilight Shook her head and  her horn glowed and her face screwed up in concentration as she searched for Trixie’s magic the “Feel” if you can call it that reminded twilight of pale electric blue  cotton candy.  

“Ah ha There it is” a quick flash and a screaming crying, flaling and falling trixie appeared and slammed abruptly into the library floor a foot or two below her.

“Oh my celestia i’m sorry Trixie i must have made a mistake” Twilight rushed to Trixie’s side

Trixie was shaking her head  still crying she started to her hooves

“why?” trixie rasped

“Well i wanted to..”

“WHY DID YOU STOP TRIXIE” Trixie screamed  as tears stained her blue fur and rage twisted her face.

“Wuh what?” A confused  Twilight stumbled as she shrunk back from Trixie

“Trixie finally Worked up the nerve to end her own suffering and you stopped her. Why? so we can be tormented further? Is that is you want us to suffer more is that what you want?” Trixie was trembling in anger. Her magic flared with her anger enveloping her in an electric blue aura. She pulled a ceremonial spear off it’s mounting on the wall and brought it to her own chest levitating the tip mere inches from her heaving breast.

“IF YOU WANT TO SEE TRIXIE SUFFER I SUGGEST YOU PAY ATTENTION TWILIGHT SPARKLE!!” Trixie grunted and gritted her teeth she forced the blade forward with all her might. The blade would easily pierce her blue fur cutting through muscle slipping between her ribs and burying itself in her heart taking her wicked life. but the spear didn’t move it floated in a magical grasp inches from her chest  Trixie tried again but the spear was held firm in a lavender aura Twilight looked at Trixie with a look of Horror and Pity

“STOP IT LET GO. TWILIGHT LET GO TRIXIE DOESN’T NEED YOUR PITY. DAMNIT JUST LET ME GO!!!” Trixie raged  herself into tears and finally slumped and loosened her magical grip on the spear. Twilight taking the opportunity levitated the spear back to it’s display on the wall.  

“No Trixie I don’t want you to suffer why would you think that?  you're not making any sense I wanted to tell you I figured out a way to help you” Twilight said calmly and quietly trying to calm the emotional unicorn. Trixie had  lost the fire and venom that she had moments before she slumped further and sat back on her haunches and started to sob in earnest. Twilight trotted over and sat in front of Trixie and wrapped her hooves around the sobbing blue mare and pulled her into a hug. Trixie stiffened for a moment then surrendered to Twilight who held the mare as she sobbed against her purple fur.  After several minutes of crying Trixie’s sobs grew softer and her tears eventually stopped but she still held twilight close as if she was the only thing keeping her from falling into nothingness.

“What is going on Trixie?” Twilight finally ventured brushing the blue unicorn’s silver mane back with a wing tip revealing her tear reddened eyes. Trixie took a deep breath and in a broken tear strained voice

“I jumped off the Ponyville damn i’m so tired of being ridiculed and hated. I’m tired of being alone” she sniffed and continued  “I have been alone for such a long time Twilight. My parents died when I was young and I was picked on in school because I was an orphan. So I developed  “the Great and powerful Trixie “ persona she could do anything, everyone loved her.She was powerful when i wasn’t, the hurt little filly that I was hid in that comfort  and when everypony turned on  “The Great and Powerful Trixie” I was lost and alone again. I just wanted it to end Twilight.” Trixie buried her muzzle  into Twilight’s chest and cried once again. Twilight unsure of what to do just continued to hold her and rubbed the poor mare’s back trying to console her.   

When Trixie finally stopped crying she sat up  and wiped a tear from her eye and looked up at Twilight  

“How can you help me I’m nothing and why would you want to ?” trixie whispered

Twilight wiped tears from her own eyes

“Oh trixie i’m so sorry you've had it so rough I wish i could change things for you but i can’t however I believe that everypony deserves respect and another chance.”  Twilight gave trixie another hug “And i have an idea that may help you find your place again, and get everypony to give you a chance.”

“Go back in time to prevent me from screwing my life up?” Trixie Quipped sarcastically

“No that won’t work it would cause a paradox  if i went back and stopped you  you wouldn't be here and i wouldn't go back thus the initial stop would not happen and we'd be back here.” Twilight realized from the look on trixie’s face that the suggestion was supposed to be sarcastic and shook her head  “Sorry But no I propose that I punish you  publicly” Twilight smiled  at Trixie who was looking at her in disbelief. After a moment of silence Twilight felt the need to explain her plan as it wasn't inherently obvious “I don’t mean a public flogging or anything like that but I could take you into custody here at the castle so you won’t be homeless. And order you to do community service with me backing you you can prove to people that you want to do better through community service.  And after what happened today I would like you to seek psychological assistance I know a good psychologist that  might be able to help you”

Trixie sat for a few minutes thinking about what Twilight Had told her twilight looked at her nervously and began to tap her forehooves together. To be honest trixie had no other ideas, and what else was she going to do? she had no where to go, she was at rock bottom  what would it hurt to accept Twilight’s help? Trixie looked up at twilight and nodded

“Ok” she almost whispered her entire demeanor was that of an utterly defeated pony as she laid on her belly and covered her muzzle with her hooves. Twilight’s heart was breaking for this mare as she watched trixie she had heard stories about ponies trying to take their own life but had never met somepony that was so tired of living that they actually tried to kill themselves. she leaned down and nuzzled Trixie

“Come on I’ll show you to your rooms” she murmured gently.

“Rooms?” trixie queried

“Yeah there’s whole Guest suite in here somewhere.” Twilight said gesturing in a general direction of a large hallway “I think it’s in the east wing” she smiled and looked back to trixie who was staring up at twilight looking quite confused

“Look this place is huge and i’m still finding my way around okay” twilight said a bit of blush showing on her face the last thing she wanted to do was rub it in trixie’s face how “Grand” her castle was.

“No Trixie… I mean I was confused I thought I was to be in “custody” not a guest  who gets their own suite.” trixie said sheepishly rubbing her mane with a hoof

“Yeah i guess the dungeon might be a bit better suited for you  then” twilight teased “to bad spike has laid claim to it calls it his dragon cave  but all he does is play video games with big mac and talk about hoofball down there but he has a strict no fillies rule especially the cutie mark crusaders.” Twilight shook her head realizing that she was rambling again what was it about this blue mare and her silver mane that had her so flustered.

“Well if you insist i would be happy to stay in a suite than Twilight.” Trixie stood and stretched her back cracking all the vertebrae in sequence all the way the her tail “Well twilight shall we go to my bedroom?” Realizing the possible implied suggestion  of her question Trixie blushed and gushed “... er umm not like that just can you um show me to my room  ha ha!” What  is it about that mousy lavender alicorn  that has me so flustered trixie thinks to herself.

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