Of Clouds and Bubbles by CloudGazer45
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Yay, I'm back! This chapter is abit of a short, yet a sad one, and I don't really have a lot to say... OH! I forgot to mention that Cody's right eye was blue. A small detail that I missed, my bad. And I'm sorry that I didn't get this up sooner, homework and other things have been in the way. So, yeah, Enjoy! 

Chapter 2: This can't be happening...


The blonde maned mare was exsaughsted after galloping all the way to Canterlot Castle, the residence of both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. As she ignored the guards in front of her, she looked behind her, and stared longingly at the male pony on her back. The silver mane that covered his eye was always on the left side, just seemed to stick, not moving off at all. It confused her to no end, both the fact on what he was and how his mane was able to do that. She saw the doors ahead of her and just barged right in, creating a loud bang as the twin heavy, oaken doors looked as if they were going to fly off then and there. The two light and dark alicorns in front of her abruptly stopped talking, and glanced in her direction, each with a confused look on their faces. The blonde stopped and gently dropped the strange being in between them and said out of breath:


"I-I don't know what h-he is, o-or how he got here, but my mind a-acted on it's own! I'm sorry for barging in suddenly!" Celestia looked down towards the younger mare, tilting her head to the side in curiosity at what she was talking about. Her younger sister was mirroring her actions but was the first to respond in her loud, echoing voice.


"What art thou saying? Calm thyself down before some unintentional matter befolds upon us." Celestia shook her head back and forth out of agrivation, making her multicolored mane shadow her face, none of this was making sense and they weren't getting anywhere fast.


"Luna, please. Now, Ditzy, explain what happened. And don't worry, it's just us three here, except for our unconscious friend lying there." The white furred alicorn replied in a soft tone, as well as pointing her hoof at the strange being. The newly named Ditzy was able to calm down enough so she could tell of the events that had transpired; the crash, the transformation, and how she got them both to the castle in the short amount of time, as days first light started to raise up.


After the explanation, both princesses were confused out of their minds. A strange being falling from the sky, and changed it's form into one of their own, it was just preposterous. There was also another thing that left the older sibling of the two to no end, just puzzled. Residing inside the only stallion in the room, a strange power seemed to radiate, pulsating with dark energy, making her nervous, yet curious to find out what it meant. However, at the same time, it didn't seem harmful in any way. Though it bothered her to no end, she pushed the thought to the back of her head. At the time, Celestia had to figure out what to do with both newcomers. The white furred Equestrian ruler looked at her black and blue furred sister and asked:


"Luna, do you mind showing Ditzy to the Living Quarters? When the 'stallion' wakes up, I have a few questions I want to ask him." The princess of the night simply just rolled her eyes and gave a sigh.


"Fine. However, we should get your student in here as well. She could help, significantly." It was now her turn to roll her eyes. Luna just shook her head back and forth, and beckoned Ditzy to follow her. As the muffin-eating mare went to pick the unconscious otherworlder, a deep blue glow enveloped around his body as he was raised up, and brought over towards the exit, and with that, she quickly followed. As the duo, not counting the unconscious one, walked down the red carpeted floor, many of the castle's guards remained at their posts, but those that were paired up started whispering amongst themselves.


"Hey, look! It's Derpy!"


"What the hay do you think she's doing with Princess Luna?!? And who in the world is that she's carrying?"


"Beats me, but just look at her eyes!"


That last sentence struck Ditzy like a stab in the heart, for her to hear that just meant the end of the world. She was of course still dealing with heartbreak after all. After getting to the Living Quarters, Luna gently placed the stallion on the soft, fluffy bed and placed a red cover, that just seemed to reflect all light around off of it, over him. She looked at him with a curious expression etched on her face, but that didn't last as she heard a quiet sniffle come from the second female in the room. The mistress of the moon looked over at Ditzy to see her with tears forming in her eyes.


"Ditzy, come sit over here for a minute." Ditzy obeyed, and was quickly brought into a tight, but caring hug. However, that didn't make her feel that much better. After about a minute or two, Ditzy gently pushed Luna away, and started making her way towards the washroom. Before she entered, the gray pegasus looked at the 1,000 year old alicorn and said: "I'm fine Princess Luna... I just need some time alone..."

After she went in and closed the oak door behind her, Luna gazed back at the once normal human. She saw him move as he groaned in pain and slight irritation as he started to wake up...

Chapter End Notes:

I am so freaking evil... So, that's it for this chapter, and it will be a while before the next one... I'll see you guys later, bye!

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