Getting Butterflies by SpikE-dog
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry the first is short but school won't stop so I have less and less time for this but I am going to work on things in this order. 1. Part three to "Who am I?" 2. A special Halloween story. 3. Next chapter of this story

"Man, could spitfire be any more of a bitch?" Soarin thought to himself as he flew across the open skies. "Isn't a captains job to encourage and help out. Not do nothing but yell and complain about us." Today however spitfire had been especially bitter. So much that she cancelled their daily practice at the last second. Not that Soarin minded though. He loved getting out of his sweaty uniform and just taking a flight with nothing but him, the wind, and his thoughts. While he was flying he noticed a small town coming up in the distance. He froze. "Oh, no" his eyes widened in fright. "Ponyville" 


     Soarin immediately began a nose dive to the ground into a patch of trees. He did his best to conceal himself among the branches which was hard due to his bright blue fur color. He peered out and glanced across the skyline as if watching for enemy fire in a warzone. He let out a final sigh as he leaned back against the tree. 


     Except what he felt wasn't a tree. He slowly turned around to find a neon pink mare staring at her with wide eyes. "HI!!!!" The bubbly mare exclaimed. "Waaaah!!" Soarin shouted as he lost his footing and fell to the ground. "Hey, aren't you Soarin from The Wonderbolts? Oh my gosh dashie would die if she knew I was talking to you." "NO please don't!" Soarin shouted. I look of confusion came over the pink mares face as Soarin slowly got back on his feet. "Please don't let Rainbow Dash know I'm in ponyville!" The pink mare sat there holding the same confused look on her face. 


     "Huh, let me explain, about a year ago Rainbow Dash found out where I lived from one of the other Wonderbolts and since then she's been stalking me. I even had to file a restraining order at one point." 


"Wow" the mare exclaimed. "That doesn't sound like dashie at all." 


Soarin let out a chuckle. "I'm sorry, but dashie?" 


"Well doi, that's my name for her silly filly. Anyway if you don't want dashie to find you then you should do three things. One, stay on the west side of town away from dashies house. Two, avoid the sky cause rainbow would spot you from a mile away. Three, stop by sugarcube corner for a review." 


"Thanks,wait, a review?" Soarin asked. 


"Well, duh, somepony as famous as you would help us rack up huge business if you complimented our famous cupcakes and besides.." The mare leaned closer to Soarin "we wouldn't want dashie to know your where abouts today now would we?" 


Soarin sat there stunned. "You don't seem like the kind of mare that's into blackmail. I don't believe you'd do that." 


Before Soarin could react however the mare took in a huge breath of air and shouted "RAINBOW DA-" I light blue hoof replaced those final syllables. "All right, all right, I'll stop by, sheesh." Soarin let out with a sigh of relief. 


"So i'll see you next Thursday." The mare exclaimed. 


"Um, actually I..." Before he could finish though he saw the mare open her mouth once again. "Thursday it is then." And with that Soarin took off flying low to the ground to avoid "dashie's" Wonderbolt radar.



     Soarin soon found himself trotting along the green fields just on the border of the Everfree forest. He tried to enjoy his solitude but was to wary of Rainbow dash and any other Wonderbolt fans finding him to completely relax. He let his glance travel to the looming grove and brush of the Everfree forest. 


     Being from Cloudsdale, Soarin hadn't ever actually been this close to it. He had heard a variety of stories; anywhere from amazing animals, to horrible timberwolves and Ursa majors. He took t a deep look into the branches and could see only a few yards before it became almost pitch black. Though it appeared as normal as any brush when Soarin gazed into it a shiver ran down his spine. He felt as though he was being........watched. Soarin decided it would be best to keep moving and quickly trotted along the fields keeping a safe distance from the Everfree forest. 


     He continued along his quiet, settling stroll when he noticed a small cottage in the distance. As he approached he began to notice some features of it. It was large for a cottage but seemed very homely. It had several bright green, almost glowing trees filled with bird houses, nests, and feeders. Soarin just stared as the small property seemed to glow in contrast to the Everfree forest. 


     As he neared it he began to catch a whiff of something.....familiar. As the smell beckoned him he suddenly realized what it was. That smell only ever came from one thing. That object had always been with Soarin and was the one thing he could always turn to when he was sad and that one thing was.........PIE. 


     And not just any pie, but zap apple pie, Soarins favorite. He had first encountered it at the annual gala a few years ago. From a young mares apple cart. Those two bits bought him the sweetest, richest, and the most tounge-tantalizing piece of pie ever. As soon as he realized that the smell was coming from the small cottage he took off and headed straight for the house. Whatever it took him, Soarin would have that pie. 



     He trotted up toward the house and saw that it even had I quiet stream in front of his house teaming with wildlife. Frogs, birds, and even a goat were frollicing around the stream, enjoying the cool water in the hot noonday sun. Soarins attention was soon drawn however to a windowsill just a few feet above his head. There, glistening in the sun, was a fresh, steaming, zap apple pie. "This is almost too good to be true." Soarin thought. He spread his wings and began to raise slowly toward the pie and was eventually drooling right over top of it. 


"" a voice uttered. Soarin glanced up from his pie in search of the source. He found himself face to face with the most beautiful mare he had ever seen. Literally you couldn't fit a apple between them. A beautiful mare with sun yellow fur and a long flowing pink mane met his gaze. She was holding an cloth in her mouth which promptly fell out when they met one another's gaze. Soarin was so entranced that he forgot to keep flapping his wings and fell to the ground several feet below with a thud. It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't landed on his head. 


Everything was blurred as Soarin slowly regained consciousness. He gathered that he was laying on the mares lawn just outside her house. Just before blacking out he saw the yellow mare fly down from the window and land beside him.

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