The Days 'Til Dusk by musicalMLP
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Author's Chapter Notes:
I'm open to grammar and other issues and comments. Thanks.
My name is Squirt. More specifically, Squirt Slash. For my character, not the best last name. I'm an earth pony. The way I work, difficult to understand. I'm a filly, who is a social outcast other than his own home. Speaking of, my family just moved to Ponyville. It's a pretty nice place, with an overly shiny castle. Only complaint. As my family (Mom, Dad, and myself) got off the train I was greeted 5.02830277489139 seconds later (don't ask) by a pink pony who looked like she ate enough sugar to kill a normal pony. "HELLO, NEW PEOPLE!!!!!!!! I saw you with moving bags, and was like, I need to get over there in like, 5.02830277489139 seconds EXACT!!!!!!!!"
"Thank you for your welcoming... party, but could be a little less excited?" My mother asked. Thinking the same thing myself.
"NOPE!" The pink pony answered. "MY NAME IS PINKIE PIE!"
An orange pony with pale yellow hair said, "Excuse my friend. She gets excited with new people. A lot." She had a very strong southern accent. Probably from Applepaloosa. "I'm Applejack. Here, lemme show you around."

As we were walking, Applejack started to commentate on the scenery. "So this is the castle that was recently built. Well, I shouldn't say built, more along the lines of.....well, I'm not sure." I thought it was more pizazz then anything.
"But then you got all my other friends, Which Pinkie Pie will so kindly get. Right Pinkie?"
All I saw after that was a smile, a run, and a clop. Such an odd character. As Applejack kept talking, I started looking around at the place. I wondered if it had nice fillies at the school. Of course, in Manehattan, it's not the nicest place. I saw a dash of pink on the ground, and a dash of rainbow in the air. Both came to a stop right in front of me. The one with the rainbow hair had an "I'm so much cooler than you" pose and the other was just Pinkie Pie being herself. "That's Rainbow Dash," Pinkie said, still hyped but not kill-a-pony type.
"Yeah, that’s me! The best pony in the history of Equestria! Oh, by the way, what's all of your names?"
"I'm Poinsettia.” That’s my mom.
“My name is Guava Mango." There's my dad.
And I, in a timid voice, says, "Um, Squirt."

They don't laugh. They don't judge. They genuinely like my name! This is a miracle!
"Cool name kid. At least 20% cooler than some names I've heard before. But enough about you. Let's talk about me!" How nice. An arrogant pony that still is somewhat trustworthy. Great.
“I used to be in the Wonderbolts! Pretty great huh? But then I quit. I had my reasons for quitting.” Well, whatever reason that was, sure wouldn't be enough to persuade me to leave.
“But we still have our other friends to introduce,” Applejack said. “Let's go meet Fluttershy.”
I'm just going to say, they all have some defining trait. Pinkie Pie is always happy, Applejack seems trustworthy, and as for Rainbow Dash, I haven't figured hers out yet. Awesomeness, I suppose? That seems to be her defining trait.
“Here we are,” Applejack told us. “The animal cottage of the kind Fluttershy.”
“And the best pony that has ever LIVED!” Rainbow exclaimed.
I asked, “Why is she the best pony that ever lived?”
“Uh......No reason.” She got very blush. Interesting. We knocked on Fluttershy's door. A yellow mare with a pink mane showed up at the door. She looked just a shy as I was when I was in school in Manehattan.
“Oh, hello,” the mare said. “I'm uh, Fluttershy.”
She was quiet, but in a kind and caring way. And from what I can tell, there is a lot of animals in that cottage.
“Who are you traveling with, Rainbow Dash?”
“Oh, this is Poinsettia, Guava Mango, and Squat.”
“It's Squirt.”
“Close Enough.” So much for a first impression.
So that's all I got out of Fluttershy. We stayed in her cottage for a moderate amount of time. We talked. We laughed. And we left. My family were moving into our new house. “Meet us tomorrow at mid-mornin',” Applejack told us.
“We'll be there!” We exclaimed. So that's day 1 of my story. With much more to come.
Chapter End Notes:
The time in between stories may vary depending of my time.

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