The Pony Games: Pegasi Assemble! by dash4life
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Location: Distict One, Equestria

 Year: 2018

I won the Pony Games. It actually happened the drums of my last sound (of the Hummingjay, of course). I have to leave to the train in a couple of hours. Since, I had won, the cruel Victory Tour, and the Peacekeepers, even though all of them are bastards, have to come along. It's like...tuning out, you fools! Now I have to follow Rarity to the room with her friends to my stylist, and facing front of Scootaloo, and my mother, because I am twelve, so I can probably wait, so it is weird when Peacekeepers are following me to a room. There in is the three dictators, Celestia, Luna, and Cadance.

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