In The End: The Time of the Forgotten by Tornadic Wind
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Story Notes:

The final book of the Equestria Wars series. The ending of all things in the decision of one mare. What will happen? Find out and see for yourself!

"I always thought I would never earn my cutie mark. Blank flank forever. Heck, the Crusaders got theirs before I did. But all these stories lead us to this point in time... the point in time where I finally earn my cutie mark, where I figure out who I really am, what I really am." said Tornadic. "As well as me." said Baelfire. "But it is also where we find out the facts of Reality... how our existence doesn't matter." said Tornado. "Father! Let them read on for themselves! They will find the truth hidden behind Time itself." yelled Tornadic as he turns away. "Read on, believer. This is our ending." he continues as he walks away.

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