Flaws, Part II by dash4life
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I had been shooting everypony since our crash incident 2 minutes ago, and I'm still not letting go. Laura Palmer and I have been hiding away in a small condo on the edge of the lake, watching for bypassers. I've been hearing things lately. Over something I feel—.

"I'm on fire!" screams Pinkie.

"I thought you were with Rudimental and Rarity," I ask.

"I betrayed them for Bastille, silly!" 

"Awesome. Let's move!" 

We walk out.

"A boat! That might help!" Pinkie states.

We hide in the boat. I see 5 or 6 ponies with paintball guns. And I shoot them. With authority. But maybe too much.

"I'm the dictator!" I scream.

"Shut up, you loud bastard!" Pinkie retorts.

"Oop..." I continue with this, "...you bring anything?"


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