The Heretic by Nages257
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What's up, guys? I'm Nages257, and I will be writing a My Little Pony Fan-fiction series called “MLP: The Heretic”. I'm still relatively new to writing fanfics, so I would appreciate it if you leave a review with your feedback as well as any suggestions. So without any further delay, here is the first chapter:

Daylight Savings

I can feel myself slowly falling

As the ground becomes closer, gravity doesn't seem to be stalling

Is this the end of me? Is death calling?

Will I not live on, or will I wake up crawling?

It was a bright and clear afternoon on the school campus in Canterlot today. The sun was beaming down on the earth below, signifying the start of summer in Equestria. It was perhaps a little more active on the campus than its usual quiescent state, but otherwise, it seemed as if another ordinary day was about to take place...well, at least to the average pony, that is.

“Spike! SPI-IKE!” Twilight called out, as she barged through the door of her ivory tower. “Spike?” She called again, noticing the baby dragon in question sprawled out on the floor. Spike could only groan in response, as he rubbed his forehead with his claw. “There you are. Quick, find me that old copy of “Predictions and Prophecies”.” Twilight ordered as she ran past the downed dragon, oblivious to the pain that he was in. He then got up and walked up the flight of the stairs that led to their library, holding a now-crushed present that his tail was poking through.

“What's that for?” Twilight asked as she looked over at Spike, noticing the present.

“Well, it was a gift for Moondancer's party, but - ” Spike paused as a small teddy bear fell out of the box.

“Oh Spike, you know we don't have time for that sort of thing.” Twilight replied, a little irritated.

“But we're on a break!” Spike protested.

“No, no,, no, no! SPIKE!” Twilight yelled in frustration, as she levitated several books towards her using magic, but couldn't find the book she was looking for.

“It's over here!” Spike exclaimed as he waved the book in question in his claw, while standing on a ladder.

Before Spike could descend down the ladder however, Twilight yanked the book out of his claws with her magic, forcefully pulling the dragon down to a face-plant on the floor below.

“Ah, Elements, Elements, E, E, E...Aha! Elements of Harmony...see Mare in the Moon?” Twilight read aloud, unaware that she had left several books on the floor and that Spike was now cleaning up after her mess.

Mare in the Moon? But that's just an old ponies' tale.” Spike said as he climbed the ladder again to re-shelve the fallen books.

“Mare, mare...aha! The Mare in the Moon, myth from olden pony times. A powerful pony who wanted to rule Equestria, defeated by the Elements of Harmony and imprisoned in the moon. Legend has it that on the longest day of the thousandth year, the stars will aid in her escape, and she will bring about nighttime eternal!” Twilight read aloud as she gasped at the last sentence. “Spike! Do you know what this means?” She exclaimed, now worried about the rumored eventuality that was going to take place.

“No...whoa!” Spike responded as he fell from the ladder, which had become unstable due to his position on it. This time, he landed on Twilight's back, breaking his fall.

“Take a note please, to the Princess.” Twilight said as she began to recite her letter of concern to Princess Celestia.

“Okie dokie.” Spike replied as she gave him a quill and a blank scroll.

My dearest teacher, my continuing studies of pony magic have led me to discover that we are on the precipice of disaster!” Twilight began.

“Hold on. Preci...preci...” Spike struggled to say, completely clueless with the definition of the word “precipice”.

“Threshold.” Twilight replied, hoping that Spike would understand the said word.

“Threh...” Spike started before looking up at Twilight, with a look of pure confusion on his face.

“Uh, brink?” Twilight said, hoping again that Spike would comprehend her use of words. However, Spike still couldn't catch onto her seemingly extensive vocabulary, as he raised on eyebrow. “Ugh, that something really bad is about to happen!” Twilight responded, apparently giving up on Spike's ability to interpret her advanced knowledge. “For you see, the mythical Mare in the Moon is in fact Nightmare Moon, and she's about to return to Equestria, and bring with her eternal night! Something must be done to make sure this terrible prophecy does not come true. I await your quick response. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.” Twilight finished.

“Twi-light...Spar-kle. Got it!” Spike exclaimed as he finished writing her signature.

“Great! Send it.” Twilight said, wanting to notify the Princess as quickly as possible.

“Now?” Spike asked, with a worried expression.

“Of course!” Twilight replied, wondering why he would ask such an obvious question.

“Uh, I dunno, Twilight, Princess Celestia's a little busy getting ready for the Summer Sun Celebration. And it's like, the day after tomorrow.” Spike said as he tried to reason with the lavender unicorn.

“That's just it, Spike. The day after tomorrow is the thousandth year of the Summer Sun Celebration! It's imperative that the Princess is told right away!” Twilight said with a look a determination on her face, even getting in Spike's face at one point.

“Impera...impera...” Spike began, now struggling with the word “imperative”.

“Important!” Twilight exclaimed, a little annoyed.

“Okay, okay!” Spike replied as Twilight's sudden outburst sent him flying back into a shelve of books. He proceeded to fill his lungs with air and exhaled a small green flame onto the scroll, morphing it into a light purple cloud that ascended out of a nearby open window. “There, it's on its way. But I wouldn't hold your breath...” Spike said, now showing a slight grin on his face.

“Oh, I'm not worried, Spike. The Princess trusts me completely. In all the years she's been my mentor, she's never once doubted me.” Twilight replied, sounding a tad overconfident.

Seconds later, Spike belched a green flame, which then transformed into a scroll with a new message inside of it.

“See? I knew she would want to take immediate action.” Twilight said as Spike grabbed the scroll and began to read Celestia's message.

My dearest, most faithful student Twilight. You know that I value your diligence and that I trust you completely.” Spike began.

“Mm-hm!” Twilight responded, still sounding a little too confident.

“...but you simply must stop reading those dusty old books!” Spike continued, as this statement received a gasp from Twilight. “My dear Twilight, there is more to a young pony's life than studying, I'm sending you to supervise the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration in this year's location: Ponyville. And, I have an even more essential task for you to complete: make some friends!” Spike finished, while Twilight could only give a depressed sigh.

After waiting for about five painfully-long minutes, Twilight reluctantly stepped into the chariot that would escort her to Ponyville, while Spike seemed to be excited to meet other ponies. The ride was relatively quiet throughout, as Twilight rested her head on the edge of the carriage, saddened by the fact that the Princess had seemingly dismissed her concerns about Nightmare Moon's return. As Ponyville began to appear over the horizon, Spike decided to speak up.

“Look on the bright side, Twilight. The Princess arranged for you to stay in a library. Doesn't that make you happy?” Spike asked, hoping to cheer up the unicorn in question.

“Yes, yes it does. You know why? Because I'm right! I'll check on the preparations as fast as I can, then get to the library to find some proof of Nightmare Moon's return.” Twilight replied, apparently content with her “misfortune”.

“Then...when will you make friends, like the Princess said?” Spike asked, instantly realizing that Twilight wasn't on the same terms as what the Princess wanted her to agree to.

“She said to check on preparations. I am her student, and I'll do my royal duty, but the fate of Equestria does not rest on me making friends.” Twilight said as she tried to persuade Spike that forming friendships with other ponies wasn't important to her.

The chariot had now arrived in the town of Ponyville as the royal guards who were pulling the cart came to a stop. Twilight and Spike emerged from the vehicle and thanked the guards as they took off again.

“Maybe the ponies in Ponyville have interesting things to talk about.” Spike said as a light pink pony with a fluffy hot pink mane was beginning to approach them. She also had light blue eyes and three small balloons for her cutie mark. “Come on, Twilight, just try!” Spike encouraged as she and the pink earth pony now stood face-to-face.

“Um...hello?” Twilight began, unsure of how their conversation would turn out.

Before Twilight could state her name however, the pony in question let out a loud, prolonged gasp and galloped off into the distance, without any clear explanation.

“Well, that was interesting all right.” Twilight remarked sarcastically, while Spike could only give a disappointing sigh.

After a few minutes of exploring and wandering around in the marketplace, Spike and Twilight approached a field, which appeared to be an apple orchard.

“Summer Sun Celebration official overseer's checklist. Number one, banquet preparations: Sweet Apple Acres.” Spike said as he stated their first location to visit.

Suddenly, a loud yell was heard in the near distance, startling both Twilight and Spike as they turned their heads. The source of the disturbance came from an orange mare with a blonde pony-tailed mane and tail, three red apples for her cutie mark, and three white freckles near her green eyes. She also wore a large brown stetson, signifying that she was most likely a descendant from a southern family. She galloped over to an apple tree and gave the trunk a good buck with her rear hooves, causing all of the apples to plummet into the wooden baskets aligned at the base of the tree. She then took her right forehoof and crossed it over her left, as if it were a sign of her pride.

“Let's get this over with...” Twilight sighed as she and Spike made their approach to the orange mare. “Good afternoon, my name is Twilight Sparkle...” Twilight began.

Before she could finish her introduction however, the mare grabbed her right forehoof and began to give her a violent handshake with her fore-hooves.

“Well, howdy-doo, Miss Twilight, a pleasure makin' your acquaintance. I'm Applejack. We here at Sweet Apple Acres sure do love makin' new friends!” Applejack said as she continued to shake Twilight's hoof.

“Friends? Actually I--” Twilight tried to say, but couldn't concentrate with her rapidly-shaking hoof.

“So, what can I do you for?” Applejack asked as she stopped shaking Twilight's hoof.

Due to the prolonged handshake (or “hoofshake”, whatever you want to call it), Twilight's hoof kept cycling in its up and and down motion, in which a snickering Spike would have to put to rest. Twilight gave him a disapproving glare as he tried to hold in his laughter. Regaining her composure, Twilight continued.

“Well, I am in fact here to supervise preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration. And you're in charge of the food?”

“We sure as sugar are! Would you care to sample some?” Applejack asked.

“As long as it doesn't take too long...” Twilight replied as Applejack ran over to ring a nearby triangle.

“Soup's on, everypony!” Applejack yelled as a stampede of ponies came storming towards Twilight and Spike.

The duo was seated by the ponies at an “exclusive” table surrounded by apple trees.

“Now, why don't I introduce y'all to the Apple family?” Applejack said as the large group of ponies stood before them.

“Thanks, but I really need to hurry--” Twilight attempted to say, but was cut off by Applejack as she began to recite the names of all of the ponies.

“This here's Apple Fritter. Apple Bumpkin, Red Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Caramel Apple, Apple Strudel, Apple Tart, Baked Apples, Apple Brioche, Apple Cinnamon Crisp...Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom, and Granny Smith.” Applejack finished as the said ponies served a dish to the table when their names were called, causing a large stack of apple-filled desserts to form in the center. She also took a Granny Smith apple and stuffed it into Twilight's mouth. “Up'n'attem, Granny Smith, we got guests.” She called to the elderly pony who was asleep on her rocking chair.

“Wha...? Soup's on? I'm up, here I come, I'm comin'...” Granny Smith said as she approached the group.

“Why, I'd say you're already a part of the family.” Applejack said as Twilight spat out the apple that was stuffed into her mouth and began to laugh nervously.

“Okay, well, I can see the food situation is handled, so we'll be on our way.” Twilight said as she and Spike prepared to make their departure.

“Aren't you gonna stay for brunch?” A small filly voice asked, which turned out to be Apple Bloom's. She began to look at Twilight with sad, soulful eyes. As a matter of fact, everyone (everypony, I know) had looks of disappointment on their faces.

“Sorry...but we have an awful lot to do.” Twilight replied, hoping that the young filly would understand.

“Awww....” The Apple family groaned, saddened by the fact that the duo couldn't stay.

After a long pause, Twilight began to feel a little regretful for the way that she responded to the family's offer. Not seeing another way to improve the mood of the ponies, Twilight unwillingly accepted their invitation with a reluctant “Fine...”. They spent about a half of an hour eating lunch before proceeding to the next objective on their checklist.

“Food's all taken care of. Next is weather.” Spike said as he looked back at Twilight, who was walking a little more sluggishly.

“I ate too much pie...” Twilight groaned as her stomach was bulging slightly, while her head was hanging low.

“Hmmm...there's supposed to be a pegasus pony named Rainbow Dash clearing the clouds.” Spike said as he looked up to the sky.

“Well, she's not doing a very good job, is she?” Twilight remarked as she also looked up to see several clouds that have not been kicked away.

Without any prior warning, a multicolored blur crashed head-on into Twilight, sending both of them into a puddle of mud a few feet away from where she used to be standing. Laying on top of Twilight was a sky blue pegasus mare with a rainbow-colored mane and tail, magenta eyes, and a cutie mark consisting of a red, yellow, and blue lightning bolt emerging from a cloud. Globs of mud fell soaked the mares' bodies. After a small moment of awkward silence, the pegasus decided to speak up.

“Uh....'scuse me?” The mare said as she began to laugh sheepishly while hovering a few feet above her. Twilight could only respond with groan, as her day continued to go any way except for what she had wanted it to. “Let me help you.” She continued as she pushed a small gray cloud above the unicorn as she got back on her hooves to stand upright.

The pegasus began to jump on the cloud a few times, producing a quick shower. This shower appeared to have cleaned Twilight almost completely, however it left her soaked from head to tail.

“Oops. I-I guess I overdid it. Um...” The mare giggled as Twilight glared back at her in annoyance. “ about this?” The mare continued as she swooped down to fly in a rapid circular motion around Twilight, consuming the unicorn in a rainbow-colored tornado that sucked out all of the mud and excess water in the nearby area. “My very own patented....Rainblow-Dry!” She exclaimed as she flew down to the ground while the tornado faded away into the air. “No, no, don't thank me. You're quite welcome.”

However, when she caught a glance of the byproduct of her “Rainblow-Dry”, she burst into tears of laughter, even to the point of falling back onto the ground. Spike, also seeing the outcome, tagged along in the mare's laughter, falling on top of her. Twilight's mane and tail were now a frizzed-out mess, similar to that of a familiar pink pony that she had run into earlier.

“Let me guess. You're Rainbow Dash.” Twilight said, hinting that she may have already figured that out.

“The one and only!” Rainbow Dash replied, sending Spike flying off of her. “Why? You heard of me?” She said as she hovered in the air again.

“I heard you're supposed to be keeping the sky clear.” Twilight retorted, sighing as she continued. “I'm Twilight Sparkle, and the Princess sent me to check on the weather.” She said, trying to set aside her initial judgment of the seemingly narcissistic pegasus mare.

“Yeah, yeah, that'll be a snap. I'll do it in a jiffy.” Rainbow Dash replied as she began to lounge on a preset cloud. “Just as soon as I'm done practicing.” She finished, ironically showing no signs of wanting to perfect whatever she was “practicing”.

“Practicing? For what?” Twilight asked.

“The Wonderbolts!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she pointed to a nearby poster of the said characters. “They're gonna perform at the Celebration. And I'm gonna show 'em my stuff.” She finished as she began to fly in loops through the air to land on another cloud.

The Wonderbolts?” Twilight asked, smiling shrewdly.

“Yep.” Rainbow Dash replied.

“The most talented flyers in all of Equestria?”

“That's them.”

“Pffft! Please. They'd never accept a pegasus who can't even keep the sky clear for one measly day.” Twilight teased while Rainbow Dash glared back at her, offended by the statement.

“Hey. I could clear the sky in ten seconds flat.” Rainbow Dash responded.

“Prove it.” Twilight said with a daring look.

Seeing this as a challenge, Rainbow Dash sprung into action and kicked cloud after cloud apart as she zipped across the sky. Twilight and Spike could only watch in awe as the sky above Ponyville was becoming rapidly clear. After Rainbow's last kick, the sky above showed no signs of a cloud's presence anywhere in sight; this whole process took almost exactly ten seconds, the target time.

“What'd I say? Ten. Seconds. Flat. I'd never leave Ponyville hanging.” Rainbow Dash said as Twilight and Spike responded to her fulfillment of the task with a long jaw drop. “You should see the look on your face!” She remarked as Twilight still had her mouth wide open in shock while staring into space. “You're a laugh, Twilight Sparkle. I can't wait to hang out some more.” Rainbow Dash finished as she flew away from the scene.

“Wow...she's amazing!” Spike exclaimed as he began to playfully toy with Twilight's now messed up mane. Twilight gave a small groan of disapproval and walked ahead, with Spike following close behind after a moment of containing laughter.

“Wait! It's kinda pretty once you get used to it!” He exclaimed as the duo neared a circular pavilion.

When Twilight and Spike arrived at the pavilion, the first thing they noticed was the sheer amount of ribbons and banners in an assortment of different colors, with a bouquet of flowers at the end(s) of every other banner. Some of them displayed a picture symbolizing the sun and the moon, while others stretched across the perimeter of the pavilion.

“Decorations...” Spike said as he took another look at the checklist of objectives. “Beautiful...” He remarked.

“Yes. The décor is coming along nicely. This oughta be quick. I'll be back at the library in no time. Beautiful, indeed.” Twilight responded, as they approached the center of the room.

“Not the décor...her!” Spike emphasized as he pointed to a white unicorn mare. She had a long purple mane and tail in loose, elegant curls, a cutie mark with three light blue lozenge-shaped jewels, and a pale blue eyeshadow to match with her vivid blue eyes.

“!...goodness, no...hmmm...” She spoke to herself as she levitated a few ribbon samples for a closer look.

“How are my spines? Are they straight?” Spike asked to Twilight as he began to quickly groom himself, due to being absolutely lovestruck by this new unicorn.

Twilight just gave him a funny look before making her introduction.

“Good afternoon.”

“Just a moment, please. I'm in the zone, as 'twere. Ah, yes!” The unicorn replied as she tightened a glittering red bow on a post. “Sparkle always does the trick, does it not? Why, Rarity, you are a talent. Now, um, how can I help you--” Rarity said as she got a full glance at Twilight, but cried in horror when she saw Twilight's poofed-up mess of a mane and tail. “Oh, my stars, darling! Whatever happened to your coiffure?” She asked.

“Oh, you mean my mane? Well, it's a long story. I'm just here to check on the decorations, and then I'll be out of your hair.” Twilight explained.

“Out of my hair? What about your hair?” Rarity responded as she gently pushed Twilight from behind into a dressing area.

“Wait! Where are we going? Help!” Twilight exclaimed as Spike followed the pair, using his tail as a propeller due to keeping his focus on his new love interest.

“” Rarity said as she looked at Twilight in a mirror, who was now dressed as a four-legged statue signifying the Statue of Liberty. “Too green.” Rarity then had Twilight dress up as a proper Southern lady, but was still not pleased with the outcome. “Too yellow.” Rarity next had Twilight try on a dress that impersonated the style of a Spanish dancer, but still wasn't satisfied. “Too poofy.” Rarity then proceeded to have Twilight dress up as a 1950s teenager, a French noblewoman, and an aerobics instructor, all while Twilight was beginning to grow more and more tired and a bit annoyed.

Then, at last, Rarity found an outfit that she felt would fit Twilight's style. With her mane and tail back into their original, straight forms, Twilight now wore a white saddle bedecked with small jewels and a necklace consisting of a large emerald. Two white straps also floated loosely behind the saddle.

“Now go on, my dear. You were telling me where you're from.” Rarity said as she tugged on the straps with her teeth to tighten the saddle onto Twilight.

“I'” Twilight struggled to say as she was strangled by the pressure of the tightening saddle.

“Huh?” Rarity said as she unexpectedly stopped tugging on the straps, causing the two mares to be sent flying off into opposite directions. “Canterlot?!? Oh, I am so envious! The glamour, the sophistication! I have always dreamed of living there! I can't wait to hear all about it.” She continued as she leaned close to Twilight, who slowly backed away in response. “We're gonna be the best of friends, you and I...Emerald?!? What was I thinking? Let me get you some rubies!” Rarity finished as she ran off to retrieve the said jewels.

“Quick! Before she decides to dye my coat a new color!” Twilight exclaimed as she ran past a seemingly paralyzed Spike, who was still smitten by the sight of Rarity. She also took off the fancy saddle and left it where Rarity used to be. When she saw that he wasn't going anywhere, she lifted him up onto her back and escaped from the pavilion again before Rarity could spot them again.

“Wasn't she wonderful?” Spike sighed, with a dreamy look in his eyes.

“Focus, Casanova. What's next on the list?” Twilight asked.

“ It's the last one.” Spike replied as he cleared his throat and looked at the final objective n the list.

The duo approached the outskirts of Ponyville and began to hear a fanfare being whistled in the distance. They hid in the bushes nearby and poked their heads out to watch the source of the whistling; a group of birds perched in a tree with a light yellow pegasus mare hovering in front of them as their composer. She had a long, pink mane and tail that curled upward at the ends, teal eyes, and a cutie mark with three pink butterflies. Suddenly, one of the blue jays started to sing noticeably out of sync with the other birds, drawing the mare's worried attention.

“Oh, my. Um, stop, please, everyone.” She said in a soft, timid voice, as she flew up to the branch where the bad singer was standing. “Um, excuse me, sir. I mean no offense, but your rhythm is just a teeny tiny bit off.” She continued as the blue jay gave her an understanding nod. “Now, follow me, please. A-one, a-two, a-one, two, three.” She said as the birds resumed to their whistling.

“Hello!” Twilight called out as she came out of hiding, startling the pegasus and scaring off the birds in the process. “Oh, my. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to frighten your birds. I'm just here to check up on the music, and it's sounding beautiful.” Twilight explained as the pegasus mare touched down to the ground. The mare stood in silence, making sure to avoid looking at Twilight for more than two seconds at time and began to fidget her right hoof, possibly due to shyness. “I'm Twilight Sparkle. What's your name?” Twilight asked as she introduced herself, trying to put a smile on her face to make the “conversation

“Um...I'm Fluttershy...” The mare replied in a soft voice, inaudible to Twilight's hearing.

“I'm sorry, what was that?” Twilight asked, still trying to maintain a smile.

“ name is Fluttershy...” Fluttershy repeated in a softer tone, while slightly backing away.

“Didn't quite catch that.” Twilight responded, leaning closer.

Fluttershy couldn't reply with a louder voice and let out a tiny squeal as she looked at Twilight sidelong, trying to disappear behind her long mane. The frightened birds slowly began to return to the tree, appearing to have gathered up enough courage to continue singing around Twilight.

“Well, um, it looks like your birds are back. So I guess everything's in order. Keep up the good work.” Twilight said as she prepared to leave, while Fluttershy could only manage another tiny squeal. “Oo-kay...” Twilight finished, backing away to see Spike coming out of the bushes. “Well, that was easy.” Twilight said to him, as Fluttershy started to look at the two conversing amongst each other. Seeing the baby dragon allowed her to come to life with a gasp and a sudden flutter of her wings.

“A baby dragon!” She exclaimed as she ran over to Spike, knocking Twilight out of the way and sending her airborne for a few feet. Her outburst also scared away her birds for a second time. “Oh, I've never seen a baby dragon before! He's so cute!” Fluttershy cooed with much more excitement than she had about ten seconds ago.

“Well, well, well!” Spike replied as he looked back at Twilight sprawled out on the ground. He then folded his arms with a proud expression written all over his face.

“Oh, my. He talks. I didn't know dragons could talk. That's just so incredibly wonderful, I...I just don't even know what to say!” She continued, while hovering in the air.

“Well, in that case, we better be going.” Twilight interrupted as she grabbed Spike with her magic and placed him on her back, while starting to walk away.

“Wait! Wait! What's his name?” Fluttershy asked as she began to her, while Twilight could only look back at her with an irritated expression. However, Fluttershy didn't take notice of this.

“I'm Spike.” Spike replied.

“Hi, Spike. I'm Fluttershy. Wow, a talking dragon! And what do dragons talk about?” Fluttershy asked.

“Well, what do you want to know?”

“Absolutely everything.” Fluttershy answered, while Twilight made a disgusted sigh, annoyed by her sudden boldness.

“Well, I started out as a cute little purple and green egg...” Spike started as he explained his life story to Fluttershy.

The trio spent the whole afternoon walking through the large marketplace of Ponyville, with Twilight set on getting to her library so that she could begin her research on Nightmare Moon and get away from Fluttershy. Spike continued his life story as a dragon, while Fluttershy listened actively to every word.

“And that's the story of my whole entire life...well, up until today. Do you want to hear about today?” Spike asked.

“Oh, yes, please!” Fluttershy exclaimed.

The trio arrived at Twilight's library as the sun began to set. The library was a large tree house with several windows jutting out from the circumference of the trunk for some of the rooms. There was also a built-in balcony on the second floor, most likely meant for stargazing purposes. The lantern in front of what looked to be a kitchen window had been turned on, even though it wasn't completely dark at the moment. Seeing the sky above as an opportunity to depart from Fluttershy, Twilight swiftly turned to face the pegasus, causing Spike to nearly lose his balance.

“I am so sorry. How did we get here so fast? This is where I'm staying while in Ponyville, and my poor baby dragon needs his sleep.” Twilight said while feigning a pleading face.

“No I don't!” Spike protested.

As if it were an abrupt reflex that had sparked in her body, Twilight bucked Spike off of her with now a fake grin on her face, trying to get Fluttershy to understand her “problem”. Spike landed with a thud and opened his eyes, which was still crooked from the impact.

“Aw, wookit that. He's so sweepy, he can't even keep his wittle bawance.” Twilight said as she leaned towards him, using a baby voice. Spike glared at her stupidly grin in annoyance. Before he could complain any further, he was swept up by Fluttershy.

“Poor thing. You simply must get him to bed.” Fluttershy responded as she flew inside the library with Spike in her arms, as if it were her instinct.

“Yes, yes. We'll get right on that. Well, good night!” Twilight exclaimed as she ejected Fluttershy from the library and slammed the door in her face, hoping that she would be on her way home.

“Rude much?” Spike asked, a little surprised and angered by Twilight's actions.

“Sorry, Spike, but I have to convince the Princess that Nightmare Moon is coming, and we're running out of time. I just need to be alone so I can study without a bunch of crazy ponies trying to make friends all the time. Now where's the light?” Twilight explained.

The said light came on suddenly, revealing a crowd of seemingly unfamiliar ponies in the center of a circular room, with noisemakers in some of their mouths. Above the crowd were volumes of books aligned on the bookshelves on the walls, as well as streamers that fell from the upper reaches of the library. The night also appeared to have fallen outside, which could mean one thing: someone (or “somepony”) had decided to throw Twilight and Spike a nighttime welcoming party...but who?

“SURPRISE!!” The crowd shouted, startling both Twilight and Spike as confetti fell from the ceiling. Twilight could only respond with a moan, as not only was she annoyed by how she could never be alone when she wanted to be, but she was also confused as to why some random pony would throw a party specifically for her.

The pink pony that Twilight had ran into earlier in the day didn't take long to spot her again, as she made her approach.

“Surprise! Hi. I'm Pinkie Pie, and I threw this party just for you! Were you surprised? Were you? Were you? Huh? Huh? Huh?” Pinkie Pie exclaimed as she started to hop all around Twilight, as if she had just consumed caffeinated coffee, a full liter of soda, and a large bunch of sweets all at once.

“Very surprised. Libraries are supposed to be quiet.” Twilight answered with a hint of aggravation in her voice, somehow causing Pinkie Pie to giggle.

“That's silly. What kind of welcome party would this be if it were quiet? I mean, duh! Booooring!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed with a big grin on her face, while Twilight just shook her head and rolled her eyes, trying to walk away from the hyperactive mare. “You see I saw you when you first got here, remember? You were all, “Hello”, and I was all * gasp * remember? You see, I never saw you before, and if I never saw you before, that means you're new. 'Cause I know everypony, and I mean everypony, in Ponyville.” Pinkie continued, as the two made their way to a table with refreshments. Twilight, trying to block out Pinkie's constant talking in her ear, grabbed a red bottle in her teeth and poured its contents into a waiting glass. “And if you're new, it meant you hadn't met anyone yet, and if you haven't met anyone yet, you must not have any friends, and if you don't have any friends, then you must be lonely, and that made me so sad. And I had an idea, and that's why I went * gasp *.” Pinkie said as she continued to explain to Twilight about her previous actions, who still didn't appear to be really listening. Twilight proceeded to place a straw into her “drink”, however, what she didn't realize was that this so-called “drink” was actually hot sauce. As she started to take a sip of the hot sauce, Pinkie still kept talking as if she were still attentively listening. “I should throw a great big, ginormous, super-duper spectacular welcome party and invite everyone in Ponyville! See? And now you have lots and lots of friends!” Pinkie exclaimed as Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash quickly gathered around her to “prove her point”.

Twilight's eyes greatly widened when the hot sauce took its hot, spicy effect on her tongue. She turned to face the group, who had now noticed that her bulging cheeks were as red as beets, and that her eyes were streaming with tears.

“Are you all right, sugar cube?” Applejack asked, now concerned.

Twilight then jumped up, with steam whistling from her ears, and her mane and tail temporarily turning into flames. She zipped off at top speed up a staircase to alleviate her burning sensation, while the group of mares (except Pinkie) watched in confusion.

“Aww, she's so happy she's crying!” Pinkie said, oblivious as to what was wrong with Twilight, and further confusing the others.

“Hot sauce.” Spike said as he picked up the same red bottle that Twilight had used earlier.

Pinkie Pie reached over Spike to tip the bottle over one of the cupcakes on the table, dumping a glob of hot sauce all over it. She then the sweet and spicy mess and shoved it into her mouth, surprisingly remaining unaffected by the burning sensation that would usually bring a pony to tears. If her previous words had the others confused, this action may have just threw them all for a loop.

“What? It's good!” Pinkie responded, as the group just shook their heads while smiling.

Meanwhile, Twilight was laying down on a bed upstairs, hiding her face underneath her pillow to block out the loud, pounding music playing downstairs, hoping that she would eventually fall asleep. Her room consisted of bookshelves aligned one wall, with the rest of the space being used for the bed, a house plant, a small floor mat, and a table window with a design of the flank of a unicorn, along with a telescope that was likely meant for stargazing. Also on the wall were two overlapping horseshoes and a cuckoo clock. The main reading room was just below the bedroom, and also had an assortment of books, a desk, and a staircase leading down to the first floor.

After a moment, Twilight sat up to look at the clock and saw that it was just past four o'clock in the morning. She released a small groan at the sight of this, and wondered what the other ponies could possibly be doing in the wee hours of the night...especially in her residence...well, “temporary residence”.

“Hey, Twilight!” Spike exclaimed as he opened the door to the main reading room and saw the purple unicorn on her bed. His head was covered by a lampshade and small streamers. “Pinkie Pie's starting “Pin the Tail on the Pony”! Wanna play?” He asked, excitedly.

“No! All the ponies in this town are CRAZY! Do you know what time it is?” Twilight replied, a bit more annoyed than her usual self.

“It's the eve of the Summer Sun Celebration. Everypony has to stay up, or they'll miss the Princess raise the sun.” Spike explained as he prepared to leave the room. “You really should lighten up, Twilight. It's a party!”. With that statement being said, Spike left Twilight alone to rejoin the party.

Twilight mimicked his tone of voice for a short moment, and began to rant about her misfortunes to herself.

“Here I thought I'd have time to learn more about the Elements of Harmony. But, silly me, all this ridiculous friend-making has kept me from it!” She exclaimed in frustration as she sat up again to look out of the window. In the night sky is the moon, along with its surfaces forming a small, but noticeable silhouette on Nightmare's head. Surrounding the moon were four large, twinkling stars that slowly drifted towards it, although their movements were not visible by the naked eye. “Legend has it that on the longest day of the thousandth year...the stars will aid in her escape...and she will bring about everlasting night.” Twilight spoke softly while levitating an open book; the same one she looked at earlier in the ivory tower. Lowering the book, Twilight spoke again as she looked up at the moon: “I hope the Princess was right. I hope it really is just an old pony tale.”.

“Come on, Twilight! It's time to watch the sunrise!” Spike exclaimed as he opened the door again, while still wearing the lampshade on his head.

Seeing how he and the ponies that she met earlier today would be likely to interrupt her if and while she would be studying, Twilight reluctantly exited her bedroom and the library to join the others in watching the sunrise.

I hope you're right, Princess Celestia. I still don't know what the Elements of Harmony do, or even how they work for that matter. I can't imagine what I would do if Nightmare Moon were to return...or what everypony in Ponyville would do, if anything.” Twilight thought while walking to the town square pavilion.

When the crowd of ponies, Spike, and Twilight made their way into the pavilion, they waited for the mayor of Ponyville to present Princess Celestia. Some of the pegasi in the room used their wings to an advantage, and flew up to the ceiling to get a bird's eye view of the balcony. Other ponies including unicorns and earth ponies just stood around and conversed amongst themselves. Even though the Princess had seemed confident in her letter that nothing detrimental was going to take place, the bad feeling still lingered in Twilight's mind. Pinkie Pie caught a sight of her again, and approached her to have another conversation.

“Isn't this exciting? Are you excited? “Cause I'm excited, I've never been so excited, well, except for the time that I saw you walking into town and I went * gasp *. But I mean, really, who can top that?” Pinkie asked, while Twilight just looked at her with an uninterested expression.

The birds that had been rehearsing with Fluttershy earlier in the day (well, technically yesterday now, for all of you smart people out there) began to recite their song for Princess Celestia's arrival, with Fluttershy hovering in the air to be their composer. A spotlight was then focused onto the center of the stage below the balcony, which presented the mayor of Ponyville. She had a light brownish-tan coat with a silvery-white mane and tail, small glasses that protected her bright blue eyes, and a cutie mark of a scroll with a blue ribbon wrapped around it. She also wore her uniform; a white fabric that wrapped around her neck, along with a teal, puffy material on the collar of the uniform.

“Fillies and gentlecolts!” The mayor exclaimed as she began her short speech. “As Mayor of Ponyville, it is my great pleasure to announce the beginning of the Summer Sun Celebration!” The mayor continued as the crowd cheered for a moment, with the exception of Twilight and Spike, and then resumed their silence so that the mayor could continue. “In just a few moments, our town will witness the magic of the sunrise and celebrate this, the longest day of the year!” She said as she pointed to a banner with a picture of a white alicorn pony with a yellow, sunny background, signifying Princess Celestia's ability to raise and/or lower the sun. “And now, it is my great honor to introduce to you the ruler of our land...” The mayor paused as some ponies in the crowd shifted their attention from her to the center of the balcony, which showed a pair of closed, red curtains.

During this short pause, Twilight looked through a window above her to the moon. The four twinkling stars that she had seen while in the library had drifted all the way to the center of the moon. The moon then flashed a white light from its core, and when it was visible again, the silhouette of Nightmare's head that surfaced the moon had vanished. Twilight let out a small gasp at sight of this, and instantly grew an uneasy expression as she turned her head back to the balcony, as if she were awaiting Nightmare Moon's arrival any minute now.

Oh no...Princess were wrong...” Twilight thought as the mayor spoke again.

“...the very pony who gives us the sun and the moon each and every day...the good, the wise...the bringer of harmony to all of Equestria...” The mayor paused again as the crowd grew more and more excited, as if they were about to go into an absolute frenzy.

“Ready?” Fluttershy said to her birds as they prepared to sing the most critical part of their song.

“...Princess Celestia!” The mayor exclaimed finally as Rarity tugged on the curtains to open them.

The birds began to whistle another fanfare as the curtains slowly opened. The best part of the Summer Sun Celebration was about to get under way. The Princess was about to be revealed to the town of Ponyville...the curtains fully opened.....but there was no one there...

“Huh?” Rarity exclaimed, dumbstruck at the sight of this...well, nothingness.

“This. Can't be good.” Twilight said with abstract fear in her voice.

The crowd began to murmur, generally confused at the fact that the Princess was not in their expected position on the balcony, or anywhere to be seen for that matter.

“Remain calm, everypony. There must be a reasonable explanation.” The mayor advised, now with a worried expression on her face.

“Ooh! Ooh! I love guessing games! Is she hiding?” Pinkie exclaimed, oblivious to everyone's concern.

“She's gone!” Rarity exclaimed as she had went behind the curtains for a moment to look for the missing princess, but could not locate her.

The crowd let out a gargantuan gasp that filled the entire room as they started to panic.

“Ooh, she's good.” Pinkie said to Twilight, still unaware of the situation that was taking place.

However, reality unexpectedly got to the pink mare, as her happy cheer instantly disappeared with a gasp of horror when she looked up again at the balcony. Other ponies noticed Pinkie Pie gasp and looked up at the balcony again, doing the very same thing as they caught a glance of a horrific sight. Twinkling clouds of deep bluish-violet vapor began to engulf the platform and the balcony railing.

“Oh, no.” Twilight said, softly.

The thick, twinkling clouds were cast aside after a short moment of building up its quantity, slowly revealing the possible culprit for Princess Celestia's absence; the blue-armored, bluish-black alicorn: Nightmare Moon. She had a purplish-indigo mane and tail that were also vapor-like, light bluish-green eyes with scornful catlike pupils under the helmet that she wore, and stood at a seemingly towering size that was accompanied by a spread of her wings. Her chest and cutie mark armor plates also had a white moon crescent design on it, representing her one thousand year imprisonment on the moon.

“Nightmare Moon!” Twilight exclaimed as Spike moaned in shock and literally fainted at the sight of the supposedly evil mare.

“Oh, my beloved subjects. It's been so long since I've seen your precious sun-loving faces.” Nightmare Moon spoke as the crowd of ponies could only tremble with absolute trepidation. They could not believe that what was said to be an old pony tale was actually happening in front of them, here and now.

“What did you do with our Princess?!?” Rainbow exclaimed as she started into a flying charge towards Nightmare Moon, however, Applejack grabbed her tail with her teeth to stop her from doing so, seeing how much more intimidating and powerful the alicorn appeared to be.

“Whoa there, Nelly!” Applejack said as she slowly reeled in Rainbow Dash back onto the ground, while Nightmare Moon began to chuckle.

“Why, am I not royal enough for you? Don't you know who I am?” Nightmare asked.

“Ooh! Ooh! More guessing games! Um...Hokey Smokes! How about...Queen Meanie? No...Black Snooty! Black Snooty!” Pinkie exclaimed before Applejack stuffed a cupcake into the pink mare's mouth, shutting her up temporarily while keeping an embarrassed grin on her face. This short fiasco made Nightmare Moon raise an eyebrow at the two ponies for a second before continuing, as she leaned over to Fluttershy.

“Does my crown no longer count, now that I have been imprisoned for a thousand years?” She asked, almost rhetorically, as her booming presence unquestionably scared away the birds as well as frightened the meek pegasus mare into remaining completely frozen with suspended in the air.

Nightmare Moon then leaned over to Rarity, and also began to give her a small lecture.

“Did you not recall the legend?” She said as she gently slapped her chin up with her vapory hair. “Did you not see the signs?” She asked, this time awaiting an answer.

“I did.” Twilight spoke up, causing Nightmare Moon to shift her attention onto her. “And I know who you are! You're the Mare in the Moon—Nightmare Moon!” Twilight exclaimed, earning perhaps a small ounce of respect from the said alicorn.

“Well, well, well. Somepony who remembers me. Then you also know why I'm here.” Nightmare said, making everyone turn their focus onto Twilight while she fumbled for an answer to give.

“You're here” Twilight started, losing her nerve and giving herself a hard gulp.

“Remember this day, little ponies, for it was your last. From this moment forth, the night will last forever!” Nightmare exclaimed as she began to laugh maniacally, while bluish-purple vapor and occasional lightning bolts swirled above her, almost like a vortex.

The crowd of ponies, including Twilight, grew worried and panicked expressions on the faces as Nightmare Moon continued to laugh menacingly.

“Seize her! Only she knows where the Princess is!” The mayor exclaimed as three royal pegasus guards started into a flying charge towards Nightmare Moon. They each had a white coat, gold saddles, gold shoes, and a Roman-style helmet for armor.

“Stand back, you foals!” Nightmare exclaimed as her eyes burned white, causing more lightning to form around her, and sending the trio of guards harshly back down to earth. She then wrapped her long mane and tail around her body and vanished into a bluish-purple mist. This mist made a beeline for the front door, snaking through parts of the crowd as well as the guards that she had knocked out of commission. Rainbow Dash, who had still been trapped in a standstill in the air by Applejack, finally broke loose of her grip and charged after Nightmare Moon.

“Come back here!” She yelled as she chased after the misty form of Nightmare Moon. However, she was too late as not only was Nightmare Moon flying almost twice as fast as her, but she also had a head start of about a good three to four miles. “Nighttime...forever?” Rainbow said to herself, beginning to worry about that eventuality. She then heard hoofbeats on the ground and noticed that Twilight had come running out of the pavilion with Spike on her back. “Where's she going?” Rainbow spoke again as she started to follow Twilight back to her library. Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy saw this unfold from the front door of the pavilion, and also proceeded to pursue them, hoping to get some answers.

When Twilight arrived at the library, she immediately turned the lights on and placed the seemingly unconscious Spike into an open basket so that he could rest peacefully.

“We gotta stop Nightmare!” Spike exclaimed while half-asleep and half-dazed.

“You've been up all night, Spike. You are a baby dragon, after all.” Twilight spoke softly as she placed a small blanket over Spike and tucked him in. The baby dragon almost instantly fell asleep shortly after she left the room.

When Twilight turned out the lights in her bedroom, she quietly ran back down the stairs and began to rummage through her books, hoping to find the same book that she used to learn about the Elements of Harmony. Surprisingly, the ruckus that she was making in the process did not wake up Spike, who was still knocked out cold.

“Elements, Elements, Elements...” Twilight said as she had an even harder time locating the book than she did the first time, with Spike not being there to help her look. “How can I stop Nightmare Moon without the Elements of Harmony?!” She exclaimed as she grew frustrated with her misfortune.

“And just what are the Elements of Harmony?” Rainbow asked as she got in Twilight's face, with a furious look written all over her face. Twilight slowly backed up as she continued. “And how did you know about Nightmare Moon, huh? Are you a spy?” Rainbow accused before being yanked by her tail again by Applejack.

“Simmer down, Sally. She ain't no spy...” Applejack said, earning a somewhat guilty look from Rainbow Dash. “...but she sure knows what's goin' on—don't you, Twilight?” She asked, as the five ponies began to close in on her.

Twilight paused to look at their concerned faces for a moment before responding to Applejack's question.

“I read all about the predictions of Nightmare Moon. Some mysterious objects called the Elements of Harmony are the only things that can stop her.” Twilight confessed as she looked out of a window to the now bare moon. “But I don't know what they are, where to find them. I don't even know what they do!” She explained.

The Elements of Harmony.” Pinkie read aloud, making Twilight shift her focus onto her. “A Reference Guide.” She finished.

“How did you find that?!” Twilight exclaimed as she trucked Pinkie out of the way to retrieve the book.

“It was under “E”!” Pinkie said in a singsong voice.

“Oh.” Twilight replied, a little angered by the fact that an apparently air-headed pony was able to locate a sophisticated book like this one much easier than she herself did. She levitated the book over the middle of the room and began to read aloud, while the others followed along silently. “There are six Elements of Harmony, but only five are known. Kindness, laughter, generosity, honesty, and loyalty.” She read, while just outside of a window, a familiar mist began to form. Nightmare Moon had been in her vapor form listening in on their conversation, quietly thinking of a plan to sabotage their upcoming journey. “The sixth is a complete mystery. It is said the last known location of the five Elements was in the ancient Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters.” Twilight continued, as Nightmare Moon, now having heard this, zipped away from the window. “It is located in what is now...” Twilight said as the group began to shudder at the next three words on the page. “The Everfree Forest!” They all exclaimed fearfully. After a long moment of silent apprehension, Pinkie Pie spoke up, once again returning to her cheerful state of mind.

“Whee! Let's go!” She said as she trotted towards the front door.

“Not so fast!” Twilight said, causing Pinkie to stop where she now stood. “Look. I appreciate the offer. But I'd really rather do this on my own.” Twilight explained, hoping that her “friends” would understand her intentions.

“No can do, sugar cube. We sure ain't lettin' any friend of ours go into that creepy place alone. We're stickin' to you like caramel on a candy apple.” Applejack said as Twilight flinched a bit when hearing the word “friend”, but Applejack nor the others caught sight of this.

“Mmm-hmm!” Fluttershy, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash said as they trotted towards the front door and began to walk out of the library.

“Especially if there's candy apples in there!” Pinkie fantasized as Twilight gave her a funny look. “What? Those things are good!” Pinkie said as she exited the library, while Twilight could only respond with a resigning sigh as she followed the group of ponies.

When the six ponies arrived at the entrance of the Everfree Forest, they stopped for a moment to gather up whatever courage they had leftover from Nightmare Moon's arrival, and for good reason, too. The large, overgrown forest seemed bigger and darker than usual; who knows what kind of foreboding journey awaited them inside the wilderness? After taking a good look at what they were going to face up ahead, Rainbow Dash grew impatient.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!” She exclaimed as she started into blindly flying through the trees, however, Applejack grabbed her by the tail with her teeth for a third time. “What now?” Rainbow groaned, a little annoyed that Applejack kept stopping her from progressing any further.

“Somethin' doesn't feel right...” Applejack responded, now with a worried expression on her face.

“Uh, yeah! The night will last forever if we don't hurry up and find the Elements of Harmony.” Rainbow replied, wondering why Applejack would say something so obvious.

“Not that, I mean--” Applejack tried to say, however, the ground suddenly began to shake, nearly throwing the ponies off balance.

“What in the name in Celestia is that?!?” Rainbow yelled as she looked behind her to see where the source of the rumbling was, while the trembling ground became gradually more and more violent.

The other ponies also turned around and looked up to the sky, and noticed that a small, but rapidly growing green ball of light had emerged in the atmosphere to the right of the moon.

“Ooh! Is that a meteor?” Pinkie managed to say through all of the shaking.

“It can't be. Meteors only appear in Equestria every one hundred years!” Twilight responded.

The green ball of light was now visually large than the moon with the naked eye, and grew increasingly closer to the group's location. It would only be a matter of mere seconds before the green light would either hit them or continue to fall above their heads.

“If I didn't know any better, I'd say that thing's headed right for us!” Applejack exclaimed.

“Duck!” Rainbow yelled as everyone began to drop down to the ground to duck their heads.

“Duck??? Where?!?” Pinkie exclaimed, with her air-headed cheerfulness making her unaware of what was going on.

“No, Pinkie! Duck your head!” Rainbow yelled again, forcing Pinkie down to the ground with her forehoof.

The green light, even though it fell nowhere near them as it zipped through the sky above the heads, was followed by a strong gust of wind, almost blasting Pinkie Pie head-on into a tree. As the wind slowly died down, the ground's shaking also began to slowly lighten up as the light traveled further away.

“Is everypony okay?” Applejack asked, as the other ponies responded with a general “yes”.

“We better get going.” Twilight said as she stood up from the ground. “Now we have more than one problem to deal with.” She pointed out as she started to walk into the forest.

The other ponies stood up and followed her in, thus starting their journey to stop Nightmare Moon.

And with that being said, this will be the end of the first chapter. Please write a review with your feedback. I know that personally, this isn't my “best” work, and I want to make this story better in the near future. For those of you that liked this story so far, stay tuned for the second chapter, “Daylight Savings, Part 2”, coming soon.


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