Heart Plus - Dawn Arc by SparkStone
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Episode of Kasin

-Kasin's POV-

-At a house in a small town-


Hello, my name is Kasin. I'm seventeen and I live with Bass.


My life isn't all bearable as it seems. Every day I would try and survive through my days in college, but today was a different day. One that made everything even more unbearable.


This morning, I woke up by the loud music of my roommate, Bass. He wasn't a bad guy and he often helped me through a lot of things at home and even at college if he would conveniently drop by. He always wore those sleek green headphones, being his signature style of a rudie.


He was in the living room playing loud music. I often get annoyed hearing that the second I wake up, but I do enjoy whatever he plays. I entered the room with a toothbrush on my hand and in my mouth.


"Morning!" He greeted.


I nodded with a cheeky smile as I went on and toasted some bread. I went back to the bathroom to spit and rinse off my mouth, then went back to continue my cooking.


"What would you like for breakfast?" I asked.


"Toast and eggs." He requested with a smirk as he was writing something down. I think he was a music writer, but I don't know what school he goes to for submission. Doesn't matter I guess, he's still always bringing back more and more tunes.


I proceeded to cooking the eggs, and the toast had just finished. I easily readied the table for breakfast and the two of us sat down. I looked up to Bass while we were eating and asked, "So, any plans today?"


Bass nodded. "Yeah, my teach said something about today being a 'special' day for me."


"Special?" I repeated.


"Don't know what he means, but I know he's not the guy to be spontaneous when it comes to things like this." he explained.


I thought it must be important. Bass looked at the clock and asked, "Hey, isn't your class starting soon?"


I jumped as I quickly looked over the wall clock, and indeed I only had fifteen minutes before class starts.


"Oh shoot!" I yelled. "I gotta go!"


I quickly chewed my bread and slurped the eggs, then I chugged down all the water and ran out of our house with my book bag.


"Bye." Bass said after I left already.


-At the streets-


I was running through the crowded city, nearby my house. I could see the building I needed to reach, but I couldn't reach it by running with all these people in the way. I decided to get there with a little more creativity.


I climbed the street poles up to the top, and jumped from pole to pole. After covering some ground and running out of street poles, I jumped to the buildings decorative ledges and went ahead climbing and dashing over the rooftops.


I managed to avoid the crowd down below, and the building was so close! The only problem was there were no more buildings short or close enough for me to continue, and not only that, but the roads were full of driving cars like a river of piranhas.


If I fell down to that road, I would get killed. The only way out of this is to get down there and do some j walking.


I got to the sidewalks and waited for the chance for the roads to open up. I soon see an opening and was about to run through until...


"Hold it!"


The one with the voice that called to me grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me away from the roads. He then pushed me to an alleyway where I fell on my back.


"Well, well, well, if it isn't Kasin." the man said to me.


This man had a college football red jersey with a thirteen on it, and his army cut blonde hair was a bit dull, matching well with his black eyes. He also had gray pants and sleek shoes.


"Kent." I said his name.


"What are you doing jumping around like that? Are you trying to be a monkey?" He asked me sarcastically.


"It's parkour you ape." I growled at him. "I don't have time to talk to you, I have to go!"


He stopped me as I tried to pass through. He started to walk up close to me with two other guys coming out of the shadows of the alleyway, both holding lead pipes.


"Well make some time then." Kent responded. "We have a grudge on what you did the other day."


"What other day?"


He grabbed my shirt and said to me, "For messing up my plans on selling that stuff from my locker."


I remembered. He was talking about the time I had accidentally bumped into him while he was getting out chemicals he stole from class. When the chemicals fell onto the floor and splattered all over the ground, the teachers saw and expelled Kent, followed by a court trial he would be attending for theft. I would have to go there to serve as an eye witness.


"Come on! I wasn't even trying to get you, not that I ever had since you're the one always trying to bully me around!" I scolded. "Besides, you shouldn't have stolen that stuff anyways! You were pretty much asking for it."


"That's true, and now I could go to jail for it." Kent said. He then grinned menacingly at me before he pushed me to the ground after letting me out of his grip.


"But if the eye witness...'couldn't make it', then that might help me stay out of trouble, don't you think?" He continued.


His two friends started to close in on me with their lead pipes in their hands. When they got close enough, they wielded their weapons high getting ready to attack me.


At that time, I pulled out my slingshot from my bag and shot the two with lead pebbles right on their hands, making them drop their weapons. I then used the alley's walls to climb out and escape from the trio.


"Kasin! You just wait! I'll find you and BREAK YOUR NECK!" Kent threatened as I ran up the roofs.


After all that, the roads had actually cleared up. I went ahead and crossed the road to my college. After reaching my classroom door, I opened it alerting everyone in the room of my presence. My classmates stared at me until my teacher looked up and said, "You're five minutes late."


I sighed, seeing how I failed to get here on time. I quietly sat down at my desk and listened to the lectures my teacher was giving. This class was chemistry, to be specific, we're training on mixing substances and whatnot. Whenever I finished making something, I would often bottle it up and bring it around with me. The same would say for the lead balls I used. I had made those when I was melting and reshaping metals in this class. I have others as well, some are stink bombs and others are unstable. the reason why it was okay for me to bring chemicals in and out was because I only used those that were given to us, not the expensive and law-binded substances.


After this, I proceeded onto my crafting class. Here, we would make lots of useful knick knacks, some that you could craft and rely on when in the wild. The slingshot is one example of what I learned. Here, we have even learned how to build structures, even faster and sturdier than the usual since this was a very talented college.


Lastly, culinary. I did have a small dream of owning a restaurant, but in the end, I found this class would at least be useful enough when I live alone. I also learned some interesting things from this class on what is and isn't edible for animals. This would be because my teachers wife was also a zoologist .


After all that, I would wander around the college. They never mind anyone walking by as long as they're a student. I would find myself walking the wide hallways with walls of lockers rowing together in a pattern of about thirty to fifty lockers before it had a door between the next row. The other side of the room was a wall of glass viewing the city. If you look far enough, you could see my house.


There wouldn't be much to do. I'm often alone in the middle of the day, so I would go to the library to read. I would read pretty much anything to pass the time. By now, I have read nearly all the books in this library, containing over a thousand different books, both fictional and non fictional. I find myself lost whenever I read. Books of facts and research have been easily memorized and found useful for whatever the future may hold. I grasp onto knowledge knowing how important it is, but more than facts, I find myself reading stories. Stories of adventure, excitement, and glory! But most of all, the books I've read had the protagonist with...friends.


I admit, Bass is my only friend. He was at first only an acquaintance when we first met moving in to that house. I found him very reliable and I try my best to make sure he's happy too. It pains me to know that he too has friends, but I have trouble speaking to strangers. I am reserved to myself, and I can't explain why. Maybe it's just me, and I just have a problem that prevents me from making friends. But thinking that only makes me sadder.


A while after reading, I see my principal coming by and sitting by me. He was a man with a shaved head and a black bushy mustache. He had brown eyes and a brown suit with a green tie.


"Hi principal Rowan." I greeted to him.


"Hello Kasin." Rowan replied. "What are you reading there?"


"Just some research on mythology." I answered as I looked back to my book. "Did you know that-"


Rowan stopped me from speaking after he closed the book, grabbing my attention. "Kasin, we need to talk."


The air turned stale from the sound of his deadpan voice. He sighed as he looked down with a grim expression.


"Have you been paying for your classes?" He questioned.


I widened my eyes at him. I haven't paid since my scholarship and inheritance of my parents were used for this college.


"I-I...no...not for about a month." I shamefully answered.


He looked down and said, "I'm sorry Kasin, but...you only have one more day before you have to leave."


I couldn't believe this. I have only one more day here!? I would be leaving behind the library and all my teachers behind me. I have only been here a year and a half, not enough for my diploma.


"A-Are you sure you can't do anything about this?" I asked sincerely.


"Nothing that I know of, I'm sorry Kasin." Rowan apologized before leaving. As he walked to the door, he turned to me and said, "If you like to, you can take a book from the library. I'll cover the expenses."


There, I was left alone. I felt like crying seeing how I could no longer go to college after tomorrow, but I couldn't shed a tear seeing how I've been through worse. I walked around the vast room of bookshelves and looked for any of them that interested me. One had my eye, and it was a book of constellations. I have always been a bit of a night owl seeing how I would wake up at midnight just to look at the stars. I took the book and left for home.


The sun was setting and I had just reached my house. I walked up to the door and opened it with keys in hand.


"Maybe Bass would like some dinner." I thought.


Opening the door, I went in to see boxes and suitcases stacked up near the door. I climbed over the barricade of what seems to be Bass's belongings as I found him on the other side.


"B-Bass, what's all this?" I asked him.


Bass turned to me with a big grin. "Oh, hey Kasin! You'll never guess what happened!"


"What, is it about the special thing from your teacher or something?" I thought aloud.


"Yes! He introduced me to a record dealer and I just signed up for a five year contract!" He said happily. "I'm...also moving Kasin."


Those words struck me down. Today, my only friend would be leaving. Behind the door, I saw men coming in wearing black suits.


"Are all of these yours Bass?" One of them asked.


"Yeah, just put it in the truck." Bass replied.


The men proceeded to move all his stuff into the moving truck. I watched as my friend started to leave. But before he walked out the door, he turned to me and said, "Oh, Kasin, one more thing."




"I heard about your college dilemma." Bass informed me. "If I could, I would fund for your classes, seeing how smart and talented you are."


I smiled a bit with bits of tears on my eyes. I didn't think he noticed seeing he was still smiling.


"Also, take this." Bass then handed me his green headphones and placed it on my head. "This will be your new good luck charm!"


"B-But Bass, this is...your favorite pair!" I pointed out.


"Exactly, so don't lose it! Okay?" he warned me.


I could only nod yes as he gave another wide grin before he left. He went on the truck and drove away into the distance, far from the city, and farther from my town.


This was it, I was alone in my house with only one more day in college. I have nothing else after this, and starting something new would surely be tiring and sufferable. I could only think of things getting worse.


And it did. Late at night, I heard a clattering at my door. I snuck out a bit to see three men trespassing in my house. One of them was Kent.


It was a blur of what happened, but I can try my best to explain. The two guys carried the same lead pipes as before, only they sharpened the edges, and Kent had a baseball bat. I saw them crossing the rooms looking for...me.


I grabbed my slingshot among other things. I waited for them to enter my room with my own metal bat ready to swing at them. One entered, and I immediately thwacked his head to the wall, knocking him out of submission. The other two heard the noise and ran over to the room.


I had to keep in mind I was outnumbered, so I pulled out my sling shot and aimed high. Once the two came into sight, I shot a chemical fuse at one of them, and it exploded in a cloud of green powder.


"GAH! I-IT BURNS!" He screamed.


Kent was lucky enough not to get in the toxic cloud. He then raised his wooden bat and swung it at me. I did the same with my metal bat and our weapons clashed. The other two were knocked out and it was just me and Kent.


"Kasin." Kent growled. "I can't let you live now that you saw us here."


"You're insane!" I scolded him.


He tried to hit me with his bat again, and I clashed back at it with mine. With his being wooden, I eventually broke it and took his flinching of the event to hit him on the head, knocking him out as well. He lied on the floor, but unlike the other two, he started to bleed from his head. I grew worried and called 911.


A while later, the police came along with ambulances to take in Kent and the other two thugs. I sat down with a grim look as the police wrote down everything that happened.


"So, you know them?" He asked me.


"That burly guy is Kent, I was a witness to a crime he recently committed before all this and I was going to attend his trial. The other two, I don't know."


"I see..." He replied. "Well, for now you should come with us."


"Why?" I questioned not understanding the situation.


"Says here, you're seventeen, not old enough to live alone." He explained. "I don't know why you're here, but we'll find you a place to live."


I felt a jolt of anger swelling inside. I then growled, "Look, I can't live anywhere else because my parents died already! I have no other family or any family friends! But I can certainly take care of myself!"


The police nodded and said, "Well, you can't sleep at the crime scene sir. Either way, you're leaving this house."


No way. Now I have lost everything. The police drove me away from my house as I could only gaze at my lonely home getting farther away. Blood has desecrated the house and I could no longer stay there.


They put me in a nearby orphanage, not too run down, but it was getting there. I sat in my used, decaying room and looked out the windows. I could see stars still in the sky, making me want to open the constellation book I had taken with me. I opened the book and looked for the constellations I was hoping to find.


"Big Dipper...Cancer...Capricorn...Scorpio..."


I read through the pages until I stopped at an envelope bookmarked in the page of the pegasus constellation. The envelope had what seemed to be a mix of gibberish, or to be specific, a spell.


I looked at the letter seeing it must have been some kind of cute gag or something for someone. I went ahead and read it seeing how it might lift my spirits or at least waste more time on the clock.


No...that spell? I think...it was real. For some reason, I can't remember what it said, but I know after reading it, I fainted. My body felt as if I was falling, but that's impossible, right? I must be sick is all, right?


What's happening?

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