Dash's Day Off by naviskypegasus
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Story Notes:

I know this chapter is kind of boring (and short), But the future chapters will be something cool. 

Author's Chapter Notes:

On the train back to Ponyvile to vist Her long time freinds, Rainbow Dash becomes torn between spending time the Ponies her she holds close to heart, and the Man she loves.

After a busy few weeks of performing in various shows all around Equestria, It was Rainbow Dashes day off. and seeing as how the last Wonderbolts show she had flown in was just a few hours train ride from Ponyville, It was a no brainer that she'd want to visit her longtime friends before crossing dimensions to see the man who was love of her life.
As the trains brakes squealed to a halt, Rainbow Dash gathered her saddle bags containing various belongings that included a few souvenirs for Twilight along with the rest of her friends, Also in one pockets was a Gopro camera that had captured some of Dash's new death defying tricks from a few Wonderbolts shows.

"I can't wait to show him this footage!" She thought looking at the cylindrical device continuing to search through the two large pockets on the bag making sure that everything was there.

Flopping the saddle bag over her back, Rainbow Dash got up off the seat and made her way towards the front of the passenger car. There weren't too many other ponies on board seeing as how it was the late afternoon stop, An oddball time when most ponies were still at their jobs and were not on their way home as of yet. Stepping down off the platform as the steam rose up around her, Rainbow Dash saw a lavender colored alicorn approaching from the distance.

"Hey Dash!" Twilight Sparkle yelled out starting to run towards her cyan friend, Flapping her wings slightly so she could pick up speed.

Reaching Rainbow Dash Twilight wrapped both her wings around her back, hugging her tightly.

"It's been so long, "How've you been?" she said smiling enthusiastically.

"I've been awesome Twi, how've things been around here?"

"Well, lets see.

"Spike and I found a breakthrough in dimension crossing that takes you 2.5 seconds quicker to cross back into our world then it did before, Oh and I read this very interesting book about time space continuum portals and fifth dimensional exploratory mysteries and also I found out that..."

Continuing to listen to Twilight, Rainbows expression sunk back in utter disinterest finally saying "Uh Twi?, Hey, Twilight?" But she just kept on talking, endlessly telling every minute detail of what she had done over the past few weeks to the Pegasus. Not paying attention to Dashes words, She just continued to talk, and talk, and talk, until Dash muttered under her breath "oh Pony feathers" Having enough and hitting her breaking point she yelled out, "HEY!" Twilight all of a sudden stopped elaborating and asked.

"Huh, is something wrong Dash?.

"Nothing, It's just that." Dash then let out a sigh, "Do you have to explain everything that happened while I was gone?," she asked tilting her head grinning slightly. Twilight then chuckled nervously.

"I guess not, Sorry about that Rainbow."

"It's alright, We can catch up more at lunch, I'm starving!, Unless you ate already, I didn't get to eat much today. "So where are the rest of the guys?" She asked Inquisitively looking around the almost deserted train station.

"You said it, I'm starving too, As for the rest of the guys Well...

"Well what?, Did Pinky talk You all into throwing me aback for a day party or something?" Rainbow Dash jokingly said slowly realizing that was probity excitably what was going on as Twilight then looked away nervously.

"Um ugh, No. Who ever heard of a back for one day par..." Cutting Twilight off Rainbow Dash quickly interjected.

"There is a party isn't there!"

Twilight eyes then widened saying, "Um I don't know what Your talking abo..." Dash quickly cut in again, angrily saying,


The Alicorn then finally gave in knowing Dash had already guessed correctly. "Oh fine, Yes Rainbow Dash there's a party." Rainbow then thought to herself about how she wouldn't have time to visit her boyfriend if she got caught up at the party all night that was waiting for her. Dash knew she couldn't stay for long if she went it all, But it was her party that Pinkie Pie had thrown and she'd be pretty disappointed if the star guest didn't show.

Quickly turning to Twilight, Rainbow Dash came up with the first excuse she could think of as they trotted ever closer to their destination. "I don't know Twi, I'm kind of tired from all the stunt shows I did over the week, and I was really just looking forward to coming here and resting. "Rainbow Dash had a nervous smile on her face as they both stopped just outside of the local bar where the party was being held.

"Hold on a second. "The" Rainbow Dash lead flyer of the Wonderbolts and fastest Pegasi in all of Equestria, Wanting to rest?" Twilight said with a dumbfounded expression.
"Why don't I believe that..."

Rainbow Dash then let out a loud sigh, realizing that Twilight could see right through her having known the Pegasus all these years. "OK You got me, I was really planing um... to see my boyfriend tonight, You know seeing how this is my only day off for the next couple weeks and everything." Dashes cheeks began to blush slightly at revealing her true intentions for the night. Twilight then galloped over to the embarrassed Pegasus's side giving her a consoling squeeze.

"Look Dash, I understand it's been hard since You got caught um, "Smuggling that alcohol" But Your travel ban is only a few weeks from being over, "Can't You just enjoy the party tonight and ya know, wait to see "Him" in a few weeks?." Rainbows expression suddenly took on an angered look at her words as she stopped her hoof into the dirt kicking up dust.

Although twilight had accepted that she was in a relationship with a human, In the back of her mind she never thought it would last more than a few weeks, As it was Rainbow Dash's first relationship with anypony (or anybody in this case). "Look Twilight, First off, I didn't know about the Inter-dimensional food and drink restrictions when I brought it back with me. and second of all, It was just bad luck that I happened to cross back right as a royal guard "just happened to walking by, I just needed something to remember him by. You don't understand what it's like." Rainbow Dash said flapping her wings slightly. "He's like, she then looked at the ground and let out a sigh continuing on. The only thing I think about when I'm flying in air shows, I've just been so busy, and I miss you all guys so much, But he's just as special to me also and..." Twilight suddenly cut off Rainbow Dash next words putting one of her hooves on her shoulder saying,

"No, I do understand, He's Your special Somepony, well... Somebody, But You two are from different dimensions and well, Maybe You guys ar..." Halting her Next thought from being spoken Twilight suddenly turned away.

"Are what Twi?" Rainbow Dash Said suspiciously raising an eyebrow.

"It's nothing, don't worry about it." She stuttered out nervously as the Pegasus looked at her with ever building suspicion. Rainbow Dash began galloping ever slowly toward Twilight as she backed off.

"Tell Me, "Are" not meant to be together, because he's a human?" Twilight's eyes narrowed not knowing how to respond to the angered rainbow mare. "Or is it because You don't think I could handle a relationship?,

"No, none of those things Rainbow, It's just that, Humans have tendencies to become violent and..." Cutting her off sharply Rainbow Dash said.

"And what is that supposed to mean?, It's not like ponies have had the most peaceful history ya know."

"I know but...

"But nothing!." Rainbow Dash said as a scolding look of disgust took over her face.

Rainbows expression then slowly began to ease as she approached twilight, Placing a cyan wing around her saying. "Look I don't want to fight OK, I just want you know that the love we have for each other is real, He's missing me right now as much as I'm missing him and I could give two bucks about if he is a human, "I love Him and He'd never hurt me. and as for the stupid travel ban I'm going to say this."

"Let them arrest me, Let them lock me in a dungeon for the rest of my life, Let them fine me a million bits! I don't care. "Nothings going to stop me from seeing Him." Twilight was surprised with what Rainbow Dash said, She'd never really expressed her feelings like this before. Just like how Rainbow Dash inspired the man she loved to push for his dreams and give him courage to succeed, He had also shown her a sensitive side she didn't know she had. Being the element of loyalty just made her love for him even stronger and more beautiful and even if their two realities were ripping apart, She'd still find a way to be with the love of her life.

Just then the door on the bar opened as the noise of a party in full force and warm golden light escaped from the entrance ware in the doorway silhouetted against the light was a pony with a puffed up mane and tail, Noticing the two ponies She began to happily bounce and their direction, saying in an excited tone.

"Hey, what are you guys doing out here!" the parties insi... "Rainbow Dash!" She quickly yelled out realizing who the two ponies were in the darkness.

Reaching Dash and Twilight Pinky put a hoof around Rainbows neck ruffling up her spectrum colored mane. "Um, Hey Pinks Its good to see you too." Dash said trying to get out of her grip. Pinky Pie then released from the noogie.

"Good to see me?, Well it's awesomely amazing superbly spectacular to see you!" The pink earth pony told her longtime friend.

"Hey Pinky, So how's the party going?" Twilight inquired.

"It's the best party of the week by far Twilight, But It'd be 20 times cooler if a certain Pegasus where there!"

Listen pinky um, Rainbow Dash can't... "Wait to party!" The Pegasus interjected stopping Twilight's next sentence.

"This is gonna be super awesome Dashie, let's go!" Pinky said bouncing on ahead of the two ponies. Rainbow Dash and Twilight trotting behind her into the door cascading ambient light. With a quick glance the cyan mare turned around, Giving Twilight a wink reassuring her that she had the situation under control. Knowing she could only stay for ten or fifteen minutes giving her just enough time to catch up with her five friends and give them each their souvenirs she had acquired from all around Equestria.

Mingling with the guests and singing various autographs for a bit, She presented her friends with the gifts appropriate to each of their tastes, Like an overly flamboyant scarf she picked up for Rarity in Settle Arabia and a custom initialed quill and ink bottle she picked up for twilight in Manehattan.

Applejack had gotten some seeds from a thought to be extinct apple tree that Rainbow Dash had acquired from an antiques shop in Baltamare that'd be sure to double business at Sweet Apple Acres. Fluttershy had received some confidence boosting designer sunglasses from Applewood while Pinkie Pie got a thousand and one ways to make a cupcake cookbook. (Even though she probably already knew a thousand and two ways)

Pinky had been saddened at Dashes early departure, Rainbow Dash knew this because when had looked back at the pink pony, She saw a few balloons deflate around her face as her hair straightened out and the life drained out or her pastel color. Rainbow Dash almost thought twice about leaving but remembered this would be the only chance to see her good friend turned boyfriend she would have for a few weeks.

One by one, Each one of her five friends walked up to her, wishing Rainbow Dash the best of luck on her future journeys being a Wonderbolt after which she turned around and flew up above her friends along with the crowd of party goers raising a glass of hard cider in her hoof.

"Thank you all so much for the awesome party everypony!, I had a great time and can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!" and always remember, Dash for your dreams and keep on flying!."

At those last words the crowd erupted in a euphoria of cheers, As hooves pounded the floor of the bar In celebration of their local celebrity. With Tears of joy and sadness filling her friends eyes the Rainbow Dash lived up to her name and Dashed out a open window above the door of the establishment into the clear night, Feeling the cool air whisk through her wings as she flew into the sky.


Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading!

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