Surprise! by Shadow
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Story Notes:

Hope You Enjoy

Asher was walking up to sugarcube corner to get a cake that he had ordered for a birthday 

As he walked in he saw Pinkie giving other ponies cakes and other treats, as she was handing them out Asher walked up behind the counter to help her out so he could get his cake and also to ask her something.

"Hey what are you doing here Ashy?"

 "I am here to get the cake I ordered lastnight and I also wanted to ask you something, but while I'm here I figured I could help you out" He said smiling

"Ohhh Okie dokie lokie" She said giggling
He couldn't help but not to chuckle a little at her silliness

After a while there were not any other ponies there so Asher found this to be the perfect time to ask Pinkie the question he had
"H-hey Pinkie I was wondering if you could plan a surprise birthday party for that mare that this cake is for?"

"AsurprisepartyohhIlovesurpisepartiesofcourseIwillhelpAshy" She exclaimed

"H-huh no no nevermind so that's a yes then?"

"Of course silly billy"

"Oh Thank you so much pinkie, and you know where she lives right?" He asked hoping she'd say yes because he didn't feel like explaing where the mare lived

"Why wouldn't I know, I know where everypony lives and the mare is Melody right Ashy?"

"Okay, and yes it is melody" He said as he imaged her in his mind the mare he has always been friends with and was always there for her when she needed him and when she was down he was always there for her because he would do anything for the mare he loved so much (Hope your happy for Asher liking Melody)

She looked at Asher as he was stuck in a gaze after he said Melody and she started waving a hoof in front of his face" Ashy... Hello anypony in there?"

"Huh?, oh sorry Pinkie I was just trying to uhh thinking of what necklace I should get melody..." He was embarresd after Pinkie caught him in a gaze

"Suure you were Ashy I think you have a crush on her" She said as a smile grew larger 

He blushed a little as she said that" What no no I only like her as a friend okay nothing else"

Pinkie's smile was still there as she was getting a bunch a party supplies out of the storage room

"Well I am gonna go home and get some rest and thanks for the cake and thanks for wanting to do the surprise birthday party"

"Okay Ashy and your welcome and the party is tomorrow night right?"

"Yes it's at 7pm to 9pm, Well night pinkie"

"Okay, Good night Ashy"


(I am gonna do more just cant think of much right now but i will finish this one)

Chapter End Notes:

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