The Sulreif Demigod by Workard
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The Sulreif Demigod

If you die, you will leave me here.

Into the sky, you will disappear.

There will be no reason, nothing to show for.

Changing seasons, but the same old war.

If you die, you will leave me here.

Trapped inside, you killed my mind.

Another birthday song, just for you.

It’s not too long, just push through.

She read the words, over and over. Almost whispered the sentences to hear the beautiful rhyme. It was the last poem on the last page of the book. Only below stood the name of the pony who wrote it down. S. Cast. A name she has now become familiar with. She often wondered who this author could be. For some reason, she felt as she knew him. The name was just… familiar. Would she ever get to see him? She saw the pages falling down on one another as she closed the book. “There is a time for everyone” there stood on the cover of the book, with big yellow letters. The title made sense in all different ways.

Chapter 1: Read my words, hear me crying.

“Back already?” Twilight said with a sort of sad smile, while looking at Pinkie standing at her front door, letting some of the sunlight in.

“I finished the book a couple of minutes ago” Pinkie replied with the book on her back.

The weather was sunny, with only a few clouds, casting shadows across the streets. Pinkie looked around the room for a second “Do you have any more books similar to this one you lend me?” Pinkie then looked at Twilight while still standing at the open door.

“Come inside” she replied while taking a few steps back.

Just after Pinkie walked in, she slowly closed the door. Just as the door closed, something weird happened. It felt like some sort of… glitch. The feeling disappeared quickly, so she chose to just ignore it.

“Pinkie. I know this has hit you hard, but you can’t just spend your time, reading sad poems. You need to get out more” Twilight said with a soft voice while gently walking around the library.  

Pinkie had placed the book on the table in the middle of the library, with a few other books.  

“I know” Pinkie said with a sad voice.

She was standing in a center point, looking around for something that looked interesting. 6 shelves were surrounding her, with books in all different colors and sizes.

“Here. Let me help you” Twilight smiled, standing behind Pinkie.

Her horn began glowing as she levitated a few books down from the shelf to her left.

“These 3 books were written by the same author as the previous one you read. I would recommend the one in the middle. It’s very artistic and tells some good stories as well” Twilight explained while levitating the three books in front of Pinkie.

The pink pony began focusing on the brown book in the middle. It looked old, but it was in a stable condition. Black letters was written across the brown cover. “The exit from beyond” it spelled out. At the bottom of the book, a little sticker was attached. “Warning: These are words. Not suggestions. P.V. Publisher takes no responsibility for any dangerous acts” For some reason; Pinkie felt herself being drawn to the book. She was curious to what the book could contain since they had to put a warning sticker at the bottom.

“Have you made up your mind yet?” Twilight said impatiently.

Pinkie had forgotten that Twilight was using her magic to lift the books.

“Oh, sorry. The middle one is fine” she replied quickly.

“Good choice” Twilight smiled as she placed the 2 other books back on their shelves.

“Spike!” Twilight then yelled.

“What?” A little voice was heard coming from upstairs.

“Are you sleeping?! We have to get ready for Canterlot!” Twilight yelled in a strict voice.

“Ehh… I am up” Spike replied as confident as he was able to.

“I’m coming up” Twilight said as she began walking up the stairs.

Twilight had been a little cranky after her official princess duties that had started 2 weeks ago. Though she takes the duties with pride, the change from being a simple student, to a princess of the land, would make anyone stressed. Pinkie looked at the door she entered. She was unsure if she should say something before walking out. “I’ll be going home now. Thanks for the book” She said with a small smirk.

“Sure. See you later” Twilight said just before she stopped at the last step on the stairs.

“Oh, and Pinkie. Remember not to spend all of your time reading that book. The weather is nice outside” She said looking down at Pinkie.

“Don’t worry Twilight” She replied while back in her head, she knew she probably would end up using the whole day to read the recently borrowed book.

“Alright. See you” Twilight said quickly as she disappeared up the stairs.

“Bye” Pinkie said automatically, before going out the door, with the book on her back.

The book was slightly heavier than the one she returned, but since she lives close by, she felt as she could manage. Pinkie looked up for a second. “It really is nice weather” she thought to herself. There was nearly no clouds to be seen, and the sunshine beautifully passed by the streets. Even the ponies working outside seemed to be in a good mood. It almost brought a smile to Pinkie.

“There she is” a male voice sounded. Pinkie looked to her left, to see a dark brown pony standing next to her. “Out to borrow some more reading material, I see” The pony said as he stepped closer to Pinkie. His light yellow hair was standing straight up, and he was walking with a confident look in his eyes, yet there still was something slightly annoying with his looks.

This was the last thing Pinkie needed. She had known the pony for a while now, but due to a very bad first time impression; he had been mocking Pinkie Pie for weeks now. He was never very good at it, and Pinkie was finding it easy to ignore his bad humor, but since the latest tragedy in Pinkies family, he had picked one specific thing to mock her with.

“I wonder how reading books will help your father to get out of the hospital” he said in a sarcastic voice. He was one of the meanest ponies Pinkie knew, with a name she will always say in disgust. Boomer. He never did any real harm, other than trying his best to hurt ponies he didn’t like, and since Pinkies father came down with a serious illness, he had targeted her mostly. Even as the word “father” was spoken across his lips, Pinkie could feel her body tensing.

“Since you like poems so much cotton tail, I got one for ya’” Boomer grinned, making his light yellow hair wave slightly to his right.

“I don’t care how much you cry. Your father will still die” Pinkie looked away, and began walking forward, trying her best to ignore him. She really couldn’t handle this right now.

“Wait!” Boomer shouted.

“I got more!” with his own praise he continued.

“Toughen up a little, do what I love. Go behind a weak pony, and begin to shove!” Her marked the last word as he shoved Pinkie Pie, making her go off balance and fall to the ground. Boomer began laughing, with his ever so annoying light voice.

“You can’t even stand up straight!” He smiled

“I gotta get home. I don’t wanna be late” He began laughing even harder

“I can’t even stop!”

Pinkie tensed her body while doing her best to relax. She knew better than to react to him. She steadily got herself up, but there was something missing.

“Where is the book?” She asked herself. Looking to her right, she was relieved to find the book on the ground. It had opened up, to what seemed to be the first page. Just before picking it up she noticed some hooves marks on it. Boomer must have stepped on the book. Though there was some dirt on the page, but the sentences could still be read.

“My lover was in a hospital bed, fighting to survive. There was only one thing I could do, to keep her alive. The myth of the godlike powers, hidden in a cave. I know what they told me, but I was desperate and brave. My lover is now alive, but I lost control. I made the biggest sacrifice; I sold my soul. Every week, every day, every hour. All I hungered for was more power”

Pinkie’s heart skipped a beat. When Twilight said it had good stories, she was right, but she didn’t expect this. The poem speaks of a pony that couldn’t be saved. Yet somehow… she could. Pinkie quickly placed the book on her back and turned around, walking back towards Twilight’s library. Pinkie’s curiosity was raising, and she was convinced Twilight knew what the book was talking about.

Thanks to Boomer, Pinkie hadn’t walked far, so she was at Twilight’s library in seconds. Without knocking, she opened the door in a swift move.

“Twilight!” It was clear to see Pinkie was excited. She could see Twilight’s hair bouncing from upstairs. It was a really open library, so there were few places you could hide. Twilight was walking around, with Spike following her, with a long note and a pen. It seemed like Twilight was doing some sort of checklist again.

“Be right there” Twilight yelled.

Pinkie looked around, trying to find a place to sit. She scanned the room carefully, but with a sigh she just sat down on the ground. She could hear Twilight mumbling something before she flew down in front of Pinkie. Twilight had gotten somewhat used to her wings by now, so it wasn’t unusual to see her in the air anymore.

“Don’t tell me you already read the whole book” Twilight smiled as she landed.

“Nonono” Pinkie replied with a fast voice.

“I saw in this book that-“ Pinkie held both her hooves out, in front of Twilight, then realized the book was not in her hooves.

“Wait!” she quickly looked to her right, then her left, before spotting to book lying next to her. She quickly grabbed it, and repeated her words holding out her hooves again.

“This book speaks of something in-te-res-ting” Pinkie marked almost every letter for some reason.

“It tells of some weird power that can cure illness, which would otherwise be known as impossible” Pinkie instantly went quite, like she just had finished a scene.

Twilight began levitating the book in front of her. “Oh, that’s right. I forgot about this” she mumbled while looking at the first page.

Pinkie was almost staring her down, just waiting for her to explain. She made big eyes, looking almost like a sad puppy while waiting for Twilight to say something. Twilight moved her head slightly to the right, to look past the book, and at Pinkie Pie that was almost dying in the suspension.

“No” Twilight said cold.

Pinkie had tensed her body so much, that when Twilight said that word, her body fell backwards. Like an egg-timer, Pinkie was using a couple of seconds to progress what Twilight said. A couple of silent seconds went by before Pinkie jumped back up.

“What do you mean ‘no’?”

“Pinkie” Twilight sighed.

“I know you want to help your father, but like the doctors told you, there is nothing they can do. They have never experienced anyone with his condition before” Twilight slowly levitated the book down on the table placed in the middle of the library.

“But the booook” Pinkie followed the book with her eyes as it was floating down.

“This guy heals his inhealable lover”

Twilight sighed once more. “First of all; inhealable isn’t a word. Secondly, the book speaks the truth. There is a mystical power hidden somewhere called the Sulreif, that is said to be able to cure anything with its amazing powers, but as it says in the book, the power will consume the bearer, and you will lose all control. It is far too dangerous to take the chance, even if it’s the only way to save your father” Twilight’s face looked serious.

“But…” Pinkie frowned.

“Listen Pinkie…” Twilight said as she turned around, and began walking back to Spike.

“I gotta go to Canterlot now to help out Celestia” Twilight stopped for a moment and looked back at Pinkie Pie. “Promise me you won’t go searching for it”

Pinkie was still sitting on the ground, looking sad. “Fine” she said with a weak voice. “On an unrelated note… where is the Sulreif located?” Pinkie stared into thin air.

Twilight lowered her head. “How is that unrelated to what I just said?”

Pinkie thought for a moment. “Alright Twi. I won’t go look for it” she said before walking out the door.

Taking slow steps away from the library, she looked to her right, in the direction of the Everfree forest.

“I didn’t Pinkie promise” she whispered to herself, just as she began running in her looking direction. She had a plan.



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