The Alliance of Blood or The Legend of The Compass Winds by Tornadic Wind
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Story Notes:

This story is an alternate ending to the Equestria Wars series. I cannot post the Fourth Book, yet. The Ending is too grave to know. All I can say is the name of the book... 'In The End: The Time of the Forgotten'.

"The Land of Equestria is now a frozen wasteland... anypony that survived will eventually starve to death. After the war between the Changelings and Equestria, life has been taken from the land of Equestria. Windigo's now rule over the land and the royals have gone into hiding. But for you to know what's happening now, you need to know the past. It began with the the Prince of Equestria betraying his homeland and joining the Changeling Kingdom, in hopes of creating an alliance between the two races. Which will eventually lead to us, The Compass Winds." the four said in unison as they displayed the past past on the center of the table.

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