Of Clouds and Bubbles by CloudGazer45
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hi everyone, CloudGazer45 here. Here is my first MLP:FiM story, so don't hurt me for getting some elements of the show wrong, still getting used to discovering that I'm a Brony. Enough said, let's start this. ENJOY!



                       Chapter 1: Be Careful of What You Wish For....


(3rd person POV)


  The whole house was extremely quiet, not even the snores of the dog sleeping on the soft couch weren't heard at all. The sun was shining very brightly for a winter day and the rays reflected off of the black surface of the tables and made the room brighten even more. Suddenly, the dogs eyes shot up and turned her head towards the door as there were a series of clicks coming from the lock. The wooden door swung open, releasing a large amount of sunlight flood into the house, and the white pit bull jumped up and started jumping up and down in front of the person who walked inside the house.


 "Ok, ok, Leia, calm down." The male said, struggling to get the large dog to stop jumping up on him. The recently named dog then sat right in front of him and almost made him trip and fall. The adolescent teen gained his bearings, and then shifted the heavy red messenger bag off his shoulder and let out a heavy sigh. He placed his headphones back on his ears and walked off into his room and shut the door, just letting the music play in his mind and flopped onto his bed, sighing in relief as he started to feel drowsy.


Pushing himself off the covers, he slugged over to the mirror to see how he was looking. His almost pure white hair was brushed over his left eye, obscuring the crimson red eye that scared most people away from him. He shook his head as he continued to look at himself, his skinny physique, the black coat that he customized himself, the t-shirt that he also designed. It was an image of the Grim Reaper looking down at a lotus flower as it went down a river bank. He shook his head once more and proceeded towards the bed once more. However, as he closed his eyes, he didn't notice the black mist sneak into his room and hide off in the corner.


(In Equestria)


In the night covered Ponyville, a certain grey colored pegasus walked down a bridge on the outskirts and looked up at the sky. Her crossed amber eyes had a pained expression painted on them, as she looked back on her past and what happened recently. The person that she sought as a great friend had just ended their relationship and it was because of the stupidest reasons: the way her personality was and her always crossed eyes. She then stopped walking and just kept gazing at the darkened sky. A tear then escaped her eye and fell into the river that was just across the bridge.


"If there is any pony out there, please, I just want someone to be nice to me, even if my eyes do look funny. Please! I need to know how it is to not be made fun of." Her voice echoed through the night sky, as a shooting star passed over the area.


(Back on Earth)


As Cody kept listening to music and fell into a deep slumber, the black mist suddenly shot up and darted over to his position. It started to creep up and around his legs, like a snake about to constrict it prey, and slowly wrap him in a midnight black cocoon. As the shadowy mist was about to cover his face, the teen's eyes suddenly shot wide open. Terrified as he could, he tried moving, but avast, his body could not respond. After the cocoon formed around his head, a dark flash occurred, and Cody Clarkson was no longer in his room, down on Earth.


However, in the world of Equestria, a strange comet was seen heading towards Pony-ville, right the outskirts, in almost the same location of the grey fur colored mare.


(First person POV: Cody)


'Wha... What the hell just happened?!? One minute I'm just listening to music, and now this weird, I don't know what, mist I guess, just covers my body. Now, the question is: where am I?'


I couldn't stop shaking, it was as if something was changing my body in the outside. I could even feel my bones shift around as well, and why could I not feel my fingers? I tried opening my once closed eyes and found myself diving head first into the ground. I guess that explains the shaking, but I saw something else as well. It looked a lot like a grey horse with a blonde mane. I might have been thinking things, but back to the subject, I shouted out the only intelligible thing I could.


(Third person POV, once again)




A huge cloud of dust covered the area as well as a crater forming where the now changing human had landed, and the mysterious mare lowered her hooves from her face and rushed over to the crash site. What she saw shocked her to the very core. In the five foot deep crater, lay a half transformed human with large patches of peach fur covering most of the body. The muzzle was just about finished while the tail was just growing out of the garments that were now shredded and sinking into his skin, turning peach as well. He then suddenly jerked so he was lying on his stomach as two wings popped out of his back. The hair on top of his head was a very pale gray and had somehow managed to cover his left eye completely, matching his tail. The mostly transformed being looked up, his right, cerulean eye just shooting open as he uttered two words before falling unconscious.


"No way."


The mare just looked at the now completely transformed stallion in horror at what she just saw with her own eyes. A being just suddenly fell from the sky, after making her wish to the stars, and witnessed a transformation that was most likely unheard of. Shaking her head back and forth, she then slid down carefully towards the stallion and somehow managed to place him on her back and started galloping towards Canterlot, to talk to a certain two alicorns that would hopefully give an answer to this confusion.


End of Chapter 1.

Chapter End Notes:

Authors note: Well, yeah, that happened. Just to let you know, the 'friend' is a certain time traveler in a big blue box. I decided why not for this certain occasion and put some references to a few things. Expect a lot more in the next chapter. I will see you guys later, see you guys later! MUFFINS!!!

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