Life in the Balance: Equestria V.S. The Unied States of America by Tornadic Wind
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" Falling... Yep, I'm falling from the top of Shadow Tech Industries. As I am slowly falling, due to being the Master of Time, let me explain what has been happening and who I am. My name is Tornadic Wind, the first hybrid in Equestria and C.E.O. of Shadow Tech Industries. Twelve years and ten months ago, my father, Clockwork, made a deal with the Changelings after the Freemareson-Clockpony War, that as long as they are loyal to him, their lives will be spared. As for the Freemareson's, well, all known Freemareson's and Freemareson Adversaries will be executed on site. Of course, some got away to a safe haven, another world. That world, the world I protect from my father and his army, is Earth. But as more time passes, my father's army grows stronger and greater in numbers. He is insistent that this world, Earth, come under his control should he not find the loose Freemareson's. I must stop him. This is my story as life hangs in the balance." explained Tornadic Wind.

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