Life Sucks For You!! by musicalMLP
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Author's Chapter Notes:
It's a prologue created on my iPod,OK?!
You are a little filly, doing little filly things. Your name is Shutter Shock. You wish you could change your name. After all, you're a unicorn. Doesn't fit well. You are orange with a lemony green to your tail and mane. You are still a "blank flank" as The Bullies call it. It leaves a lot of questions. You've never been experienced with magic, leaving not much else for you. Consequently, you are almost always alone, including parents, they are always doing something. You've always been a poor family, living in a run-down apartment. Leaving you to go to school at PS 69. How unfortunate. You never succeeded much in school. Though you did have an interest in books, having nothing else to do at home.

Otherwise, life isn't going well for you.
Often falling asleep due to disinterest, Fs in all classes except reading, (B) And the occasional bad-but-kind-of-decent levitating.

You never get any sleep, read books, and all-around stupid, as you call yourself.
Notes about your parents: a very young couple, having a daughter not helping with lack of jobs, being young.
You wish you in a different place.

On the other side, there was a town named Ponyville, where Friendship, was very valued. There lives your aunt, Octavia.
Her being a professional cello player, she visits you often in Phillydelphia. Otherwise, life sucks.

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