The Friendship Mafia by MegaSean45
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Story Notes:

The Friendship Mafia is about a former bully by the name of Herb Leafhorn, Jr. and his adventures throughout the city of Mareami, and across Equestria, redeeming his family name. His dad, Herb Leafhorn, Sr. gave him the wrong idea, and is forcing his son against the Gun family after what they did to the Leafhorns in the past. Herb, along with his friends, and now with the help of the Friendship Mob, it's up to Herb to bring peace and harmony throughout the hateful city, and kill it's disharmony, and make sure his dad must not try to stop him, or make things worse for other ponies.


This story is a spin-off of my other fanfic Friendship is Epic, only this time we're focusing on Flare's former school bully, Herb Leafhorn. Most of these chapters are just focused on Herb and his own adventures, but some chapters are going to crossover chapters with FiE, as well as my other spin-off coming soon of a character we're going to meet in FiE Book 3. But unlike FiE, it doesn't really feel like a TV show, more like a DLC of a game. It's also not as cartoonish as the other one. This has it's Mafia-type movie feeling, but except there's no killing involved, since I'm making this a child friendly story. Hope you enjoy! Brohoof! /)




Herb Leafhorn, Jr.: The protagonist of the story. A former school bully, and always loyal to his father and family, until things started going wrong. After harassing Flare and him leaving town, Herb felt so guilty, so he wanted to bring peace and harmony across Mareami by joining the Friendship Mafia, and hoping the for the day he could teach his dad and his mob a lesson for bringing greed and disharmony throughout the town.


Poni Cipriani: The don of the Friendship Mafia, and founder. Like Herb, he wishes to bring peace and harmony through the city, and soon all across Equestria that are having the same problems.


Annabelle: One of Herb's closest friends. He's always around to give Herb advice, and makes sure Herb is safe and remains focused on the task at hoof.


Angel Heartstrings: One of Herb's closest friends, and cousin of Lyra Heartstrings. His main course in life is to clean of the streets, because the streets is his life.


Clay Cement: One of Herb's newer friends that is always around to help a brother in need, no matter how the circumstances are.


Turnip Orch: One of Herb's newer friends that always likes to tease. He's also the geeky type; likes to mess around with electronics.


Bright Wing: A fellow capo (mob captain) of the Friendship Mafia. He watches over the other mobsters when the don isn't around.


Star Trot: The treasurer of the Friendship Mafia, and also searches around for newcomers.


Bush Leafhorn: Herb's mother that keeps watch of Herb and makes sure his father doesn't harm him.


Crimson Flare Gun: The pony Herb used to pick on at school and to ruin the life of, but is one of his main reasons why he joined the Friendship Mob. Flare's the protagonist of the series that made this fanfic: Friendship is Epic.


Jerry Jam: An undercover agent from an elite organization founded by Princess Celestia after the Disharmony Wars known as the FDA (Friendship Detection Agency). Like the Friendship Mafia, the FDA is also waring against disharmony across Equestria. Jerry is usually the one Herb meets if the FDA is in the area.


Herb Leafhorn, Sr.: The main antagonist of the story. Herb's father, and don of the Sharks mob. He has a family history with the Gun family, whom he loathes for stealing their land from him hundreds of years ago. After his son disobeyed him, he decided to disown him, and promise to punish him for his betrayal.


Autumn Leafhorn: Herb's older brother, and Herb Senior's new trainee. Autumn is usually around to do most of the dirty work for Senior.


Dr. Porker Swinebutt: A pig scientist that Herb assigned to earn Flare's trust and betray him. After things got out of control, Swinebutt's main objective was to make sure Flare's life stays ruined so he can be a sensation. Currently the main antagonist of FiE.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Herb Leafhorn, Jr. has been assigned by his father to ruin the life of a single student at school, one whose family the Leafhorns had a grudge on for hundreds of years.

My name is Herb Leafhorn, Jr. I live in Mareami with my parents, Herb Leafhorn, Sr. and Bush Leafhorn, and my brother Autumn Leafhorn. I was raised by a family that likes to fight a lot. My dad comes home late after overdosing the apple cider, and smashing the trash bins across the neighborhood. My mom never talks, and my older brother used to beat me senseless. Luckily for me, I’m dad’s favorite. He’s trying to teach me to be just like him, an abusing father, and a loan shark. In the daytime he works at Mareami Elementary, and at night he spends his time at the cider tavern, ‘getting busy’ in so many levels. When I started Elementary School, dad introduced me by somepony by the name of Crimson Flare Gun. He told me all about the Gun family, how much of what they did to us in the past.

“Son, the Gun family are not the type of ponies to be horsing around with.” My dad said. “A thousand years ago, during the Disharmony Wars era, Mareami used to be a cow pasture, a church, a swamp and two different colonies. One of those colonies were ran by our ancestors led by your great-great-great-great…. Uhhh, I dunno how many greats grandfather, Weed Leafhorn the Great. The other colony was ran by our rivals, the Guns, led by retired Equestrian soldier, Colonel Machine Gun, who was proven to be a war hero during World Party II.”

“The Leafhorns and the Guns were never friends, mostly because Colonel Machine Gun has stolen Weed Leafhorn the Great’s title as a war hero. This colony and his family was all Weed had to make life worth meaning to him. It was until the Guns came and stolen the other half of his land for their own. The Guns had no right to be trespassing on our property. The Leafhorns asked the Guns to leave, but they wouldn’t, they declared war on our family to fight for the land. We tried to be reasonable to them, but they just wouldn’t listen. Machine Gun murdered Weed Leafhorn the Great, and took away our land. The Leafhorns had no choice but to run. We were just heavily outnumbered.”

“After that, the Guns decided to get other ponies to set hooves on our land and decide to create a town. Since the Canterlot area wasn’t safe anymore, ponies had to gather around Equestria and that’s how they made cities such as Manehatten, Baltimare, Fillydelphia, and the town that destroyed our land which is now known as Mareami. This city belongs to us, Herb Leafhorn, Jr., and it’s because of the Guns we now have to share this land with those who don’t deserve it. You’re almost in Elementary School, my son. I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to make Crimson Flare Gun’s life miserable during his school years. I’ll guide you the way, my son. You can be the most dreadful bully in the whole school. Make sure his life is torn to shreds.”

“Yes, daddy! He’ll for sure make like a baby, and haul buns!” I said mischievously.

My dad smacks me in the back of the head with a newspaper and corrects me, “It’s make like a bread truck and haul buns! If you’re going to make stupid remarks, he’s just going to tease you, like his father before him, and his father before him, and his father before him, and his father before him, and his-“

“And his father before him, and his father before him, and his father before him.” I joined with him.

“Stop being such a moron! You’re five years old, man! Act your age!” my dad yelled at me.

“But isn’t this supposed to be my age?” I asked.

My dad started knocking me on my head and said, “Hello? Hello? Anypony home? Think Junior! Think!” I knew what my dad was saying. It was time to stop being such an idiot, and start redeeming my family name from those awful Guns. Elementary School is about to start, and I’ll do all I can to make sure Crimson Gun’s life is miserable, and I think I might know the way. I’ll be just like my dad!





A few years went by, I’ve been bullying and beating up this Flare Gun fellow, doing what my father asks me to do, doing all he taught me. Like I remember this one time I got him, I got him real good! It was in fifth grade, I was sitting with my friends at the ‘cool table’. When I saw Flare sitting alone on one of the tables. I wanted to take action, for my dad’s sake.

“Hey man, look. It’s that weird red pony, Crimson.” One of my friends Angel Heartstrings said.

“Yeah, I see he’s eating Baked Ziti. What prank should I pull on him today?” I asked.

“Just dump it on the floor and say its vomit.” Angel suggested.

“Whoa, dude! Others are eating right now. I’m only ruining the lunch for one pony.” I said.

“Alright, just dump it on the floor, and sarcastically say you’d pay him back, and for whatever bits you owe him, just punch him in the stomach.” Angel suggested.

“Doesn’t seem all that funny, but whatever.” I said as I walked over to Flare’s table and dumped his lunch on the ground. “Aww, did I ruin your lunch, Crimson? Don’t worry, I’ll pay you back.” I lied.

“Alright ,that costed me 3 bits.” Flare said holding his hoof out. Then I spat on his hoof. “Uhh, that’s not bits, unless this saliva is actually worth something.”

“That saliva is worth three punches in the stomach.” I said as I punched him in the stomach three times. “One. Two. Three.”

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” Flare yelled.

“That was four ows, one too many. Here I’ll add an extra one so we can be even.” I said as I punched him again.

“Ow!” Flare cried. “You think you’re trollin me bro? Do you even lift?”

“Of course I do.” I said as I picked Flare up and threw him in the trash can. The whole school started laughing him. I felt pretty good somewhat of doing that, that was so amusing, and yet….. I feel a disturbance in the force. I don’t know why, but Flare was actually laughing along with all of us.

“Why are you laughing?” my friend Annabelle asked. It’s pretty funny his name is Annabelle and he’s a stallion.

“Because this was funny!” Flare said. “I’m not worried about a little trash. I can shower it off. As long as my vest doesn’t get stained, I’ll be fine.” I gotta say, Flare is a tough little colt. Not tough as in muscle, but tough as in it’s hard to bother him. I was so envious of him at the time. I had to do what I had to do, so I just squirted some mustard on his vest, staining it. “AAAAAAH! Surprise face! MY VEST! How could you, Herb?” he freaked out. “How could you, Herb? You’re more annoying than-“

I had the feeling he had enough, but I remembered when my dad taught me that ‘enough is never enough’. “Your stupid cutaway jokes aren’t going to save you THIS TIME!” I said angrily at him before I took the trash bin he was in and rolled it down the stairs in the hallway. “Thank you for riding trash role. Please collect your belongings and watch your step as you walk out of the bin.” I teased. “Thank you for riding with us, and have a nice day.”

“Thanks!” Flare said as he had a banana peel on his head.

“You’re welcome.” I said with a mischievous smile.

“AAAAAAAH! TEACHER! TEACHER! TEACHER!” he yelled after he crawls out of the trash bin.

“The principle is my father you little twerp.” I said to him.

“Hey! I’m not a little twerp! I’m a big twerp! I don’t like to be called little!” he yelled at me.

"I’m bigger than you, LITTLE boy.” I said mischievously.

“Yeah, I bet you like little things don’t you?” he teased.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?! WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME, SON?!” I yelled at him walking closer.

“I’m not your son, and if I was, you’d be the worse mom ever. HA!” he teased.

I grabbed him by the vest and smashed him into the lockers. “You do not want to be a smart flank with me! Because if you’re gonna be smart with me, then somepony’s gonna have their face in the toilet!” I yelled.

“Who? Yours?” he teased. I was really doing my best to hold in my laughter. I gotta say this dude is pretty hilarious. I had to punch him in the nose to get him to stop joking around.

“Feel smart, LITTLE boy?” Herb asked.

“NO! I’m getting beat up a pony whose family held a grudge on mine for generations! Get over it, man!” I yelled.

“Your family has stolen our land from us, my dad said so. Your ancestor, Colonel Machine Gun killed Weed Leafhorn!” I yelled at him.

“I keep telling you, brah, it’s self-defense.” he corrected me.

“LAIR!” I yelled in anger as I punched him in the stomach. I really wasn’t having fun doing this. Believe me, I’m not.

"OW! I’m relieved that I didn’t eat my lunch or I would’ve been sick after that kick. You know, the teachers will find out about this!" he yelled at me.

“That’s why I won’t pound you here. When you leave school today, that’s when I’ll turn your face upside down!” I threatened him.

“I thought you said you were gonna stuff somepony’s face in the toilet?” he asked. I threw him to the lockers on the other side of the hall.

“You’ll be eating those words, Crimson!” I said angrily at him. “Now why don’t you make like a tree…. And get outta here?”

“Isn’t it ‘make like a tree’ and ‘leave’?” Flare asked.

“Want another beating?” I asked him.

“No, you should be thanking me. I’m trying to save you from sounding stupid.” He said.

“Later.” I said as I was making a weird cutting noise while sliding my hoof across my neck and I walked away. While I was walking away, I met that annoying Jam kid that goes to this school. I forgot his name though. “What are you looking at, butthead?” I asked him angrily.

“Oi, mate. Is that really necessary?” the Jam pony asked.

“You Jams are all the same. If it weren’t for your family, the Guns would be outta here by now. You’re next if you keep pestering me about my business!” I threatened him. “This is between the Leafhorns and the Guns, none of you Jam clans are going to get in our way!” I said angrily at him as I walked away and shoving him with his shoulder while I was at it.

“That’s exactly what my family is trying to do, greaseball.” The Jam pony angrily said to me as I walked out of his range. The Jams were actually the ones that stopped Guns and Leafhorns from fighting, because it was the Jams that came to Mareami first.

“Ugh! Help me, brah!” Flare begged the Jam as I eavesdropped on what was going on.

“No, Jerry, he’s a Gun.” Another pony said to the Jam.

“But this ain’t right. This guy is having a tough time. Shouldn’t there be somepony out there to help? Like an agency keeping friendship at ease?” Jerry Jam asked.

“Jerry, don’t worry about it. I don’t want you getting hurt. Herb did enough damage to that pony; I don’t want him doing the same to you.” The pony said to the Jam. The Jam just looked at him upsettingly and then he walks away, as he should. Those darn Jams! They’re such buzzkills to my ancestors! Which I like!

As I thought I was done, I heard Flare say, “Yay! The tooth fairy is coming tonight!” Even if I didn’t want to be a bully, I couldn’t help but just steal his tooth. “Ew, you’re sick, brah.” He said. It was kinda true, I should’ve put on rubber gloves first before taking it, but at least I’m going to be a bit richer tonight. That night I was over at my friend’s house, gambling, because my dad said it was cool and what not.

“And then I said ‘Cheerios? Do I look British to you, pal?’” Annabelle joked and laughed, and Angel and I laughed along.

“Annabelle, man, you gotta tell that mom of yours to grow a brain, man. I mean, cheerios, that a British cereal, man. They say its name all the time, man. Gotta learn to speak Equestrian for once.” Angel said.

“Says the unicorn. If we were speaking Equestrian, we’d probably be speaking like the natives, which we’re not native. How about you grow a brain, holms?” Annabelle asked, tapping on Angel’s head.

“Did you just touch my head, man? Did you just touch my head, man? You don’t touch this here, man. I have ideas, I wanna save the streets.” Angel said.

“Calm down, Angel. Just listen to you, talking like a rapper or somethin.” I said.

“’Ey, Herb. How did it feel kicking that wimpy red pony’s flank today? Bet that made you feel alive, didn’t it?” Annabelle asked.

“Made me feel like a tough guy, for sure. I gotta say, doing so made me feel on top today, but somehow I got this strange feeling.” I said with a low tone.

“What strange feeling, Herb?” Annabelle asked.

“I dunno. My dad says it’s right, but it don’t feel right.” I said.

“Don’t let that bother you and your Italian ways, man. What is right comes from within. You do what makes you happy, and if you think it’s right, then nopony is to judge you, man.” Angel explained.

“I suppose you right, Angel.” I said. “If it’s in my family name, I have to redeem it from those awful Guns.”

“Redeem it?” Angel asked.

“I told ya this story a million times.” I said.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean we actually listen.” Annabelle teased and chuckled.

“Yeah, well forget you. I still owe that Gun a beating. He left the school pretty hasty today.” I said.

“I don’t know for sure, but that fella seems so innocent. Just look at his face.” My mare friend Cherry Pop said as she walked inside our little club.

“Cherry Pop? What are you doing here, babe?” I asked her as I went up to her and hugged her. “You know at this time I spend time with my friends.”

“I know, Herb. I know. But I’m quite upset with you right now. I heard you beat up that red pony in the lunch room today.” Cherry said upsettingly.

“I know, I know.” I said.

“But why are you doing it? It’s bad enough he doesn’t have any friends.” She said.

“Look, babe, I’m just defending my family name’s honor, alright? My dad said it’s our best chance of redeeming ourselves against the Guns.” I said. “I would’ve finished him if that idiot Jam pony didn’t get in the way!”

“But is it right? Are you actually doing what’s right? Think, Herb, think!” she advised me.

“Now you’re starting to sound like my dad.” I said grouchy as I sat back down with the others.

“Starting to sound like you too, holms.” Annabelle said.

“What? You really think so?” I asked.

“You should really listen to yourself, man. Record your voice and listen to it. That’s what I always do.” Angel said as he turned off a tape recorder he had on his lap.

“Look, Herb, I know your family name means a lot to you, but I can’t stand the violence.” Cherry said. “If you really want that Gun colt out of your life, then how about try getting him expelled instead?” I thought over what Cherry said, and it actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Instead of beating the guts out of him, I thought of actually tricking him. So for my daily beating tomorrow, I’m going to let him beat me. Even though I don’t think he has the muscle or magic to do so, I might as well just fake it.

The next day came, I was waiting in the hallway for Flare to show up. I saw him coming him with a mischievous smile on his face. What is that little rascal up to? Probably up to his daily tease. I had to take action now, so I jumped in front of him and blocked his way, then I said, “You were lucky yesterday, Crimson. I decided it was no problem to give you a break yesterday, because I think yesterday you had enough. Now today is a new day, but don’t worry, this will only hurt for a second.”

“Ah, reference reference!” he said still looking at me with that evil look in his eye. “Wait, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends wasn’t around during the 1990s.”

“You’re a weirdo. Luckily I’d be doing them a favor by doing this.” I said as I grabbed his vest and was about to give him a buck in the face.

“I got a better idea, how about you do us both a favor, and put me down, and leave me alone. Or we can be friends.” Flare suggested.

I started pounding on his head yelling, “Hello? Hello? Anypony home? Think Crimson, think, and besides nopony would want to be friends with you anyway.”

“Wow, that was harsh. You could’ve just said ‘no thank you’ and left it at that. Now please put me down.” He demanded. Wow, he’s growing some. He’s growing some indeed. This plan will come along perfectly.

“Sure. Right after I pound ya.” I said to him.

“I’m warning you, brah! You’ll regret this. Put me down!” he demanded.

“Was that a threat? Were you threatenin’ me, Crimson?” I asked him angrily.

“I’m giving you one last chance. Put….. me….. down.” He ordered me calmly. Wow, he was really serious. That’s a first.

“You’ll regret saying that.” I said angrily.

“Well, don’t say I didn’t warn ya. I hope you brought an extra pair of pants.” He said. I don’t wear pants though, but I was a bit afraid of what he was going to do next. He became unexpectedly brave overnight. Just then, water squirted out of his horn real hard, I mean REAL HARD, and I became soaked. Ok know I didn’t, he just squirted my waist area. It didn’t really hurt, in fact I was just about to laugh, but I was really embarrassed. This is probably the best harm he’s ever going to give me. I dropped him and then I ran away as I teared up. “Hey Herb! Remember this word: karma!” he reminded me.

I know what he meant by that, and he’s pretty clever. I’m just an idiot doing an idiotic things. I ran over to my dad’s office, and I was hoping all that was filmed on camera. It sure looked pretty dramatic. I hope my cowardness looked realistic, but at the same time, I hope it doesn’t make me look like a fool to the other students that saw it.

I made it to my dad’s office, and he was looking at the security footage of what happened in the hallway. “Son, please sit down.” He said. I did so. “What was that?”

“What was what?” I asked.

“Don’t be smart with me, boy. What happened in the hallway?” he asked angrily.

“I got soaked by Crimson Flare Gun.” I said.

“And you let a little water make you a coward and run straight to me? I thought I raised a son, not a baby?” he asked.

“Isn’t that the same thing?” I asked.

“QUIET!” he yelled and slammed on his desk. “I asked you to do one thing, ONE thing in particular! Ruin the life of Crimson Gun, and all I saw there was a coward, and a wimp that scared off the coward only by squirting a little water at him.”

“Dad, it’s the best way to get him expelled!” I informed him.

“Expelled? You’re supposed to knock ‘em to next week, every day he’s at school!” dad yelled at me. “You’re supposed to do that until his family decides to leave town!”

“What if he’s not at school, dad? What if we can just ruin his life by not committing to violence? We could ruin him that way. He won’t have the brains he needs to go on at a life. He’d be just a bum in the street. This is only Elementary School in town, dad. He won’t a choice but to move out.” I suggested.

My dad turned around on his chair and thought to himself. “Hmmm….. that is a good point. If he were expelled, then he’d either not get the decent education he needs and just be a bum on the street, or he’ll decide to leave town and find a new school.” He turned back at me and said, “Alright, Herb. Looks like you are a Leafhorn after all. I really don’t like the idea you decided to be a coward over a little water, but…. it’s too late to do anything about that now. Let’s expel the colt, and we’ll worry about your reputation later.” He turned to his microphone and yelled on it, “CRIMSON GUN! IN MY OFFICE! NOW!”

I really didn’t think he’d agree to go through with it, but he did, and my plan worked. A few minutes later, Flare came in and sat down. “How ya doin, Principle Leafhorn?” he asked.

“Don’t speak until spoken to.” My dad said to him angrily.

“Well you spoke to me now.” He said. “So what’s my…”

“SHUT UP!” dad interrupted him. Wow, this is going to be easier than I thought. “So it comes to my attention that you were being a bully.”

“Lawl what?” Flare said surprisingly.

“Don’t you deny it, Mr. Gun!” dad yelled at him.

"For all due respect, Principle Leafhorn,” Flare attempt to explain, “the info-“

“For the last time, Crimson! CALL ME SIR!” he yelled at him.

“I really don’t like saying that actually, Principle Leafhorn.” Flare said to him.

“Too bad!” dad yelled at him

“Ok, SIIIIIIIIIR,” Flare yelled at him. “The info that you had on me being a bully isn't true. I'm the one that's being bullied."

“Oh yeah? TELL THAT TO MY SON!” dad yelled, pointing at me. I wasn’t sure what to do so I decided to fake a weep.

“H-he…. He made me all wet!” I said as I continued to fake cry.

“I was only trying to defend myself!” Flare complained.

“IT’S SIR!” my dad yelled.

“Didn’t call you anything!” Flare complained.

My dad smashed his hoof on the desk and yelled at Flare, “I don’t wanna hear another word out of your mouth, mister!”


“Something you obviously don’t have!” my dad said.

“But, zir!” Flare yelled.

“Say it right! SIR!” he yelled at him

“Principle Leafhorn, I get bullied by Herb, ALL THE TIME! He stuffed me into a trash can yesterday and made a fool out of me!” Flare yelled.

“But I was only playin’.” I said in a squeaky voice.

“That’s a lie!” Flare yelled.

“I had enough of you Crimson! YOU’RE EXPELLED!” my dad yelled at Flare’s face.

“Uhhh…. Who cares? I past final exams, and there was only a few days left of school, sooooo….. SO LONG SUCKERS!” Flare yelled. Wow! How could I forget that there was only a few days left at school, and we were both in 5th grade? Flare was going to leave anyway. How could I be so stupid? All that cowardness for nothing!

Later that night, my dad had a dramatic conversation with me. We was pretty angry over what happened earlier today. “Nothing, and I mean nothing! No words can express how disgraced I am at you right now!”

“How was I supposed to know it was the end of the term?” I complained.

“You know why I past you out of these grades?” he asked. “Because you were too lazy to study so you can pass out of them yourself. I had to give you this assignment of Crimson having his daily beatings, and because you so foolishly thought that expelling him at the end of his last term was a good idea. How can you not think?”

“You didn’t think of that earlier.” I corrected him.

“EXCUSE ME?!” he yelled at my face and held on to my mane. “I’m transferring to the middle school to be your principle. IF you think it would be wise to set up an alternative plan after I gave you a direct order, you will have to start passing classes yourself! YOU GOT THAT!”

“Yes.” I said frightened.

Dad let go of my hair and placed his hoof on my shoulder. “Herb, I’m only doin’ this ‘cause I care, alright?” he said to me calmly. “Look at me. I’ve been there for you since the day you were born. Be lucky you’re the one I want to teach everything I know to, instead of that fool Autumn. Now, don’t betray my trust. When you start middle school, go back to the daily beatings. No alternatives, got that?”

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Look at me, boy.” He said, moving my head making sure I face his. “Disobey me again; I won’t be there for you anymore. I’ll disown you.” Wow, I can’t believe my dad actually said that. He’d disown me out of something stupid like this? The Guns must’ve really got him mad. If this is what it takes to keep his blessings, then so be it.

I went to go meet with my friends over at the club house, and we had a conversation as we were playing some cards. “HA! Row of Jacks! In your faces!” Annabelle yelled excitedly, about to take the money in the pot.

“Yo, man. I wouldn’t be too hasty if I were you, man.” Angel said as he placed down his cards. “Full house of kings!”

“Man, you cheated!” Annabelle complained.

“Unless you have any evidence of it, I won’t believe a word you’d say, man.” Angel said.

“Will you two shut up, please? I’m not in the mood with these useless jokes!” I complained.

“Are you alright, man?” Angel asked.

“Great! Never better!” I yelled sarcastically.

“What’s been going on with your dad lately, Herb?” Annabelle asked.

“How’d you know it was my dad?” I asked.

“He’s pretty much the only reason why you’re ever in a bad mood.” Annabelle said.

“Well, I got Flare taken care of, but he seemed pretty ungrateful of it. He only wants me to commit to violence. I’m sure there are ways ‘round the whackin’ to ruin a pony’s life.” I said.

“Look, man. I really don’t care about your family traditions. Just don’t ask for my help, man.” Angel said.

“Don’t worry. My pop will think of me as a bigger wuss if I ask for help or somethin’.” I said. “So I guess it’s settled. I’m just goin’ whack ‘em. Do it the borin’ way.” I said upsettingly, but little did I know that Cherry Pop was in the room with us.

“Sweetie, you actually feel good by just whacking a pony?” Cherry asked.

“Not really. Been doin’ the same exact thing for 5 years. Flare’s been learnin’ to defend himself. It’s gonna be harder to whack ‘em every single day ‘till we graduate.” I said.

“I think I might have the perfect solution. My friend, Blueberry Pie, the most popular filly in our school. She also loves to hang out with my sister. She might have an idea of what you can do.” Cherry suggested.

“How can I talk to her? She’s always surrounded by a bunch of colts, and she only hangs out with the School Hoofball Team.” I said.

“Tell me about one show-off of a mare that doesn’t get herself involved with the sports teams. It’s always the same in these public schools.” Annabelle complained.

“Blueberry’s a friend of mine, I’m sure I can get her to help you out. She loves to get herself into pranks. Maybe she might have one that might get Flare to leave the school, and maybe even the town.” Cherry Pop suggested.

“Well if you say so, babe.” I said. My pop really doesn’t like it when I ask for other’s to get involve in our family affairs, but sometimes we have to break some rules in order to get what we want. The next day went by, I went over to the high school hoofball field, I sat on the bleachers, and the time was noon. That was the time I was supposed to meet up with Blueberry. I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, but she was nowhere in sight. I’ve been waiting for hours, when suddenly I decided to just forget about it and leave.

“Where have you been?” Blueberry asked me while looking down at me from another set of bleachers.

“Where have I been? Where have you been?” I asked.

“I’ve been here waiting for you for 4 hours! I had to skip my daily hairdressing because of this!” Blueberry complained.

“You hairdress every day?” I asked.

“That’s not important! Now come and sit down.” Blueberry demanded. I walked up the bleachers and did so. I suppose I was waiting in the wrong bleachers, because I too was waiting 4 hours for her.

“So, Herb Leafhorn, Jr., the school bully that’s been trying to ruin the life of a single colt, all because of a past family matter.” Blueberry started.

“I hope you understand. I can’t always commit to doin’ the same violence every day. Flare doesn’t have the muscle to give me harm, yet, but by the looks of his magic, he’s actually thinkin’ of somethin’. I wouldn’t want to wait for the last second to have him put me down.” I explained.

“I know, Cherry told me everything. Your dad’s a moron. Violence isn’t going to ruin the life of a single colt. He’s going to learn how to defend himself, and get you back.” Blueberry said.

“So what do you suppose I do?” I asked.

“Give him a friend. Somepony he’d trust with his life. Somepony that’ll make him the happiest colt in Equestria.” Blueberry suggested.

“Wouldn’t that just give him better odds of staying?” I asked.

“Patience. To get what you want, you need patience.” Blueberry said. “I know of a student. He gets picked on too at the school. If we can give him a bargain, we can make him one of the cool kids, as long as we get him to work for us.”

“How is this goin’ to help me though?” I asked.

“He’s going to rat Flare out at the last day of high school. With his betrayal, Flare would have no other reason for being here.” Blueberry explained.

“You think that’ll be enough?” I asked.

“Of course not. I’m going to go out with him, but it’s not going to be a real relationship. I’m into evil ponies. Then I’ll betray him in the last possible second. He won’t have any reason to go on in life. He’d have no other reason but to leave town.” Blueberry explained.

“Seems a little much, doncha think?” I asked.

“HEY! You want me to help you out with this or not?” Blueberry asked impatiently.

“Of course I want you to help me. It just seems a little harsh doin’ somethin’ like that.” I said.

“It’s the only way I can help you. Take it or leave it.” Blueberry said. This mare sure can drive a hard bargain, but do I have a choice?

“Alright, you got a deal.” I nodded and shook her hoof. “So who’s the pony working for us?”

“Well, that’s the thing. He’s not a pony, he’s a pig.” Blueberry said. “His name is Porker Swinebutt. He’s the only pig in the school, and is probably the one that gets bullied more than Crimson.”

“Okay. You think he’s going to go with this?” I asked.

“This pig would do anything for attention. He’s also a genius. The intelligence of Steven Hawkwing. He could be at the same time useful to us in both getting rid of Crimson, and his inventions.” Blueberry said. I gotta say, this wasn’t a bad idea, not a bad idea at all. We went over to junkyard, because that’s where the pig hangs out in, so we can discuss our set-up.

Chapter End Notes:

The first chapter of the spin-off! I thought of this to be quite a success! A nice little prologue to the story of how Herb joined the mob in the first place, and why he bullied Flare. This chapter connects to the FiE - Book 2 chapter: Flare's Backstory - Part 1, so I recommend reading that first.

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