The 72nd Pony Games by dash4life
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Author's Chapter Notes:

(3rd POV)

"Everyone?" Celestia says.

"Today we will pick the contenders for the 72nd annual Pony Games!" she remarks happily.

"The female contender representing District 2...Dinky Hooves!" she continues.

Derpy Hooves screams, "No, no! I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!" 

"We have a volunteer!" Celestia says happily.

The Peacekeepers lift Derpy Hooves, and throw her on the stage.


"Good! I'm happy!" a Peacekeeper says.

"You sadistic bastard! You treacherous—"

They killed her at that moment.

"The male tribute for this years Pony Games... Caesar!"

"Not Caesar," she whispers.

They were taken to the Justice Tower of District 2 behind the stage. She must board the train immediately.

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