New Beginnings: The Reversal Spell by Tornadic Wind
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"50 years... 50 years I've been imprisoned in Tartarus. My mind has been wiped, and all I can remember is a name, Tornadic Wind." "Why do you need my help?" "I need power, not just that, I need a host, a disguise." "What's in it for me?" "Freedom. Especially from this hell hole." "You have a big mouth for a freak... but you seem promising. I accept your offer, King Darkfire." "You're an Identity Seeker?" "Yes, now lets get this over with. I, Cacophonic Roar, give you permission to enter my physical form for uses yet to be discovered." recited Cacophonic. With that being said, Darkfire wasted no time possessing Cacophonic as he willed his spirit into the stone casing. Two minutes later, the stone cracked.

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