Best fanfic ever in the world!! by FlutterLoveShy
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Flutter shy walked into the door saying "I am shy because of my name.. Because of that I will never find true love"Rainbow Dash crashed into the ceiling "I am here to break the 4th wall and MLP sucks.""oh boy" I mean "oh.." replied flutter shy "I am shy"( then a snake comes out of nowhere, rainbow dash screams "ahh.... That is a snake" then flutter shy blushes and he... She said "ahh I am here to s-save you" then out of nowhere rainbow dash flies out of the ceiling with breaking the whole roof... Then flutter shy cried and Rainbow dash never came back)( flutter shy went out.. Looking at the wreckage of her house roof broken and all of her pets are dead, she became necrophiliac and she took her pets as a lover..)(then rainbow dash comes to say sorry for the roof, her wings broke and she falls and dies.. Then fluttershy took the dead pony and kept it in her closet.. And when ever she wants love.. She comes to her closet and get all the hugs she needs from the dead pony.. The end of wonderful true love).
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