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Author's Chapter Notes:

One early morning Twilight Sparkle wakes up to a seemingly average day in Ponyville. Sun just coming over the everfree, and the smell of fresh dew almost springing off the alfalfa grass. She decides not to wake her dragon companion, as she pulls the covers from her bed getting up she feels a sight pulse in the air, believing it’s just a yawn she decides to walk over to get her brushie to take the kinks from her bed ridden hair. Cleaning up rather nicely I might add, she takes her morning bath before proceeding down her stairs to get a new book she bought from Zecora the week before finally she has some time to read it she thinks to herself in a very Twilight manner. The Book of the Zerbalogical mysteries of the desert. She reads about a page or so in before a loud nock on the door.
“Is anybody home??!” says the voice behind her hard wood door.
Spike groans from upstairs, Twilight puts the book down after placing a purple and pink ribbon in her book.
She cracks the door open mayor mares standing on the other side “Miss Twilight we need your help, something’s been haunting the ponies here at night!! It sounds dreadful.”
Twilight raises an eyebrow in suspicion “Sure sounds like it, I’ll gladly take a look into it, I’ll just go get the others and figure out what’s happening. Do you know anyone it’s happened to?”
Mayor Mare shakes her head fastly in a short authoritative motion “Lemon Hearts, and Colgate. They’ve been complaining about it all week but the others I’ve sent haven’t been able to catch it.”
Twilight looks back inside before speaking again “Well, I’ll get to it right away. Have a nice day mayor mare.”
Mayor mare smiles in agreement “Will do Princess Twillight.”
So accordingly twilight closes the door, quickly putting away her book. She goes and tidies up her bed and leaves spike a saphire gem next to his pillow. Before going out the front door to find everypony, she decides to goto Sugarcube Corner first, she keeps feelling a great energetic feeling, she believes Pinkie Pie feels like so she ignores it and goes on in to meet her at the door Pinkie!
“Hey ya, Twilight! I was a twitcha twitchin I figured you were coming! Not reading today?” ask Pinkie
“Nah, I’ve got more pressing issues at the moment. We gotta get everyone together, somethings being going around ponyville.” said twilight
“Oh like the piglet flu!?” Pinkie asks in a oddly happy tune
“No, Celestia no. Somethings been haunting Lemon hearts and Colgate. We have to investigate, Mayor Mare asked me personally” said twilight rather concerned
“Oh… Well…. Rarity and Fluttershy are in the back helping make cupcakes! We got two of the others already! Oh Rarishush and FlutterPie!!!”Yells out the princess bubblegum like pony.(Edited by pinkie herself)
Fluttershy and Rarity appeared from the kitchen.
“Would you stop calling me that utter nonsense pinkie, for Celestias sake we aren’t children.” Says rarity.
“I kinna like it….” Fluttershy says quietly
Pinkie giggles “Utter.”
Rarity shakes her head in disbelief.
“Oh, Hey twilight what are you doing here so early,” Rarity ask.
Pinkie interrupts twilight sparkle, “Shes got us on a goose chase!”
“Ghost chase pinkie.” Buts in twilight “Mayor mare needs us to figure out whats been getting into ponies houses at night.”
Fluttershy shivers “Whaaat!?” in a quite scream.
“It nothing big just don’t worry about it it’ll be gone tonight, tell everyone to meet at the Castles thone room at dawn. We have mission girls!” Twilight Stamps a hoof on the ground  followed by pinkie with a salute. Twillight sets off to bon bons, to check up on some information.

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