Bejeweled by The Syreth Clan
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Some hay, some vegetables and a neat slice of bread adorned the unicorn's sandwich. Rarity was always the girl who took great care of her body and weight. Sweetie Belle wasn't home, she hung out with her friends as usually, which Rarity missed a little. A breakfast is not a breakfast without your sister after all. However as she were wondering where her sister might be, a familiar voice gave the answer.

"Raaarity!" shouted Sweetie, attempting to lure out her. Talk about the devil and it shalt appear they say, though in her eyes, Sweetie Belle already was the most adorable little devil in Equestria.

"Big sis, you got a letter." the filly continued, which made the fashionista come out in an instant. What was inside, that was the big question.

Just by the prim and proper cover it was easy to tell it wasn't an ordinary message. Rarity's excitement skyrocketed as she read the sender's name. She began to squeal, making her sister worry a little.

"Are you alright?" Sweetie asked.

"Remember that contest I told you about a few weeks ago?" asked Rarity back. It wasn't exactly a few weeks ago, actually, more like a week and a few days. Rarity was received an invitation - in a form of a letter - to which she answered back in almost an instant. Of course, what was inside the letter was no filly's business, but that didn't stop her to tell her sister a little bit about it.

"" Sweetie answered.

"It's a cooperative competition. Two fashion designers are chosen randomly, and must work together to create the most magnificent dress they can. It's a tournament about Teamwork, Skill and Passion." she explained in a dramatic way, putting that great force on those last words as one would expect from her.

"Sounds interesting, what are you waiting for? Open it! I wonder who you got as a partner." shouted Sweetie Belle, catching the contagious excitement.

Rarity quickly unfolded the letter and began to read it in herself.

"Nah? Who is it? Who's it? Some handsome stallion?" harassed her the filly. It was one of those things she had in common with her sister, the interest in the other gender. So much in fact the filly already had the "prince of her dreams" in her head.

It took the ivory unicorn some moments to find the answer, which she began to read out loud.

"For your future teammate, our system randomly chose Ms. Agate from Canterlot. We hope our competition will fruit a new, wonderful relationship between you two.

Best wishes and good luck."

"Agate?" asked the filly in confusion.

"Sound quite familiar but I don't know why. But she's from Canterlot, isn't it wonderful? A magnificent, hi-class Canterlot-pony must be a remarkable experience to work with." replied Rarity, it was just the thing... well, almost, but still, she was to work together with a real canterlotian fashionista, something that would have a lot of advantages to her business on the long run.

The filly however wasn't that excited as her big sister, who was already planning on traveling to Canterlot to meet her future partner, when a familiar noise called her from behind.

A letter arrived, an urgent letter to Rarity. For the unicorn's huge surprise, this Agate was already one step in front of her, if not two, for the letter was sent yesterday evening.

"Dear Rarity!

You might have probably received the letter that we'll work together from now on. I can't wait to work with you, so much I already packed up and brought a few materials here in Canterlot, so we won't need to shop later. I'm planning on paying you a visit tomorrow, if you don't mind, I'd love to work at Ponyville since I've never been there and this big city life is getting a bit uncomfortable, but we can talk about this later.

See you soon.


Rarity dropped the letter, her horn filled up with her azure blue magic aura, she put her hoof on her forehead and acted as she'd faint as she quickly dragged her sofa to lie on, while confessing to her little sister, who she already saw asking if she's okay.

"Agate is coming today for a visit. How could we possibly greet her in the appropriate manner in such little time." she cried dramatically. It all seemed hopeless in a sudden, she didn't at all expect this to happen. Yet, it was no time for all this, that was something both of them knew.

"Uhhh. I'll.... clean up upstairs." suggested Sweetie.

"Yes." jumped up the drama queen "Meanwhile I-" but her sentence was broken in half by the doorbell. It was her, Agate. Rarity gulped a huge one, so huge she could barely grasp it. Their nerves were on the edge as Rarity opened the door, which's bell was rang again right that second.

An unknown face and two amethyst eyes were staring at the doorbell, as her pale yellow hoof was pushing against it. She was puffing up a pink bubblegum bubble, that later popped up, making her sound a small "Ow!" as the sweet hit her lips. She had a light purple mane and tail and she wore eye shadows of the same color. Her look, however suddenly switched towards Rarity, whose pupils shrunk instantly, until the stranger greeted her:

"Hey, girl! What's up?"

Rarity was stoned... she couldn't even say a single word, making the mare continue:

"Did your cat got your- ah wait a moment." she said, spitting the bubblegum on her right hoof and gluing it to the back of her right ear, making Rarity shiver and twitch in disgust.

"I'm Agate, pleased to meet ya. You must be Rarity." the yellow unicorn said cleaning her hoof with her coat and lending it to the other unicorn, who they shook hooves with. Rarity however just awkwardly smiled nodding.

"Hi there!" greeted her Sweetie in excitement.

"Oh, hey, and who'd you be?" she asked back. Her voice had that canterlotian accent to it, yet instead of being refined and gentle, it was loose and more of a punk's, then a lady's.

"I'm Sweetie Belle, her sister." the filly replied, getting into the wild attidute of the stranger.

"Alri-hight." chuckled Rarity's new mate. "Hey, how 'bout we'd get inside and discuss some stuff?" she recommended.

"Sure, come in." shouted Sweetie as she ran back.

"Your sister is cute." chuckled Agate as she followed the filly inside, Rarity coming last, with her eyelids twitching, confused.

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