Friendship is Epic - Book 3: Blessings of the Night by MegaSean45
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Story Notes:

The Friendship is Epic series has reached it's third season. Crimson Flare Gun has gained many friends over the years, and many enemies too. He spreaded some lulz, some pizzas, some cutaway gags, the power of polka, and now it is time to continue where we left off! This part of the series ties up with MLP Season 4. In this part of the series, Princess Luna gives Flare a new necklace, but not just any ordinary necklace, it's known as the Blessings of the Night. Throughout the chapters of Book 3, Flare must give his friends assistance, so they can charge up the Blessings, and Flare can become stronger willed with the power of friendship from all his friends inside that necklace. During so, he's going to have to overcome some obstacles in his path. His arch-nemesis, Dr. Swinebutt, still won't give up on his mission to gain his revenge on Flare; not to mention his business rival, Boorlie Pomodoro, whom tries to steal Flare's secret formula for his pizzas; and who could forget the newest foe of the bunch: Darth Flare, Flare's evil clone that Swinebutt created. Alone, Flare won't stand a chance, but the help of his friends in the Noble Six, the Mane Six, and some of his other friends in Ponyville, Canterlot, and Mareami, he might just be able to pull through and save the day.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Dr. Swinebutt has created a brand new weapon, which is combining the three most powerful foes in Equestrian history (or at least that we know of), and the Mane Six along with their Elements of Harmony are the only ones that could stop them... or are they?

Featured characters: Crimson Flare Gun, Red Engineer, Crystal Iceblast, Blaze Goldheart, Psyche Illusion, Aquatic Armor, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Spike, Dr. Swinebutt, Discord, Queen Chryalis, King Sombra

Also appearing: Water Gun, Crèmepop, Black Thunder, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Big McIntosh, Granny Smith, Bon Bon, Lyra Heartstrings, Woodenshy, Merry May, Peppermint Twist, Cesar, Silver Link, Willow Iceblast, Shining Armor, Princess Cadance, Quint, Caramel, Mayor Mare, Hairy the Bear, Tay Zonday, Derpy Hooves, Daisy-Jo, Cheerilee, Spark Note, Mynx, Grass Marks

HA! I did it! Beat that Valve Software! Doesn't take me forever to count to three like you! Better luck next time, brahs! What's up, bronies? The name is Crimson Flare Gun, and I'll be narrating the story! I've been through so much since I moved to Ponyville, and it is time for 30 more chapters of non-stop leet magic of friendship and lulz! Please enjoy your stay as you pay close attention to the story, and not to the little parasprites that are NOT trying to raid your refridgerator right now. Stay in your seats.... please ignore that crash in the kitchen...... and that blender..... and that microwave beeping..... and that.... elephant? Why do you guys have an elephant in your kitchen- Errr, what I meant was; please enjoy the story! Thank you for your attention!

Our story starts off in the Changeking kingdom, at Queen Chrysalis's palace. Queen Chrysalis was inside some sort of research tube with some sort of mask on her mouth. She awakens from her slumber, and notices her imprisonment. "What?! What is going on here?" Chrysalis asked.

"No idea, but I'm pretty much in the mood for an omelette right now." Discord said, in another research tube next to her. Discord snaps his fingers, hoping for an omelette to appear in front of him, but his magic didn't work. "Hey! I asked for an omelette! Where is my omelette?"

"Forget about your omelette! I'm still wondering how we got here." King Sombra said, in another research tube.

"Ah! My old friend Sombra! How are you feeling?" Discord asked.

"Had better days, Discord. Had better days." Sombra said.

"Umm, what are you two doing in my castle?" Chrysalis asked.

"Oh this is your castle? Well I must admit it does look pretty slimy in here to be Sombra's castle." Discord said.

"Oh ha ha, very funny!" Chrysalis said sarcastically.

"Seriously, I'm in the mood for an omelette. I get really cranky when I'm hungry." Discord said.

"Then eat a snickers, it'll help." Sombra suggested.

"Candy in the morning?!" Discord asked surprisingly. "I like your style!"

"Seriously guys, what is going on here?" Chrysalis asked.

"You are the next step in my plan!" a pig scientist by the name of Dr. Swinebutt said, as he entered the room.

"Who in my name are you?" Chrysalis asked.

"Doctor Porker Swinebutt, at your service!" Swinebutt greeted himself, bowing to them, and snorting.

"Ah, I remember you! You're that pig from Twilight Sparkle's princess coordination!" Discord said.

"The one and only!" Swinebutt said.

"Wow, a scientist pig, huh? Never thought I'd see one of those around here." Chrysalis said. Discord started giggling softly to himself, but then he started laughing real hard.

"What is so funny?" Sombra asked.

"His name! Swinebutt! What kind of name is that? That's hilarious!" Discord continued laughing really hard. Swinebutt just glared at him, and pressed a button on his remote, which gave Discord an electric shock; and since Discord was inside a tube full of liquid, it is pretty easy to get shocked.

"I had enough of you ponies and creatures teasing me about my name, or the fact that I am a pig. My childhood was so easy because since this pony Crimson Flare Gun came into the picture, everypony started teasing him instead of me! Now he's a big shot, and I must ruin his life to make sure I'm never teased again!" Swinebutt said.

"Crimson Flare Gun? Why would you do that to him? He's hilarious!" Discord said.

"Not to mention, he feeds my people with the love that's inside his pizzas. It's the only thing that keeps us alive." Chrysalis said.

"I have no idea who he is." Sombra said.

"He's a unicorn pony from Mareami that moved to Ponyville to make new friends. He made more than he predicted, and he's a big-shot pizza shop owner." Discord explained.

"Precisely; and with your help, I can finally ruin him, and then we can take over Equestria together!" Swinebutt said.

"Sorry, Porky Pig! I'm done with trying to take over Equestria. I use my magic for good now, and for my own amusement." Discord said.

"As long as I have enough love to feed my people, I don't need to take over Equestria anymore." Chrysalis said.

"All I want is the Crystal Empire." Sombra said.

"Help me out with my problems, and you can do all that! Sombra will get his crystals, Chrysalis will get more love than she ever needs, and Discord can use amusement however way he wants!" Swinebutt offered.

"Look, I don't know why you're focusing on just one pony. He's not really worth ruining." Chrysalis said.

"Yes he is! He's spoiled my plans for too long! Observe all my failures." Swinebutt instructed them. He takes out a projector camera, and turns it on, which shows a montage of all the plans that I spoiled in his past, in a black and white old-fim style, along with silent movie piano music playing in the background. It starts off with the title 'List of Spoiled Plans, By: Dr. Swinebutt'. PLAN A: Jet-Pack. It starts off with Swinebutt putting on a rocket jetpack, and taking out a case of matches. I run pass him in Road-Runner speed, and he lights the fuse on his rocket so he can chase me down; but the jetpack backfires on him and explodes, leaving Swinebutt standing there with a surpise look on his, and all burnt up. PLAN B: Anvil. Swinebutt stands on top of a canyon cliff, with an anvil in front of him. I start running by down below, and so Swinebutt pushes the anvil off the cliff so it would land on me, but he didn't get the timing right, and a semi-truck drives by carrying a trampoline behind it's cab. The anvil falls on the trampoline and it flies back up to Swinebutt, smashing him in the head, and Swinebutt just looks at the camera awkwardly with his flat face. PLAN C: Swinebutt pushed out a big cannon in the middle of the road, and got it in position. As he loaded the cannon, I started running towards him and the cannon, but I didn't even notice they were there. Swinebutt fires the cannon, and a raccoon with rabies was fired out, unleashed it's claws, and started flying towards me; but just like that the projector broke, and the film started spreading all over the place. "Oh, no! No, no, no!" Swinebutt whined, as he tried to put the film back inside the projector, but it already got tangled all around him. "Ugh! Intermission."

"So what we saw was a Willie E. Coyote cartoon, but you were playing the coyote, and Flare was the road-runner. Am I correct?" Discord asked.

"Look, my point is, he's more dangerous than he looks, and I need some extra help in order to take him down!" Swinebutt said as he snorted.

"So why do you need us?" Sombra asked.

"Because you three are the most powerful foes in Equestria, and I'll need you to work together. Not even the Elements of Harmony will stop you this time!" Swinebutt said.

"Discord was the only one who got stopped by the Elements of Harmony. I was defeated by the power of love, and Sombra was defeated by the crystal ponies." Chrysalis reminded him.

"It was the most humiliating day of my life!" Sombra said.

"Well it's time to fix that! With you three working together, that will create a most powerful weapon that has ever hit pony kind!" Swinebutt said, as he started walking towards a control system, and started pushing buttons.

"So what are you planning to do?" Chrysalis asked.

"I'm going to combine your powers, and then we'll start advancing to Equestria, and destroy Flare and take over Equestria!" Swinebutt said.

"I understand about the 'taking over Equestria' thing, but seriously, we can't do much just by destroying one pony!" Chrysalis complained.

"Hey, lighten up, Chrysalis! It'll be fun!" Discord said.

"This idea is stupid, and I only work alone." Sombra complained.

"I was worried that some of you would complain about this plan! That's why, once I combined your powers, it'll also increase your disharmony, and you'll want to do anything to take over the kingdom!" Swinebutt said.

"As long as one of them is the Crystal kingdom, I'm good." Sombra said.

"I dunno, I mean, I like this plan and all, I'd want to use my powers more freely, I really do! It's just... I changed. I don't want to upset Fluttershy again." Discord said.

"Wow, you really have changed Discord." Chrysalis noticed.

"Hey, ever since I became good guy, ponies have been giving a positive attitude towards me! One time, Fluttershy took me to see Disney on Ice!" Discord said. A cutaway gag shows Fluttershy and Discord walking to their seats while carrying popcorn and sodas. "Fluttershy, thank you for taking me to see Disney on Ice!"

"You're quite welcome, Discord! You deserved it!" Flutters said, patting him on the back.

"Fillies and gentlecolts! We now present to you: DISNEY ON ICE!" The announcer said. Just then, a couple of ponies pushed out a casket with Walt Disney's corpse inside, while he's laying on a giant ice cube.

"You know, this isn't what I expected when I bought the tickets." Fluttershy said, with an awkward look on her face. The cutaway gag ends.

"Now each of you hold still, while I perform the procedure.” Swinebutt instructed them as he types on his computer, getting the machine ready.

“You tested this, right?” Sombra asked.

“Of course I had it tested. I tested it on a few random ponies that attacked Equestria, little did I know the Elements of Harmony could defeat it, but this time, you’ll be immune to them!” Swinebutt explained.

“Excellent! So what’s it going to be like? It’s not gonna hurt is it?” Discord asked.

“Oh, it won’t hurt a bit.” Swinebutt said, as he pushes down the lever. “Well, maybe just a little.” Swinebutt snorted and turns the knob to full strength and says finally, “It’s gonna hurt a lot!” Swinebutt turns on the machine, and Discord, Sombra, and Chrysalis start screaming as the machine works its magic on combining the powers of the three power foes; and Swinebutt laughs evilly as it happens. After around 20 seconds, the machine shuts down, and sound of shattered glass was heard. “Yes! YES! I did it! The machine worked I combined the powers of the three most powerful foes in all of Equestria!”

“What do we look like?” Sombra asked.

“Freaks, we look like freaks.” Chrysalis said.

“I disagree! I think we look rather spooky!” Discord said. “I like it!”

“Oh great! The three of us are stuck together! You two have an arm and a leg, why do I have to be in the middle?” Sombra complained.

“Well, I’m feeling rather thirsty right now.” Discord said, as he snapped his fingers to create a smoothie. “Hey my magic works again!”

“Wow I can still use my changeling powers!” Chrysalis said.

Sombra creates a giant black crystal behind Swinebutt. “Whoa!” Sombra said.

“Amazing! With you as my ultimate weapon, we can end Flare’s life, and take over Equestria!” Swinebutt said.

“Yeah, but may I ask one question first?” Discord asked.

“I’m listening.” Swinebutt said.

“Do we have any shock collars or anything for you to be in control of us, or punish us if we do anything wrong?” Discord asked.

“Well….. no, I didn’t think I needed to.” Swinebutt said.

“Interesting…. you boys thinking what I’m thinking?” Chrysalis asked mischievously

“We watch Disney on Ice the right way?” Discord asked.

“No! It means we don’t have to do what this little piggy says!” Chrysalis said.

“Ahhh! We can take over Equestria ourselves!” Sombra nodded.

“HEY! You can’t take over Equestria yet! What about Flare?” Swinebutt reminded them.

“Yeah I don’t think that’s going to happen.” Discord said.


“Hey, little piggy? Why don’t you go wee wee wee all the way home?” Discord teased him as he snapped his fingers, and a giant rocket appeared right behind Swinebutt, and he crashes through the ceiling, and flies up into the sky.

“Looks like Team Piggy’s blasting off agaaaaaaaiiin!” Swinebutt yelled as he blasted so far in the sky, and a twinkle of light shined up there.

“Well that takes care of him!” Discord said.

“You said it! He started to annoy me!” Sombra said.

“So, what shall we do first?” Discord asked.

“If we’re to take over the kingdom, let’s take down Canterlot!” Chrysalis suggested.

“Ah yes! After that we go to the Crystal Empire, and assume my right rule as king!” Sombra suggested.

“HA! Let’s do this! Time to reclaim what is rightfully ours!” Discord yelled. All three of them laughed evilly, and then they started marching to Equestria, and start their mission.

Somewhere outside the Changeling kingdom, Swinebutt crash lands in a lake nearby. He swims ashore and uses his automatic dryer function on his labcoat to dry himself off. “UGH! That’s the second time my own creations double-crossed me!” he said angrily. “Those three will pay for this, but without my lab or my supplies, or my research, I can’t find a way to stop them! Wherever they’re going, I hope somepony will be able to stop them; but the question is: Who? Who will be able to stop someone invulnerable like them? WHO?!”

“ME!” I yelled as I stepped out of the kitchen at my pizza shop, carrying a tray of bowls filled with pastas.

“You what?” one of my employees Bon Bon asked.

“ME! I made pasta!” I yelled.

“That’s nice, Flare.” Bonnie said sarcastically. “It goes to Table 5.”

“Table Five, yes! Tabella Cinque!” I said in Italian. I ran over to Table Five, over where my friends Spark Note and Mynx were sitting at.

“Here you are, my friends! Who ordered the fettuccine alfredo, and who ordered the fettuccine alfredo?” I asked.

“I definitely ordered the fettuccine alfredo!” Spark Note said.

“Are you sure? Because I’m pretty sure I ordered the fettuccine alfredo!” Mynx reminded her.

“Look, if you want, I can trade you my fettuccine alfredo for your fettuccine alfredo.” Spark Note offered.

“Why would I trade in my fettuccine alfredo for your fettuccine alfredo? I’m ok with my fettuccine alfredo.” Mynx asked.

“Because you’re complaining that you want fettuccine alfredo. So you can give me your fettuccine alfredo and I’ll give you my fettuccine alfredo.” Spark Note suggested.

”How I suppose to know if that’s actually fettuccine alfredo in that bowl?” Mynx asked.

”Because they’re both fettuccine alfredo and they look exactly the same.” Spark Note said.

“Looks can be deceiving.” Mynx said.

“I’ll…. I’ll just let you two think it over.” I said as I awkwardly placed the bowls in front of them and walked away. “Ah, look at those happy faces, Bonnie!”

“Mhm.” Bonnie nodded, not really paying attention, and just reading her magazine.

“They just love the pizza! They just taking small bites and chewing very slowly!” I said.

“Uh huh.” Bonnie said.

“I mean my shop looks good and all…..” I started

“I see.” Bonnie said.

“… But nopony seems to be paying attention to the décor or atmosphere.” I said.

“Yeah, yeah.” Bonnie said.

“They just seem to just enjoying my food!” I said.

“Uh huh.” Bonnie said.

“Delicious meals cooked with love!” I said.

“I see.” Bonnie said. I looked over at Bonnie, and I can tell she wasn’t paying attention to me at all, just looking at her magazine. So I decided to bring her attention to the test!

“By the way, Bonnie, I had a dentist appointment earlier today, and I feel a little light-headed, so much I forgotten stuff. So can you tell Lyra the secret recipe again?” I asked.

“Sure.” Bonnie said.

“HA! I got you, sista! You weren’t paying attention!” I yelled.

“I’m sorry what?” Bonnie asked, lowering her magazine and looking at me.

“You don’t even know the secret recipe, and even if you did, you’d know not to tell ANYPONY the recipe. I got you good, Bonnie! HA I got you good!” I teased, and then I stuck my tongue at her.

My other employee Lyra Heartstrings laughed along with me. “Yeah Bonnie, he got you good!”

“Did I say you could laugh along, Lyra? GET BACK TO WORK!” I ordered her. Lyra nodded and returned to the kitchen.

“Hey bro, turn on the TV!” my sister Water Gun said as she entered the shop.

“Uhh, my TV is on, Water. Look!” I reminded her as I pointed to the TV hanging on the wall.

“We now return to: Average Teenage Fillies vs. Anime Teenage Fillies on PNT.” The TV announcer said.

“Oh my gosh! These shoes are so pretty!” one of the average teenage fillies said.

“Totally, but too bad they cost a fortune to get!” the other average filly said.

“Hey who cares! I got my dad’s credit card! Ooooo! I’m so bad!” the first average filly said.

“WHAT?! THESE SHOES COST THAT MUCH MONEY!? HOW CAN THIS BE?! THIS SHOP IS A TOTAL RIP-OFF!” the anime teenage filly shouted, while doing their average anime meltdowns with their cheeks all red, and zig-zaggy lines moving around on top of their heads, and their eyes look like this > < .

“Oooo, some girls have issues!” one of the average fillies said.

“Yeah totally!” the other average filly said.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME?!” the anime filly shouted at the average fillies. “Kao kogeki megakikku!” the anime filly yelled as she jumps in the air, as the background gets all flashy with pretty colors, and she takes out her leg and was about to kick the average fillies in the face.

I started laughing as I watched the show. “The main reason I love watching anime is that I love the way the fillies meltdown, and the stallions are either crybaby wimps or they’re just emo.” I said.

“Flare, I want you to turn on channel 6.” Water said.

“Hang on, I’m not finished yet; and then there’s Goku!” I added.

“Flare, turn on channel 6!” Water demanded.

“Alright fine!” I said, and just to shut her up, I turned on channel 6 – Ox News.

“Good morning, and welcome to channel 6 Ox news! My name is Grass Marks and we’re standing in front of Canterlot castle to witness what is an amazing sight!” Grass Marks, the newspony said.

“It’s a good thing this is channel 6, and not channel 7. Channel 7 is full of depressing news, deaths, and stuff not worth talking about. Channel 6! Now that’s different! Same goes to channel 4.” I explained.

“Shhh!” Water shushed me.

“Don’t shush me in my own shop!” I complained.

“Shhh, just listen to this!” Water demanded as she turned up the volume.

“We’re here inside Canterlot castle with the six ponies who saved Equestria once again by using the Elements of Harmony against the corrupted Body of Evil; Princess Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, AppleJack, Fluttershy, and Rarity. Tell us, what did this body look like?” Grass asked them.

”Well…. It’s pretty difficult to explain.” Twilight started. “You see….”

Just then Pinkie popped out of nowhere, cut Twilight off in mid-sentence, and started explaining really fast; “The Body of Evil was a combination of several ponies that had corrupted minds and started causing havoc throughout the whole city of Canterlot- pew pew pew, and everypony was soooo scared-“ Pinkie started screaming. “But then the six of us swooped in- dah-dahdah-daaaah, and we combined our elements and defeated the freak of nature!” Pinkie smiled and squeed. Everypony just looked at her in shock.

“Ah really can’t believe you can think of a whole sentence like that.” AppleJack said.

Pinkie suddenly leaned close to AppleJack’s face and said in a creepy voice, “Do not underestimate my powers!”

”Uhhh…. ok.” AppleJack said feeling freaked out.

“Uh huh, so all of Equestria would like to know, how do the Elements of Harmony work?” Grass asked.

“We told you in our first interview, Mr. Marks, the power of friendship.” Twilight reminded him.

“I know, I know, but how do we use it?” Grass asked.

“You don’t. Only the ones that are connected to the elements, like the six of us can use them.” Twilight explained.

“Exactly! They don’t just let anypony use these magical devices to protect all of Equestria, you have to be chosen, like us for example, because we’re awesome and we know friendship better than everypony else!” Rainbow Dash explained.

“I wouldn’t go that far, Rainbow Dash.” Rarity said. “I mean, we do represent friendship, but I wouldn’t say we’d know it better than anypony else.”

“Exactly!” Twilight said.

“I see. So now that you saved Equestria once again, what are you going to do now?” Grass asked.

“W-we do what we always do.” Fluttershy said hiding behind her chair.

”Please excuse her, she’s camera shy.” Rainbow said.

“You shouldn’ve told me there’d be thousands of ponies watching.” Flutters whispered to her.

“What we’re exactly doin’ is just goin’ on with our lives, Grass. Except for Twilight here. Since she’s a princess now, she has to perform her royal duties in Canterlot.” AppleJack said smacking Twilight in the back.

“Ow!” Twilight yelled. “Yeah.”

“How can that hurt you, Twilight? You’re a princess now, you shouldn’t feel pain.” Pinkie said punched her in the shoulder.

“Ow! Yes I can. I’m not immortal you know.” Twilight reminded her.

“Ok, thank you, ladies.” Grass said as he looked back at the camera. “Coming up next: Have drug rates gone up after the Crystal Empire returned?”

“You see that there, bro? You see that there, bro?” Water asked me.

“Yeah, an interview with a pony that hasn’t told me his secrets yet.” I said.

“True, but not just that, just check out the Mane Six. They’ve saved Equestria since Faust knows how long.” Water said.

“Yeah, and?” I asked.

“Aren’t you proud of them, Flare?” Water asked.

“Of course I am.” I said.

“Then why do you sound like you’re in a bad mood?” Water asked.

“Bad mooooooood! Listen to me, Water, I’m a cow. Moooooood.” I teased and laughed. Just then, a cow who was visiting by the name of Daisy-Jo just glared at me. “Sorry, was that an offensive racist stereotype?”

“No, you just sound like my in-law, don’t you know?” Daisy-Jo said.

“I know how that feels.” Water said. “Meeting my coltfriend’s parents are normally the reasons why I keep breaking up with them.”

“Hey, bossman? Having fun flirting with your sister and a cow? C’mon we got more orders to fill!” Bonnie yelled out.

“Well that’s my que and R and S! Better head back to the kitchen and cook up some pizzas, and sing a copyrighted musical number randomly out of nowhere, then the whole town follows along like we rehearsed it before. Ciao!” I said as I ran into the kitchen to start making pizzas while singing Don’t Look Back by Boston. Since I’m not good at making my own music, I have to take them, but Boston takes full credit, so I’m not stealing. So if you feel like suing me, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer: Tom Rockberg! Yes, Tom Rockberg, that’s what I said. We all should know whom I’m talking about.

To start off the musical number, I start juggling pizza dough and sing. “Don’t look back, a new day’s breakin’, it’s been too loooong since I felt this way.” I toss the pizza dough on the counter and start pouring sauce on them. “I don’t mind where I get taken-“ I sprinkle in some cheese, and then throw the cheese in the air like confetti. “The road is callin’, today is the da-yay!” After that, I’m seen in a casino outfit on, and start shuffling the fixings that go on top of the pizza, and I start dealing them, one fixing at a time, one pizza at a time. “I can see, it took so long just to realize, I’m much too strong not to compromise, now I see what I am…. Is holding me doooooown-“ I place the pizzas in the oven on and slammed the door shut, and spun around. “I’ll turn it around! Oh yes I will!”

I just leaned onto the oven for a few, waiting for the oven to go DING, so I can use my magic to carry all the trays of pizza I have in the oven, and set them on the tables of my customers, which by the way, I did. Wink, wink. “I…. see the dawn arrivin’.” After that, I threw garlic rolls at everypony, and they all caught them, except for Caramel, hit him in the head. “I…. see beyond the road I’m drivin’.” I walked over to my sister and stuffed a garlic roll in her mouth, and smirked at her, and she just rolled her eyes.

“Flare, we have an order from Cheerilee!” Lyra called out. “A pineapple, eggplant pizza with four garlic rolls, and a Polka-Cola.”

“On it! B-R-B!” I pulled the delivery items towards me with my magic and bursted outside. “It’s a bright horizon and I’m awakin’ now, oh I see myself in a brand new way...” I sang while looking at myself through a mirror I so happened to have with me. “The sun is shinin’, the clouds are breakin’-“ I looked up into the sky, feeling the sun on my face, and Derpy was up there kicking a cloud, and it shattered into pieces like glass. I dodged, and Derpy just embarrassedly shrugged. “Cause I can’t lose now, there’s no game to pla-yay!”

I ran into town, jumping around, spinning, swinging on poles, and the town sang with me in the background. “I can tell, there’s no more time left to criticize-“ I gave the pizza and stuff to Cheerilee at her place, and she waved. “I’ve seen what I could not recognize, everything in my life…. Was leading me oooooon, but I can’t describe, oh yes I can!” After that, I saw my friends from the Noble Six all together in one area. Red Engineer was playing an electric guitar that can be heard during the song. I went over to him, Crystal Iceblast, Blaze Goldheart, and Aquatic Armor and side-hoofed them, but when I got to Psyche Illusion, I just shoved his face, and he fell over.

“I…. finally see the dawn arrivin’. I…. see beyond the road I’m divin’, far away and left behiiiiiiiind, left behind!” I sang.

“Yeah, that was completely unnecessary, Flare.” Psyche said as he rubbed his head after he fell.

“C’mon, you know I less then three you, Psyche. But we need somepony in our group to pick on.” I winked.

“He’s right, you know.” Crystal said.

“Of course you’d agree with that circumstance, Crystal.” Engie chuckled.

“Of course I would, Engineer! Of course I would!” Crystal said, patting his head.

“Yeah, but what are ya singin’ for anyway, Flare?” Aqua asked.

”Aqua, my friend, when I’m in a good mood, that’s when I always sing!” I said. “That’s the tradition is around here, right Blaze?”

“I suppose so.” Blaze said.

“But one thing’s for sure: the sun is shinin’ and I wanna go!” I sang.

“Go where, Flare?” Crystal asked. “Ooo rhyme!”

“Anywhere my hooves take me, sista! There are so many awesome possum possibilities out there, and we’re going to experience them all…. after I collect money from Cheerilee, she forgot to pay.” I said.

During the guitar solo in the song, meanwhile in Canterlot, the fancy-smancy Canterlot ponies were just minding their own businesses, going about their day, when suddenly, their teas started moving, and the ground started shaking. Out in the distance was a monster of some sort. Everypony screamed, ran around like maniacs, some slammed into eachother, and then Changelings started attacking the ponies. It felt like deja-vu to them, but they were meaner than ever; but that was not all, black crystals started growing in a few places, and there were chicken legs with wings flying by (chaotic magic), but while the attack was going on, one of the Changelings felt confused and started flying away. From the castle throne room, Princess Luna was witnessing the terror and havoc going on outside. She turned to her sister, nodded, and then Celestia started writing a letter (without Clippy’s help).

Back in Ponyville, while Canterlot was smoking in the distance, I ran over to Twilight’s library, barged inside, grabbed her hooves and we spun around as I continued singing; “Don’t look back, a new day’s breakin’, it’s been too long since I felt this way.” I lifted her in the air like in a ballroom dance, spun her around, and then made her lean on my arm. “I don’t mind where I get taken, the road is callin’, today is the day-yay.” We both walked outside and started singing together, and then her friends and my friends all joined in. “I can see, it took so long just to realize, I’m much too strong not to compromise, now I see what I am, is holding me dooooown. I turn it around.” We all turn around. “Oh yes I will! I…. can finally see the dawn arriving. I…. see beyond the road I’m driving- Far away and left behiiiiiiiiiiiiiind!”

The camera zooms away from me, away from town, and gives another view of Canterlot being attacked, but as the guitar solo came on, the camera zoomed back fast on Engie playing the electric guitar, then we all danced and sang the words “Don’t look back!” four times until the song finally ended.

“Phew! That was sure fun, wasn’t it?” Engie asked.

“It was super-dooper fun! So nervouscited, but the thing is, I’m not nervous, I’m just cited!” Pinkie said excitedly. “But I could be nervouscited if there was a really good reason, for example, what’s that smell?” We all sniffed the air, and it smelled pretty unnatural.

“Smells like somethin’s burnin’.” AppleJack said.

“I think its Spike’s breath.” Crystal teased.

“Yeah, nice Crystal, very nice.” Spike said sarcastically. Just then, Spike burped a scroll from Canterlot.

“Called it!” Crystal cried.

“What’s this?” Blaze asked.

“Looks like a letter from Canterlot.” Twilight said.

“Yeah, it’s a letter from Canterlot, Blaze. It’s so obvious!” I said to him.

“I get it.” Blaze said as he rolled his eyes.

The letter reads: “Dear Princess Twilight, You and your friends are needed in Canterlot right away. Bring the Elements of Harmony with you. Sincerely, Princess Celestia.”

“What’s goin’ on? More trouble?” Aqua asked.

“I dunno, maybe.” Twilight said.

“I think it might have something to do with the smoke coming out of Canterlot.” Psyche said.

“S-s-s-s-smoke?! In Canterlot?!” Fluttershy frightenly cried in a squeaky voice.

“What’s this all about? Who in the right mind would attack Canterlot?” AppleJack asked.

“Now hold on, AppleJack, we don’t know if it’s an attack.” Rainbow Dash reminded her.

“Why not?” AppleJack asked.

“The smoke could mean anything! It could mean there’s an attack, it could mean there’s just an accident going on, it could be a drill…“ Rainbow explained.

“Could be a party….” Pinkie added.

“A party?” Blaze asked.

“Yeah, I don’t think that’s it.” Rainbow said.

“Cool! A nice little BBQ party at Canterlot! Sounds like fun! I better go get my things.” I said as I was just about to walk to my trailer to get my stuff, but Twilight stopped me.

“Hang on a second, Flare. This could be a dangerous mission. I don’t think you guys should go.” Twilight said.

”What? Why not?” I asked.

“Ah think the princess was askin’ for the six of us.” AppleJack said.

“And Spike, right? Don’t forget Spike.” I added.

“Yeah, and Spike too.” AppleJack said.

“Yes!” Spike whispered in excitement.

“Oh so that’s how it does gonna be, huh?” I complained. “Throw a possum grade awesome BBQ party, and the princess don’t even invite us. What do they have against us?”

“Nothing, the princesses have nothing against any of you. It’s just that…. Well…. I don’t think it’s a party, and this is the job for the Elements of Harmony.” Twilight said.

“Trust me, if they were more specific on whom they wanted to come then we’d know if they’d want you to come or not.” Rainbow said.

“But Dashie, this a super-dooper awesome party! Flare and his friends have to go!” Pinkie said.

“At least somepony is aware of my feelings.” I said. “Thank you, Pinkie.”

“Look, sugarcube. It’s nothin’ personal, and I’m pretty sure this ain’t a party.” AppleJack said.

“Mama Fluttershy, you’re with me, right?” I asked.

“I… I don’t like picking sides.” Flutters whispered cowarding in fear.

“Ok, she’s an exception. How about you, brahs?” I asked my friends.

“I don’t think this is a big deal, and this isn’t a party.” Blaze said.

“As I expected from you. Engie?” I asked.

“What they can do, we can do better!” Engie said.

“I like your attitude! Aqua?” I asked.

“Yeah I’m with Fluttershy this one. I ain’t pickin’ sides.” Aqua said.

“Psyche?” I asked.

“Well, I-“ Psyche started but I cutted him off.

“He agrees. So why can’t we go?” I asked again.

“I’m sorry, Flare. But this is the way it has to be.” AppleJack said.

“But hey, you can do something. You six get to watch over Ponyville if whatever’s attacking comes here.” Twilight suggested.

“Sounds like an awesome idea, Twilight!” Blaze said.

“See? Blaze gets the idea. Don’t worry; we’ll be back in no time.” Twilight said.

“Then we can throw a better party here! I’ll bring my SUPER party cannon with me!” Pinkie said, pulling out a party cannon that’s bigger than her normal one.

Crystal cleared her throat, took out a rocket launcher of some sort and said, “Party Rocket Launcher.”

“Ooooo! Can I have it?” Pinkie asked.

“No! It’s mine!” Crystal said, leaning the launcher away from her.

“Exactly! So we’ll be back later, and we can throw a party here.” Twilight suggested.

“Well, I hope ya all will stay safe.” Aqua said.

“You guys too! C’mon, girls. We have a train to catch!” Rainbow said.

“Sorry, dude.” Spike said, patting me on the leg and ran off with the Mane Six to the trainstation.

“I can’t believe this.” I said.

“Sorry, brah, but they do weld the Elements of Harmony. They’re the guardians of Equestria. They’re the ones that have to go on these dangerous missions.” Blaze said.

“I know, but it wouldn’t hurt if we were invited to the party too.” I said.

“For the last time Flare, it isn’t a party!” Psyche reminded me. “Canterlot’s in trouble up there, see?”

“Yeah, that’s smoke coming from the BBQ grills. Those delicious…. BBQ….. you know what? I think I have an idea!” I said.

“What’s ya idea, mate?” Aqua asked.

“Engie’s right, whatever they can do, we can do better! We can throw our own party, right here in Ponyville, and nopony up in Canterlot is invited. The whole town, all celebrating!” I said.

“Dibs on that!” Engie said.

“But still, this isn’t fair that we can’t go to the Canterlot party.” Crystal said.

“Fair… fair…. FAIR! That’s it! We’ll host another fall festival!” I suggested.

“But it’s summer.” Psyche corrected me.

“Really? Last I checked it was spring. Wow, spring went by pretty fast.” Aqua said.

“Then we’ll host a Summer Festival! The Summer Sun Celebration is going to be on next week, so we might as well get ready for that!” I said.

“Look, I have to be honest, this does sound like a good idea, but is there an actual reason why we’re doing this?” Psyche asked.

“Thanks for your honesty, Psyche.” I said.

“Anythin’ is alright with me.” Aqua said.

“Your kindness is worth a thousand words, Aqua!” I said.

“No matter what happens, I’ll by your side, dude.” Blaze said.

“Love your loyalty, Blaze! Love it! L-U-V!” I said.

“Ah should donate some of mah inventions for the festival! This is gonna be fun!” Engie said.

“Generous offer, Engie!” I said.

Just then Crystal hiccups some chicken feather and says, “Excuse me.” And we all laughed.

“Crystal you crack us up! Well then! As long as we’re all together, and I have my awesome possum magic by my side-“ I said as I used my rail-blast spell to shoot a tree, and all left standing was a sign-shaped object, then I used my laser blast to trace letters on the sign that says ‘Summer Festival’, then I used my flare spell to shoot flares in the air to make it look like fireworks. “The Summer Festival…. Has begun!” I said.

Meanwhile, the Mane Six made it to Canterlot. They got out of the train, and saw the town heavily damaged, and all the townfolk were either hiding, or going through the rubble. “For the love of Celestia, what happened here?” Twilight asked.

“What could’ve caused all this?” Flutters asked.

“I don’t know, but we better go see the princesses and see if everythin’s ok.” AppleJack said.

“HALT!” one of the royal guards yelled.

“What in tarnation?” AppleJack asked.

“What are you doing?” a second royal guard asked the first one. “That’s Princess Twilight!”

“It looks like Princess Twilight, but it could be a Changeling in disguise.” The other guard said.

“What? Changelings?” Twilight asked.

“I didn’t think they would cause this much damage.” Flutters said.

“Well that does explain all the Changeling goo, but what’s with the black crystals, walking pies, giant rats on unicycles, and this weird old pony standing in front of us that looks like a shark hunter?” Rainbow asked.

“Farewell and adieu to your fair Spanish ladies.” The shark hunter said.

“Well, all this does look familiar, but I can’t really put my hoof on it.” Twilight said. “I kinda have the reason that Queen Chrysalis is responsible for the Changelings, but everything else doesn’t make much sense.”

“Hey, doesn’t these black crystals look like King Sombra’s?” Spike asked.

“Yeah, they do, don’t they?” Twilight asked.

“CHOCOLATE MILK RAIN!” Pinkie yelled in excitement, drinking the rain from a cotton candy rain cloud.

“Chocolate rain.” A pony sang beside Pinkie while carrying a microphone. “Some stay dry and the others feel the pain. Chocolate rain.”

AppleJack bucks Tay Zonday away and says, “Ah dunno how many times that jokes was used already.”

Meanwhile back in Ponyville, we were all getting the Summer Festival all ready to go. Aqua, Engie, Big Mac, and Caramel were getting some of the tents up, Crystal was stacking cups really fast, and Psyche was putting up some posters. “Ah! Everything looks great! The Fall Festival is going to be a success!” I said.

“Summer Festival.” Engie corrected me.

“Oh, whatever!” I said.

“Howdy, Flare! What’s going on here?” Apple Bloom asked.

“Ah! Just the fillies I needed to see!” I said.

“Looks like you’re setting up another festival I see!” Sweetie Belle assumed.

“Looks awesome! I didn’t think you’d be building another festival without saying anything. Is it a surprise?” Scootaloo asked.

“Yeah, kinda. This was sorta last minute. It was sure nice of Mayor Mare to allow me to make one. This will totally beat Canterlot’s party!” I said.

“Oooooh, so that’s why Canterlot is smoking. See, Scootaloo? I told you!” Sweetie Belle said.

“No you didn’t. You said Canterlot was smoking because they were having a barbeque, not a party. Totally different things.” Scoots reminded her.

“Ah would’ve thought Canterlot was in trouble. By the way, where’s mah sister?” Apple Bloom asked.

“She got invited to the Canterlot party, but we weren’t.” I said angrily.

“Oh…. well that’s upsettin’.” Apple Bloom said.

“UPSETTING?! That’s down right unfair!” Scoots yelled.

“Unfair indeed. That’s why I’m making refair!” I said.

The CMCs all looked at eachother confusingly. “What?” Apple Bloom asked.

“Refair. Because Canterlot is UNfair, I’m making REfair. It’s like redoing a fair- you know what? Nevermind.” I said.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Sweetie asked.

“Yeah, maybe we can get some sort of cutie mark by doing hosting an activity.” Scoots suggested.

“Yeah, I was sorta thinking that, and you know what? You’d be perfect for this activity I want you girls to do.” I said.

“Well, I hope it’s more fun than the time you made me look after the sign-up booth.” Scoots said.

A cutaway shows me at the last Fall Festival at a sign-up booth, I was shouting, “Come one, come all! Wanna reveal your special talents and show them to the whole city of Ponyville? Sign-up now for the Fall Festival’s annual talent show! Those who don’t have your flank tattoos yet, this is your chance to get them!”

“Hi, I’d like to sign up for the talent show.” My friend Woodenshy said as we walked up to the booth.

“Excellent choice! Just sign here please, and write down which talent you’re going to show-off.” I instructed him as I gave the clipboard.

“But there’s no pen.” Woodenshy pointed out.

“On it!” I said as I pulled one of Scootaloo’s feathers.

“OW!” Scoots yelled.

“Here you go!” I said to Wood, giving him the feather. “The ink is right there.”

“Hi, I’d like to also sign up for the talent show.” Merry May asked.

“Right on it!” I said as I pulled another one of Scootaloo’s feathers and gave it to Merry.

“OW!” Scoots yelled. “I think I’m starting to know the reason why I can’t fly well.” The cutaway ends.

“Don’t worry, Scoots. Where you’re going, there won’t need any feathers being pulled.” I said.

“Oh yeah? What are we going to do? Me performing scooter stunts in a circus?” Scoots asked.

“Noooo.” I shook my head with a mischievous look on my face.

“Watching over a food stand and make delicious apple baked goods?” Apple Bloom asked.

“Nooooo.” I said with a squeakier voice.

“Sorry, younglin’. That’s mah department.” Granny Smith said watching over the food stand.

“Are we going to be making popsicle stick art?” Sweetie asked.

“Nooooo.” I said with my voice getting squeakier.

“Well, are we are gonna do then?” Apple Bloom asked.

Just then, Sweetie Belle was standing up on a stage saying, “Step right up, and see something never seen before by pony eyes! Only 3 bits, see the world’s first ever half-pony, half-dodo! Fillies and gentlecolts, I give you….” Apple Bloom pulls a string which opens the curton, revealing Scootaloo in a dodo outfit. “Podo!” Sweetie yelled.

“I knew I should’ve just watched over the sign-up booth.” Scoots said angrily to herself.

Back in Canterlot, the Mane Six made it to the castle throne room and met up with the princesses. The princesses were just watching the aftermath of the chaos that went on outside. “Princesses Celestia and Luna, we came as quickly as we could.” Twilight said, running in the room with her friends.

“Oh thank me you’re here.” Celestia said, feeling relieved. “You don’t know what chaos we’ve seen that’s been going out there.”

“What happened out there? It looked it got hit by a twister.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Ah think it would’ve made more sense if ah said that.” AppleJack corrected her.

“I never thought this same problem would happen twice.” Celestia said.

“You never thought what would happen twice?” Twilight asked.

“You talking about getting a piece of popcorn stuck in your teeth? Yeah, I hate that too.” Pinkie said.

Celestia just paused and looked at Pinkie. “No. It’s the Body of Evil, it’s returned.”

“The Body of Evil?” all the Mane Six said at the same time.

“I SAID IT FIRST!” Pinkie yelled.

“Except this time the body isn’t in a form of local ponies.” Luna said.

“Th-then what’s it in the… f-form of?” Fluttershy asked cowarding.

“Let’s just say it’s in the form of the three most disharmony foes in all of Equestria.” Luna said. All of the Mane Six gasped.

“The three most disharmony foes in all of Equestria? I don’t get it.” Spike said. “I mean, Discord’s one, but I don’t know the other two.”

“King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis.” Luna said. The Mane Six all gasped again.

“Oh. Well you should’ve said all of the world, not all of Equestria, counting Chrysalis is in the Changeling kingdom, and King Sombra has blown into a million pieces.” Spike explained. Twilight smacks Spike in the back of the head. “OW! Oh, yeah, I mean… your highnesses.” He bowed.

“It’s quite alright, Spike.” Celestia said. “But yes, the Body of Evil is in the form of Discord, Queen Chrysalis, and King Sombra.”

“But why is Discord with them? Isn’t he reformed?” Fluttershy asked.

“Apparently, he either changed back to evil, or maybe he’s been brainwashed.” Luna said.

“For all do respect, your highness, I don’t think Discord could be brainwashed. He’s the one that brainwashes others.” Rarity reminded her.

“We have some calculations here from Professor Bill Neigh.” Celestia said, reading the calculations. “It would seem that the Body of Evil wasn’t created by magic, but with technology.”

“Technology? Well, then this is obviously not their work in general. This body would have to be created by some sort of scientist, but the question is….. who?” Twilight asked.

“Heck if I know.” Rainbow shrugged. Seriously? Did they just forget about Swinebutt that fast? THEY KNOW him. They knew he was trouble! I told them all about him!

“Technology or no technology, there’s nothing that can beat your Elements of Harmony.” Celestia said. “You can use them to defeat the Body of Evil and find out the reason why they became that way.”

“Have the Elements ever been used to beat technology?” AppleJack asked.

“If the elements can defeat the Body of Evil once, they can do it again.” Luna said.

Twilight took a deep breath and said, “You can count on us, princesses!”

“So where is this Body of Evil?” Rainbow asked.

“It fled after it took its damage to Canterlot. We heard King Sombra yelling out that this kingdom will be theirs.” Celestia said.

“Not if we can stop ‘em!” AppleJack yelled.

“Yeah, nopony messes with Equestria and gets away with it!” Pinkie yelled.

“Well…. maybe except them.” Flutters said.

“C’mon, Fluttershy! We used the Elements to defeat them before, we can do it again.” Twilight said.

“Actually, it was only Discord you used the Elements to defeat.” Spike corrected her. Twilight glared at him. “What?” he asked. “Seriously. I’m trying to help and you always glare at me. I’m gonna throw a shoe at you one day and not be sorry.”

“Go now; there is no time to waste.” Luna instructed them.

“Princess Celestia! Princess Luna!” a guard yelled out.

“What’s wrong?” Celestia asked.

“We got word from Princess Cadance. The Body of Evil is…. attacking the Crystal Empire!” the guard said.

“OH NO!” Twilight gasped.

“There is no time to waste!” Celestia said. “Sergeant, tell your stallions to give Princess Twilight and her friends a ride to the Crystal Empire, as quick as you can!”

“Yes, your highness!” the guard bowed and ran off.

“This isn’t good. The Crystal ponies can’t afford to be attacked like that again!” Rarity said. “Their crystaley, shinny looks will dissolve!”

“Cadance, my brother, we have to stop that body, by any means necessary!” Twilight said.

“She’s right; we all know what to do right?” AppleJack asked.

“Mhm!” everypony said.

“Well… maybe.” Flutters said.

“Let’s go!” Twilight said. So the seven friends ran outside to get to their ride to the Crystal Empire, but unaware that there were leftover Changelings still attacking.

“Aw hay no! Leftover Changelings!” AppleJack complained.

“We know what to do girls.” Twilight said.

“Just run to the carriage and not worry about them?” Spike suggested cowardly.

“She said ‘girls’, are you ‘girls’?” Rainbow asked Spike.

“No, he’s right. You have to get to the Crystal Empire and stop the Body of Evil! We’ll handle things here.” A guard said as he took out a rocket launcher of some sort and started firing at the changelings in the air, but missed them completely. “GO!” the guard yelled. The Mane Six all started running to the carriage where a couple of Pegasus guards were waiting to take them to the Crystal Empire.

Back in Ponyville, the Summer Festival has already begun, and we were having a great time. “Well, Flare, you’ve really outdone yourself. Now I know it doesn’t make sense when ya made a party only to beat Canterlot’s because ya were never invited to a party that doesn’t exist, but I gotta say, ya did a really good job!” Aqua said.

“Thanks, Aquaman! You really know how to make a stallion blush!” I said as I looked at him seductively.

“Ok, let’s not go that far, mate.” Aqua said awkwardly, leaning back.

“Hey, check out Canterlot.” Psyche said, pointing at Canterlot which is showing the rockets that were being fired to take out the changelings.

I got angry. “So Canterlot thinks they can beat our party by shooting fireworks, huh? ENGINEER! Go get the fireworks!”

“But it’s in the middle of daytime.” Engie reminded me.

“Engie, go… get…. The fireworks.” I repeated angrily with my teeth shut.

Engie sighed. “Alright, fine.” He ran off to get them.

“Flare, I must be honest with you, but this party is really a success. Everypony is having a good time!” Psyche said.

“Thanks, brah! I know it’s silly that I’m trying to beat Canterlot’s party, but hey, nothing like a friendly competition right?” I asked.

“If you say so.” Psyche chuckled and said.

“So.” I said.

“Alright, Thundy! You can do it!” Crystal said to her coltfriend Black Thunder while he was wearing a blind-fold and holding a tail.

“I don’t wanna do this.” Thunder said.

”C’mon, Thundy! We just got married a little while ago.” Crystal said. “I need a little humor from you if this spark’s gonna stay up. After marriage, you know the spark is always on the path of running out.”

“I know, but this is too much.” Thundy said.

“Why? This is only a classic game of Pin the Tail on the Pony with a few modifications.” Crystal said.

“Yeah, only this time….. I’m pinning a tail on a bear.” Thunder said, as it reveals Fluttershy’s bear friend right in front of him, licking honey from his paw from the honey stand.

“Hey Flare, I found Boorlie trying to bribe one of your employees for your secret recipe.” Blaze flew in and said. “But don’t worry, I took care of him.”

“You never seize to amaze me, brah!” I said, patting him on the head.

“Why you patting me on the head? I’m not a dog.” Blaze said.

“I know you’re not, Blaze. Here, let me feed you some sesame seeds and rub your head.” I offered.

“Well…. I do like sesame seeds.” Blaze said as he started eating the seeds from my hoof and I was rubbing his head like a dog until he finished them. “Good boy! Now keep an eye out for Boorlie doing anymore bribes.”

“Sure thing, man!” Blaze said and flew off.

“Alright, Flare, I got the fireworks.” Engie said with a bunch of boxes.

“Awesome! This will show those Canterlot ponies that we Ponyville folk now how to party, Mareami heat style!” I said mischievously, rubbing my hooves together.

“Why are you rubbin’ your hooves together?” Engie asked.

“Mainly because my hooves are just so soft. Wanna feel them?” I asked, sticking my hoof in front of Engie’s face.

“Uhh, no thanks. Hey, ya want some lemonade? My treat.” Engie offered.

“Oh that sounds lovely! Thanks, brah!” I said as I followed him to the lemonade stand.

Meanwhile, over at the cotton candy stand, my special somepony, Crèmepop, was chatting with Lyra and Bon Bon.

“You know something, Crèmepop? You’re lucky to have a pony like Flare that can afford all this.” Lyra said.

“I’m surprised he has the guts to steal from his shop’s funding.” Crème said.

“Wait, that’s how he got the money for all this?” Bonnie asked.

“Well that, and most of these stands were leftovers from the Fall Festival.” Crème said.

“Still though, I dunno why he steals from his shop funding when should be giving us a raise.” Bonnie said.

“A raise? C’mon Bonnie, he pays fairly well.” Crème said.

“Yeah, to you, since you two are in a relationship. He goes easy on you. Lyra and I keep doing the impossible jobs!” Bonnie said.

“Oh yeah, like what?” Crème asked.

“Like that one time Flare got us to work the garlic roll, cinnamon roll conveyer belt.” Bonnie said.

A cutaway shows me working the cash register, and one of the customers was complaining; “Excuse me, I ordered a half-dozen garlic rolls 10 minutes ago, what the hay is taking so long?” she asked.

“I apologize deeply. The garlic rolls will be out momentarily.” I said. I walked to the back room of my shop and told Bonnie and Lyra who were standing near a conveyer belt and said to them, “What’s going on back here? Remember: Each of the rolls has to go into the correct bag. White bags for garlic rolls, brown bags for cinnamon rolls.”

“Got it!” Lyra said. I went back up front and the two employees started up the machine, and the rolls were slowly going with the conveyer belt, and they were stuffing the rolls in the correct bags and placed them back on the belt. “Hey, this isn’t so hard.” Lyra said happily. As moments went by, Lyra and Bonnie were having a swell time putting the rolls in the bags, but as seconds went by, the conveyer belt started going a wee-bit faster, and went from a wee-bit faster to A LOT faster. Lyra and Bonnie were having a rough time keeping up with the conveyer belt, and they couldn’t get them all in the bags in time, so they started stuffing the rolls in their aprons and airnets, and they started eating a few, and then a few to A LOT. Just then, Bonnie threw up inside one of the bags, and Lyra was shaking around all dizzy saying, “Uhh… I’m a roll.” Then she fainted on the conveyer belt, and rode it and bumped her head on the wall, and fell down. The cutaway ends.

“Hey, Crèmepop! My special somepony!” I said excitedly as I walked to her while carrying some lemonade that Engie got me, and I nuzzled her.

“Hey, Flarey! How’s the festival coming along?” Crème asked.

“How ironic, I was going to ask you the same thing!” I said and chuckled.

“It’s going great so far! That’ll teach those Canterlot ponies not to mess with us!” Crème said.

“Yeah, that’s the Crèmepop I know and love!” I said, as I head-locked her and gave her noogies. “Where are those noogies I promised you?”

Crème started laughing and said, “Stop that!”

“Why you saying stop that? You’re laughing, that means you like it.” I said as I continued.

“You know relationships these days so weird.” Bonnie said.

”If Flare is strong enough, and noogies long enough, he could reach her skull.” Lyra said.

“I’m not that strong, Lyra. I’m a unicorn. Unicorns are never strong; well, normally. But you know how hard it is to carry a feather?” I asked.

“Totally.” Lyra nodded.

“Not really.” Bonnie said.

”Well you’re earth pony, what do you know. I bet you don’t know what the word ‘weak’ means.” Lyra teased.

“Ooo, ooo! I know!” Crystal yelled out, raising her hoof. “It means seven days.”

“Wow, Crystal’s smart.” I said.

Meanwhile, back with the Mane Six, they were almost to the Crystal Empire. The carriage was small, but they could fit, hardly though. “Are we there yet?” Spike asked.

“Look who’s complaining. You got the best seat in the house.” Twilight said, glaring at Spike.

“Nah, it would be the best seat if your head wasn’t in the way, and there was a shoffer offering me gems.” Spike said. Twilight rolled her eyes.

“There it is.” Rainbow Dash pointed out. “The Crystal Empire.”

“The Crystal Empire doesn’t look too bad. Doesn’t look like it’s been hit yet, thank goodness.” Rarity said. “Wow, it sure looks like tiny from up here.”

“Actually, Rarity, we already landed.” AppleJack corrected her.

”Then why is Crystal Empire so tiny?” Rarity asked.

“That’s not the Crystal Empire. That’s just a display.” AppleJack corrected her. “THAT’S the Crystal Empire.” She pointed out the real Crystal Empire, which is nearly in ruin like Canterlot.

“Oh no! We’re too late!” Twilight freaked out.

“The Body of Evil sure is fast.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Either that or these guards are too slow.” Spike added.

“You think its easy pulling all seven of you?” the guard asked.

“I told Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy to fly.” Rarity complained.

“I was, until I found out the guards were flying so slow.” Rainbow complained. “I got bored and just wanted to sit down.”

Twilight sighed. “Cadance, Shining Armor, I hope they’re ok.” She said worryingly.

“Don’t worry, Twilight.” AppleJack said, holding her shoulder. “Ah’m sure those two can take care of themselves. We should go look for them.” Just then, they all heard a noise that sounded like a ringtone of some sort. “Uhh, who’s phone is that?” All of the Mane Six checked themselves.

“It’s mine.” Spike said, picking it up. “Hello?”

“Spike, brah! How’s the Canterlot party?” I asked on the other line.

“It’s going great! But we heard there’s another party going on in the Crystal Empire, so we’re there now.” Spike said.

“Crystal Empire’s joining in, huh?” I asked. “Well nothing like more competition. We’re gonna need something shinny so this party can beat the Crystal Empire too.”

“I think there’s some gems in Rarity’s trunk you can use.” Spike suggested.

“Say what now?” Rarity asked.

“Thanks, dude! I owe you one! I’ll try to save you some cotton candy.” I offered.

“You do that; talk to you later.” Spike said and he hung up.

“Flare I assume?” Rainbow asked.

“Who else? Does anypony else ever call me?” Spike asked. The Mane Six all looked at eachother and smiled to him embarrassingly. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. Let’s just go find Cadance and Shining Armor, and get this quest done already.”

Meanwhile, back at the Summer Festival, I went over to Granny Smith’s booth and decided to chat with her. “So that’s why you shouldn’t mess with the Friendship Mafia. You have no idea how many heroic deeds they’ve done.” I said to her.

“Back in my day, mobsters didn’t know the first meanin’ of friendship. Not just that, they also wore these funny tuxedos and silly hats, and they try to take over cities. Ah remember when a mob used to take over Manehatten. Ah was 16 years old.” Granny Smith said.

“Wow, you certainly been through a lot. I said.

“Here’s your fritter, dear.” Granny Smith said, giving me one.

“Thank you, Granny Smith. Hey, one more question. When do you plan on retiring?” I asked.

”What? Ya think these old bones can’t buck up a tree no more?” Granny Smith asked.

“I didn’t say that, but…. perhaps if you put it that way.” I said.

Granny Smith glared at me, and I got pretty nervous. Just then she sadly said, “Yer right, ah need to retire. Ah ain’t the apple bucker ah used to be.”

“Well, thanks again for the fritter.” I smiled and said.

Granny Smith whacked me on the head with a cane and yelled, “Now get outta here ya little whippier snapper!”

“Ah, yes ma’am!” I said nervously and ran away, but then I ran back and said, “B-T-W, I’m a BIG whippier snapper, not a little one.” Then I ran away again.

“Hey Blaze, ah got a chocolate chip cookie, and ah was wonderin’ if ya wanted one?” Engie asked Blaze, as Blaze was stretching out.

“Oh thank you, Engie!” Blaze said as he took the cookie and ate it.

“He found it near a sewage drain.” Psyche said as he walked by. Blaze spat it out quickly and wiped out his tongue.

“Yer welcome.” Engie said, feeling insulted. “You have no idea how hard it was to get that.” Blaze ran over to the drink stand and started sipping right out of the soda fountains. The drinks booth merchant kinda stood there and just watched, feeling pretty confused.

I bet you’re wondering what I’m doing right now. No? Well too bad, you’re gonna know. I was walking over to Peppermint Twist’s house and knocked on her door three times and said, “Twist?” then I knocked three times again and said, “Twist?” then I knocked three times again again, and.... well what do you think I said?

Twist opened the door and smiled. “Hey, Flare!”

“Hello, Twist. I’m here to ask for the candy canes. Are you done making them yet?” I asked.

“I told you. I keep a special stash over near the Zap Apple Trees at Sweet Apple Acres.” Twist said.

“Those I’m saving for Hearth’s Warming. Where are the ones I ordered?” I asked.

“You want me to make candy canes for the whole town?” Twist asked.

“Of course I do. I’ll pay handsomely!” I offered. “Oh and can you make some of those sticky candy canes too? You know, the ones that when you lick, your tongue would get stuck?”

“Frozen ones?” Twist asked.

“They’re frozen?” I asked.

“Why else would they be stuck?” Twist asked.

“I dunno, glue? Isn’t that why when you lick candy poles it gets stuck on?” I asked.

“No, it’s because they’re frozen.” Twist said.

“Oh that’s a relief. But I have to let you know, licking frozen poles and your tongue getting stuck is the least of your concerns. Lots of poles are full of germs, and you’ll get sick.” I said.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Twist said, rolling her eyes.

“Alright, I forgot why I was here.” I said.

“Me too.” Twist said.

“You coming to the festival soon?” I asked.

“Yeah in a bit.” Twist said.

“Alright, talk to you later.” I said and I walked away. As I was walking I started talking to myself. “Ah, Flare Gun, you’ve really turned into a success! This party totally beats Canterlot party, and probably the Crystal Empire party too. We got the whole town celebrating; we got lots of delicious food, oh and look, lots of Canterlot ponies just got here at the trainstation.” I looked at the Canterlot ponies at the trainstation that had very frightened looks on their faces after the chaos that went on earlier today. “Wow, look at their faces. Canterlot party must be a disaster! I better give them a warm welcome.” I walked on over to the trainstation so I can welcome the Canterlot ponies to our fair town, and party.

Back with the Mane Six at the Crystal Empire, the girls were looking around the town, and they were all scared; so scared, their crystal glows are gone. “Wow, the Body of Evil must be more hostile than I thought.” Twilight said.

“Oh you poor Crystal ponies. As if King Sombra himself wasn’t bad enough.” Rarity said.

“I can’t believe Discord would do this though.” Fluttershy said sadly.

“Hey, c’mon, the princess told us he could be brainwashed. He may not be aware of his actions. But if he is, it would be a great excuse to turn him back into a statue.” AppleJack said.

“All the fun we had. All we’ve been through together.” Fluttershy said upsettingly

“Suck it up, Fluttershy! It isn’t over yet. We have to find the Body of Evil, and then we’ll find the one who made them like this and give them a piece of our minds!” Rainbow yelled, punching her hooves together.

“I dunno if that’s a good idea, Dashie. If we gave them a piece of our minds, wouldn’t we be brain damaged?” Pinkie asked. Rainbow rolled her eyes, and they all walked inside the castle, where many of the crystal ponies were gathered together inside. Shining Armor and Cadance were trying to comfort them.

“Shining Armor, you’re okay!” Twilight yelled excitedly and gave him a hug.

“Twilie! What are you doing here? This isn’t safe for you.” Shining asked.

“By orders of the princesses, we’re here to stop the Body of Evil.” Twilight said.

“Are you sure you’re up to the task?” Shining asked.

“Of course we are. We encounted all three of them before, no doubt we can do it again. Besides, it was the six of us that defeated Discord, you and Cadance stopped Chrysalis, and the crystal ponies stopped King Sombra using the crystal heart.” Twilight explained.

“We tried our best, Twilight, but even the crystal ponies couldn’t stop the Body of Evil from attacking. It weakened them, but didn’t stop them.” Cadance explained. “This creature is far worse than any of us can imagine.”

“C’mon ponies! I wanna see you glow again!” Pinkie said as she was juggling on a unicycle while twirling plates on her head and telling jokes. “Hey, how many haters does it take to screw in a light bulb? None! Haters hate change!” Bu-boom boom psssssh! Shining, Cadance, Spike, and the Mane Five just stared at her.

“Trust me, even I tried to cheer them up, but no such luck.” Willow Iceblast said. Willow is Crystal’s ancestor, and the only one that stayed glowing when King Sombra attacked.

“Willow Iceblast. You’re still glowing.” Fluttershy said.

“Huh?” Willow asked as he looked back at her body. “Oh yeah, what do you know!”

“Willow is pretty much the only crystal pony right now that stayed glowing, like when King Sombra attacked the Empire the first time. She’s trying to help me to keep the crystal ponies from being scared, and she was only successful with four of them.” Cadance said. “This is getting more frustrating than the time Shining Armor started playing Hoofball.”

A cutaway shows a Hoofball Game going on in a stadium. An announcer says, “Ok the points are now with the Canterlot Wondercolts with 12 points, and the Manehatten Giants with 8. With only 20 seconds remaining, the Giants have to score one more fieldgoal touchdown to win the game. Our quarterback, Shining Armor has the Cadance ball, and both teams are heading into their positions.”

“23! 42! 98! HIKE!” Shining yelled as he threw Cadance across the field to his teammates, and while Cadance was being thrown again, one of teammates got tackled. Cadance just laid there, but out of the flash, a bunch of players dogpile on Cadance, and a buzzard goes off in the background, and the sports fans started cheering.

“Shining Armor throws me once to save the Crystal Empire, and now he’s treating me like a Hoofball.” The Cadance ball said with an annoyed tone. The cutaway ends.

Just then the ground started to rumble. “Wait a second.” Pinkie said with a concerned tone, then she shot the ground with her blaster and the ground started to rumble again. “Ok now this is the part somepony says the cave is collapsing.

“The cave is collapsing!” Willow yelled.

“This is no cave!” Pinkie said.

“Will be both be quiet, please?” Flutters asked frightenly with a squeaky voice.

Just then the roof of the castle gets grabbed on by giant bear fingers, and the roof gets removed completely, as the Body of Evil is up there and they all laugh evilly. The crystal ponies all either scream or faint.

“Oh…. My….. Celestia AND Luna! Both of them!” Spike yelled in shock.

“My most worthy subjects! So nice to see you, after all these moons.” Sombra said.

“Wow, so this is what they look like. They don’t seem that crystaly to me.” Chrysalis said.

“They all seem down at the dumps.” Discord said as he snapped up a giant dumpster and dumped garbage on the crystal ponies.

“STOP THAT AT ONCE YOU FEINDS!” Twilight yelled.

“Ah, Twilight! Never thought of seeing you and your friends here. We were just about to head to Ponyville next.” Discord said.

“Ponyville?!” Flutters asked.

“Yes, because Chrysalis here wanted Canterlot, and Sombra wanted Crystal Empire, and I want Ponyville.” Discord said.

“We couldn’t decide what to do first, so we played Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, a game Discord liked to play, but we only have two arms, and only one of them has fingers.” Chrysalis explained.

“So we decided to take down the towns in alphabetical order.” Sombra said.

“Chrysalis, Sombra, and Discord? That’s not alphabetical order.” Pinkie corrected them.

“No, alphabetical order by towns.” Sombra said.

“Quick girls! We need to use the Elements of Harmony to stop them!” Twilight said.

“Oh now now, let’s not be too hasty! How about we meet back in Ponyville and we’ll fight there, hmm?” Discord suggested.

“Ok! See you in Ponyville.” Pinkie smiled and waved. The Body of Evil let out once last evil laugh, and they flew away.

“We have to go back to Ponyville!” AppleJack said.

“Well, this was certainly a waste of time. We should’ve just stayed there and waited for them.” Rarity pointed out.

“Good luck, Twilight. You and your friends will need it.” Shining said.

“I won’t need it, big bro. We’re going to succeed, like we always do, right girls?” Twilight asked them with a heroic emotion.

“Mhm!” the girls and Spike nodded.

“Spike, I told you, you’re not one of the ‘girls’.” Rainbow Dash corrected him again.

“I really don’t like being left out.” Spike said.

“Quick! There’s no time to waste! We have to get back to Ponyville!” AppleJack said and they all ran back to the carriage so the guards can take them to Ponyville.

“Oh no! We’re not taking this again. After the speed we went, we’re taking the train back.” Rainbow Dash complained.

“Yeah, I suppose that makes sense. Besides, riding a train goes easier on my hair.” Rarity said.

Back in Ponyville, we were trying to cheer up the Canterlot ponies by getting them to play some of the festival activities. “There we go. Ya’re getting the hang of it now, Cesar.” Aqua said.

“My hat collection was destroyed in the attack.” Cesar said.

“Ya can always buy more hats. Now c’mon, let’s forget about all that, and let’s continue throwin’ some balls.” Aqua said.

“Hey Aqua, how are things going?” Blaze asked.

“Exhaustin’. These Canterlot ponies are as spoiled as a diaper.” Aqua said.

A cutaway shows a foal crying because his diaper is spoiled. “WAAAAH! WAAAAH!” the diaper yelled at the foal. “WAAAAH! WAAAAH! I don’t know why you’re having such a bad day. I’m the one that’s full of poo! I’m the one that should be crying! I’m going to be thrown away soon and get replaced, and it’s all your fault! So how about you stop being so stubborn and just feel sorry for me?” The foal just sat there in silence. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” The cutaway ends.

“How about ya, Blaze?” Aqua asked.

“Well, I did promise my niece to take her mini-golfing.” Blaze said.

“But instead she wanted to do the festival activates?” Aqua asked.

“No, she keeps bragging on me taking her mini-golfing.” Blaze said.

“Then why don’t ya take her?” Aqua asked.

“I can’t. Flare’s making me watch over the festival while he’s in the porter potty next to his shop, and Rainbow isn’t here to take her, so she’s out of luck.” Blaze said.

“Wait a second, there’s a porter potty next to Flare’s shop?” Aqua asked.

“Yeah.” Blaze said.

“Why doesn’t he just use the restrooms in his shop then?” Aqua asked.

“I dunno man. I just promised him to do this, and I hate to break a promise.” Blaze said.

“Well maybe I can-“ Aqua was about to stay, but then Crèmepop appeared and talked over him.

“I’ll take her. I don’t have anything better to do.” Crème offered.

“Oh thank you, Crèmepop! But you don’t need to do that.” Blaze said.

“Of course I do! Candy Cotton is just a little angel! I’d be glad to help!” Crème said.

“Well in that case, thank you!” Blaze said.

“It’s no trouble!” Crème said as she walked over to her to take her mini-golfing.

Over at the porter potty, I just finished up in there and got out. “Ahh, much better!” I said to myself.

“You could’ve just gone to the bathroom in your shop, Flare.” Water reminded me.

“Yeah, I know, I’m not stupid.” I said.

“Then why didn’t you go?” Water asked.

“Have you ever competed in a bean burrito, turnip greens, grapes, hot dogs with chili, peanut butter and banana sandwiches with a galloon of cranberry juice eating contest?” I asked.

“Point taken.” Water said. “You could’ve just said cranberry juice, and I would’ve gotten it instantly.”

Just then my phone started ringing. I took it out of my vest and looked at it. “Oh it’s Spike. Gimmie a sec, Water.” I picked up the phone and said, “Flare Gun, party animal!”

“Hey, Flare, how’s the party?” Spike asked.

“It’s going better than ever, brah! Praise the Wizards!” I yelled. “The ponies from Canterlot joined this party! This proves that the Ponyville Summer Festival is a lot more better than whatever party Canterlot hosted.”

“I see.” Spike said. “Hey, not to be a party pooper, but the Body of Evil is heading to Ponyville right now.”

“The what?” I asked.

“The Body of Evil! A combination of Discord, Queen Chrysalis, and King Sombra! You have to get the ponies to shelter, or make a defensive force field, and quick!” Spike yelled.

“A combination of Discord, Queen Chrysalis, and King Sombra? That’s has got to be the best mascot I’ve ever heard of!” I said excitedly.

“Wait, what? No! Dude, you have to get prepared! They could arrive there at any moment!” Spike yelled.

“You’re right, Spike, and I will! Thanks for the heads-up!” I said.

“Dude, don’t get the wrong idea!” Spike yelled.

“I’ll get the townsfolk ready for them! Talk to you later, brah!” I said.

“No, Flare, WAI-“ Spike yelled, but I cut him off and hung up. “I better get the mayor and tell her to good news! We’re gonna have the best mascot in all of Equestria coming to this Festival! I’m so psyed!” I then ran over to Town Hall to tell her the good news.

“Somepony say my name?” Psyche asked as he walked over.

Back with the Mane Six and Spike on the train, Spike hung up the phone and sighed.

“Did he listen?” Twilight asked.

“What do you think?!” Spike asked sarcastically.

“You got anypony else’s phone numbers in there?” Twilight asked.

“Well I got yours and Rarity’s, but that’s it.” Spike said.

“What are we gonna do? We left in such a hurry we left our cell phones at home.” Rarity said.

“I got paper!” Pinkie offered.

“Ah, good idea, Pinkie! We can use this to send a letter to Princess Celestia, and she’ll protect Ponyville.” Twilight said.

“Actually, I was thinking of making paper airplanes with them.” Pinkie said.

“Spike, take a letter.” Twilght instructed him.

“On it!” Spike took the paper and a feather from Rainbow Dash’s wing.

”OW! Keep pulling out my feathers, I might become flightless.” Rainbow complained.

Back in Ponyville, the whole town was gathered around in front of Town Hall, and the mayor was up at stage about to stage her announcement. Engie was talking with Big McIntosh about hosting a pre-show with him before the Body of Evil shows up. “C’mon, Big Mac, we both have one of them western accents. We’d sound great singin’ a duet!” Engie offered.

“Nnnope.” Big Mac said.

“Are you sure? It’ll be fun!” Engie said.

“Eeeyup.” Big Mac said.

“Oh you said ‘eeyup’, that means yes! Yee-haw! So what we gonna sing?” Engie asked.

“Nnnnope.” Big Mac said.

“Nnnope? Never heard of a song like that.” Engie said.

“Nnnnope.” Big Mac said.

“Eeeyup.” Engie argued with him.

“Nnnnope.” Big Mac argued back.



“EEEE…. YUP!” Engie yelled in Big Mac’s face.

“EEEE….. NOPE!” Big Mac yelled in Engie’s face.

“Will you two be quiet? C’mon, the Mayor is about to make her announcement.” Psyche reminded them.

“Fillies and gentlecolts.” The mayor started. “I am pleased to announce that we are about to have a special guest coming to town!” she said.

“Oh no!” one of the Canterlot ponies panicked.

“No, no, this is a good thing, or so I heard.” Mayor Mare said. “In a few moments we will be getting a special visit by a creature so fierce, so terrible, so incredibly creepy, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to-“

“Stop everything!” Celestia yelled.

“Oh, Princesses Celestia and Luna.” The mayor gasped as everypony in town bowed to them. “This is…. An unexpected surprise.”

“On the contrary, we’d thought you would expect us after the unfortunate incident that happened in Canterlot.” Celestia said.

“Unfortunate incident? I don’t understand.” The mayor said. “We were told you having a party up there.”

“A party? Who told you that?” Celestia asked. Luna poked her sister’s shoulder and pointed with her head towards me. I just stood there, waving.

“Princess Celestia poked you.” I said to Luna. “You gonna poke her back?”

“Not that surprising.” Celestia said. “My most faithful subjects, I am sorry to put you all to receive some false news, but the Body of Evil is NOT a mascot. He is a combination between Discord, a god of disharmony, Chrysalis, queen of the Changelings, and King Sombra, former evil ruler of the Crystal Empire.” Celestia explained.

“Wait, so… does that mean…. WE’RE IN TROUBLE?!” one of the townfolk panicked.

“Don’t panic everypony.” Luna said. “We have-“ But everypony just cut Luna off in mid-sentence and they all started screaming and running around like maniacs.

“Everypony! Remain calm!” the mayor yelled out, but nopony listened to her.

“I don’t believe you Flare!” Crystal yelled at me. “You lied to the entire town! How could you?!”

“Crystal, don’t blame him, he didn’t know.” Blaze said. “And we all knew Canterlot was attacked. We’ve all seen the smoke.”

“I thought that was a BBQ!” I yelled. “I didn’t know! Besides, if we told everypony Canterlot was attacked, everypony would’ve panicked. See the results? This Summer Festival has made everypony happy, and not worry about what happened in Canterlot. You should be thanking me!”

“Well there’s no use for that anymore. Everypony discovered the truth.” Psyche said. “But the good news is: the princesses have everything under controlled.”

The princesses stood by eachother’s side, and they looked at eachother. “You know what to do, dear sister.” Celestia said to Luna. Luna nodded, then they both closed their eyes, and their horns started glowing. They started using a defensive spell to create a shield to protect all of Ponyville. Everypony in town stopped panicking and watched the princesses doing what they needed to do: to protect their subjects.

Just as they thought they were succeeding, it was too late. The Body of Evil blasted both princesses right off the stage, and their spell failed. The Body of Evil flew up in the sky, and let out a big roar. “Wow that was amazing!” Discord cried in excitement. “I never bothered roaring before. I should do that more often!”

Everypony started to panic and run again. But luckily, at the trainstation, the Mane Six came just in time. “PRINCESS CELESTIA!” Twilight yelled as she ran towards her.

“Hey, what about me? Don’t I matter?” Luna complained.

“I’m fine, Twilight. You must use the Elements of Harmony against the Body of Evil, now!” Celestia ordered.

Twilight nodded and said, “C’mon girls! We have one shot at this!”

“Oh, we’re gonna need a little privacy for this.” Discord said as he snapped his fingers, and they all teleported inside Town Hall.

“TWILIGHT!” Spike yelled.

“Aw man, I wanted to see an epic battle!” Crystal complained. “I never saw the Elements of Harmony in action. Have you?”

“Yeah, three times.” Spike said.

“Lucky.” Crystal said enviously.

Meanwhile, inside Town Hall, the Body of Evil laughed evilly. “Looks like it’s time we did our final battle.” Sombra said mischievously.

“Yes. It is time we got rid of the guardians of Equestria.” Chrysalis said.

“Oh we don’t think so!” Rainbow Dash yelled at them.

“My, my, we’ve seem to got ourselves in an impasse here.” Sombra said.

“I have an idea! How about we allow to give these six ponies the first shot?” Discord suggested.

“Discord, snap out of it! We’re friends!” Fluttershy cried.

“Fool! The only friends I ever need is me, and my chaos!” Discord said.

“This isn’t you, Discord! I know it! You’re better than this!” Flutters cried.

“Snap out of it, Fluttershy! It is time we got rid of these freaks of nature!” Rarity yelled.

“See? Told you.” Chrysalis reminded Sombra and Discord.

“C’mon, girls! It’s time we finished this! Elements ready!” Twilight yelled.

“Ready!” they all yelled. Twilight closed her eyes, and used her magic to activate all the Elements. The Body of Evil just stood there. Discord yawned, Sombra rolled his eyes, and Chrysalis scratched her nose with Sombra’s hoof.

“Hey!” Sombra cried.

Just then, a rainbow connected all of the elements, and finally a giant rainbow popped out and slammed right into the Body of Evil. The three evil foes screamed, making it look like they were defeated. The Mane Six deactivated their elements, and slammed tirelessly on the ground.

“I… I think we did it.” AppleJack said as she was catching her breath.

“Wasn’t so hard.” Rarity said. “Nothing we haven’t done before.”

“Discord? Are you ok?” Fluttershy asked, looking at the all the smoke in front of her where the Body of Evil was. There was silence in the whole room, but just then, the Body of Evil popped right out again and roared. The Mane Six all gasped.

“You should’ve seen the looks on your faces!” Discord laughed. “We were like ‘NOOOOO!’, and you were like, ‘We did it!’, but then we popped out and scared you all half to death!”

Pinkie giggled. “That was a good one! You really got us!”

“I… I don’t understand. The Elements were supposed to work. Why didn’t they work?” Twilight asked.

”Foolish, Twilight Sparkle, thought using the same powers of friendship would actually defeat us.” Chrysalis said.

“HA! When we were modified, we also came with a defensive magnesium! We’re now immune against the Elements of Harmony, puny ponies!” Sombra said.

“No! Then how are we supposed to defeat you?” AppleJack asked.

“Looks like you’ll have to find another way. Until then…. We must put you six out of the way, so you don’t try anything funny.” Sombra said.

“What do you mean? You’re not gonna ruin my hair, are you?” Rarity asked cowardly.

“No, of course not! You think we’re monsters, Rarity?” Chrysalis asked.

“So what are y’all gonna do then?” AppleJack asked.

“Put you all on a curse. You’ll all be in a coma, and it won’t wear off until somepony defeats us, which will by the way not happen without the Elements of Harmony.” Discord said.

“Brace yourself, girls!” Twilight said.

“But if I’m in a coma, I won’t be able to host that party I promised Flare!” Pinkie whined. “I never break a pinkie promise!”

“You didn’t even pinkie promise him, Pinkie.” AppleJack corrected her.

“Oh phew! That’s a relief.” Pinkie said, wiping her sweat.

“Goodbye, Elements of Harmony!” Sombra said as his magic, combined with Chrysalis’s and Discord’s, they created a huge curse to put the Mane Six in a coma. The six friends all hugged eachother in fear.

“No matter what happens, we’ll always be together. Our friendship will keep us alive, no matter what!” Twilight said.

“Twilight, I’m scared.” Flutters said.

“Well…. you should be.” Rainbow said.

“Rainbow!” AppleJack yelled at her.

“What? If we’re all gonna be honest here, if we’re not gonna be awake ever again, we might as well get things off our chest. I’m scared too.” Rainbow said.

“Well, if we’re all gonna tell eachother the truth, I-“ Pinkie started, but got cut-off.

“Too late!” Discord said as they fired their curse at the Mane Six. Me, Spike, and the Noble Six were outside.

“Would anypony like a jelly-baby?” Psyche offered.

“Sure, why not?” Aqua asked as he takes one.

“Being in danger does make me hungry.” Engie said as he also takes one. Just then, we all suddenly saw an explosion blow up all the windows in Town Hall.

“OH NO!” Spike yelled as he ran inside Town Hall to check on his friends. “TWILIGHT!” Twilight, and her friends were all scattered on the ground, not moving a muscle.

The faces of the Body of Evil all looked down at Spike, and whispered, “Boo.” Spike screamed and ran away. The Body of Evil flew right through the Town Hall roof.

“Hear us, Equestria!” Sombra started. “Your precious kingdom has fallen. Your carriers of the Elements of Harmony are now in a coma!”

“Don’t bother trying to wake them, because the only way you can wake them is if we’re defeated, which we can’t without the Elements of Harmony!” Chrysalis yelled.

“As long as we pay attention to what’s going on, no power of friendship can ever take us down! NEVER! Surrender your kingdom to us, princesses, and your kingdom will be spared! We’ll be back in 24 hours.” Discord yelled.

“If this kingdom is not ours, we’ll destroy it, city by city!” Sombra yelled. The Body of Evil flies away, leaving behind the aftermath of their attack.

“Aren’t you scared, brah?” I asked him.

“Oh no!” Spike yelled as he ran back to the Mane Six, with the princesses, and us with him. “This is terrible! What are we gonna do?”

“We have to take them to the hospital.” Luna said. “We have to find a way to defeat the Body of Evil.”

“But without the Elements of Harmony, we’re defenseless.” Aqua said.

“Holy Wizard of Feelings!” I cried. “This is more upsetting than-“

“Is now really the right time for cutaways?!” Psyche yelled at me.

“Jeez, there’s too much drama in this moment. We really need to cheer up.” I said.

“I haven’t said this yet; it’s about time I said this… OH SNAP!” Crystal said.


Chapter End Notes:

If you're here reading this, then you're either a fan of my story, or wanting to give me another chance. Regardless, thanks for reading! I hope you liked it! I did the first part a long time ago, you seen it in the sneak peek, if you seen the sneak peek. I found this premiere to be a bit similar to the finales of Book 1 and Book 2. I'll explain it in Part 2.

BTW, these two chapters were meant to be sequels to the season premiere of MLP, but I was forced to make it a prequel for obvious reasons. Well, obvious reasons if you seen the premiere. 

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