The Freemareson/ Clockpony War by Tornadic Wind
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"You all know the story of the Return of Nightmare Moon," said Tornado. "the Return of Discord," said Baelfire. "and the Return of Tirek," said Tornadic. "But, do you know the story of us," continued Tornado. "The Lost Saviors of Both Realms." continued Baelfire. "We are trapped in an ever-lasting time-loop," said Tornadic. "Our only hope is the messenger we assigned to tell our story," said Tornado. "Him, and others who chose to follow." said Baelfire. "We need your help," said Tornadic. "The ponies... people of Earth to believe in us." said Tornado. "But for you to believe," said Baelfire. "You'll need to know the stories..." said Tornadic. "of the Equestria Wars." said the three in unison.

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