A Pegasus Is Fine, Too by Stanku
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On a clear, sunny day, amidst the calm harmony of birdsong and an occasional light breeze, a drop of sweat dropped from a pegasus’s brow. Its fall was not characterized by direct vertical movement; instead of landing neatly on the track below, it flew on a wide arch for good ten meters before being utterly demolished by the red paving. By this time, the pegasus had already sped half a track away, sowing countless other salty pearls in the course of his formidable velocity. He heard the clock beeping in his wrist, and cringed as he tore the last ounces of strength left in his powerful wings for the final stretch. Were it not for the glasses he wore, the air resistance would have made him weep.  

Suddenly, the loud beeping stopped, and so did the pegasus, or at least he tried his best to. He braked with his wings and landed on the track. Even then he had to abide to his own momentum and gallop a short distance before he could bring himself to a halt. He panted heavily and fresh sweat gleamed on his brow in the bright sunlight. For a moment he just basked there, catching his breath and resting his strained wings and muscles. Suddenly, he could hear wingbeats approaching him from behind. He immediately straightened his slacking body. “How did…I do?” he asked, panting.

A cyan mare with a rainbow mane flew casually beside her, face serious. “From a scale of zero to awesome, I’d say…very awesome!” Her grave expression broke into a satisfied glee. “In fact, you hoofily broke your record!”

“Over 18 laps?” said Thunderlane, amazed. “You’re saying I flew…over 18 laps?”    

Rainbow Dash gave him a baffled look. “No…you did seventeen and a half. But that’s still your new record, right?”


The stallion shifted his weight between his legs. “Uhm…no, not exactly…” he said, averting her magenta eyes. “I forgot to mention the fact, but…”

“But what?” she asked, suddenly narrowing her eyes suspiciously.

The stallion glanced at the cyan mare. “Well, the thing is that I broke my record last  week…unofficially.” He gave her an awkward smile. “It’s 17 and three quarters now.”  

Her gaze, along with her voice, sharpened a tad more. “Lane…”

“I know I know, I should’ve told you earlier!” he blurted. “I know how badly you want to be up to date about the weather team’s abilities, but–”

“That’s awesome!” she shouted, and slammed him hard on the shoulders. “That’s exactly what I want to see in my crew!”

“Disobedience?” he asked carefully, trying to ignore the stinging pain on the spot where her hoof had landed.

She rolled her eyes. “Spirits, dummy! If everypony was breaking their records in their off-schedule practices, we’d be Equestria’s number one weather team for life!” She flew around him, smiling proudly. “Why keep it a secret, though?”

“Well…I kind of wanted to surprise you…” He followed the mare glide effortlessly above him. “But I guess the cat is out of the bag now.”

“Is that why you didn’t want me to count your laps today?” she asked, turning on her back in the air. His nod incited a mischievous smile on her thin lips. “Aww, that’s cute.”

Thunderlane raised an eyebrow at that. “Uh, sure? Anyway, I guess it was lucky that you happened to be nearby today.” He turned a searching look at the direction of Ponyville. “I don’t know why Helia didn’t come today…she usually comes right on time to our practices.”

Except if she’s told not to by the coach of the weather team, thought Dash as she studied the stallion under her with bright, rich red eyes. While his attention was elsewhere, she eyed his muscular, lean back from which his smooth wings protrude. From there, her gaze moved to his flank and rump, both of which shared a similarly wiry look. She even tried to peek between his hind legs, but drew her eyes quickly away as he turned his neck. “Yeah, who knows?” she answered to Thunderlane’s comment. “I’m sure she’s fine, though.”  

The stallion, oblivious of the examination he was just submitted to, shrugged. “You’re right. Anyway, d’you want to give it a go? I need to take a break.”

“In a moment, yeah,” she said, stopping in the air in front of him. “I was just thinking something…something we could do today.” Her smile represented one of the more intricate ones in her repertoire.

“You mean, some other drill?” he asked curiously.

“In a way, in a way…” Her wings gave the air one stronger beat, flying her behind the stallion. “I guess you could call it a drill.”

He turned around, and blinked as he saw where her eyes had wandered. He laughed shortly, as if in disbelief.  “Oh…okay…”

Her eyes rose to meet his, and in them, a fiery spark resided. “You know, just to brush up the good times. Eat well, drink well, fool around the house. You know the drill.”

“You know I do,” he said, his voice suddenly meaningfully tender. Then a sliver of doubt invaded his expression. “Wait…is there something buried here?”

Innocence flooded her face. “Whaat? Do two close friends need a reason to fool around? It’s not like we haven’t before…”

He kept on studying her intently. “No at all…but it has been a while. And this does come kind of out of the blue, don’t you think?”

She only smiled conspicuously. “We’ll see. Six O'clock, my place?”

He couldn't help but snort amusedly. “You’re really something, aren’t you? Okay, okay, I know to play ball when it hits me on the forehead.”

But how about when there’s two coming right at you? “Awesome,” she said slowly. She floated around him again. “I gotta go now. See you then!”

“Hey, I still thought to give that record a shot!” he cried when she is already speeding away.


She didn’t stop, but turned her neck casually and shouted: “You got the beeper thing Twilight gave you! You’ll be fine!”

“But it only measures time, not laps!” he shouted back at her, but the rainbow pegasus had already turned into a mere colourful dot in the sky. He sighed, and shook his head. So like her to leave an invitation and escape right after. And were I a betting pony, I’d stake all my bits that it’s my turn to bring the drinks again. He looked around the empty track, smiling faintly. I wonder if she misses our short romance? I never thought her the type to get sentimental like that. But why else would she be inviting me to her bed again?


Okay, he was the easy one, Rainbow Dash thought to herself while soaring through air and the occasional cloud. Stallions are always the simple bit. It’s the mares that might cause problems. Especially this mare. Another member of the cumulus race exploded and faded as the mare glided through it, not even slowing down. I could just ask Pinkie, and she’d say yes even before I got a word out of my mouth. Even Twilight could be up to it, with some persuasion, but Fluttershy…getting her to threesome is like trying to make AJ start farming pears. And that’s why it’d be so damn hot.

As the familiar cottage peeked below her, Rainbow Dash stopped beating with her wings, instead sliding idly lower and lower without any effort at all. Soon her keen eyes spotted the wheat-yellow pegasus in the garden, bending over some of her plants. Again, Rainbow Dash used the opportunity to admire the other pony’s figure. This time she took a moment longer in her spying, eyeing the mare from the house’s grass-covered roof. With an almost dreamy gaze she followed the light-pink tail swing from side to side, just barely covering her rump and nether parts. But it wasn’t her behind that she was most interested in, but her neck and, more importantly, the mane that waved around it, that enrobed it in a pink dream soft as a butterfly’s kiss.  

Without making a sound, Rainbow Dash landed behind her friend. “Hi ‘Shy.”

Fluttershy meeped, and glanced behind her. She was still bending over her vegetable plantings, wearing her straw gardening hat. “Oh, hello, Dashie. I didn’t hear you coming.”

“You stuck there or what?” continued the Rainbow Dash, peeking over her rump.

Fluttershy stood up properly, looking down on the plants with a warm smile. “Oh no, I was just having a talk with a ladybug there. She was just passing by my carrots.”

“That’s…interesting,” said Dash disinterestedly. “So…you got anything planned for the evening?”

The Fluttershy turned to look at her. “Nothing special, no. The whole week has been very quiet, actually. Why?”

I have to tread carefully now. Must not scare her. “Oh, nothing,” said Dash casually. “I was just planning a bit of a night-out. Or a night-in, really.” She pretended to be studying the various vegetables around. “Thought about inviting some friends over to my place.”

Fluttershy gave her the same warm smile she had to the ladybug. “Oh? That sounds really nice. Am I being invited too?”

“That was kind of the plan, yeah,” answered Dash, glancing at Fluttershy. “If you don’t got anything special going on?”

“No no, I would be thrilled to attend,” said the Fluttershy happily. “Are the others coming?”

Dash pursed her lips slightly. “Uh, no, not really…It’d be just you, me, and Thunderlane. Would that be cool with you?”

The warm smile flickered, but didn’t fail. “Of course. I haven’t had many opportunities to get to know him before.”

“Oh, you’ll get to know him well enough alright,” said Dash, unable to help herself. She laughed awkwardly at the confused look of her friend. “I’m just saying that we pegasi should spent some time just together, you know? Have the feathers talk and all that.”

“I suppose…but I’m sure we could invite the others, too?”

Dash rubbed the back of her neck with a hoof, eyes wandering again. “Sure, sure we could…but I thought we could meet at my place and, you know…It’s made of clouds and all.”  

“That could cause some problems for them, yes,” agreed Fluttershy with a hint of suspicion in her voice. “Uhm, is there any particular reason to have a party?”

“Do we need one?” responded Dash, shrugging her lean shoulders. “It’s just some fun, ‘Shy. You like fun right?” She looked at her meaningfully under her brows.

A weary look invaded Fluttershy’s eyes. “Oh no…are you…are you again trying to…?”

Oh, blast. “Hey hey, don’t take it like that!” hurried Rainbow Dash. “I didn’t say anything about, about…anything you thought I did!” She stepped closer to her, smiling reassuringly. “You could just watch first or–”

“Rainbow Dash!” blurted Fluttershy, her eyes widening under the straw hat. “How could you! I told you that I don’t want to have any part in, in…that!”

Double blast. “Oh, come on!” whined Dash, lifting herself one meter in the air. “Can’t we even talk about it anymore?”

“I thought we wouldn't need to,” said Fluttershy quietly under the shadow of her hat.

“But it’s Thunderlane we’re talking about!” continued Dash, desperation and annoyance seeping through her voice. “I’ve been with him! He can be very cool and mindful! He can–”  

“A no is a no, Rainbow Dash,” said the yellow pegasus, looking up. A sad look covered her eyes. “It doesn’t matter who the third wheel would be; they would still be the third wheel. I don’t like third wheels in bed.”


Dash narrowed her eyes. “I might be blubbering nonsense, but didn't you once say that you don’t like singing in public? And how did that turn out?”

Fluttershy’s eyes don’t sway. “I still don’t like it…but now I’m not mortally afraid of it. And there is a difference between bedplay and singing, Rainbow Dash, and you should know that.”

“Is there, Fluttershy?” she asked a bit reproachfully. “What is that, exactly?”

Fluttershy looked anxiously around. “Do we have to talk about this outside? Somepony might hear…”

“So what?!” cried Dash, spreading her front legs theathretically. She calmed down a bit when she noticed her friend’s reaction. She landed down next to her. “I’m sorry, ‘Shy…I just don’t understand you, not one bit. When we have ‘bedplay’, you’re relaxed like a cat, but otherwise you can’t even talk about it without blushing. Can’t you see the weirdness in that?”

Another smile, this time somewhat mystical, touched Fluttershy’s lips. “It may be hard for you to understand…but sex is very intimate to me. It’s when I’m at my most vulnerable state, when I give myself to somepony completely.” She tilted her head a bit while looking at her friend. “For you, it’s always a game, a race. Just fun, just for fun. And you always brag about how much you get to have it.”  

Rainbow Dash looked deep into the bright teal eyes, and for a moment forgot the color of them. She sighed, and swayed her head. “I guess you’re right. I do like to race a lot, to have a lot…but not with you.” She looked longfully at her. “With you, it’s different. It’s more like you said, like…opening…to you. And I’ve never bragged about having fuc–I mean, having had sex with you.”

Fluttershy took a step closer to the other mare, touching her neck with a hoof. “Then why would you want to make me a third wheel?” She didn’t ask it unkindly.

Dash closed her eyes, and leaned closer to her caressing hoof. “Because I want to feel both the intimacy and the race. When I’m with the one, I always miss the other. And it’s driving me nuts.” She pressed her neck gently against hers.

They remain quiet for awhile, enjoying each other’s touch. “I don’t believe that can be,” said Fluttershy. “You can’t have intimacy with too many ponies. You can race, but not open up.”

“Have you ever tried?”

Fluttershy kept on smoothing her neck, underneath which wiry muscles stirred. “I don’t believe I need to, Dashie. I’m sorry. For me, it would be like staying awake in a dream.”

Rainbow Dash detached from her caress, looking at her apologetically. “No. I’m sorry. I’m being selfish, trying to push this on you.” She looked sadly at her own hooves. “I just thought it might do good to both of us.”

Fluttershy planted a light kiss on her forehead. “We’re doing great already.”  

Dash smiled playfully again. “Heh, yeah. Yeah we are. I suppose I’ll be drinking Thunderlane’s bits all alone, then.”

“You’re still going to invite him?” Fluttershy asked in surprise.

Rainbow Dash only grinned more. “Well, I did invite him already…and I may have hinted at some possibility of bedplay. Wouldn’t be cool to back him down now.” She rose to her wings, the sunlight painting her in golden glow. “I need to clean up some before six o'clock. And cook, too. See ya around, ‘Shy.”

“See you around,” echoed Fluttershy as she watched Rainbow Dash fly on her way. She looked at her as long as she could.

And then returned to the conversation with the ladybug.



Soft clinking of bottles followed Thunderlane’s flight as he made casual progress through the cooling air of the young evening. The saddlebags on his flanks were packed with sweet apple cider, and even though they had cost him a half a day’s salary, he couldn’t bring himself to worry too much about the fact. It will all pay itself back soon. And with interest, I’d say; Dash was practically drooling over me back in the flying track. He started humming a joyous tune, and were it not for the precious cargo, he might have made a few aerial loops.

After a short while, Rainbow Dash's cloud castle shined below him. The adolescent twilight made the building's clean white walls a canvas to which all the colours of the world appeared as if by magic. Thunderlane whistled, and shortly landed on the house’s porch. He took a deep breath, made sure that his mane was protruding as it ought to, and knocked on the door.

“Just a sec!” carried the mare’s voice beyond. The peculiar quickness of the response made Thunderlane frown. His doubts increased when the ensuing silence stretched over two minutes.

“Is everything okay there?” he asked through the door. He heard hasty movements and what might be cursing inside.

“I said a sec, okay?!” shouted the voice again, even more alarmed than before. Almost immediately, it was followed by: “Oh, for the love of…” 

Thunderlane opened his mouth to call out, but instead wrinkled his nose as a bitter scent wafted by him. Is that...smoke? “Dash? What’s going on there?”

The door was suddenly thrown ajar, and Rainbow Dash bursted from the house, followed by clouds of thick black smoke. “Bucking *cough* hay!” she cried while flying outside, blinking her watering eyes.

“Is the house on fire?!” blurted Thunderlane, escaping the smoke himself to the mare.

She wiped her eyes with a hoof, muttering more curses. “Nah…just the snacks I forgot in the stove…” She gave him a look that told volumes. “I never thought common pastry could be so...sensitive.” One last cough ended her sentence.

He smiled in relief. “Oh, good…for a moment I thought something serious had happened.”    

She glared at him for a second, but then started laughing. “Heheh…Ugh, yeah…I guess so.” She looked at the her own front door below them. The pillar of smoke had already subsided formidably. “Luckily the house is easy to ventilate. With any luck, the smell shouldn't bother us too much.”  

“I’m sure it wont,” he answered, stealing a glance at her slender and wiry figure. No makeup, no dress, no nothing extra. She is perfect just like she is; a little racing machine finessed to excellence. “Should we venture in?” he asked, turning his eyes to hers. “I’d love to get this load off my back.”

She looked at the saddlebags that seemed about to burst, the way how fully they had been packed. Her face lit up immediately. “I knew you’d remember the drill. Okay, let’s go inside; try not to faint or anything.”

“There’s not that much smoke anymore, is there?” he said while flying behind her.

“Wasn’t talking about the smoke,” she answered as they entered the house.

“Whoah…” gasped Thunderlane as he entered the large space that served the purpose of a hall and living room in Dash’s home. In the middle of the spacious room, there stood two large mattresses covered by sky-blue sheets and filled with several pillows that very much resembled clouds. Some beeswax candles were burning around the floor and on various levels around the massive bed that seemed to make everything else gravitate closer to itself. Despite the smell of smoke, a sweet, honeyed scent lingered in the air. “I think I saw something like this in a decoration magazine once,” he said.  

“You read decor magazines?” asked Dash sarcastically while flying to the kitchen, where the smoke

was still thickest.

“I…That’s not the point! It seems that you’re doing something more than just reading them.” He left the door open and stepped closer to the enormous entity that could have embodied the idea of softness. This seems so unlike her…what is going on? 

“Just put the drinks somewhere,” called the mare from the room beyond. “I have to put out these flames…”


Her face peeked over the doorframe, a teasing smile decorating it. “Just kidding, dummy. Relax, I’ll be there in a sec.”

Thunderlane shook his head as Rainbow Dash disappeared again. The saddlebags let out one last clink before quieting down on the bare floor. Even as the bed practically begged him to stretch himself out on it, there was something so estranging about it that he avoided it for now. Instead, he circled around it, studying the large room in general. Doesn’t seem like much else has changed since my last visit. The place still looks as awesome as its resident. He looked through the wide open windows and the fading sunlight that gave room for the stars beneath. He couldn’t see any yet, but he knew that they were there, watching him back. They’re in for a show, I can say that. The sound of approaching wings drew his attention away from the sky.    

“Ta-daa,” said Rainbow Dash anti-climatically, carrying a trayful of black baked goods between her front legs. “Wanna try one?”

“I’ll pass,” he said after a while, trying to keep his poker face intact. “I could make a note of that trope where a gorgeous mare ever can’t cook well, but that’d be cheesy.”

She laughed dryly while duly throwing the cookeries through the closest window. “Seriously, I can cook better than this!” She set the tray against a wall and fell on the bed with a soft thud. “You know I do.”

He smiled playfully. “Or maybe it’s that everything tastes better when it’s served on top of you?”

She rolled her magenta eyes quasi-indifferently. “Just throw me a sweet one. I need to wash the soot out my throat.”

He produced two bottles from one of the saddlebags and rose on the bed to hoof one of them over to her. The strong strings barely allowed his hooves to sink even as he put his whole weight on them. “I have to ask…why the massive bed?” he sat down next to her, resting himself against the pillows. “Aren’t the clouds soft enough for you anymore?”

Dash opened the bottle with her teeth and took a long sip. As the glass departed her lips, a faraway look had captured her eyes. She took another sip before answering. “I guess there’s no harm in telling you…the bed’s not meant for me, but for Fluttershy.”


The mare turned on her flank, the bottle rolling between her hooves. “I had planned inviting her with you to have some good ol’ threeway. She ended up chickening out, but why should I pull down all this just because she’s not coming?” She waved her hoof, referring to the whole romantic set up in the room. “It took me hours to make all this…”

“Hold on, hold on…” begun Thunderlane, putting his bottle down. “You thought we could have threesome with Fluttershy?”

She gave him a baffled look. “Yeah? So what? You don’t like her?”

Thunderlane’s eyes widened in confusion. “What? No, I mean yes, I…what?”

From him the perplexion infected Rainbow Dash. “What is it, Lane? Spit it out.”

He needed to take a deep breath before he could continue. When he spoke, his voice tried to sound extremely calm. “How could you think that we three could get together and have sex, just like that?”

Dash blinked in disbelief. “What, you too? I thought Fluttershy would be the hard one, but now you’re saying that you don’t want threesome, either?”

“I barely know her!”

“But, but…” started Dash, sitting up. “You’re a guy…?”

He gave him a blank look. “...and?”

“I thought you wouldn’t need to be talked into sex with two gorgeous mares!” she blurted, spreading her hooves. “I mean, Fluttershy’s cute, right? I know for sure I am, so what’s the problem?”

He gave her a long look. “You sure you don’t see a problem in just jumping to bed with a pony you hardly know? And throw a third wheel on top of that?”

“What’s with the wheels!?” cried the mare, falling on her back. “It’s not like you two are total strangers…I don’t get it…”

Welcome to the club. “Look, Dash…not everypony takes sex so casually as you do. And I could very well imagine Fluttershy being one of those ponies.” Suddenly, a revelation lighted up his amber eyes. “Hey wait; have you slept with Fluttershy?”  

Rainbow Dash rose up, biting her lip. “Yeah. But I’d appreciate it if you could keep that between us. I don’t care who knows, but Fluttershy can be kind of touchy about that.”

Thunderlane studied the mare, and finally uncorked his own bottle. After emptying half of it in one go, he sighed in relief. “That should keep your secret down.”

“Well, it’s not really that big of a secret…Twilight and Pinkie know, too…and I think AJ is suspecting something…but still, better not go shouting it in the market.” She rolled on her side, reaching for her own drink. “She doesn’t fancy to hear about sex, let alone talk about it.”

The amber eyes followed intently as she sipped her cider ponderously. “Does it bother you?” he asked carefully.

“Sometimes,” she answered after a moment of consideration. “It’s hard for me to get why she’s  so timid about something so natural. She should be all about nature, right? But the first time I suggested to wheel somepony in, she flipped.” Lying on her back, Rainbow Dash stared at the roof made of clouds. “That’s the only real fight we’ve ever had,” she added quietly.

And this is definitely the weirdest pillow talk I’ve ever had. “But you still thought to give it a shot?”

“I thought she had calmed down by now,” explained Dash, lazily finishing the rest of her drink. “And I think it would do her good.”

Thunderlane put the empty glass away and hoofed her another full one. “Hard to imagine it would if she’s being so totally against it.”

The mare gave him a sharp look. “Oh yeah? Didn’t you just say you hardly know her?”

Always on the offensive. Thunderlane only smirked at her. “I did. I also said that most ponies think twice before diving into unknown sheets.”

“Well maybe they shouldn't,” continued Dash with edgy voice. “What’s the big deal in that, anyway? Sex is good. A lot of sex is better. Logically.” She uncorked her second bottle, but kept her eyes on the stallion.

“I see you’ve thoroughly thought this through,” he answered, still smirking.

“Would you take this seriously for a minute?” she asked sardonically.

“Why? It’s just sex, right?”

Dash snorted, and pushed her face into a pillow. Thunderlane could have sworn that he saw the cloudlike fabric lose a few puffs of its mass as her head pressed against it. “Why is that you want to get Fluttershy into threesome so badly, anyway?” he asked curiously.

“I said it already; it would do good for her.” The pillow took away the pointy end of her voice. “She has to learn not to be ashamed of her own body. Rigidity is a disease.”

“Maybe she just likes her privacy,” suggested Thunderlane, eyeing Dash’s rump with longing. “Kind of harsh to call her choice a disease.”

“I know, I know…” mumbled the mare into the pillow. “It just frustrates me so much sometimes…”

“I think it’s not just Fluttershy’s best that you’re aiming at…” he said, his eyes drinking her figure. The urge to mount her knocked fervently at the back of his mind, demanding to become reality. His hoof shook slightly as he reached for the small of her back.

She didn't flinch at his touch. “Is it that obvious? Jeez, I must be even hornier than I thought…” A soft purr carried from the pillow as his hoof glided by her spine. “Keep on doing that.”

He abided, idly caressing the muscles and coat of her backside. The feeling of them stirring under his touch sent an invigorating pulse over him, and his wings were starting to stiffen. “If it’s  threesome you want, I’m sure I could find somepony whom we both know well enough.”

“It’s not about just threesome…” she said between her purrs. “It’s about threesome with Fluttershy. Even the thought makes me go crazy.” She pushed gently with her hips, rubbing herself against the sheets. A faint moan escaped her.    

It’s not only Thunderlane’s wings that stiffen now. “Oh? Why’s that, exactly?” he asked perfunctorily, moving his hooves closer to her feathers.

“Aaahhh…I dunno…I don’t care…I just want it…Ahh!”

He slipped his hoof around the base of her left wing, smiling at her reaction. Her feathers stirred faintly, rising from her back like branches of a tree, filled with leaves. He kissed some of them, thirsting for a taste of her. He breathed heavily against her wings, closed his eyes, and let his tongue travel over them in one long, wet stroke. His cock twitched as he finished the slurp.

She turned quickly onto her back, her wings flattening under her. “Hey, don’t smear them!”

A dreamy smile covered his face. “Sorry…I had to get a taste of you.”

Her magenta eyes flickered in the dimming light. “Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.” With one smooth motion, she pushed herself up with her wings, and captured him into a passionate kiss.

Oh my gosh, she tastes divine. Thunderlane eagerly accepted the tongue that invaded his mouth and intertwined with his own. Neither one of them closed their eyes, but stared deep into each other’s souls as they resumed to play with their tongues and mouths. The magenta eyes glowed as she drew out her tongue and licked his lips and corners of mouth with wet, sloppy moves. The amber burned with lust, and he grabbed her by the neck, drawing her back into another deep kiss. This time, he closed his eyes, and let the world end to the taste of this tongue, to the feeling of her coat, to the slurping sounds, and to the intoxicating scent of her heat. I’ve missed this so much, so friggin much…

Abruptly, she gave him a strong shove of her front legs. He fell onto his back on the mattress, eyes wide with confusion. “What the–” he began, but stopped when he saw her eyes. They were nothing less but aflame. She stared hungrily at his formidable boner, and drooled. Oh my Celestia, he thought.

“I was banking pretty hard on this day, you know,” she said with a husky voice. “I’ve been hardly even clopping for a week…” Her eyes rose slowly to meet his. “You up for a ride?”

“Just get here already,” he begged, moving his legs out of the way. His cock protruded from his pelvis, arching slightly towards his stomach. A drop of precum dripped onto it’s dark surface, travelling all the way to his middle ring where it only barely stopped.

She smiled wickedly. “You’ve missed me, haven’t ya?”

More than I thought. “Who wouldn’t miss you? You’re Rainbow.”

“Tch,” she said, and climbed over him. “That makes you the pot of gold, right?” She caught his cock between her inner lips and slid it between them, coating his meat in her juices in seconds.

“Ahhhaahh…” he groaned as his underside rubbed against her wet folds. He tried to rise up and guide her with his front hooves, but she pinned him down with her own. His honey eyes glanced at her again.

“I don’t remember you being this easy, Lane,” she said. “You been pent-up, too?” She moved her hips again.

“Ghhh…I guess,” he managed, biting his lip. “Practice takes time. Especially when you’re the coach.” More precum dribbled from his tip, mixing with her juices that now covered most of his member.

She giggled almost girlishly. “It’s only fair that I fix that problem, then.” She moved a bit further, and with some help of her hooves, guided him at her entrance. She gave him one last grin. And landed herself on him. She was wet enough to take him halfway in on the first attempt.

“Ahh!” he moaned while pushing with his hips, working himself deeper into her. As tight as before, but wetter than ever. Oh goosshhh… The slow progress felt amazing, too amazing in fact. A fear of cumming right away crossed his mind, making him stop regardless of the burning lust. Think of the dentist, think of the dentist, think of the–

She drove him all the way in. “Aaahh!” she screamed in ecstasy, right before pulling herself up and ramming down again, eyes closed, mouth cracked open, mane swinging wildly over her face. She leaned forward onto her front legs to increase her pace. Soon she was moving like a piston, driving herself up to his base with every thrust. Her panting broke before the occasional animalistic moan of pure pleasure.  

Thunderlane stared at her in awe, watched as the sexiest mare he had ever known rode on him without regrets nor restraints. But watching it was nothing compared to what it was to feel it. Her pace was quick enough so that he couldn’t immerse himself too deep into the bliss, but still slow enough that he could catch onto those fleeting moments when he was completely inside her, and feel them stack up. Her walls clasped to him, massaging his throbbing meat. Somewhere along the way, the fear of ejaculating was drained away in the face of the immense satisfaction of it all. All there was left was the drive, the pleasure, the following thrust.

For Rainbow Dash, the experience was fulfilment in the fullest meaning of the word. A whole week without sex had taken its toll on the mare who was only a medical check away of being labeled as a nymphomaniac. But now she was set on taking it all back, with interest. She threw her neck back, her gorgeous mane swinging over her eyes. “Aaahhmmmha!” she moaned, and licked her lips dry of panting. His rod filled her up nicely, brushing against her g-spot as it plunged into her marehood over and over again. Already she felt the warm glow building inside her, and were it not for her pent-up state, she might’ve ridden him for another twenty minutes or so. But the temptation to cum was overwhelming, and so she reached for her love button with her right hoof, and started massaging it. She tried to be gentle at first, but soon she was clopping as furiously as she was bouncing on top of him.

Thunderlane saw what was up, and begun pushing more with his hips. The problem was that he could hardly keep up with her furious pace. And the pressure inside his cock was getting unbearable. He breathed heavily and sweated even more, tried to think of the dentist, but all he ended up imagining was her fucking him in a nurse outfit, and the image did little to suppress the orgasm that was only a twitch away now. “Rainbow – Ah! – I can’t – Ahhmmh! – I can’t hold anym–.” He could barely finish sentence as the fireworks began. The big blast, the one that would cover the whole sky in all the colours of the rainbow, was preceded by a short series of smaller explosions that by themselves could have gone for as an orgasm in some context. As it hit him, he screamed. His limbs pressed against the sheets while his cock surged creamy liquid deep inside her, spurting uncontrollably for half a minute. He thrashed in pleasure on the bed, jolts of bliss playing him like a harp. His eyes remained fixated on the sight of his cock diving into the mare of her dreams, cum dribbling thickly on its side. And then he realized that she hadn't reached her peak yet.

Rainbow Dash was only faintly aware that her companion had orgasmed; she was only barely aware of anything that didn’t have immediate relevance for the imminent apex of untold enjoyment that she could practically taste by now. Her hoof moved like a possessed clockwork, and her face almost looked like it was racked by terrible pain. Her previously precise pumping was turning more unsteady, but not any less fervent.

She is teasing herself, he realized hazily as the retreating bliss gave way to normal cognitive functions. She is stretching her limits like she was in a race.

“Just…bit…more…” she blubbered incoherently, eyes wide shut. Her body was practically spasming by now.          

Despite the most powerful orgasms he had had for longer than he could remember, he didn’t feel the lust leaving him. The mare’s heat was so vivid it was contagious; it spread like a wildfire, surging through him and keeping his flame alive, too. She is incredible. Simply incredible. Without thinking, he straightened his wings behind his back, and rose up.

“Whoah!” she cried as he pushed her on her back on the bed. He was still inside her, but her hind legs were now wrapped around his waist. She was about to say something, but then he pushed. “Aaahahhmmmh!” she groaned.

The stallion begun fucking her as if he hadn’t cum after all. His member was still hard, but heavy numbness covered it, a cloud through which he had to glide to touch the spark of pleasure that lay beneath. But every time he managed in that, the sensation was like nothing he had known before. He wasn’t hunting for another orgasm anymore. He was after something even more precious; her pleasure.

Dash watched the stallion push into her in frenzy. Due to the change of position, he was getting just a bit deeper now, and that extra half of an inch or so was the last drop in the grail that she had been gradually filling for the past ten minutes. She came while trying to reach for her clit. “Aaahhhaammmhh…” she wailed, just as she knew that she had crossed the line. When the waves of carnal perfection toppled the walls of her mind, she didn’t even know anymore whether she was screaming or not. Her juices flowed wildy, making a mess of him as well. The orgasm seemed to last for days, or perhaps it was several orgasms. When the surface of her mind calmed to the point that she could recognize it as her own, she noticed that he was laying on top of her. Both were panting, and sweat and other bodily liquids covered their coats.

“Did I say you know the drill?” she asked with somewhat of a disorganized voice.

“Whah?” he whispered.

“Nothing,” she said, and collapsed on the blankets herself. They lay there for an incalculable amount of time.        

“I said I know the drill,” he said finally, rolling next her. A thick stream of diaphanous goo followed his cock, only to snap as he turned to his side.

“You better. I taught you that.” She smiled mischievously, although the blush that covered her cheeks took away the grin’s sharpest edge.

He put a wing on her flat tummy. “You're the best couch.” The amber eyes vanished behind dark eyelids.

She gave him a suspicious look. “You’re not gonna start sleeping, are ya?”

He shook his head faintly. “Nah. Just enjoying the moment.” He nuzzled closer to her.

She almost wanted to draw away from him, but let him cuddle closer to her in the end. She stared at the ceiling, listening to his breathing. The room was growing dim. She glanced at him, and saw a satisfied smile on his lips. The same smile that she herself always gave to another pony, a pony whom she never had to keep awake, because it would be she who’d fall asleep first. What did she mean, “staying awake in a dream?” What is it that she’s afraid of? 

And how do I make her forget it? 

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